(Reader | Anonymous) Natural Remedies against Coronavirus

Reader Post | Anonymous Hearing there are 5 strains of CV circulating in the USA, and, CV is mutating -- which would explain why some peo...

Reader Post | Anonymous

Hearing there are 5 strains of CV circulating in the USA, and, CV is mutating -- which would explain why some people experiencing very mild symptoms and others are worse, even dying. Getting it once also seems not to confer immunity -- so REALLY BEST TO AVOID GETTING IT!


How To Help Avoid Getting It:

Any combo of the below should help prevent/short-circuit CV, etc.

And if you have it, and there are no antibiotics available, you can Double or Triple up on these non-toxic, safe natural remedies. (Bold = probably most important/useful)
  • ZINC



Dr. Sircus:


GARLIC (hopefully organic, RAW, crushed, left to sit for 10 minutes to develop the allicin, then stir RAW into salad dressing, sprinkle on pasta, etc.)

(Kyolic garlic tabs/caps might be helpful, they are great for helping regular health -- in a pinch, take in quantity with food);




VITAMIN C (powder is best) For prevention AND general health, take 4-6,000 mg/day or more in divided doses. (Same as 4-6 grams, same as 1 or 1-1/2 tsp. in most powders, check the label) Good in water or juice with raw organic honey -- it's SOUR!! Avoid using white sugar if possible. Cut back if you get ((diarrhea)). Normal health you can take 4-6 grams/day. Fighting a virus or illness, your body's capacity to effectively utilize (without diarrhea/ climbs to 50-100 Grams/day or MORE -- in doses every hour or two. It WON'T hurt you-- any surplus is harmlessly eliminated by kidneys or bowels. Take until bowel tolerance is reached (you'll know, lol) then cut back a little on amounts, not timing. Mix just before you use it -- it degrades within an hour or so.
Bronson's or Nutricost is good, non-GMO. Can get 2.2 lb. jars.)





Also, IV (intravenous) Vitamin C is being trialed in China -- and as of 3-25-20, NY hospitals -- with excellent results.




Oral LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C can be used at home -- it's more effective than the powder at lower doses because it's more absorbed -- nearly as effective as IV C!!
Many brands 'available' -- this is top-notch:

This doctor tried 2000 mg of C (1/2 tsp. of most powders in liquid) every six minutes! His pneumonia vanished in 3 hours!


HONEY (RAW ORGANIC UNFILTERED is BEST) to mix in water or juice along with the Vitamin C powder. Also has beneficial qualities, if not heated above comfortable drinking temperatures. (Especially Manuka Honey from tea tree oil trees in New Zealand and Australia!)


COLLOIDAL SILVER (Sovereign Silver is excellent and reliable and no danger of turning blue, lol. Doctors used it widely before 1930's penicillin eclipsed it. IF you can get it, sold out/backordered everywhere -- get any reputable brand. Follow label. Can take more safely for short periods like a week if fighting illness.)

LOTS of free info at TheSilverEdge.com, plus he sells a great book, small machines and kits to make it at home.

[You can even make your own without a fancy machine. Look on that site or Google 'making colloidal silver generator with 9 volt batteries' Most basic DIY is 3- 9 volt batteries, some wire, 2 alligator clips, .9999 pure silver wire -- or Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin, cut in half, then smash flat with a hammer, PLUS very pure DISTILLED WATER.]




OREGANO OIL (Oreganol P-73 brand is considered best, the capsules are much easier to take than the oil - which tastes very strong - but less money-efficient);


Read reviews:



VITAMIN D-3 + VITAMIN K (3 kinds) (5-10,000 iu/day or more -- it's quite harmless in high doses - Bronson's is good brand.)







SELENIUM (3-4 raw Brazil nuts/day is best way, otherwise Life Extension Selenium Complex is good. Look for the 'selenite' form.). Some Researchers are finding people with adequate selenium ( largely missing from our soil) don't get Ebola, SARS, flu, ETC...




ZINC is very helpful ANTI-VIRAL defense, esp. the lozenges. (Or pills- zinc piccolinate form is good);




ELDERBERRY SYRUP (Sambucol, etc.) is a very helpful and potent ANTI-VIRAL defense;




OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT (lots of brands, forms, liquid extract is powerful - strong taste -- capsules are easier, but don't keep as long);




GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT (Nutibiotic is best brand, the tablets or caps are easier than the oil!);




GINGER potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasite. Make tea, cook with it, add raw grated to food, use ginger powder if can't get fresh.

