The Final Battle Between the Light and the Dark || Mark Baughman

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer October 30, 2020 The Final Battle between the Light and the Dark!! Now it is e...

Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

October 30, 2020

The Final Battle between the Light and the Dark!!

Now it is extremely clear, this United States Presidential Election will decide the fate of the world for many years to come. The question is; will Earth go to the Dark side, or will the Earth go to the Light? This election is not about Democrat or Republican, it is about good vs. evil! Will good people and leaders of the world defeat the evil illuminati who have run the world for many hundreds of years? The election in 2016 decided the beginning of the “Fall of the Cabal” all over the world. This is very clear. But what will happen?

The mighty Alliance is clearly the victor, but the 3D game of chess is not yet complete. President Trump will win the election, with [J]oe [B]iden will be revealed as a criminal as he has already been indicted before the election. This has already happened but some of the public does not believe. These crimes will need to be revealed in another way to convince more people. I am not sure how President Trump will reveal more than he has about the “[B]iden Crime Family” or will the public see a “perk walk” for all to see [B]iden as a criminal that he really is before the election? Will President Trump be the lone candidate? Will there be a delay in the election because of voter fraud going on currently? Those mysteries are yet to be played out.

What we do know the National Guard and the Military is being readied for the reaction of a President Trump landslide, this will happen. We do have intelligence that the State National Guard has been put into duty already in Philadelphia and in Georgia, for issues there. Please go to the grocery store to stock up on food, for we are headed for a lockdown for a few weeks. Also, I highly recommend not to let your children or go out on Halloween. Please know that Halloween is a big time for S[a]tanic Worship celebrations with child abduction and even worse things. Please keep an eye on all children very closely. This is the word from the Alliance.

One of the big tasks for the military is to curb the unrest in the difficult so called “Blue States” where riots have happened, like Washington State, Oregon and California. Now, as many have heard about Chinese troops or the CCP (Communist Chinese Party) has placed troops in British Columbia, Canada ready to pounce across the border into Washington State, Oregon and California if [B]iden loses. You see, [O]bama, [C]linton and [B]iden signed over these three states to the CCP when they were in power. This is not enforceable or legal in any way. They plan to come across the border after the election ends and President Trump is cast as the victor! Here is what Benjamin Fulford stated this week in his weekly column: “And why is the Chinese army said to be located in the islands around Vancouver, Canada now? You said there’d be no war with China so I’m believing you but it’d be easy to start a war with the U.S. from the Canadian side.” (Chinese Troops in Canada from the CCP, states Marine Corps on the bandannas).

The Alliance is very informed on this subject, know this and have counter-measures in place. I was not told what they are. But here is the story in China from multi-sources of the Q Anon team; President of China Xi Jinping is a major player in the Alliance and is a part of the New Republic of China, who has signed the Gold Treaty in 2013 as all 209 countries are going to rework the world finances with gold-backed currencies in every country. He is a part of the Himalayan group that has declared a New Republic of China in the last few months, and I only saw one video and document about this. Here is an excerpt of the article and declaration that happened in New York city June 3, 2020; “From today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will no longer be the lawful government of China,” the billionaire, Guo Wengui, shouted into a livestream from a boat in New York Harbor, with Bannon by his side and the Statue of Liberty in the background.

“I’m here to tell everybody that loves peace, law, humanitarian — we’re going to end the Communist Party once and for all. We got hundreds of countries of support,” Guo claimed.” This information was suppressed from the illuminati run Fake World News, as anything good happening in the world is. People do not get it yet, every country and the world are changing before our eyes, but the Fake News Media will reveal real journalism because most are just paid-off stooges of the illuminati! What we had in China before Xi Jinping was a CCP “dream totalitarian state” model for the illuminati that America was going to be if Hillary Clinton got elected in 2016. Therefore, Xi Jinping has fought and slowly replaced CCP members with benevolent democratic members. Know that all countries in the world have agreed to be a Republic (Better than Democratic for the People) in the 2015 Treaty. It does not mean everyone in those countries agreed or even knew about that, for we have evil [D]eep [S]tate people in every country. I did read an article many months ago that clearly stated most of the CCP members knew this was going to happen even five to seven years ago. Many old guard CCP members began to buy homes out of the country, transfer money offshore, and even buy citizenship at many small island countries that do have this “for sale”.

