The Aquarian Age and a New "Great Year" Began 22 Years Ago || Parisse Deza

Operation Disclosure | By Parisse Deza, Contributing Writer December 17, 2020 The Aquarian Age And A New “Great Year” Began 22 Years Ago Th...

Operation Disclosure | By Parisse Deza, Contributing Writer

December 17, 2020

The Aquarian Age And A New “Great Year” Began 22 Years Ago

This article was first published in July, 2017 as, "The Aquarian Age And A New “Great Year” Have Begun". I have edited it to republish now because of its relevance to the Solstice/Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st, which is a huge marker of where we are in our movement through the early phases of the Aquarian Age, which, in fact, started in May of 1998. Yes, the Water-Bearer has been pouring already for over two decades. I offer solid scientific and historical details and a big perspective as proof.

Aside from stating that we are already in the Aquarian Age, this article wants to rattle the cages of new-agers still fixated on the unimportant date 12/21/2012 as if the future of the world depended on it. My primary intention is to enlighten about our progress, but also to disillusion as necessary, for without slaughtering our sacred cows, consciousness does not move forward. As the saying goes, "The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off." I trust the "enlightenment" factor will prove worth the effort of any disillusionment needed to get us there.

The Biggest Picture Is The Truest Picture

Since 1962, the Earth and humanity have been in a massive 72 year transit thru the one degree of space which aligns our Sun at winter solstice with the ecliptic (the ring of our solar system) where it forms a cross with the Milky Way (the edge of our galaxy) at galactic center, in the “Dark Rift”, a spooky, mystical, black area, potent with new stars. (1)

This is the misunderstood transit many over-heated new-agers reduced to a single night in December of 2012. That was wrong. The transit will continue until 2034.

The Dark Rift is considered most sacred, and the Mayans, among others, pointed to it as one of their five “Great Cycles” of 5126 years within their “Grand Cycle” of 25,630 years which began in 23,618 BC and ended, presumably, in 2012 on the winter solstice. (2)

The glitch is that we have decided that the Mayan ”finger pointing to the Moon,” the year 2012, is the heavenly body itself, and we have worshiped it, rather than letting it point us in a useful direction. Instead of being galactic, our view has been myopic. We need to stand back and take it all in. Understanding the 72 year transitional period allows us to redirect our attention so we move more easily into our ultimate destiny, unity consciousness. It offers a greater perspective about what this time means for us; that it is simultaneously the beginning of The Age of Aquarius and the Turning Of The Ages, the start of a new Great Year of 25,920 years, the precessional cycle which encompasses all twelve astrological ages of 2160 years apiece. This is a Very, Very Big Time.

Chaco Canyon

Why Is This Alignment So Important?

Once, when visiting Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, I took in a night-sky lecture by the resident ranger-archeologist who cluelessly asserted: “We just don’t know why they aligned what they built to directions, solstices, equinoxes, or the 19 year lunar cycle”.

Of course we know! Ancient peoples aligned everything on Earth so they would stay in alignment with everything in Heaven.

Alignment speaks for itself. Alignment is everything.

Without alignment, nothing happens; there is no unity of above and below or inside and out. (Try dancing or walking without alignment.) Without the harmony of “as above, so below,” there is no continuity; oneness is lost. The ego-mind, the artificial mind Carlos Castaneda called “a foreign installation,” finds this impossible to understand because it sees everything separately and unrelated. And, fatally, it believes this is a good thing. As we progress into the further stages of the Aquarian Age we will relinquish our 'artificial installation' and drop into the unity consciousness of the natural mind.

Each winter of this 72 year period, when the Sun at solstice aligns with the cross of the galactic equator and the ecliptic, it is aligning us with every other wholeness beyond us which is bigger and more encompassing, all the way to the Source of All Things, connecting us with the rejuvenating force of the Great Central Sun of Creation. The ancient Gnostics understood the center of the galaxy as the birthplace of all life; life emanated from it, The Pleroma - the “Fullness”. (For a most enlightening, in-depth examination of the Gnostics, their part in our history, and our true relationship and destiny with Gaia/Sophia, our planet, read mythologist John Lamb Lash’s "Not In His Image".)

This external alignment with the center of the galaxy enables us to make the internal alignment we each need and connect with the energy of our own central channel, the unconditioned, primordial loving-light energy that keeps us in harmony. Without this alignment, we cannot “return to the source,” as Daoism says, and remember what we truly are: natural beings with a natural mind and a natural intelligence.

This grand alignment of wholenesses is enabling us as a group to make the jump to light speed.

