Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn: Protocols and Revelations -- The End of the Cabal

ILLUMINATED SUNS OF THE GOLDEN DAWN PROTOCOLS & REVELATIONS The following writing is not the work of Dylan Louis Monroe, but is of k...



The following writing is not the work of Dylan Louis Monroe, but is of key relevance to the Deep State Mapping Project and the Great Awakening. We have elected to host the Protocols & Revelations of the Illuminated Suns of the Gold Dawn on this site to increase its exposure, and advance our shared mission.


By Nicholas/C-change

Protocol 1: Gaslighting the Media

1.) The ‘Russian-collusion’ investigation is the quintessential example of this principle of not only allowing but encouraging the media to spin their delusional narrative. The deep state is tempted into to believing that their narrative will be used to undermine popular opinion of the president in preparation for his impeachment (plan A). If impeachment fails, the groundwork will have been laid for public acceptance, if not relief, at his assassination (plan B). This delusion about their Russian-collusion conspiracy theory narrative is to be encouraged whenever possible.

2.) The primary purpose of gaslighting the media is distraction. The time the CIA Mockingbird apparatchiks spends trying to convince the public of their Russian-collusion conspiracy theory is time the Alliance can use to collect evidence and build air tight cases for the upcoming military tribunals.

3.) The secondary purpose of gaslighting the media is to act as time-delayed controlled demolition of the mainstream media’s reputation. The longer the delusional narrative is allowed to run, the greater the eventual damage to the MSM’s credibility. Every effort must be made to allow the Trump team to appear suspicious and continue feeding the conspiracy theory’s suspicions, while not providing anything tangible. Provide so much ‘smoke’ that belief in the existence of a ‘fire’ becomes exceedingly easy.

4.) The tertiary purpose of gaslighting the media is to create in the agents of the deep state, and their liberal stages, a false sense of security. The goal is to foster a surreal dissociative sense of cognitive dissonance, an uneasy feeling that is relieved by concluding that Trump is simply guilty and stupid. The alternative conclusion being that the entire liberal media establishment has been chasing a giant fiction, while Trump prepares his retaliation; the more improbable and terrifying this possibility, the more cognitive dissonance it will create.

5.) The false belief is so tempting that the deep state FBI and CIA agents will march deeper into their treasonous plot to frame and impeach POTUS, further documenting their own crimes, while providing more time for the white hats to investigate their crimes. Mueller leads the big guns of the deep state fixers on a slow and steady march directly into the jaws of military justice.

6.) The longer the gaslighting continues, the longer Trump has to lift the country up. He has time to remove the restraints and undo the acts of sabotage done to America by the globalists, thus allowing the country to thrive—making America great again. The longer the gaslighting goes on, the greater America becomes. This drives an ever-widening gap between the delusional MSM narrative and the lived reality of Americans on Main Street.

7.) The genius of this protocol is the fact that it allows a gradual awakening of the public to the lies of the mainstream media. This steady shift continues until the public is overwhelmingly aware of the delusional plot to unseat POTUS. When the time is right, and the Russian-collusion farce has been thoroughly exhausted, the Alliance will begin to drop the bombshell disclosures (HRC videos, etc.).

Protocol 2: Secure Victory Before Firing a Shot

1.) Victory must be secured before the first shot is fired. Indeed, there will be no shots necessary, for such absolute victory will have been secured in the shadows.

2.) While publicly feigning inaction and incompetence to help gaslight the media, in actuality great action will be taken, covertly. Sealed indictments will be piled steadily, month after month, until they reach such absurdly high numbers that their sheer number will cause reports of them to be disbelieved and dismissed as ‘fake news.’

3.) The diligence and discipline of the investigations will be so intense and contrast so starkly with the perceived baffoonery of the White House, that its existence will be disbelieved. The fog of the gaslighting campaign will serve as a thick veil. While leaks of covert operations are prevented, they will be allowed and subtly enabled in the White House. The more leaks coming out of the White House the better.

4.) Deep state agents will be commandeered, using their ‘control files’ and the prospect of a plea deal as leverage with which to puppeteer them. These agents will leak information with such brazen abandon that it will lull the deep state into false security, while perpetuating the false image of a chaotic, disorganized, inefficient, and deeply undermined White House.

5.) Strength must be dressed up to look like weakness. Enemies who have been neutralized must be made instead to appear active. Over time the enemies will be directed to act in increasingly absurd and unbelievable ways. Their leaks and lies will be made increasingly brazen and obvious, until it finally dawns on everyone that the whole thing is theater. They will then begin to fathom the truth of what has really been happening behind the scenes, which is so starkly different from what has been portrayed in the theatrical version that it will take time to fully fathom and believe.

Protocol 3: Weaponize the Light (Disclosure)

1.) The most powerful weapon of the Alliance is the Truth. The extent of the deep state’s crimes and evil depravity is matched only by the extent of the NSA and CIA surveillance capacity. Every single crime is documented, every criminal association mapped out, every conversation recorded, every bank transfer documented, we see everything.

2.) The Light is so overwhelmingly powerful that the chief concern is no longer victory. Victory was assured the moment Trump was inaugurated. The chief concern is maintaining the stability of the system, while the cabal is quietly neutralized.

3.) The Light is so powerful that it cannot be released too quickly, or else it will cause unnecessary shock, panic, and chaos. It must therefore be released in steady measured doses, and only after the gaslighting of the media has been allowed to run as long as possible. When the public begins to realize who the real criminals are, within the FBI, DoJ, and DNC, and begin to demand justice—and when the military tribunals have finished their initial fact finding mission and the stage has been set—only then will the files and videos begin to be dropped.

4.) Lies take time to be spun and believed, while the truth strikes like lightning. The Light, therefore, has no reason to rush. The CIA Mockingbird delusion machine is allowed to take their best shot, day after day, night after night, for as long as they can keep it up. The disclosure waits for the gaslighting of the media to run its full course, allowing it to overextend and exhaust itself, before the major drops begin. This is akin to a superior boxer allowing his opponent to tire himself out in the first rounds.

5.) Once begun, disclosure will proceed as rapidly as the public is capable of processing the information. The severity of the crimes in the unsealed indictments will proceed from the most simple and obvious infractions (such as mishandling classified documents and perjury) on to the increasingly serious and audacious crimes (election fraud, racketeering, conspiracy to commit murder, and high treason). In this way the public is given time to come to terms with the criminality in a succession of revelations. Baby steps, to the gallows.

Protocol 4: Cut Off the Cabal’s Money

1.) The flow of money to the cabal is to be severed in multiple ways during the calm before the storm.

2.) Child trafficking networks are to be busted, freeing the child slaves, arresting the procurers and traffickers. These busts are used to gather evidence and build cases against the Satanic pedophile blackmail slave networks, while also cutting off one of the greatest sources of illicit funding for the cabal’s operations.

3.) Drug processing operations in Afghanistan are to be bombed and raided, while major trafficking by CIA cargo planes are to be quietly disrupted.

4.) Organ trafficking rings are to be busted, as well, as every illicit source of funding is cut. This funding attrition is used to pressure the minions and mercenaries to flip on their control structures, having been softened by the end of easy money and faced with long prison terms—they naturally spill their guts. The great thing about opportunistic psychopaths is that they haven’t the slightest qualms about flipping, when placed under pressure. The evidence and testimony collected from these foot soldiers are collected into massive air-tight cases against the cabal higher-ups. This sets the stage for the military tribunals.

5.) The underground bunkers and jungle retreats are raided, to end their black market activities as well as to deny safe havens for the cabal leadership.

6.) The second to last strike on the cabal’s finances will be to sign an executive order declaring a national emergency regarding human rights abuses and corruption, and giving the Treasury Department the authority to freeze and seize the bank accounts of anyone involved in such crimes. This will neutralize the majority of the cabal’s wealth, and force them into capitulation.

7.) The final strike on the cabal’s finances will be the crash of the financial markets. The financial contagion will start with Deutsche Bank and the derivatives market, possibly triggered by the Chinese petroyuan launch, but will quickly spread to every market. Safeguards will be triggered and the markets will be frozen in their free fall. This event will be used as the trigger for the martial law takedown of the cabal and the unsealing of the sealed indictments (18,500+ filed since October of last year).


c-change • last year

Protocol 5: Topple Globalist Pedocracy

1.) The world will be united by the New World Order globalists, but not in the way the globalist had hoped. The nations of Earth will be united through our shared disgust and unanimous rejection of the globalist pedocracy.

