The Second American Revolutionary War Rages on || Mark Baughman

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer December 28, 2020 The Second American Revolutionary War Rages On Dear Patriots...

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

December 28, 2020

The Second American Revolutionary War Rages On

Dear Patriots, Citizens of the World, Concerned Citizens, and the awakened people of America, please lend me your ears and allow me enlighten you to really what is going on. We are in the middle on the “Second Revolution War of America”. The winner will change history for the betterment of “We the People” or it will be of totalitarian rule for the next thousand years. Please, do not get me wrong, the Light or the Good has already been determined as the winner, but many battles still rages on. This is a battle of Good vs. Evil and not just of Republican vs. Democrat, Muslim vs. Christian or One Race Vs. the Other; it is for all the marbles; control over the planet.

Most people did not know for hundreds of years, an Evil force or the top thirteen families have controlled the world through power, money, bribes and murder. They believe it is their right to rule over the planet with their bloodlines going back thousands of years. In the past few hundred years, this organization has been called the illuminati. Today, we call it the [D]eep State or President Trump has labeled them “The Swamp” and he promised to “drain the swamp” completely. They worship “Moloch or Baal who is really Satan, or at least a version of him. He is the God of Fire and War, who requires ‘Child sacrifices”. You would think that kind of stuff has long been gone, but just like their hidden rule through the Central Banking System, and through corrupted or bribed politicians, and basically through powerful companies or industries worldwide. The upper part of the Vatican and the Catholic Church uses child sacrifices to worship Moloch, please do the research yourself. This goes back into Roman times when they learned one tribe worshiped Baal in return for money, power and fame. Just research Hollywood and many famous people, they openly admit to pledge of getting this short time of fame and money, then they pay in the next life. Please check out movie stars and musicians that have stated this publicly. This is why many in Hollywood have been arrested and executed for “Crimes Against Humanity”, which is usually child sacrifice or pedophilia.

Look at David Rockefeller in 1915 who created the American Medical Association or Bill Gates who wants to vaccinate the world and has stated publicly that these killer vaccines will translate to get 10 to 15% percent of the population dead, as the “problem to restore nature”, as he calls it. As just businessmen and not being Physicians, how do those two get involved our medical care? How in the hell can the public believe this C19 fake pandemic, if one does their research? Well, it is about making money and to control the population! You see, Bill Gates is really a Rothschild family member. That is just some of the plans of the [D]eep State had plans for all the people of this planet.

What I bring you is the truth of recent intelligence and to piece together the Plan of the Alliance, Patriots, Q Anon Group, military and the leader of this Revolutionary war worldwide; President Trump. As most of you know JFK started the secret Q Anon group, to develop true patriots to defend the American Constitution. They were billionaires, military officers, politicians, and industry leaders. This group is leading the charge and strategy. Military has finalized “The Plan”. This plan and the people involved were kept ultra-secret. Some Q people have been killed by the [D]eep State over the years since JFK stated this hidden patriot group.

I will explain the current situation with the information as an Anon who has access to some information, but clearly, I am not inside the White House or the critical war-room inside the Department of Defense. Also, clearly, this is a war that is different than we have ever seen; of information (digital) and infiltration. For the military, operations in the future or possibilities cannot be revealed. Please know that it is a real war, and decisions change and what to do next, may change. The Anon’s get much information after it has happened, Q drops have hinted of forward operation, but still it is an educated guess sometimes on how and when such things will happen. As an example, we have gotten limited list of arrests and executions at GITMO, and for the most part it was the first line of clean-up; the pedophiles and child and human trafficking worldwide. Many on the list was Hollywood stars that included the very corrupt “Hollywood’s pedophile’s and abuse mess in California”. This does happen all over the world too, and these are “crimes against humanity” will NOT go unpunished.