It is the “macro-most” in a set of nested wholenesses, enwrapping and containing parallel cycles smaller than itself:

Precession cycle: Galactic conjunction at winter solstice is the start of a new Great Year.

Yearly cycle: Winter solstice is the start of a new solar year.

Monthly cycle: New moon is the start of a new lunar month.

Daily cycle: Midnight is the start of a new day.

Each cycle is womb-space in which something new is conceived and springs from.

Remarkably, the amount of time it takes for light to travel from Earth to the center of the galaxy is the same as the amount of time it takes for the Earth to go thru a complete precession cycle: almost 26,000 years. Thus, the precession cycle is in resonance with the distance from Earth to the center of the galaxy, implying an “as above, so below” relationship. The solar system is held within the galaxy, and we respond to it and move with it. (3)

“Every time you use your toaster, the fields around it perturb charged particles in the farthest galaxies ever so slightly.” - Becker and Seldon, The Body Electric

Calculating The Age of Aquarius

The working premise timing for my calculation of our entrance into the Aquarian Age comes from the figure in Graham Hancock’s book, The Message Of The Sphinx, for the start of the Age of Leo: 10,970 BC. Approximations for this look good because of historical events which describe the behaviors of peoples compatible with movement out of and into a new age. In other words, scholars have noted that there are significant and obvious cultural changes every 2,160 years when humanity shifts from one age to another.

For specific confirmation of when we entered the Piscean Age, here is an excerpt from world-class biblical scholar Dr. Hugh Schonfield’s, The Passover Plot, the unmistakable Piscean influences highlighted:

From 160 BC we are in a new age, an age of extraordinary fervor and religiosity in which almost every event, political, social, and economic, was seized upon, scrutinized and analyzed, to discover how and in what way it represented a Sign of the Times and threw light on the approach of the End of Days. The whole condition of the Jewish people as psychologically abnormal. The strangest tales and imaginings could find ready credence. A new pseudonymous literature came into being, part moral exhortation and part apocalyptic prophecy, a kind of messianic science-fiction.

So if we take Graham's format...

Leo 10,970 BC – 8810 BC

Cancer 8810 BC - 6650 BC

Gemini 6650 BC - 4490 BC

Taurus 4490 BC - 2330 BC

Aries 2330 BC - 170 BC

Pisces 170 BC - 1990 AD

Aquarius 1990 – 4150

...and add in Hugh's insight... "From 160 BC we are in a new age"...we are looking at a date for the start of the Aquarian Age being 1990-2000, solidly confirming the actual trigger year being 1998, as per the exact conjunction of our Sun with the ecliptic and the galactic edge at winter solstice.

An Aquarian Age Time-line To Illustrate Our Movement

Changes made in human society that evidence a shift in ages come from shifts of energy that produce shifts in consciousness. Many historical, artistic, and scientific events in the last 250 years super-revolutionized our way of life and presaged our entrance into Aquarius. Words like, “revolution”, “freedom”, “equality”, “community”, “electrical”, and “invention” are patently Uranian/Aquarian terms. These events prepared the way for humanity's movement into Aquarius.

Here are some key ones:

1746-1752 – While the history of electricity and electro-magnetism begins in 1600, Benjamin Franklin, revolutionary and inventor, and others, sped things up quite rapidly. He experimented heavily with electricity, inventing the idea of the battery, and the first practical application of electricity, the lightning rod, which is a marvelous symbol of Uranus, the creative spark that ignites life in the fecund swamp of Earth.

1775 - The American Revolution ignites with the battle of Lexington and Concord.

1776 - Thomas Paine composes the incendiary essay "Common Sense" which sparks the idea of revolution into a fire for independence, causing the Colonists to rally themselves as "the united States of America” with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, making the Aquarian vision of a sovereign community of equals a shaky reality. (4)

Independence is my happiness, the world is my country, and my religion is to do good.

- Thomas Paine's Aquarian motto

1781 – The Articles of Confederation, the common law basis of this revolutionary union, is created, the same year that the planet Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is discovered!

1789 - The French Revolution is initiated.

Both French and American Revolutions were faulty starts because, not actually being in the sign of Aquarius, humanity can do little more than entertain the possibility of sovereign freedom in enlightened community; they simply did not have the spiritual maturity necessary to do so in enough people. Sovereignty has been held in the embryonic stage until now (proof of which is the fact that fat cats and central banks constantly had the power to control freedom), when it will have the consciousness power behind it to root and grow stably, taking the field from the old paradigm monarchical and feudal systems we have had to endure.

1791 –Michael Faraday, one of history’s greatest contributors to the study of electricity and magnetism, is born.