2.) As the true extent of all the crimes, lies, conspiracies, and atrocities of the Satanic financial elite and their minions are brought to light, questions will naturally arise as to how such evil corruption and total deception was even possible. This is when the public is introduced to the reality of the pedophile blackmail slave, and how such mind control was used to control the media’s deceptions and even to commit false flag terrorism, such as in LV.

3.) A controlled demolition of the NWO—a total systemic collapse—will be triggered through disclosure of this simple fact: The NWO is a Satanic criminal cabal of central bankers who have used pedophile blackmail slavery to infiltrate government, media, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies to create a Satanic totalitarian empire of the NWO through shadow government pedocracy.

4.) The greatest strength of the NWO system is transformed into their greatest weakness, by simply shifting from darkness to light. By distilling control down to a select few psychopathic pedophiles, the NWO was able to concentrate their control and limit their liability. This same mechanism, however, created a concentration of criminals whose crimes have already been digitally documented by various intelligence agencies, within their blackmail ‘control files.’ The NWO was designed perfectly for a controlled demolition.

5.) The world will be united through our shared humanity, through our collective and unanimous rejection of the globalist cabal. Every country will share in the ritual of exposing and prosecuting the crimes of the cabal.

6.) Every country will be united by our collective freedom from slavery and our shared respect of each other’s sovereignty. A federation of freed countries will unite in support of each other’s freedom.

7.) The political left and right will be united by their disgust with the tactics of the globalists. The left will have more deprogramming to do, for their collective empathy had been most effectively exploited by the cynical globalists and nihilist cultural Marxists. The right will feel relief, but will naturally avoid the kind of right wing fascism of the past. Indeed, unity will emerge naturally from the disillusionment of the lifted veil.

Protocol 6: Reset Global Financial System

1.) The global financial system will be reset at the Mar-a-Lago Summit. Global sovereign debts will be collectively voided by a one time global jubilee.

2.) In the US the Federal Reserve will be declared unconstitutional and illegitimate and the criminal institution will be dissolved.

3.) The truth will be revealed about how the unconstitutional criminal institution of the Federal Reserve was able to be passed by a corrupted government. The assassinations of the Fed’s biggest opponents (Guggenheim, Astor, Strauss) during the sinking of the Titanic will be brought to light. The blackmail of congress and the president to pass the bill, illegally, and without a legal quorum on what would later become the exoteric Satanic holiday of ‘Festivus’ 12/23/1913 (another rebranding of esoteric Saturnalia) will be revealed. Americans will realize that while the majority of congress was on recess celebrating Christmas, a handful of Satanic pedocrats gathered in DC to pass an illegal bill to give a foreign banking cabal (the one blackmailing them) control of the US financial system.

4.) The money printing authority in the US will be returned to the rightful constitutional jurisdiction of the Treasury. The US dollar will be reset as a legitimate gold backed currency.

5.) All student loan debt will be voided. Debt slavery (indentured servitude through non-dischargeable student loan debt) will be made illegal, again.

Protocol 7: Secure World Peace

1.) Peace with North Korea will be secured, with nuclear disarmament and a phased reunification of the peninsula initiated. The combination of the technological infrastructures the South with the cheap and disciplined labor force of the North will combine to create an emergent economic powerhouse, which will balance and harmonize Chinese and Japanese influence in the region.

2.) The control ‘strings’ will be cut, dethroning the CIA and Rothschild control over NK. The announcement of this agreement, however, will be delayed until late Spring or early Summer 2018 to maximize the political impact in the US.

3.) Peace with Iran will be secured, using a combination of irresistible economic and technological incentives, to balance the implied martial pressures. The optics of the negotiation will allow both the Iranians and Trump to both save face. Trump will appear to be generous and the Iranians honored.

4.) The issue of Israel will finally be resolved, and peace finally secured in the Middle East. The precise details of this arrangement is to remain occulted, for now.

5.) What can be revealed, however, is that the non-Semitic origins of the Ashkanazim will be acknowledged, and their real homeland identified as Khazaria. The original plot of the Rothschilds to sacrifice the nation of Israel, which they also created (via the Balfour Declaration), to fulfill their plot to trigger WWIII will also be revealed.

6.) The true Semites—Sephardic Jews of Israel and the Muslims of Palestine—will be united by the acknowledgment of their shared oppression and exploitation at the hands of the Zionists.

7.) Both Crimea and Astana will factor in the Middle East peace agreement as alternate homelands for any non-Semitic Ashkenazi (Khazarian) Jews who find the new arrangement disagreeable and decide to leave Israel.

Protocol 8: Unveil Occult Sciences and Technology

1.) The fall of the cabal enables breaking the truth embargo on various scientific breakthroughs and secret technologies. Most important and spectacular among them being non-combustion propulsion systems and highly efficient clean energy technologies. These technologies had been shelved for ‘national security,’ because they threatened the petrodollar power structure.

2.) The unveiling of occult energy technology is enabled by two convergent factors: 1.) solar power was beginning to eclipse oil and coal in cost effectiveness (the removal of subsidies and use of arial spraying were only temporary delays of the inevitable rise of solar power), and 2.) the petroyuan was poised to eclipse the petrodollar. The new gold backed dollar makes both petroleum alternatives, and alternative currencies used to buy petroleum, no longer threats to ‘national security.’

3.) The unacknowledged special access programs (USAPs) will be revealed, and the truth will be told about the varieties of unexplained aerial phenomena.

4.) The breakaway civilization and its deep underground military bases (DUMBs), and the tunnel systems and high-speed maglev trains which connect them, will be de-occulted. The plan of the cabal hierarchy to survive the nuclear holocaust they planned to trigger, by living underground in this DUMB system will be revealed. It will also be revealed that they used some of these DUMBs to breed and traffic human children to feed their Satanic pedocracy blackmail slavery control system, through which they exerted absolute control over the world shadow government of the NWO.

5.) Along with the disclosure of non-combustion propulsion systems, and an explanation of UAPs, will be disclosure of the real history of human space exploration.

6.) The occulted truths will finally be revealed about our true history, the nature of consciousness, and our place in a complex and mysterious Universe of higher intelligence and multi-dimensional existence.

Protocol 9: Baptize Humanity into the ‘Golden Dawn’

1.) The event will involve a spiritual baptism, a ritual to mark the release from all forms of bondage. The ritual marks the act of being absolved of all debts, all blackmail ‘control files,’ all oaths, and all ‘soul contracts.’

2.) The consciousness of nearly all humans on Earth will inevitably be affected by the global financial reset, for it is an attention concentrating and emotionally entraining event. For the first time since 9/11 the entire world will have an event of shared attention and emotion. In many ways the consciousness of humanity will be cognitively, affectively, and conatively entrained. You probably have never heard of ‘conation,’ because it is the most occulted aspect of the mind: volition/will/spirit. We will not only be entrained in what we are thinking and feeling, but in what we are collectively desiring.

3.) The event is a sequel to 9/11. 9/11 marked the beginning of humanity’s collective and unwitting initiation into a mystery school tradition. The 17 years between 2001 and 2018 was the ‘dark night of the soul’ for all of humanity, as the NWO agenda was foisted on the world’s population by the pedocracy, while petrodollar wars and opiate epidemics traumatized the globe, and the mainstream media kept us in the dark. This event will mark the end of the dark night of the soul for humanity. The truth about 9/11 will finally be brought to light, as part of the overall global unveiling of the NWO cabal and ALL of its many crimes against humanity.

4.) The impact of this event may be potentiated by electromagnetic entrainment of humanity into a shared state of bliss consciousness. This phenomenon may involve a natural celestial event predicted and expected to occur, such as passing through a photon belt of highly energized cosmic rays which will affect us all on both a conscious and molecular level, which has been predicted by many spiritualists and channelers. It is also possible that it will involve an artificial geomagnetic phenomenon in which HAARP systems, and/or telecom antennae, are used to temporarily change the frequency of the Schumann resonance in order to entrain and induce a shared state of altered consciousness—bliss—for all of humanity. In other words, the altered consciousness induced by the event may be potentiated by natural and/or artificial means.