But the “old Chinese Guard CCP” will not go out without a fight. You see, they have accumulated a massive wealth that they stole from the Chinese people. Does that sound familiarly here in the Western World? You see, [B]iden has been supported by the CCP to the tune of Four-Billion Dollars, just for his campaign. Also, many Democratic members in positions have “sold their vote and soul” to the CCP. Take now criminal Governor Andrew Cuomo who forced C19 patients in nursing homes have now stated the C19 started in Europe. He is stating clearly that he is bought off CCP stooge. Clearly, the CCP in China released this Bio-Weapon C19 where President Trump has clearly stated that “China will pay”! But the China he is talking about is the CCP and their illuminati backed criminal activity. This is not the New Republic of China led by Xi Jinping. Let us go back to a quote from this week’s Benjamin Fulford article about the American war with China:

“Self-described S[a]tanist and human fetus eater Leo Zagami sent us the following message: “China will invade Taiwan and trigger a Third World War if Trump wins or if the elections are contested.””

This will not happen, let me explain why. In the old world, the three pillars of the illuminati world structure were the Vatican, the Bank of England and the U.S Military. Now the Alliance, the Q Teams have cleared out the bad [D]eep [S]tate leaders in all the armed forces in America and even created the New “Space Force” who has fought even the bad SSP (Secret Space Program) in our skies that people did not even know about. The take-down of the Vatican, that was emptied many months ago, with all the ancient treasuries with massive amounts of gold to Fort Knox was confirmed by multi-sources. The Bank of England was taken down by multi-sources too. Therefore, this is why the illuminati has drafted the CCP army to conduct what they think will be the take-over of the planet. Well, let me tell you, this will not happen. Let me tell you one story about many anti-gravity ships that the CCP launched an attack on one of the most powerful Alliance ships, they did not last long at all, from my intelligence sources.

Here is what Commander Ashtar stated today 10/27/2020 about the Chinese CCP troops and goals of placing bases all over the world:

“Why did the Communist Chinese military land on Canadian soil?
Ashtar: They are, in fact, the new [D]eep [S]tate army. Trump has much control over the American army now. Ashtar: They will try to install bases around the world however it won’t be permitted.”

One can see that the CCP or the new [D]eep [S]tates Army will not succeed. From my intelligence just last night, U.S. troops are on Canada soil taking care of the issue. Since the CCP wanted bases in different parts of the world, they had troops in ships on the water just off of Peru, the Alliance took them out. Also, American have been the aggressor for many decades under the claim of “fighting the terrorists worldwide”. This was all a creation of the [D]eep [S]tate to continue wars and conflict worldwide. With a clear unneeded 900 bases worldwide, this will stop for America too. These were mostly used by the very corrupt CIA for drug and human [traffic]king operations. They will not allow this type of aggression at this time or in the future. The Trump administration stopped this since he took office. This very serious criminal activity will not be allowed in the new peaceful paradigm that the good leaders of the world have created.

Transition of the Planet, from now until the end of the year, is the major change of the planet. Please fasten your seat belt for a rough ride for a little while, but the world needs to be cleansed of this very evil scum called the illuminati. The first focus will be more arrest on [D]eep [S]tate Players around the world, right after the election. Many very high-profile criminals will be revealed. Going from dark to light, for all the dark ones will be brought to the light and all to see, as the evil that they really are! No matter who they are or how much money they have. This will slowly continue and the big bang releases one by one until all by the end of March 2021. Next year, there will be truth channels along-side some fake TV channels. Many big arrests will happen in November 2020. This will be the final major lockdown from my sources. It is expected that many good people will march in protests against bad governments all over the world, especially in January and February 2021. On December 21, 2020, winter solstices, the major “Rainbow Wave” will hit the planet and will awaken many of the 3D sleepers, but do not expect all people. They will start to open to the idea of corruption, and some will have their DNA modified to open the heart more and the third eye, called the pineal gland. Yes, that is what Prime Creator’s plan is to go to 4th dimension then onto 5th dimension way of life; no poverty, no wars and no hunger worldwide.

It is time for abundance too. All people have suffered plenty over thousands of years with pennies to live on and only a few at the top living well. This control pyramid with the unknown banking and illuminati criminals at the top of the pyramid is going to be inverted. The governments and monarchies of the world have failed to be fair to the people. Now, less than 0.1% of the people at the top own 80% of the known assets. This is going to be stopped and the Alliance has a plan. Know that this is an extremely hidden truth in the world; massive amounts of the planet’s wealth have been in underground caves and bases for hundreds of thousands of years. Dr. Charlie Ward who is a major truth conference caller and has given blessings to tell information from the White House, and he has confirmed the massive amount of wealth underground. I have other sources that have confirmed this truth too, one is Jared Rand, former good SSP (Secret Space Program) member. Mr. Ward’s company and job have been for fifteen years is transport as much as 400 million-dollar pallets on private aircraft for the rich, elite and many governments all over the world. He has made many friends in the know. Just as one can easily see, one cannot trust the corrupt Rothschild Central banking system, as confirmed by actions taken to physically transport or store their wealth.