From there, we have a huge, continuous flow of electrically-focused scientists and inventors who revolutionized the way we lived, such as Morse (telegraph), Bell (telephone), Edison (lighting), Marconi (radio), and most importantly, Nikola Tesla, who is credited with being the father of modern civilization for having invented wireless technology. (Tesla was eventually recognized by the Supreme Court in 1943, the year of his passing, as the true inventor of radio because of this.)

Nikola Tesla, 1899

In the midst of all this science, we also have the coming of the Impressionists and Claude Debussy, and other visual, literary, and musical artists, who so thoroughly revolutionized the way we see and experience life that what they were doing often couldn’t be understood by the people of their time. Then we have the coming of motion pictures which expanded our awareness exponentially.

Contemporary Events That Evidence The Transit's Initiation in 1962

The 1960s was the seed period when the energy shifted catalytically and opened the way for the radical changes in consciousness we’ve been experiencing since. The health and wellness movement, including Yoga, and Daoist studies such as Tai Chi and Acupuncture, and the beginning of widespread use of hallucinogens to expand awareness are some of the important developments from this time period.1962 was the trigger date, the actual beginning of “The Sixties”, which really didn’t end until about 1974.

February, 1962 - The famous grouping of seven planets in the sign of Aquarius heralds “the dawning of the Age of Aquarius”, beginning the 72 year/one degree of orb period of alignment of the Sun at winter solstice with the center of the galaxy and the ecliptic.

August, 1962 – Biologist Rachel Carson, the Mother of Environmentalism, publishes Silent Spring, initiating our “Back to Nature” movement through rising awareness of ourselves.

1962 - The Beatles and The Beach Boys make their first albums, kicking off the music revolution. Joni Mitchell makes her first club performances at the age of nineteen.

Joni in the Sixties

November, 1963 - JFK is murdered by the cabal, signaling the end of any remaining truthful, people-friendly politics, and the beginning of the drive by the deep state to completely take over. In fact, this means the beginning of their end because their increasingly evil actions begin to be brought to light.

1966 - Timothy Leary utters the famous imperative, "Turn on, tune in, drop out!" making conservative people everywhere very, very nervous.

1966 – Star Trek is born, and we take off to connect with civilizations all over the galaxy.

1969 – In a truly cosmically-inspired move, the song Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In, is recorded by a group called, of all things, The Fifth Dimension. Number 1 for six weeks, it was featured on their album, The Age Of Aquarius. Carried by the crystalline voices of its singers, this powerful work is the theme song of the new age:

When the Moon is in the seventh house

And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars!
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius…

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelations
And the mind's true liberation
Aquarius! Aquarius!

Let the Sun shine
Let the Sun shine in…

See them do it here:

Also in 1969, to emphasize the theme of expansion into the universe, America lands on the Moon. (Yes, we really did - it wasn't faked. Go to footnote #5 for surprising details.)

The Kicker

Here is the conclusive piece of science that marks 1962 as the start of our 72 year transit.

Daniel Giamario, creator of Shamanic Astrology, and one in my lineage of teachers, from an article called, “A Shamanic Look at the Turning of the Ages”:

“In the late 1980’s, I began corresponding with European master astronomer Jean Meuss, via a recommendation from astronomer-publisher Guy Ottewell, concerning the precisely calculated dates of entry, into different constellations, of the solstices and equinox coordinates. I sent a communication to Meuss in 1991 asking him to calculate the exact date of the winter (December) solstice alignment with the intersection of the galactic plane and the plane of the solar system. His response was May, 1998”. (6)

The central year: 1998, not 2012. John Major Jenkins and others were aware of this, and he was the first to explain that this event was at least a 36 year long transit, extending from 1980 to 2016, which he referred to as “Era 2012”, making the full 72 year extent of it 1962 to 2034.

What That Means To Us In Space-Time

1980 - Earth enters the 36 year core period of alignment, the one-half degree which is the width of the Sun in space, therefore, the beginning of its full conjunction with the center of the galaxy.

To clarify, the Sun’s mass as we see it from Earth covers one-half of one degree of the 360 degrees of space around us. It takes the Sun 36 years to travel across its own width in space in the context of the 26,000 year cycle. Thus, the smallest length of transit for exact conjunction is 36 years. This means that at every winter solstice of this 36 years the Sun has been precisely aligning with the galactic cross and the center of the galaxy.

2012 was just one of those years, another page in the book of the transit.

In “Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse Re-Cap And Thought On The 2012 Question”, Daniel Giamario writes:

“Looking at all this, it is really hard to imagine a more dramatic, visible to the naked eye, enactment of the most central features of the cosmological Turning Of The Ages scenario than this remarkable December 2010 Total Lunar Eclipse. It is a way more amazing cosmological event than December 2012.”