One has to understand, the fake C19 pandemic is a clear win for the [D]eep State to place in the minds of the majority of the population with this fake information. This is a big part for control of the planet. Look as C19 fake pandemic, how easy it was to get everyone in fear, with the TV news. Then with fear, one can be controlled much easier. Also, everyone is seeing the censorship with Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. Big Tech is controlled and massaged information for the Democratic party or for Big Pharma. Even President Trump has had his twitter account stopped at times. Fake MSM TV, even now most of FOX news have covered up the massive election fraud and all Fake News have declared [B]iden as the winner. Everyone that does their own research or knows history; our wonderful constitution lists procedures for the election and for even exceptions, and clearly it does NOT list include the News Media can declare and parade a candidate win or a loss. We all have to follow the laws of the land and protocols of the U.S. Constitution. Fake MSM has committed treason and many inside the Fake News Media will be charged, for my sources. From my intelligence, many MSM CEO’s have been arrested in the last two weeks. Please note that the elite or the illuminati owns 90% of the western media outlets.

Please know that with this war of Information (digitally) and infiltration, with a high number of bribed politicians at all levels of government, as we seen on massive voter fraud, even at the city level. Let’s take an example in a small town in Nevada, that is mostly republican, but 90% of the elected officials in the city is Democrat. This just tells you how bad the voter fraud is to put these people in power.

The enemy cannot take America by force, so by infiltration, bribes and blackmail they planned to take control of America and then the world. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has used the world’s oldest profession (prostitution) to blackmail and bribe our elected politicians. They have infiltrated all levels of government and software systems to control elections in the past and the major one November 3, 2020 to oust their greatest threat to take over America; President Trump’s and his team of true patriots.

I am going to reveal what has happened at the highest levels in a White House meeting that was to help President Trump and his team on how to proceed with legal action of the voter fraud nationwide. This meeting details was revealed by Patrick Byrne who is CEO of who was invited that is proceeding with his own civil lawsuits on the massive voter fraud. He is quoted as saying that “If we lose integrity in our elections, we will lose America”. I agree with him wholehearted! In this meeting that lasted 4.5 hours on December 21, 2020 included the head of White House counsel Patrick Cipollone and his assistant lawyers, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, General Flynn, Mark Meadows, and many other senior staff who were to give advice to how to proceed with the legal action to reveal the voter fraud. This was really about a filing to the courts a motion to forensically look at the hard drives of the computers used in the election fraud. Legally, they have to be kept these computers in storage for 22 months after the election, in case, of issues with the votes cast. In this election, there has never been this level of election vote change, because we know that President Trump won by 80.4% of the popular vote. The Trump legal teams have secured over one-thousand affidavits nationwide of the voter fraud with mostly on the battle-ground states. The evidence is irrefutable. Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani and General Flynn know this and the evidence from the Department of Defense recovered CIA servers in Frankfort as back-up evidence along with the Quantum Voting System with RFID chips in all the litigate voting ballots, as the ultimate evidence, if needed. What was revealed is the main counsel to the White House, Patrick Cipollone and his team wanted Trump to concede. Can you believe that? And at one-point General Flynn stood-up and ask Cipollone if “do you think there was voter fraud and that President Trump really won the election?” He would not really answer and it got heated and CEO Patrick Byrne wanted to “Bitch-Slap Him” for this response and was even very rude to President Trump. President Trump was very professional and stated “see what I have to put up with” during my presidency!” to the rest of the staff. This Cipollone was believed to reveal details or the meeting to the New York Times, and was twisted and many mis-truths as usual, according to Patrick Byrne. This the article title was called “Trump Discussed Naming Sidney Powell as Special Counsel on Election Fraud”, if one wants to read some fiction.

As Patrick Byrne stated, that the White House Counsel Cipollone should have been fired on the spot. I agree, and again, as we have seen many people, supposedly on his side, who wants President Trump to concede whether it is from a Government leader abroad, Democrats or Republicans are traitors, and are a part of the [D]eep State, with siding with [B]iden as the winner. Take the old Republican rhino; Mitch McConnel, leader of the senate, he is just about lining his pockets and is clearly a traitor. From the bigger plan, it has been revealed that this three-letter agency are corrupt and cannot be trusted to handle the election fraud cases; CIA, DOJ, FBI, Supreme Court or any other lower courts. Congress and all state and local structures from my intelligence sources have 70% compromised members. So, how do we proceed with the massive election fraud to be revealed and make sure America is not compromised forever. With this voter fraud revealed, as Sidney Powell just released a 270-page report on 12/27/2020, everyone will need to take a side, and we are seeing that. Sidney will release the “Kraken” computer information too. But the real reason that President Trump is waiting at the last second on the one-yard line is to reveal who is [D]eep State and who is a true patriot. This way we can get all the rats, and of course check bribe money sent to their accounts or family members accounts. That is how it was done with the [B]iden crime family, son Hunter got payments for his father, the mob-boss. For John McCain and the Clintons, it was foundations to wash the quid-pro-quo bribe money.