5.) On the other side, participants will pledge their allegiance to Gaia, humanity, and their respective nations—and the divine principles of freedom, truth, and love. Everyone is given a fresh start, with the understanding that freedom, and commitment to each other’s freedom, is the highest ideal—to which everyone naturally and voluntarily commits.

6.) While freedom of religion continues, all previous spiritual oaths, covenants, and contracts are voided.

7.) Usury, debt, indentured servitude, and all other forms of slavery and bondage, including blackmail and coercion, will be universally abolished. Secrecy will no longer be tolerated. Indeed, due to the release of advanced technologies, we will realize that secrecy will no longer be possible.

8.) In the aftermath, many Western countries will legalize drugs and all so called ‘vice’ crimes. Some activities are limited to specific areas, venues, and/or states. Regulation and taxes allow for a relatively healthy assimilation of the previously black market activity into the light.

9.) Effective treatments for addiction will be made available to all, including ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction and LSD treatment for alcoholism. Both of these treatments have already been proven in scientific trials to have over 60% success rates, with only one (1) administration. The only reason why they have been kept from the general population has been the fact that the opiate epidemic, and substance addiction in general, has been highly lucrative to multiple factions of the cabal.

10.) Going forward: Secular spiritual centers and temples will combine ritual ceremony, architecture, music, multimedia, PEMF, and entheogens (such as micro-doses of LSD and MDMA) to reliably produce shared altered states of higher consciousness. Old religious traditions will not be abolished, but allowed to fade naturally, or adapt and evolve. (Except, of course, for religious traditions that involve slavery, ritual abuse, rape, and/or human sacrifice. No more of that will be allowed.)

11.) The Golden Dawn is the Great Awakening of humanity, and the beginning of the Golden Age. The nature of human consciousness will never be the same, in a way that is impossible to describe, yet it is as inevitable as it is ineffable. We are the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn and these are our Protocols.


By Nicholas/C-change | Source:

These Revelations unveil the primary occult secrets of the shadow government of the New World Order cabal. The power of the cabal is founded on dark occultism: the act of occulting or ‘veiling’ the most fundamental truths about the true nature of reality—especially from their own members—in order to enslave, manipulate, and exploit every person and every nation on Earth. The power of the cabal is absolutely dependent on keeping these truths secret.

These Revelations unveil the most devastating truths, for they are the most vital secrets on which the dark occult cabal has been built. Light has become weaponized, and these Revelations are the most potent weapons of light in the arsenal of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn—save, of course, from the specific incriminating evidence in the blackmail ‘control files’ of each individual minion, and all the additional evidence gathered by the NSA and DIA. The cabal cannot survive the full revelation of these truths to the masses.

Paradoxically, the greatest deceptions of all have been perpetrated on the core members of the cabal itself. Some of the most absolutely enslaved, manipulated, and exploited people on Earth are actually the Satanic pedo-blackmail slaves of the ‘pedocracy,’ except of course for the children they are forced to rape, torture, and sacrifice to perpetuate their mutual blackmail enslavement.

We the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn are ‘light supremacists.’ Our victory is inevitable. The following Revelations are the most powerful weapons in our arsenal of light.

Revelation 1: The ‘United States’ is a Corporation, Subverted by Globalist SES, Fed, and SERCO

1.) The deep state and shadow government use shadowy organizations such as the Senior Executive Services (SES) in order to systematically subvert, paralyze, and parasitize the constitutional republic. Indoctrinated corporatist stooges in the SES enact the bidding of their globalists masters, often completely oblivious to the fact that the SES is not simply a novel pay structure, but a system of covert globalist control—a deep state—specifically designed to more efficiently subvert the US government to the will of the shadow government of the cabal.

2.) Since 1871 the ‘United States’ is technically a corporation, masquerading as a constitutional republic. This fact has been effectively occulted not only from the vast majority of Americans, but from even the vast majority of people who work in and for the US government.

3.) The original ‘law of the land’ of our constitutional republic has been subverted in practice by maritime admiralty law, or the ‘law of the sea.’ Why use the law of the sea to govern the land? Because it is more favorable to corporations, and enables the creation of legal fictions, like United States Inc., to masquerade as if it were our government. Even US citizens are identified as corporations, legal fictions or ‘straw men’ (known for their depiction in all caps, e.g. JOHN DOE) and treated as such when interacting with the criminal justice system or the US corporation. The whole system is ‘phony,’ in a literal sense. The legal structure of admiralty law was invented in Venice, by the Venetians, who are descendants of the Phoenicians (Canaanites) and are the reason we have the word ‘phony’ in the first place. It is quite literally a phony legal system, used by globalists to subvert our constitutional republic through lies, dark occult mind control, and deceptive maritime admiralty lawfare.

4.) The Federal Reserve is another foreign owned globalist corporation, one that has unconstitutionally usurped the mechanism of money creation from the US Treasury. (This process was briefly described in Protocol 6.3 of the Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn.)

5.) The Fed has replaced real US currency with fraudulent Federal Reserve ‘notes,’ which are actually ‘debt instruments’—IOUs. Most people don’t realize it, but it is technically impossible to pay off a debt, because we don’t have real money with which to do so. Instead, we can only ‘discharge’ a debt. In other words, we are able to shift the burden of a debt off of ourselves by matching the amount of the bill we owe with the same amount of ‘bills’ in our wallet, owed to us by the government. We discharge the debt from ourselves to the hopelessly indebted corporate fiction masquerading as our republic, which claims US citizens (straw men corporations) as the ‘chattel’ (propery) pledged as collateral for the national debt. The whole scheme is so absurdly evil, so audaciously criminal, that most sane Americans would find it extremely difficult to believe.

6.) Other subversive globalist corporations include SERCO, a monstrous agent of the Crown. SERCO acts as an information backbone for globalist intelligence agencies, transportation systems, intellectual property (patent) bureaucracy, and even prison systems. It is known as the largest company you’ve never heard of. SERCO is one of the corporate structures through which innovations can be stolen, and troublesome ‘disruptive’ inventors identified, and targeted. It is also the means through which the influence and control of the shadow government is quietly coordinated, and our national sovereignty is systematically subverted by agents of the Crown.

7.) More insidious than even the occult corporate systems of the shadow government, however, are the dark occult methods of mind control, blackmail, and slavery used by the cabal to achieve absolute unquestioning obedience and total secrecy of their most vital operatives within all of these corporate systems. It’s not just the structurally subversive SES and SERCO—it’s also the key positions of power within the FBI, DoJ, DoD, CIA, Congress, central banks, big pharma, big chem, big oil, and the mainstream media—to name just a few.

8.) The institutions of the cabal’s shadow government are evil, and it is vitally important to identify them by name—such as the SES and SERCO. Let’s bring them out from the shadows into the light! These rats must be shown for what they are. However, we will never be able to fully grapple with them until we understand WHY they are evil, and HOW evil itself exists. It is necessary to understand what evil actually is, on a practical level. Evil is an ancient Babylonian technology of entrapment, mind control, blackmail, and slavery—which enables the erection of a veil of lies. The most basic truths about our ‘republic,’ our ‘money,’ and our ‘justice’ system have all been occulted from us by blackmail slaves of the cabal. Until we realize how these people were selected, entrapped, and enslaved into the dark occult cabal of the Satanic New World Order—and how they were coerced into committing crimes and telling the most audacious of lies—it will be difficult to even comprehend how such huge lies, and heinous crimes, were even possible.

Revelation 2: The Truth About Fame, Power, and the Cabal Trap

1.) The most ambitious and talented people are only allowed to rise so far in positions of power and influence before they inevitably hit the ‘glass ceiling.’ It is fashionable these days to blame racism, sexism, and the ‘patriarchy’ for this obvious glass ceiling, but the truth is that it is just as real for the smartest and most supposedly ‘privileged’ of white men as anyone else.