So, if we wanted to focus on a single year within the transit, and we already had all that research to guide us, why were we inclined to choose 2012?

Why We Got Distracted

“Portal Keeper” by Denise Ostler

Some say they had special experiences that solstice. But others who are quite sensitive to energy did not, and might even disagree with the claim that something special happened that day. For myself, it was just a normal winter solstice.

Aside from the fact that some of us have special experiences at any time for no particular reason, sometimes the ego fools itself into believing that something is happening because it wants it so much. And it is also true that we can create something to happen that otherwise wouldn’t, if we focus on it with intention. And this would seem to be the explanation also for the hoo-ha over the “11:11” and other double-numbered events such as “Lion’s Gate, 8/8” that have taken place since 1992 when a new-age teacher named Solara created a movement around numbers and dates that never had any importance before. (Please read footnote #8 for some important details on this, especially what "Lion's Gate" really should be about.)

These “holidays” have no real spiritual energetic of their own, and nothing happens on those days that we don’t create ourselves, but sometimes we must invent an event, like having a party, so we can generate energy together. Creating positive momentum is necessary, but we need to learn how to do it without deceiving ourselves to get motivated. That would be the spiritually responsible thing to do. Truthfulness mean freedom, but can also mean disillusionment, as we watch our sacred cows be churned into hamburger. It is all a matter of spiritual maturity.

Back To Our Timeline…

1987 - The Harmonic Convergence event is created in response to humanity's need to join together for a higher purpose. The spiritually-stepped up waves that started in '62 have accelerated to where many people's lives are being radically altered. The dark agenda is on the rise, but so is the Light.

1989 - the Internet is created, giving information access everywhere to anyone who can tap in, taking the first major step in making humanity a truly unified, global community, therefore Aquarian.

May 1998 - The centerpoint of our 72 year transit is reached, and we cross the threshold into a new age.

2012 Winter Solstice – “Long Count” end date of the Mayan calendar. Did the Mayans purposefully make that date a point of great note? Did they intend to end their calendar there, or was it just the natural end to their count based on what had come before, as some scholars have pointed out?

We did not achieve ascension break-away speed that solstice because the cycle cannot do the work for us. What it can do is give us an energetic environment through which to change. Things happen when they are ready, not because of a calendar date or when the monkey-mind says so. Instead, we have been going thru progressive energy expansions since 1962, during which we have been growing as fast as we can. It takes what it takes, and it’s over when it’s over. Willingness may end up being the decisive factor. Are we willing enough to have it now?

To the extent that the world image is a projected dream of the inner psyche, the burden of successful world renewal lies with the individual…If we don’t do it before the 2012 party, it will be waiting for us afterward. -John Major Jenkins, The 2012 Story

2016 – Completion of the 36 year core conjunction. Since there can be no better marker for the Turning of the Ages than alignment of the galactic cross with the Dark Rift, this signals our break-though moment for both the Aquarian Age and the new Great Year.

And as if to punctuate this date as so very important, it is the year Donald Trump, leading the people in a new direction, took office, signifying the beginning of a new way for America, a way past dark control and in alignment with the nation's true purpose and destiny.

2020 - The winter solstice/great conjunction increases Aquarian momentum.

What will happen between now and 2034, when Earth completes the 72 year/one degree transit that began in 1962?

Much of that is up to us. How big is your "Yes" to a really new age now? How willing are you to take up the mantle of power the Divine Spirit gave you which we know as self-responsibility and free will? Are you willingly wearing a mask? What would Thomas Jefferson do?

Celebration Time Notes

The most important thing to take away from this exploration is that the momentum to reach our consciousness zero-point and reset is building fast, now that we are fully in the Aquarian Age. The Force is with us. This can be comfort and encouragement for us, as the energies are now much more supportive of freedom and awakening than some years ago. And, even better, we have started an entirely new 26,000 year cycle. This transition has meant the dissolving of the remaining old influences that kept us imprisoned in the previous cycle of limited consciousness, therefore limited freedom. We have truly been draining the swamp of our suppressed unconscious, forgetting the past and remembering what we really are. This explains the tremendous amount of clearing that has needed to be done, the time it has taken, and why there has been so much resistance to it. We are not releasing just one Age, but twelve of them! And we are not just waking up as if from a long nap, we are coming out of a long, trauma-induced coma.

