End the Matrix, Start of GESARA || Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer November 1, 2020 What are the chances that the elections in the US will take...

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

November 1, 2020

What are the chances that the elections in the US will take place?

What impact will it have on the rest of the world?

What can we expect?

Will [J]oe [B]iden withdraw from the presidential race, after all the revelations from him and his family, and the confessions [H]unter made about the fraud and embezzlement of $300 million U.S. tax dollars held in Swiss banks.

If [J]oe [B]iden does not step back on his own, he will never be able to become President of the US through indictments.

Blocking the Great RESET of the World Economic Forum, IMF, ECB.

What will happen to the Psychopaths who adhere to the Communist NWO dictatorship.

As far as I can oversee it now, I can give a prognosis of what we can expect.

First of all I want to make it clear that the [D]eep [S]tate has only been able to get this far by bringing fear among the world population with false attacks including C19, which in Canada is now called C21 in order to roll out the NWO.

Anyone who starts to think for themselves will come to the conclusion that we are in a program, a roadmap that should drive the world population like sheep in a desired direction.

Extra yesterday I watched the film of the Matrix again, so many puzzle pieces are falling into place now.

Almost everything is named the virus.

The election predictions in the US are false programmed representations of the [D]eep [S]tate's wishful thinking, as in 2016 Trump will win by an overwhelming majority if it comes to elections, or in the past the referendums in Europe on the proposed Constitution of the corrupt EU.

The population does not feel represented by the [D]eep [S]tate Psychopaths government around the world and wants its self-determination back as a Sovereign human being.

We are nobody's property and have never signed a renunciation of our birth right, nor have we ever given permission to act with our birth as a commodity of a Sa[t]anic sect.

The elections in the US are of great importance for the liberation of the whole world, to eliminate the entire [D]eep [S]tate and Cabal.

1. The elections continue and Trump wins, resulting in false flag attacks prepared by the [D]eep [S]tate.

2. Trump can declare GESARA after the victory, and have new elections held within 120 days.

3. [B]iden ceases his candidacy and there is nothing to choose, so Trump will also declare GESARA and organize new elections within 120 days.

Both in 2 and option 3, the army will have the constitution restored by the Supreme Court.

The more than 204,000 indictments will trigger a mass arrest to arrest and try the [D]eep [S]tate all over the world.

The Biden family will be spared the charges of fraud and embezzlement, but High Treason, Paedophilia, Assassination Seal Team Six will be court-martial-ed for their demise as no class of justice can and should be tolerated in the liberation of the world, the population does not suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and demands justice through the law.

By removing the entire Cabal structure, there is a fair chance as a world population to learn from the crimes of the past, and to close ranks to prevent this act of aggression against the world population from ever happening again.

Therefore, structures such as the UN, WHO, WTO, MSM, NATO, WEF, ECB, EU will have to be disbanded and restructured, which has now oppressed the world's population by their unelected criminal leaders of the NWO sect.

The whole world has paid a heavy price for the crimes committed against them by the NWO sect over the past 110 years, to systematically maneuver the population into a matrix of restrictions.

The road to liberation is littered with deception and betrayal, but who is the trustee if any?

Why this couple, the duo Kim and Tank have told me so much that got me thinking.

1: Kim has good contact with the Rothschild and other NWO world players, whom I personally do not even want to be found dead next to.

2: Donations have been regularly asked for, which is contradictory if you would manage the world's funds.

3: The imposed restriction to get funds and the amount of funds to be received is not in line with NESARA / GESARA.

4: Where the wealth comes from is not clear either, if it comes directly from Rothschild, Rockefeller and [S]oros?

5: Why would anyone want to be so publicized when you have taken on such a risky task?

6: Kim doesn't know that he is involved with the RV, so what is?

7: In the RV / GCR according to GESARA her part for the world community is not.

8: She seems to be able to deliver only Fiat money, not wealth that covers this value.

9: Who stands behind Kim and Tank who can demonstrably justify their program and their story?

One reason I can think of is that they deliberately disseminate this information in order to wake people up and start thinking for themselves about what is now to come.

So it could still be hired actors who participate in the plan, precisely because of the deception, so I don't want to condemn them in advance for the work they do, due to a lack of more information about their backgrounds.

In this option, too, it is part of a script that we might call the Anti Matrix.

Now that in all 50 states in the US the National Guard is ready to guard order, and prevent anarchy of [D]eep [S]tate, or the possible activation of the UN forces now present in CA and Canada, the mass arrest and safe exchange of currency will take place.

Along with the Elite, the fake political crime virus also disappears, indicating that the Cabal have lost control.

PCR tests that are only there to deliberately infect people with something, or give them fear, and as a measure of fake infections is an act of aggression against humanity.

Moving people through fear of taking a lethal vaxxination of Kill-[B]ill [G]ates out of desperation not to get sick, or digitally imprisoning people if they don't believe the lethal injection, by excluding the Fake Fiat Great Reset from the Cabal Without value contribution, which is never going to happen on their terms.

Donald J Trump is at the controls to reset the system in GESARA style and not the Cabal style, which are now excluded from the new QFS system, which is thought for all mankind.

By removing restrictions and limitations for the world's population, there will be a great transformation that will benefit the planet and all life.

Living in freedom instead of surviving in the digital captivity of the MATRIX.

All members and men of the Alliance are ready to take action, because if it doesn't happen now it will never happen again.

Christmas 2020 will be one never to forget, the day when the solstice will bring the world's population into a new era of spiritual enlightenment, wisdom and happiness.

Those who do not want to be left behind in the doggedness of the MATRIX program.

Stop Fear, turn off your TV and mind, participate in the new bright future and stop being held hostage in the Cabal MATRIX that lives on fear and terror they spread.

No one can force you to participate in the black magic of the Sa[t]anic Cabal Rothschild MATRIX and their evil sect of high-ranking government followers.

Mass rejection and rejection of their imposed rules based on lies and deception means they no longer have any influence on the masses.

If there are enforcers who are hard learners, tell them what is really going on, and the risk they run if they follow the abuse of power by governments, which have never received permission from the people to act as dictators.

If the enforcer can show a contract we have agreed to, we will immediately declare it invalid and claim our universal Birth right.

It will help enormously if governments are cut off from the QFS system, because then even the most stupid enforcer will no longer be loyal to the [D]eep [S]tate Cabal government.

Imposed aggression of the government will cry out for retribution, we will never let them be our slave-drivers with impunity any longer.

The world's population needs wise people, not corrupt politicians sitting there for their own sake without a legally valid mandate or power obtained through fraud.

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Operation Disclosure: End the Matrix, Start of GESARA || Rinus Verhagen
End the Matrix, Start of GESARA || Rinus Verhagen
Operation Disclosure
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