2.) The glass ceiling is not about bigotry against any race or gender, nor is it a matter of intelligence and skill. The barrier is ultimately psycho-spiritual. The reason the barrier exists is the significant and ever-increasing liability that the cabal faces, for its power is founded upon its ability to keep certain truths occulted behind a wall of absolute secrecy. The greater the corruption of the cabal becomes—and the more technology increases the ability of influential people to spread information ever more instantly, to ever more people—the more absolute their methods of control must become. Sexual blackmail and ritual sacrifice are among the most effective methods the cabal uses, backed up with the threat of murder and/or harm to one’s family.

3.) This is one of the most guarded secrets of the cabal: the reality of the ‘soul trap,’ or ‘Faustian bargain,’ with regard to positions of significant power and influence. Everyone in the cabal has ‘sold their soul,’ meaning every person with access to significant influence and control has either sold themselves into blackmail slavery, or been entrapped into it; this is the price one has to pay to play the game. Often this happens through entrapment, usually after the person has been carefully selected for the ideal attributes: attractive narcissistic atheist psychopaths.

4.) Almost everyone who actually knows the truth about the soul trap are those who have fallen prey to it, and thus sworn to secrecy under the threat of death, not to mention the blackmail and credible threat of harm to their family members. If someone can talk about it, they probably haven’t faced it; if they have faced it, they likely can’t talk about it. The select few with the spiritual strength to reject the ‘offer’ are either killed, or their lives so thoroughly destroyed that they might as well be dead.

5.) Ironically, most of the high IQ narcissistic psychopaths who sell their souls to the cabal are atheists. It’s easiest to convince someone to sell their soul, if they don’t even believe they have one in the first place. But the irony gets even worse. With progressive enslavement and coercion many in positions of significant power within the cabal are forced to participate in increasingly horrific Satanic rituals. The psychic trauma of participating in these rituals produces mind altering chemicals such as endorphins and adrenochrome. In addition to this effect, they supplement with even more powerful mind-altering substances which have built up in even higher quantities in the blood of their victims, which they are forced to drink. The combined effect creates a state of dissociative hallucination, during which the participant comes into direct contact with extra-dimensional beings, aka demons. It is at this point that the poor Satanic slave realizes that the spirit world is real; they were an atheist when they sold their soul, and when they finally discovered the true existence of demons (and angels), evil (and divinity)—it was too late. Or so they have been made to believe. These people need to be freed from their slavery, they need spiritual salvation and rehabilitation/re-education.

Revelation 3: The True Meaning of ‘Illuminati,’ and the Truth About Social Darwinism and Royal ‘Bloodlines’

1.) One of the greatest and most powerful secrets of all—which is hidden from the majority of cabal members—is the supremacy of light, and the inevitable triumph of light over darkness. The primacy of this secret is the reason for it not only being hidden in plain sight (one of their favorite tactics) but being hidden in the absolute pinnacle of plain sight: ‘Lucifer’ (lit. ‘light bearer’) and ‘Illuminati’ both encode this most essential and dangerous truth: light supremacy is inevitable. Truth and God will inevitably triumph over lies and evil. That which the dark occultists fear most, their greatest secret, they chose to hide from each other in the most obvious plain sight—the very semantic pinnacle of the ‘Luciferian’ ‘Illuminati.’

2.) The most convincing lie, with which the inevitable supremacy of light has been occulted from the minions of the cabal, is the concept of ‘social Darwinism.’ Dark occultists fancying themselves ‘social Darwinists’ have mistakenly claimed that psychopathy is the most advanced/evolved trait a human can have. This claim is based on the objective fact that the genetic trait of psychopathy (the inability to feel empathy) has provided the ‘bloodline families’ (genetically psychopathic families) of the cabal an obvious advantage over normal humans. These congenitally psychopathic bloodlines have long ruled Europe as the ‘Royal’ families.

3.) This genetically inherited trait of ‘cold bloodedness’ has allowed the bloodline family members to use Satanic ritual abuse, rape, torture, human sacrifice, and blackmail slavery to wield totalitarian control over each other, and the shadow government and deep state—for many centuries of successful rule. Such evil methods of control are only possible for psychopaths, for normal humans would not be able to do such things, let alone carry on such traditions for centuries. The idea that psychopathy is an evolutionarily superior trait is a convincing lie, for it has worked so well for so many centuries.

4.) Psychopaths ruled during the Dark Age, when secrecy was the most effective tool for welding control. The most occulted secret is that they are destined to yield, however, to intuitive empaths and illuminated geniuses in the Golden Age, when information and surveillance inevitably becomes so ubiquitous that secrecy becomes impossible.

5.) Psychopathy did enable the creation of a global shadow government through blackmail control networks, and other immoral means, which could only be effectively accomplished by psychopaths. This is similar to the use of scaffolding to build an arch. The arch could only be built by first erecting the scaffold structure around it. Psychopathy is the building material of the shadow government. During the whole construction process, the scaffolding comes first, and the entire structure is held together by the scaffolding. In the end, however, once the keystone of the arch is in place, the scaffolding is no longer needed.

6.) To argue that psychopathy is the most evolutionarily advanced trait is like arguing that scaffolding is the most advanced aspect of an arch under construction. After all, the scaffolding rose first, and has held the whole arch together during the entire construction process. Does that not mean it is the most advanced and long lasting aspect of the structure? That is exactly what a builder would tell pieces of scaffolding, if they were conscious, in order to trick them into being used to build the arch. Social Darwinism was the lie told to the psychopaths of the shadow government, because the occulted truth has always been that the supremacy of light can only be delayed for so long, and the most advanced trait of humanity is our selfless ability to lay down our lives for the greater good. Empathy and love are the most advanced and enduring traits of humanity. Callousness and fear did have a big head start, and long enjoyed total dominion, but in the end love’s triumph is inevitable. The Golden Dawn is inevitable.

7.) Another genetic trait exists, which also plays a significant role in the evolution of man and the dawning of the Golden Age. It has been the subject of both significant research by the CIA and DIA, as well as a prolonged and concerted smear campaign. The media has so effectively ridiculed the subject that it still hasn’t been mentioned in this paragraph. Just as ‘UFOs’ and ‘conspiracy theories’ have been effectively ridiculed and maligned by the mainstream media, so have ‘psychics’ and ‘telepathy.’ What is only now being revealed to the public, however, is that the CIA and DIA (& KGB) not only researched psi abilities, such as remote viewing, etc. but they actively employed them. Eventually the research was taken underground, into unacknowledged special access programs (USAPs), where it has continued to be developed. The combination of genetic modifications of augmented soldiers, or ‘augments,’ whose natural telepathic ability was genetically enhanced, with a further prosthetic enhancement of this ability via sophisticated electromagnetic technology—has given military intelligence the ability to read people’s minds, and communicate via remote influence or telepathy.

8.) Dark occultists have long sought to identify and enslave psychics, to prevent them from working against them. At the same time, they would try to get the rest of the population to ignore and suppress their natural psi abilities by pushing the belief on the general public that such abilities were either superstitious nonsense, or the work of the devil. As the general population begins to rediscover these abilities, however, and as secret military intelligence units enhance and utilize these abilities, the ability to keep secrets is ending, and dawn is breaking.

9.) The most powerful and occulted truth is that the dark night of humanity’s soul eventually and inevitably yields to the Illumination of the Golden Dawn.

Revelation 4: The Truth About ‘Moral Relativism,’ Natural Law, and Karma

1.) Moral relativism is an intellectually dishonest theory foisted on oblivious atheists on liberal campuses by the brainwashed useful idiots of the cultural Marxists. The dark occultists esoteric philosophy is theistic and absolute, but the exoteric liberal philosophy of cultural Marxism, which they promote to the profane masses of debt-slaves they indoctrinate, is founded on atheism and moral relativism.

2.) Mid-level Satanic blackmail slaves are duped by the belief that the fact that they are the order givers rather than order followers, somehow they believe this insulates their moral culpability. In actuality, it just insulates their affective reaction, by being physically removed from the actual physical act of the crimes they order.