With that, President Trump really martial law declared since March of this year from C19 pandemic. With Trump’s Presidential powers what is now: “America is besieged under the gravest of circumstances of the true threat of a coup from the CCP and the [D]eep State” that the Department of Defense acts under the clear threat of our national sovereignty and even American forward existence as a free country under the constitution!! America is under attack and has to act accordingly. This means arrests from the military and military tribunals, that really have been going on at GITMO since 2017 and during most of the President Trumps time as a duly elected President by the People and for the People. This is to by-pass the normal channels of justice that appear to be compromised. This means the whole normal justice system, even the Supreme Court who did not hear the State of Texas case on election fraud, is compromised, it does appear. This is the Supreme Courts major responsibility to hear the most difficult cases that determine outcomes of the sovereignty of our great nation, shame on them.

What will happen January 6, 2021 when we have the electoral votes counted in Congress to determine our next president? We do have two sets of electoral votes from the seven battle ground states. Vice-President Pence will preside over the Senate and most know that with irrefutable evidence of voter fraud, we know that the votes will be 27 in favor of President Trump and 20 for [B]iden. Some have stated that Pence is compromised, but from intelligence for many years, no. The real Pence was compromised and the one present currently is a clone under control of President Trump’s team. Please note that once Congress session in over, like for Christmas break, congress members can be arrested. We do know that Adam Campbell Schiff was arrested at LAX airport on Christmas Eve. Therefore, we know that some bad congress members will not be there. They will be charged and arrest, yeah!! We do know that former President Clinton died this week too, he was a traitor too. Understand too, that President Trump is breaking up the “Good Old Boys Club” in Washington D.C and other places in the country that had control in the back ground. Also, breaking up the “Secret Hand-Shake” societies, like the “Skull and Bones” club.

From my intelligence, Trump’s team is going to expose these high-crimes against our government and will be revealed in the coming weeks and months. To where all will be public by end of March 2021. This [D]eep State players will NOT be able to “walk the streets”, celebrate this truth! What I have been told; these great patriots that are on the front lines of this war, will not leave a “stone-unturned” to get to the truth! One of the biggest parts of this war is educating the general public what is really going on! From Juan O’Savin, and insider; he is not sure when the Trump inauguration, it may not be until the hard date of March 20, 2021. In the original Constitution, the inauguration was on March 20. I do hope all can be done for the January 20, 2021. It depends on the path of making sure by 100% the good and “the People” winning. Know that they went the Justice system, the calculated 50% to 75% of success. They have to make sure it 100% success. The patriots know they “have to get to justice now” and NOT let the [D]eep State get away with this massive election fraud on November 3, 2020.

You need to understand, the path to winning, there are many paths, but it is absolute; that Trump will be declared the winner. We cannot allow a [D]eep State puppet being paid by CCP in the White House. Now, one of the paths can be the Insurrection Act which would give President Trump the ability to cease the voting computers nationwide to be examined for fraud, in which the data will clearly show. Why do you think the RV and ATT major junction was blown up by a missile in Nashville? To cover-up the computer voter fraud access and to weaken Americans communications. This is a [D]eep State action, clearly. It will be dealt with swiftly by the Department of Defense, and probably special forces from my sources.