We are now at the beginning of a brand-new Galactic Day and the huge stream of spiritual energy being generated is carrying us forward into unity, and the restoration of our true, original condition. We can’t tell whether we will have a great, all-encompassing, breath-taking shift of consciousness at some point, or continue to go thru a series of sneaky, subtle, smaller ones until we “click” into place. But shift we must and shift we are. It is likely that our Aquarian future will manifest in totally unique ways than what we have expected and imagined. Let’s make room for those surprises and simultaneously hold to our highest vision, making clear, life-affirming choices and taking actions which match them, and not paying much attention to current events. In spite of what we may see around us today, let’s practice being in our right mind, our natural mind, and using the natural sovereignty we were imbued with by the Great Creator, for imagination creates reality.

With faith in a positive outcome, inevitably we will see the end of fighting and trying to control each other. We will enter a time of unity and harmony in which we share everything so everyone has more than enough, as sharing, abundance, and love are part of our nature. A time when "peace will guide the planet, and love will steer the stars!"

Parisse Deza is a new age Renaissance man, a visionary with 47 years experience in self-cultivation arts, who calls his field Consciousness and Creativity. He is an educator, counselor, reader, artist, writer, and Daoist internal alchemy, chigung, and feng-shui adept living in Sedona, Arizona since December, 2015. His main purpose is seeing-in the Aquarian Age and the fulfillment of the original American dream of absolute personal freedom in relationship with all Life.

For a complete listing of all his articles this year go here:

Footnotes for this article:

(1) A good, concise astronomy article with photos and illustrations explaining the Dark Rift:

(2) The Great Year cycle, referred to as 26,000 years, is rounded up from figures given by various sources, the shortest being the Mayans’ 25,630, and the longest and most used, 25,920 years.

Often, the question arises, “If 2012 isn’t a special date, then why did the Mayans choose it to end their calendar?” There is no reason to think they did choose it. One Great Year for them ended and started in 23,618 BC, and the next ended and started in 2012, according to their theory of time.

(3) For a broader, more detailed exploration of the alignment and the dates involved see John Major Jenkins, Galactic Alignment (2002), Chapter 21 on “Timing Parameters”. John was probably the most influential writer on the subject, having deeply and open-mindedly researched, agglomerated and refined information from many cultures and disciplines. He passed on July 2, 2017.

(4) The American Revolution was the faltering beginning of the ideal of sovereign freedom, and the idea, though great, didn’t really get off the ground because we were not fully into the age which could support it. (For one thing, they still had slaves!) We are completing the revolution now, and it will happen, because now is the right time.

See my article “The Purpose of the Union of The States” here:

(5) According to space scientist Dr. Richard C. Hoagland, science advisor to Walter Cronkite during the Apollo Program and consultant to NASA, the narrative that the Moon landing was faked was concocted by NASA, itself, to confuse everyone, which seems to be its main agenda. See his book, "Dark Mission – The Secret History of NASA", for much amazing information about how things really are.



(8) Here, in the fanciful imagery of “Lion’s Gate”, we are distracted from the primary event - the heliacal rising of Sirius. “Heliacal” comes from Helios, which is the Greek name for the Sun. Heliacal rising takes place when a star or planet rises in conjunction with the Sun. This event regarding Sirius, however, is considered to be a season, traditionally starting on July 3 and ending on August 11 (by our calendar). The signing of the Declaration of Independence is said to have been timed by the Masonic founders to coincide with Sirius’ rising, and therefore, with the mother goddess, Isis. As the Sun is so bright, Sirius’ rising cannot be seen for nearly 2 weeks. For the Egyptians of 1350 B.C., Sirius had its heliacal rising on about July 19th. Sirius in 2020 conjuncted the Sun August 3rd, and became visible around August 15 or 16th, depending on one's location.

For a complete explanation of this event, see my recent article, "A Sirius Look at 'Lion's Gate', the Egyptians, and Why New-Agers Always Seem to Miss the Point":

While the visual sighting of Sirius is a powerful psychic event, its actual conjunction is the real alignment point, so to say that 8/8 is a special date whether or not anything celestial is actually happening is not only dysfunctional, but narcissistic.

What also falls into the category of made-up holidays is the Harmonic Convergence, August 16-17, 1987. Tony Shearer proposed that date based on his calendrical studies which included the Aztec calendar, and the date is not derived thru the Mayan Long Count. See Jenkins' extremely comprehensive, excellent book, The 2012 Story, for details.

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Guest Posting

If you wish to write and/or publish an article on Operation Disclosure all you need to do is send your entry to applying these following rules.

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Operation Disclosure: The Aquarian Age and a New "Great Year" Began 22 Years Ago || Parisse Deza
The Aquarian Age and a New "Great Year" Began 22 Years Ago || Parisse Deza
Operation Disclosure
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