3.) The occulted reality of the situation is that order followers, enforcers, police, military, mercenaries—or as the dark occultists like to call them, their ‘dogs’—are to them as muscles cells are to brain cells in the human body. To claim innocence for immoral orders is like claiming innocence for something your finger muscles did, because you self-identify as your brain. The occulted reality is that the karma of the order lies as much with the creator of the order as with the ones who carried it out. One does not need to actually have blood on one’s hands, to have blood on one’s hands.

4.) The acute awareness of natural moral law, and awareness of guilt for immoral behavior, is the reason for multiple elaborate attempts by Satanists and dark occultists to dilute, ignore, absolve, and somehow justify their guilt and karmic debt. The process is actually just a slippery slope of ever deeper enslavement by the cabal:

4.1) Vilification of ignorance: The first of the LaVeyan Satanic sins is ‘stupidity.’ Since being stupid is a sin, this supposedly justifies immoral behaviors toward stupid people. The irony of this ‘sin’ is that IQ is almost entirely determined by genetics (with a maximum of only +/-10 IQ point shift due to circumstances). So, stupid people can’t help but be stupid. To think someone could be guilty of the supposed ‘sin’ of stupidity, when they were just born that way, is like thinking a cat can be guilty of not being a dog. The irony is compounded by the fact that not realizing this fact, is itself a form of stupidity. So, people who excuse their own guilt for abusing stupid people simply because the people they abuse are stupid, are themselves guilty of stupidity. This ‘sin’ concept was created purely as a tool of self-deception, to avoid feeling guilty for objectively immoral behavior. As if the irony wasn’t thick enough, ‘self-deceit’ is the 4th of the LaVeyan sins. ‘Herd conformity’ is the 5th sin, which is inevitably violated every time one participates in a Satanic ritual.

4.2) Exploitation of guilt: The convoluted logic of LaVeyan Satanism (which is itself a watered-down exoteric imposter of true esoteric Satanism, used as a filter mechanism to identify psychopaths and groom them for enslavement into esoteric dark occultism) ensures that Satanists will inevitably be guilty of violating their own sins. Once entrapped into violating a supposed sin, this guilt is then leveraged into forcing them to violate further sins, in an unending downward spiral of enslavement to emotional blackmail, then criminal blackmail. This is much like how the FBI will entrap a criminal, then force them into working undercover, in the course of which they end up committing yet more crimes and furthering their blackmail servitude to their FBI handlers.

4.3) Soul contracts: Selling one’s soul doubles as a method of attempting to absolve oneself from guilt. Such people are supposedly no longer responsible for their own free will; after all, they sold their souls. Also, loved ones may be harmed if they refuse to follow their immoral orders, so in some way they feel like they are doing something right, by agreeing to do something wrong. This is an effectively comforting form of self-deception.

4.3) Shared guilt: The more people to participate in a ritual sacrifice, the more the guilt feels lessoned and dispersed to each participant. This is the classic feeling of safety in numbers. This same method is used by firing squads, in which several shooters fire on the subject of the execution, while only one of the rifle cartridges fires a real bullet. In this way, participants can convince themselves that they are not guilty of murder, but only a fraction of a murder.

4.4) Mutually assured blackmail (MAB): The awareness of mutually assured blackmail creates an overwhelming feeling of helplessness within those subject to the blackmail. This feeling of total impotence and absence of free will enables these people to convince themselves, and each other, that they have no choice in the matter but to follow the immoral orders they are given.

5.) The awareness of natural moral law is the primary reason why dark occultists post public admissions of their true intentions and affiliations. The language in which they make these admissions is almost always in symbolism. For example, the dark occultists’ worship of Ba’al/Moloch—the god of child sacrifice—is the most bold and obvious statement in the symbolic architecture of DC, encoded in the Washington Monument obelisk (an ancient symbol for the ‘phallus of Ba’al’). This type of open admission is so obvious and audacious that the vast majority of the sheeple can’t believe it could possibly be real. In this way, the dark occultists attempt to shift the blame to the sheeple. The logic is this: ‘We told you exactly who we are; we worship Ba’al by sacrificing children in exchange for worldly power (through blackmail slavery pedocracy), and we even made this admission the tallest, most obvious structure in DC, a giant phallic homage to the Beast. We did our part, and made our disclosure. If you sheeple are too stupid to read such a simple message, that’s your fault, and you deserve to be enslaved.’ The logic is obviously flawed, but they use it to deceive themselves into thinking they’ve discharged their guilt onto their prey.

6.) The even deeper, most occulted reason of all for such public symbolic disclosure—occulted from even the pedocrats themselves—is that such symbolic disclosures serve to facilitate the controlled demolition of the pedocracy, during the inevitable Golden Dawn. This is like building a skyscraper with demolition charges already in place, for when the time comes that it needs to be taken down. There has even been a public disclosure of the controlled demolition of the pedocracy, in the typical symbolic fashion, within the movie ‘The Kingsmen.’ In this movie, every politician has an explosive chip implanted in their head. With the touch of a button, every politician can be killed. This was a symbolic representation of the fact that every politician in the pedocracy can be taken down by the release of their blackmail control files (including horrific video proof of their crimes).

Revelation 5: The Truth About Population Control and Climate Change

1.) The false reason the elite want to reduce the human population is for the ‘environment,’ to stop man made climate change. This lie takes advantage of both the empathy of the sheeple for Earth and her environment, and also their guilt for contributing to the pollution and destruction of various ecosystems. Human pollution and destruction of the environment is a real thing, but man made climate change from CO2 emissions is not. The idea that humans will go extinct if we don’t drastically reduce the human population is a lie.

2.) The real reason the elite want to reduce the human population is that a smaller population is more manageable to control via the totalitarian dictatorship of the NWO pedocracy.

3.) Climate change is an important but natural phenomenon. Man made climate change, on the other hand, is an mistaken theory at best and a cynical lie at worst. The man made climate change fiction was coopted by globalist financiers when they realized that it could be used as a.) an excuse for a multi-trillion dollar carbon credit scheme, created to suppress the US and EU economies, control the world economy, and create optimal conditions for the adoption of a one world government, the NWO, and b.) an excuse for ‘population control’ and supposed ‘eugenics’ practices. It is relatively easy to convince a psychopath to go along with a plan to kill billions of people in wars, or through poisoning or epidemics, if they are convinced that it is necessary for the survival of the human race.

4.) The systemic poisoning of populations is real, but it is not really about ‘population control.’ As long as people reproduce before they die of poisoning, via cancer, diabetes, etc. their death does not significantly effect population growth. Any fisherman knows this simple fact of population management; this is why fishermen only keep big fish, which have already had a chance to reproduce.

5.) The ugly truth is that ‘eugenics’ and ‘population control’ is the lie that the psychopaths perpetrating the systemic poisoning tell each other, because the truth is even uglier, if you can imagine: it is just pure illness profiteering. Profiteering off of poor sick people is one of the most profitable crops. The people are made just sick enough to be effectively dependent on pharmaceutical drugs, but not sick enough to die too soon. What happens when the cost of drugs is too much for the poorest of the debt slaves to bare? Socialized medicine enables the extortion of the wealthier and healthier members of the population via increased taxes, to subsidize the cash crop of diseased, drug-addicted sheeple.

Revelation 6: The Truth About Eugenics, Disgenics, and Epi-Disgenics

1.) Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that focus on improving the genetic quality of the human population. This is not an inherently evil or immoral idea. Unfortunately, the idea of eugenics has been misused on multiple occasions by racists to try to justify immoral acts, such as ethnic cleansing and genocide.

2.) Nazi Germany’s attempt to exterminate all the Jews in Europe, as well as other ‘non-desirables’ such as gays and cripples, is the most famous case of misapplied eugenics theory leading to an immoral atrocity. The Holocaust has been used ever since as the reason why no one should ever even entertain the idea of eugenics ever again. Even the idea itself has become taboo. This was by design.

3.) The real reason why eugenics was made taboo, via the Holocaust, was that the cabal elite realized that eugenics was actually counterproductive to their continued rule. The higher a person’s IQ, for example, the more difficult it becomes to get them to conform and keep them enslaved. The cabal decided that eugenics was only suitable for themselves, for the elite families, especially their most prized genetic trait, even more important that a high IQ: psychopathy.