The real purpose of the C19 fake pandemic was the first step of the [D]eep State to take total control over everyone’s lives across the planet. This was to create so much fear, and making a vaccine was the only solution. This first vaccine would change your RNA to a different DNA and really take the God particle out of you, which is our empathy. Humanities is the best part of ourselves. You see, the upper illuminati do not have empathy and why they would kill everyone, including themselves. The Alliance will not allow that to happen. Their plan in action, as an example in Canada, where they have already had meetings, was to make fake quarantines to limit you to your city or town, not unless you get the vaccine or multi-vaccines. You get a pass to travel if you comply. If you give up your property to the government, then you get a lifetime stipend. What would come is more and more vaccines to control how you think and then the illuminati-controlled government has humanity in total control of humanity. They would install a tracking chip in your body too, for everyone. Does that sound like a world I or you would want to live in?

Other reasons for C19 pandemic were to collapse the world economies to allow governments to have more power and implement there evil plan, to put a major roadblock in Trump’s economy to not allow him to be re-elected, and to have mail-in ballots so the Democrats can cheat more on the election (using fake or pre-written ballots) and on the final reason was to keep republican election observers on the ground at election center six feet away, so they cannot observe voter fraud as easily.

Conclusions: mark my words, this Second Revolution for America and the World is much more difficult than the first. But please, I am not trying to downplay our founding Fathers accomplishments. They faced death by execution of treason against the Crown of England at that time, if they failed. The public has to know that President Trump, his family, Q Anon Group, and many military people like General Flynn are risking the same as our Founding Fathers. With these many attempted coup d’├ętats like; the Russian Hoax, Democrats try to impeach him, the Department of Justice Rosenstein tries to get the 25th Amendment enacted on President Trump. You would think that every American would catch on. Now, the real vote confirmed by the in-the-background running (QFS, Quantum Voting System ) 80.4% of the voters did know and apply their vote toward Trump and only 15% of the people voted for [B]iden, so we do have many people woke up the crazy shenanigans against our great President. Voter fraud will be revealed and Trump will be president again. This operation was a great sting implemented by the Alliance to get all the traitors and [D]eep State players, once and for all. It has taken years, since President Trump took back the planet from the illuminati. This is a quote from an anonymous writer: “The president who has been elected ([B]iden) will not be allowed to rule the United States. The Democratic Party is corrupt and with its evil agenda that only those who have money should govern the country for their own gain.”

Know that all the Patriot teams and the military have planned these strategies for many years, with moves and counter moves. The Trump team plays a very high level third-dimensional chess game. The winner is known, but some of the moves are not yet played. As I have explained above, it is a military action of not a conventional war. This is a war of information to the public and a war against infiltration of our government and industry. Take the CCP or Chinese Communist Party. This is a massive deep pocket money arms of the illuminati to bribe, blackmail, and threaten people at the highest levels. They really are the lowest of scum, just a mafia for their own power and control, that has no compassion or soul for anything else but themselves. The CCP is just an arm of the [D]eep State in China, and is NOT what the Chinese people want. Also, around the world, everyone will pick a side, there is no neutral or complacency.

We do know that about 98% of the population or the world is NOT like that. They have compassion for the planet and all other people. We need unity, as one people, to be against the force of a small percent of elite’s who want to control the world. We need to reduce all governments to under half the size they are now and vote for normal people like you and me to Congress. Plumbers, nurses, landscape people, as examples of people that care about their communities and families. Really, almost all governments and monarchy have NOT served the general population, only got corrupted overtime will the keys the treasury, or the money. This has to stop, to allow the planet and its people to progress. The massive voter fraud in American and it is known that these Dominion Computers and the software was used around the world to place the [D]eep State puppets to make sure the control was kept in their favor. The Alliance has put in-place and supported President Trump to use America as an example to rid the [D]eep State players, for “The People.” All people will work together to force good governments and be a part of and use their voice and action to make sure this never happens again. President Trump has done a masterful and wonderful service to all people and will go down in history. Please note, that there are many leaders and true patriots of many countries that took final stand against this very evil world mafia, and became a great team that found a solution. Here is another quote from very high source that wants to remain anonymous: “The incumbent president (Trump) will rule the entire world from the United States. Everything that happens in the United States affects the rest of the world and he will make the other leaders in the world follow what the people want in their countries. This is new time and a new world.


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Operation Disclosure: The Second American Revolutionary War Rages on || Mark Baughman
The Second American Revolutionary War Rages on || Mark Baughman
Operation Disclosure
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