Tea: grate about 1 cubic inch of root, boil in about 1-1/2 C water for about 10 minutes.




FRESH-SQUEEZED LEMON JUICE Preferably organic -- one or 1/2 squeezed lemon - in clean water daily;



BAKING SODA: It's actually one of the most powerful, useful substances you can have on hand!!! Yes, the humble stuff that comes in orange boxes in the grocery store. Arm&Hammer is pure.
Stir 1/2 tsp into a glass.of water 1-2 or more times/day. Makes body more alkaline. Gargle, too!
Also, you can put a solution into a nasal spray squeeze bottle (get at Dollar Store, dump whatever chemical cr* p is in it, rinse well, replace with baking soda solution with some colloidal silver... Use when around crowds -- changing pH in nasal passages kills virus. Gargle, too!
Read more here:





ECHINACEA TONIC: ( Dr. Schultze has the very best @ www.HerbDoc.com



SUPER TONIC aka ANTI-PLAGUE TONIC:( Dr. Schultze's version, which he sells for $30/2 oz. bottle can be made at home, from his freely given recipe.

Mix approximately equal parts of finely diced/grated raw organic-if-possible:

Garlic; Onions; Habanero/HOT peppers; Ginger; Horseradish. Make about 2-3 cups total. (Be careful -- potent fumes! Wearing gloves is good idea!)

Put in big glass jar, cover with raw organic apple cider vinegar - 1-2 quarts.

Shake several times a day.

Can be used immediately, but is best to marinate for a month. Strain the liquid into glass bottles. (It will probably melt plastic, LOL) Can discard the solids.

VERY POTENT against virus, bacteria, fungus. Similar to Dr. Schultze's for $30/ 2 oz. bottle -- his freely distributed recipe in fact!)

Makes a dynamite salad dressing with virgin olive oil!



LOBELIA : Powerful and controversial herb used by advanced Herbologists to help resolve lung issues. Extracted and sold as 'Lung' by Dr. Schultze here:



Homeopathic remedy for flu and colds
Completely harmless, many, many, many people swear by its effectiveness. Check Amazon Reviews -- over 3,500 reviews, 93% 5 and 4 Star Ratings. Look for it in supermarkets, Whole Foods, drug stores, etc.


QUERCETIN a powerful immune booster and broad-spectrum antiviral. It also inhibits the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which may be beneficial since serious COVID-19 infection and subsequent death appears to be due to cytokine storm activity



[ESSENTIAL OILS) Just a reminder to those who have them -- you probably know how to use them. Not going into detail here, but Thieves Mix, Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon can be helpful. Diffuse, inhale direct vapors, Even rub into soles of feet.]


AND -- if you dare to actually look into it and use knowledge to overcome the mainstream media lies -- MMS/CHLORINE DIOXIDE/'MIRACLE MINERAL SOLUTION' is said to be greatly effective -- for MANY MANY things, incl. antiviral, antibacterial antiparasite, and antifungal -- also Autism! And Malaria. AND ETC....
It is very inexpensive.
(( ESPECIALLY if conventional medical treatment and pHARMa drugs/medications abruptly cease being available... ))



You can download a book here -- the best source of MMS Info by it's Originator:

One reputable place to buy:

Another place for free info and products

(cloaked for legal freedom-of-speech reasons behind a 'church facade'):


Some General Places To Purchase Supplements AND Food (if one place is sold out, check another, or Google for the individual manufacturer's website).

I believe some decent brands are Life Extension, Bronsons, Nutricost, Carlson, Country Life... The cheapest is not always the most effective, if there's a choice, try not to 'cheap out'...):


A SUGGESTED PROTOCOL (but do your own research!):

PHASE 1 -- PREVENTION and General Health DAILY:
Vitamin C, 4 gms=1 tsp. (may have to work up to this, can cause harmless diarreah)
Vitamin D-3 5,000 iu with Vitamin K, (or 10,000 iu size every other day)
Garlic (raw, crushed, let sit 10 min to develop allicin, stir into food, salad dressing, etc.)
Lemon Water
1/2 tsp BAKING soda in water

PHASE 2 -- IF EXPOSED or STARTING to feel sick - scratchy throat, sneezing, headache, etc:
Double up on Daily doses above, in split dosages 2-4 x day.

Triple your Vitamin C!