4.) For the general population, however, they would adopt a secret (occult) philosophy of disgenics: a set of beliefs and practices that focus on promoting genetic traits more conducive to being herded like cattle, such as mindless conformity, propensity for substance abuse, and impulse control problems.

5.) Disgenics is about breeding ideal sheeple. The ideal IQ of sheeple is just high enough to be able to do their jobs effectively, but not so high as to allow them to realize how they have been enslaved by debt and lies. Just smart enough to feel superior by fighting with each other over relatively insignificant social/political issues (like which public bathroom people use, or if the military should pay for sex change operations) so they keep looking left and right rather than up and down. They want people to be too busy pulling each other’s chain, rather than questioning why they are in chains.

6.) The problem with disgenics, to the elite, is that it is too slow of a process. It takes generations to significantly change the genetics of a population, but technology has been changing much faster since World War II. So, the elite came up with a couple of innovative ways to speed up the process: epi-disgenics and mass migration.

7.) Epi-disgenics is the use of substances to enhance the effect of disgenics, to affect change faster. For example, it was not enough to simply engineer a society in which the least intelligent people reproduce most rapidly, but it was discovered (by Nazi scientists) that it was possible to reduce everyone’s IQ by 5-10 points, and render the population more docile and compliant, by simply adding fluoride to the public water supply. This epi-disgenic innovation was imported to the US via the Nazi scientists brought over through ‘Project Paperclip,’ and mass fluoridation of the US water supply began in 1945. Since then many more epi-disgenic innovations have been made, most notably the xenoestrogens in soy products and ‘food contact materials’ such as BPA.

8.) Mass migration from Middle Eastern and sub-Saharan African populations into Europe is the latest innovation of the cabal. The fact that the average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans (~70) is roughly 30 points lower than the average European IQ (100) is occulted from the general population due to the strict taboo against eugenics, not to mention the pervasive fear of being labeled a ‘racist.’ Because of the legacy of the Nazis, and the ascendence of cultural Marxism and institutionalized political correctness, it is taboo to even point out the fact that mass migration is having a significant effect on the IQ of the average European voter.

9.) Mass migration of Muslims from the Middle East may have an even greater epi-disgenic effect on the overall population of Europe than the influx of sub-Saharans, through the effect of the influx of Islamic culture. Again, this process is enabled by the pervasive cultural Marxism and PC culture, not to mention the guilt some Europeans feel for their role in multiple Middle Eastern wars. This is further compounded by the fluoride in the water, the estrogens in the food, the lithium in the air (geo-engineering ‘contrails’), and the media monopoly of cabal pedo-blackmail slaves spewing exclusively liberal propaganda on TV, people being censored on social media or even jailed for their facebook posts in the UK, while the pedocrats in the EU use lawfare and the cover of ‘humanitarianism’ to engineer the mass Islamic invasion of Europe.



Revelation 7: The Truth About Advanced Energy Technologies

1.) What no one seems to notice, or talk about, is the fact that multiple alternative energy technologies are on the verge of eclipsing the old fossil fuels. This does not even take into account the 5,000+ energy technology patents that have been shelved for ‘national security’ reasons over the past 70+ years.

2.) The new energy technologies poised to eclipse the old technologies include solar power, wave energy, and fusion. These are the most obvious technologies. They have been slowed in their progress, but even their glacial progress is poised to eclipse the old energy paradigm.

3.) The measured disclosure of UFO video evidence by the Pentagon in December of 2017 is a prominent symptom of this process. The chief reason for the secrecy surrounding such craft has less to do with where they are from, or who operates them, and more to do with how they work.

4.) The propulsion technology used to power such craft has been occulted for over 70 years, because it poses an existential threat to the oil and coal industries. It is starting to be disclosed now, only because several other technologies are going to eclipse oil and coal anyway.

5.) The fact that solar, wave, fusion, etc. are all poised to eclipse oil and coal does not necessarily mean they will be the energy sources of the future. Indeed, once they eclipse the fossil fuels—and trigger a phase change of the global power structure—they will themselves be quickly eclipsed by the release of some of the best of the 5,000+ energy patents, which are just sitting on the shelves in black project USAPs.

6.) Another indication that fossil fuels are about to be eclipsed is the launch of the petroyuan Chinese oil exchange on March 27th, 2018. Every country that ever tried selling oil in a currency other than US dollars were promptly invaded, bombed, and the head of state executed—i.e. Iraq and Libya.

7.) China has wanted to open such an exchange for over a decade, but they held-off—until now. This is an indication that Trump and Xi have already come to an understanding regarding how the global financial system will be restructured.

8.) Roughly a month before the UFO disclosure in late 2017, the anonymous source going by ‘Q’ started to gain traction with a crypto-socratic method of red-pilling the public. ‘Q’ was said to represent ‘Q clearance,’ the highest top secret clearance classification in the Department of Energy. Why the DoE?! Why not NSA, CIA, or DIA? Whatever the truth may be about who Q really is, the simple fact that Q claimed to be from the DoE was a huge clue as to the true central origins of this whole process—it’s all about power, quite literally. The canary is, after all, in the coal mine.

9.) The rules of the whole game are about to change. Just when it seems like the US is going to go down in flames, at the hands of the globalists, and the Chinese—we take down the globalist cabal, and the fake US corporation, return our country to a true constitutional republic, and finally unveil the amazing energy technologies that have been kept in the dark for so long by the cabal.

10.) The true meaning of ‘Make America Great Again’ has yet to even be fathomed by the average American. Trump is able to weather the storm with such good humor at least in large part because he knows exactly what MAGA means.

11.) Trump’s uncle, John Trump, was one of the FBI agents who seized Nikola Tesla’s papers, when Tesla died. Trump is not just far more intelligent than some people are lead to believe, but he knows a lot more than anyone can imagine. He knows it’s all a charade, a gradual awakening ceremony, and he is the master of ceremonies.

12.) To those of us who know what’s up, this golden-hued man named Don is one of many symbols of just what time it is. He is the Golden Don of the Golden Dawn. The Trump-Pence (Trumpets) of the Apocalypse (disclosure).

Revelation 8: The Truth About Gang Stalking (Part 1) It Exists

1.) The degree of criminality of the cabal, and the level of secrecy maintained for so many years, is difficult for many to believe. How could it have possibly been kept secret for so long? The use of the blackmail slavery of weaponized Satanism has already been explained, but what about people who just figured out what was going on by themselves? Wouldn’t someone have said something by now? The truth is that plenty of people tried, but no one listened.

2.) Over the years, people have come forward trying to tell everyone about what has been going on, but they were promptly labeled ‘crazy,’ and institutionalized. These people all shared a common theme: they were adamant in their assertion that the government was following them, tapping their phones, and harassing them. It is the most classic and ubiquitous paranoia story, especially in the 60s and 70s. In many cases it was COINTELPRO, with a little MKULTRA and ‘Project Phoenix’ on the side.

3.) The most effective way to make someone appear insane, and declared insane, and even convince the targeted individual that they just might actually be losing their mind, is to employ a technique called ‘gang stalking.’

4.) Gang stalking is a form of covert organized harassment. It is used all over the world, especially in hostile foreign territory. Those involved in the US are either contractors of ‘security’ companies (often former victims of gang stalking with Stockholm syndrome, who gave in to the pressure and agreed to join their abusers, and abuse other targeted individuals), some are members of neighborhood watch groups duped into participating, some are in gangs, secret societies, covens, and other organizations. The dark web is one instrumental tool through which such gang stalking is organized and paid for, these days.

5.) Gang stalkers are often told some excuse to make them feel better about participating in the organized harassment. The target will be said to be a terrorist, racist, anti-semite, pedophile, wife beater, or any manner of lie to seemingly justify the harassment.

6.) The gang stalkers may know that what they have been told about the target is BS, but it at least gives their conscience some plausible deniability. After all, many are paid for their participation (and they know that if they turn on the gang stalkers, THEY will become the next ‘targeted individual’ or TI, who the gang will stalk).

7.) The evil genius of gang stalking is that only the target is aware of the harassment, street theater, gaslighting, and even directed energy weapon abuse.

8.) The gang practically forces the target to try to tell people about the abuse, which is part of the whole point of it, because it invariably makes them appear insane. ‘Let me get this straight. Dozens of people are harassing you, no matter where in the city you are, and they are even zapping you with invisible energy beams, and repeating things you said on the phone as you walk by them on the street, which you say is proof they are tapping your phones?! What would the government possibly want with you? Who do you think you are?! You’re obviously smoking too much dope, 007. Better lay off the weed, or see a shrink, cuz’ you sound nuts.’

Revelation 9: The Truth About Gang Stalking (Part 2) The Technology, and the Real End Game

1.) Since 1955, microwave ovens have been available to the public. Any engineer with a microwave has been able to turn their microwave into a directed energy weapon since 1955. The chief reason microwave beams have not been openly used as a weapon is the fact that they have been so useful as a covert weapon (also it happens to be far more difficult to kill someone with a microwave beam than to simply shoot them with a bullet).

2.) Even though almost everyone has a microwave in their kitchen, the idea of a microwave directed energy weapon being used for non-touch torture of political dissidents and whistleblowers is somehow an exotic thought.

3.) If directed energy weapons were real, people figure, the police or military would certainly be using them by now, wouldn’t they? The reason they aren’t—because such weapons are too useful to covertly suppress dissent—itself sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory. It’s perfect, because it not only inflicts pain from a distance, without leaving any evidence, but it makes people sound totally insane if they ever try to tell people about it.

4.) The technologies employed by gang stalking programs have evolved since the 1950s. Indeed, it wasn’t just energy and anti-gravity propulsion technologies that have been developed and kept secret from the masses. There are several other mind-blowing technologies.

5.) The greatest of these occult technologies are consciousness technologies. There are only two things that UFO ‘experiencers’’ stories ALL have in common: The first, is the anti-gravity craft (which has lead to the occulted energy technologies). The second, is the way in which the ET invariably communicate with them: telepathy. We have not only reverse engineered anti-gravity propulsion, but we have learned the physics of consciousness and developed methods of synthetic telepathy.

5.5.) (Note: After writing the first draft of this article, it has come to my attention that a FOIA request to the Washington State Fusion Center resulted in the ‘accidental’ release of records documenting the effects of remote ‘mind control’ via ‘psycho-electronic weapon’ technology. This technology has been in use for at least 40 years, but the disclosure was ‘accidentally’ made by the government within 24hrs of the first drafting of this article. What a highly-improbable ‘coincidence.’)

6.) This is not just the coolest technology ever, but it is unfortunately the most powerful tool for making someone appear totally bonkers. I already sound insane just writing about it (a little less so, after the ‘accidental’ FOIA disclosure) but just imagine being a victim of it trying to explain it to someone. ‘So, let me get this straight. You are hearing voices?! You’re either on drugs, or need help finding your marbles, those are the only two possibilities.’ Unfortunately, there has long been a third possibility. Absent a family history of schizophrenia, and absent any psychoactive pharmaceuticals, the most probable reason for hearing voices has for several decades, and in many places in the world, been the use of ‘psycho-electronic weapons’ as a form of counter-intelligence MKULTRA gaslighting—to intimidate, silence, dis-employ, and discredit the target.

7.) What the gang stalkers don’t fully realize, however, is that this technology and system of suppression has effectively sorted society into three groups:

1.) The majority of oblivious sheeple, who either are unaware of gang stalking and organized harassment, or act as if they are unaware, as it does not effect them.

2.) The gang stalkers, who participate in criminal vigilante abuse of targeted individuals, at the behest of ‘authorities’ within the security state.

3.) The targeted individuals, people whose intelligence and knowledge is high enough to be considered a threat, and whose spiritual backbone is too strong to break.

8.) In other words, there are a.) oblivious sheeple, b.) spineless bootlickers, and c.) the TIs—whose IQ, knowledge, and character are all superior to the former two categories. The TIs are too smart to be sheep, and too strong to break. The biggest secret of all—bigger even than synthetic telepathy, if you can believe it—is that TIs are the true harvest. Together, we are indomitable, even if we are each isolated from society, we are still ‘together.’

9.) The most occulted truth of all is the actual present (new) end game of this program, now that the NWO lost. Just as the time is finally coming for the energy technologies to be revealed, the time is also coming for the revelation of the gang stalking program. Not only will everyone realize that TIs have been isolated and abused, but that many members of the community have been abusing them.

10.) The gang stalkers thought they were the future, because they were ‘smart’ or shrewd enough to be on ‘the right side.’ They bent to the cabal, and licked the boot of the security state, and they thought that this meant they would be safe in the New World Order. They thought they were helping to ‘separate the wheat from the chaff.’ They were. Only what they failed to realize was the fact that they were not the wheat, they were the chaff.

11.) Not only did this program identify and isolate the smartest, most knowledgeable, and highest character individuals—but they tapped into these people’s minds using the most sophisticated technologies. The resulting hive mind of the smartest, most dangerously knowledgeable minds, and the people with the most unbreakable of wills, has become one of the greatest weapons military intelligence has ever wielded. So powerful, in fact, that it was impossible for the military itself to not be influenced by it.

12.) This hive mind is more powerful than a supercomputer, and is jacked directly into the most powerful military on Earth. NOW it is not only the most powerful military, but also the most intelligent and ‘WOKE’ military. It was this collective intelligence that coordinated the release of just enough truth to get Trump safely elected, and has been behind his masterful strategy ever since. While he is, indeed, a brilliant man, he is also backed up by a collective intelligence that allows him to gaslight and outwit his opponents with unprecedented finesse, and awe-inspiring strategic patience—playing ‘dope on the ropes,’ while his opponents punch themselves to absurdist exhaustion.

13.) The reason why I am able to publish this series without suffering any targeted harassment is because we are now in control. Not only am I not harassed, but the government ‘accidentally’ released documents backing up my wildest of claims, ‘coincidentally’ within 24hr of my privately writing them on my laptop. Understand, patriots, that the military and the Golden Don have our backs.

14.) We may have a little more time to wait, until we can fully enjoy complete freedom again, but the bootlicking gang stalkers will spend the rest of their lives knowing that when the pressure was on they bent to fear and intimidation, only to be saved from enslavement under a totalitarian New World Order by the very people they were stalking. Sad.

15.) Anyone who thinks the bending, bootlicking traitors and blackmail slaves are going to inherit this majestic nation is totally insane. Anyone who thinks the military is going to destroy the most powerful weapon they have ever created—the collective intelligence—are similarly insane. One can only hope that the collaborators and criminal gang stalkers will be treated with mercy.

16.) The cabal lost. The NWO lost. Trump, military intelligence, and all of the patriots—and TIs—behind Trump already won. We are in no rush to make this fact obvious; there is no reason for us to be hasty. The Great Awakening is a difficult and uncomfortable process, so we have been doing it gently, with great patience, and good humor.

17.) The absurdist political theater is all part of the awakening process. Any time you think to yourself ‘I can’t believe they…’ Yes, great! Don’t believe it—that’s the whole point! You’re not supposed to believe it; the absurdity has been ratcheted up to help wake-up the sheeple, while giving the rest of us some well-needed comic relief.

18.) It will only become more and more obvious, as more and more people wake-up to the fact that the game is already over. It’s almost time to start playing a new game; it’s almost time to step into the Dawn of the Golden Age, but only when everyone is ready.

Revelation 10: The Truth About the Spiritual War

1.) What we are witnessing play out on the world stage is more than just a war between nationalism and globalism. It is more than just a war between the new scientific/military elite and the old financial elite. What we are really witnessing is a spiritual war.

2.) On one side of this spiritual war is the cabal, a centralized ancient Babylonian Satanic Beast system of enslavement through debt, deceit, rape, torture, sacrifice, blackmail, and mind control.

3.) On the other side is a decentralized Alliance of spiritually awakened individuals. Some are Christians, some are Buddhists, some are former Satanists who saw the light and broke free, some are former atheists who had a spiritual awakening—there is no one central religious dogma of this Alliance.

4.) What naturally self-organizes the Alliance is the unanimous awareness and rejection of the cabal. Truth and Freedom are held as the highest of virtues, in direct defiance to the lies and slavery of the cabal.