Colloidal silver (label dose, Sovereign brand 1 tsp. 2-3x day)

Oreganol oil

ADD (if available, list above):

Olive leaf, GSE, Occocsillium, Garlic, Querecitin, MMS, etc. -

Go to bed, no matter the time -- get rest! Hot water bottles! Stay warm!

Hope this nips it in the bud!

PHASE 3 -- If SICK with flu or CV symptoms:

MORE-- Vitamin C -- try 1 gms=1/4 tsp./waking hr. If no diarrhea, INCREASE 1-2 gms/ waking hour = to 'bowel tolerence' (can safely take up to 120 gms = 30 tsp/day = 0.6 cup a day, or more
(If using powder, try to make fresh each time, premixing degenerates it.

MORE-- Colloidal Silver. (Sovereign brand, maybe try 1 tsp. 4-6 hours, read label. Other brands, read label or manufacturer's website for appropriate dosages).

MORE-- Oreganol/oregano oil

Elderberry (only holding it back bc $ and hard to get. Can be safely started in Phase 2 if you have plenty.)

Things from Phase 1 list, double or triple. Split dosages 4-6 x day. Garlic!

Other items you might have from Big List above.

Get lots of sleep. Direct sunlight. Stay WARM!! NO aspirin or Tylenol, see below.

If Really sick, or having trouble breathing -- seek Medical help!

(If it's not available, INCREASE Vitamin C, Oreganol, and possibly Silver. MMS. Lobelia. Carefully breathe steam from a boiing pot of water with a towel draped over head to help open airways, and heat-kill CV. And Pray... )

IF YOU GET SICK, AVOID LOWERING FEVER WITH ASPIRIN, IBUPROFEN, ETC.!!! A fever is our genetic way of combatting viral and bacterial invasions -- by raising the body temperature. This helps more white blood cells be produced and act more effectively. Virus especially, have difficulty in higher temperatures. Artificially suppressing a fever, while aiding comfort, aids the enemy also. A fever over about 103.5 -104°F starts getting into dangerous territory, but try using cool cloths or a tepid bath first. If cold and shaking, use warm blankets and hot water bottles, (several if possible) and warm body up. Also sauna if available.

In a pinch, a hairdryer might help -- can direct it to the face and breathe in hot air. Deserts and saunas reach 133°F, and breathing air that hot is reputed to shrivel and kill CV. CV enters into and reproduces in the nasal tract, sinuses, and lungs.




Simple self-check we can do every morning. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you complete it successfully without coughing, without discomfort, stiffness or tightness, etc., it proves there is no Fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicates no infection


AVOID getting a flu shot!! They are completely ineffective against CV!

In addition, they may also make you more vulnerable to CV.



BTW, masks don't completely help. They exist mainly to keep an infected person from coughing out droplets into your face. Even the N-99 ones are not virus-proof, the tiny tiny miniscule viruses can sail through the fibers like grains of rice being thrown through a chain-link fence! Beware of a false sense of security, and keep social distances!


As a bioengineered virus, we peons don't really know if catching this has any lasting effects in our bodies or genetics...

((Also, rH negative blood, esp. A-, seems to be more vulnerable. Just 'chatter', no links...))



Prevention is BEST!!!



Like other coronaviruses, including those that cause the common cold and that triggered SARS, COVID-19 is a respiratory illness.

The most common symptoms are: Fever; Dry cough; Shortness of breath; Difficulty breathing; Body aches; Fatigue

Although having a runny nose doesn't rule out coronavirus, it doesn't thus far appear to be a primary symptom.

Most people only become mildly ill, but the infection can turn serious and even deadly, especially for those who are older or have underlying health conditions.

In these cases, patients develop pneumonia, which can cause:

Coughing, potentially with yellow, green or bloody mucus; Fever; Sweating and shaking chills; Shortness of breath; Rapid or shallow breathing; Pain when breathing, especially when breathing deeply or coughing; Low appetite, energy and fatigue; Nausea and vomiting (more common in children); Confusion (more common in elderly people); Some patients have also reported diarrhea and kidney failure has occasionally been a complication.

Avoid people with these symptoms. If you develop them, call your health care provider before going to the hospital or doctor, so they and you can prepare to minimize possible exposure if they suspect you have CV.



New information posted daily!








Compiled By Sue Miller in March 2020

Carolina Gold wrote: This is an opportunity to practice lifestyle changes that support a healthy body and mind both during this pandemic but also for the future.

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Operation Disclosure: (Reader | Anonymous) Natural Remedies against Coronavirus
(Reader | Anonymous) Natural Remedies against Coronavirus
Operation Disclosure
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