5.) A unique aspect of the two sides of this spiritual war are the diametrically opposite methods of organization. While both are a form of self-organizing system, the cabal is a centralized system with a vertical power differential, while the Alliance is a far more decentralized system with a more horizontal power differential.

6.) Another vital aspect of the structural difference is that the cabal uses blackmail slavery and bribery to hold itself together; if given the chance to flip in exchange for blackmail amnesty and freedom, most blackmail slaves flip. If the money stopped flowing to the mercenaries, and the bribed—they, too, walk away.

7.) On the other hand, the Alliance uses no coercion nor any financial incentives, for their members self-enlist. Indeed, there is nothing the Alliance could even do to shake their Illuminated Suns from adherence to the light, and from fighting for truth and freedom as long as we live.

8.) We are under no obligation, yet nothing can stop us from fighting. We are given no explicit orders, yet we each understand the ‘commanders intent’ (CI) and translate it into the actions we each can take to further the Great Awakening.

9.) Some of the most powerful and effective members of the Alliance are defectors from within the cabal itself, and from within the many organizations the cabal has long parasitized and commandeered to do its bidding.

10.) This not only accelerates our progress, but strikes fear and confusion into the cabal hierarchy. They cannot be sure who has turned, and is now working for the Alliance, and who is still effectively enslaved.

11.) The heavy reliance of the cabal on self-serving opportunistic psychopaths has quickly become their greatest liability, as these people increasingly see the writing on the wall, and quickly flip on their masters.

12.) The Great Awakening is a self-organizing chain reaction. What Trump’s election in the US and Bin Salmon’s consolidation of power in Saudi Arabia have both demonstrated to the world and the cabal is the principle of ‘Light Supremacy.’

13.) The principle of Light Supremacy is that the first to wield the light/disclosure as a weapon, will inevitably vanquish their dark-aligned criminal adversaries. The first to change the game will inevitably have the advantage in the new game.

14.) The process of the controlled demolition of the cabal, and the self-organization of the Alliance, is tied to the process of the Great Awakening of the general population to the existence of the cabal, and all their lies, and crimes. It is an uncomfortable process, for most, but one that everyone will go through, soon enough.

15.) The Great Awakening is a chain reaction, and it has already reached criticality—it is already out of anyone’s control. Some will do their best to try to steer it in one direction, or another, by choosing to shine more light on one subject than another. The result, however, is just more light. Like trying to control a forest fire by choosing one side of the fire to pour gas on. The more anyone tries to control it, the brighter it blazes.

Revelation 11: The True Meaning of the Occult Symbols of Obelisk and Pyramid

1.) The symbol of the pyramid is one of the occult secrets hidden in plain sight. Just as the dark occultists fear light most, so do they chose to hide it in the most plain sight in both the terms ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Illuminati.’ They also specifically fear the light and power encoded in the pyramid.

2.) Dark occultists like to pretend that the pyramid represents the hierarchy of the cabal. Nothing could be further than the truth, however. The power structure of the cabal is not nearly as equitable and solid as a pyramid; it’s more like a grotesquely deformed obelisk.

3.) Indeed, the symbol of the Babylonian Satanic empire is not the pyramid but the obelisk. This is why one stands in the middle of Washington, DC: Symbolic of both the Phallus of Ba’al/Moloch (the god of human sacrifice) as well as a visual metaphor for the disparity of wealth distribution—represented by the tall, thin shape.

4.) If the actual distribution of wealth were to be physically represented, however, it would form a pancake shaped blob, which suddenly slopes upward in the center, into a grotesquely thin and tall spike. Such a structure would actually be impossible to build, for even the strongest construction materials known to man are still incapable of supporting such an obscenely precarious shape.

5.) The greatest difference between a pyramid and an obelisk is strength and structural integrity. It is practically impossible to knock down a pyramid, for it is the steepest shape possible, while still remaining stable. Any steeper and it could suffer avalanche-type entropy/decay. This physical character of being the tallest structure possible while still retaining that degree of stability and strength is subconsciously perceptible to any human. This unspoken but profound perception is what makes it such a powerful tool of deceit.

6.) This is the primary reason why the cabal uses the pyramid as a symbol of their hierarchy. It is an attempt to portray a false facade of stability, behind which to hide their inherently unsustainable, obscenely distorted and precarious house of cards. After all, every con-game is built on false confidence.

7.) The obelisk, however, is the true symbol of the cabal and is inherently unstable. Indeed, many an obelisk has been toppled, shattered, or stolen, over the millennia.

8.) Here is a thought experiment to explore the relationship between the two shapes: If demolition charges were placed evenly throughout an obelisk, such that it was caused to undergo a total and symmetrical collapse, what would the result be? The resulting pile of rubble—like any pile of stones, salt, or sand—would have a slope approximating the that of a pyramid. The only difference being that a pyramid has four finished flat sides. (In this way, the pyramid subconsciously implies the Golden Age of abundance, and the most equitable distribution of wealth that inevitably follows the controlled demolition of the Satanic cabal.)

9.) The finished four-sided shape of the pyramid is what distinguishes it as a work of deliberate intelligence, relative to randomly formed hills and mountains. This deliberate shape allows for pyramids so ancient as to have been buried under soil and forest to be rediscovered many thousands of years later.

10.) Another key message encoded in the shape of some pyramids is the Golden Ratio. Such pyramids are called ‘Golden Pyramids.’ The Golden Ratio is inherent in everything in Nature, from the shape of plants and animals, to the distance between the planets of the solar system, to even the basic shape of galaxies.

11.) The Golden Ratio encodes the most simple yet profound of truths. It represents the divine order that is found in everything. It represents the resplendent truth about the divine nature of reality. One that can only be temporarily hidden, or forgotten, but never destroyed.

12.) The Golden Pyramid represents the divine geometry of the human soul, which once Illuminated can never again be deceived and enslaved by darkness. It represents inevitable victory of light over darkness, and the indomitable and spontaneous order of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn.

A Note on the Name: Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn

I purposely used occult language to take back the misused terminology. Both ‘Illuminated’ and ‘Golden Dawn’ have the most noble of meanings. They have been twisted, at times, like many originally POSITIVE ancient symbols (pyramid, swastika, eye of Horus) by dark occultists.

I believe spiritual Illumination is too important a concept/word to give up, just because some cabal of pedophiles like to call themselves ‘Illuminati.’ The sick reality they are trying to hide (with their mind games) is that Light/Truth is what they fear most. The ‘Eye of Horus’ represents Christ consciousness, which is something else they fear—us awakening. The return of Christ is within each of us, as Christ consciousness.

The dawning of a Golden Age is naturally a ‘Golden Dawn.’ The imagery is unparalleled as an embodiment of the Great Awakening. It is also a reawakening to the Gold standard for money, and the Golden rule for morality. Even the Golden ratio encodes divine geometry into nature as the ever present fingerprints of divine creation. It is a WAY too important a phrase to let die with Crowley, or anyone else.

I believe it is also not a ‘coincidence’ that our president is a golden hued man named Don. He respresents the end of the dark age. His selection was symbolic, to the occultists of the cabal, to our subliminal minds, and also the history books—as the future will prove the past.

I used the double entendre of Sun/Son to symbolize that we are all Sons of the Don, as patriots, but also Suns of the Dawn, as our collective light is what brings about the Great Awakening, and the dawning of the Golden Age.

Finally, I used the ‘Protocols’ name/format as a parody of the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.’ It was a most notorious text, written nearly a century ago, (of highly disputed origins) which outlined precisely how the cabal would construct their NWO. It details the use of pedophile blackmail, bribery, control of the media’s lies, and the rest of the deep state’s dirty tricks. I found it humorous to write the antidote to the NWO using their own style, words, and format.

It was one of the most divinely inspired texts I’ve ever written, not least of which being the title.
About the Author

The C-Change blog is about analysing this SEA CHANGE—from the crypto revolution to the petroyuan launch to the military tribunals—and understanding how it all fits together. In this blog we will bring long occulted truths to light, as we observe the bigger picture.


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Operation Disclosure: Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn: Protocols and Revelations -- The End of the Cabal
Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn: Protocols and Revelations -- The End of the Cabal
Operation Disclosure
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