What the Alliance is going to do is have a R/V (Re-Evaluation) of currencies, like Iraq and Vietnam had way undervalued to their wealth value by the corrupt illuminati and their banking system. This was to rob them of their wealth. These countries will not be the only one’s long term. Also, there are six major Global Collateral Account Trust Funds that I know about and one of the largest is the Saint Germain Trust, with a one followed by sixty-three zero’s is what I was told. It could be more. This is the Fund that will payout to all people on the planet Universal Base Income, once a month that I understand will be about $1,400 dollars. There will be more lump sum payouts like in America the income tax is totally illegal and was not confirmed by Congress. Everyone will get all money paid back with interest for their lifetime. Income tax in America will end. For the GCR (Global Currency Reset), will reset forty-two currencies at first, then will pay all debt, all people, all countries worldwide. The massive wealth trusts with the underground, inground assets will easily cover all this retransfer of wealth to the people. Know that NO government or monarchy will receive any funds. Their corruption and greed will end. We will fund humanitarian projects to bring hidden technologies for all people. Everyone will be treated the same, no hunger, no poverty and everyone will have good shelter or a home. We have the funds to do this and more. For the projects, I am one of many engineer humanitarians and take my responsibility very seriously. We will change the way people think and what they do all over the world. We will have open-source engineering to change the planet into a Star-Trek civilization in twenty years.

Please note that the illuminati have a reset in mind too. Their plan is to pay off mortgages if you give your property to the bad governments. Also, get the dirty vaccine with the tracking technology so the government, but really the dark elite can control you totally. How can you recognize this reset from the good reset? The good reset, no money will go to the government and will be gold backed. Most crypto currencies will not be used, and if it is, they will be gold backed. Bitcoin was started in the 1990’s by the [D]eep Stated to fund their corrupt SSP (secret space program), now there was a good SSP too. From my intelligence, bitcoin is one that will not survive the good guys reset. There have been tens of thousands of bankers arrested worldwide over the years. There are software backdoors to get money for free on the old fiat system, or SWIFT transfer system. The new QFS (Quantum Financial System) has been installed in every bank in the world, and everyone will have an account on it. If you have a bank account now, you are on the QFS. It is up and running now. Just this last week there were bankers arrested, and here is what operation disclosure wrote: “The first week of October saw hundreds of banker arrests at Goldman Sachs in NYC. On Thursday 22 Oct the Department of Justice announced that Goldman Sachs was being charged in a foreign bribery case and would pay over $2.9 Billion in fines. This was concerning millions of dollars in bribes to Deep State political elites that appeared to involve the Obama/Biden Crime Families and Administration.”

The Chinese Elders or so called the Dragon Family that made up 27 families that moved to Taiwan after World War II ended has the most Gold in the world and was used to back the Western World after the Bretton-Woods agreement in 1945. But they have come forward to help humanity once again, with 640 quad-trillion dollars’ worth of gold, that will back all currencies world-wide with gold. This is why the Alliance will not allow the CCP to start or create problems in Taiwan. I understand the gold has always been in communist free Taiwan. On the fiat system, this play-money fiat system we have now, only gives the criminal illuminati banking system to print as much as they want, and has to be stopped to end the fake inflation idea. Only the evil ones at the top have stopped this before, the transfer of wealth, with their greed and hoarding of assets.

We have 22 million children going hungry in America now, and close to one billion on the planet at this time. Usually, eight million children went missing every year on this planet. I will not get into why here, but the Alliance is taking care of the issue, since President Trump took office.

The big question is when this will happen? Well, I have been involved in the transition of the planet for close to four years, and this timing is the most guarded secret and even above the anti-gravity space technology which was above the Manhattan Project (Atomic Bomb Development in World War II). What happened is that the Alliance set a date and time for the release of NESARA and GESARA on 9/11/2001 at 10:00am. What happened at 8:15am the Illuminati/Deep State set up a false flag attack on the twin towers in New York City. This time around, the debt will be forgiven over-time and the R/V release should happen sometime in the next three months, but my sources do not know for real. We are not going to advertise the timing with Deep State players still on the loose. Now, all upper management have been taken down, and the middle management has some that have been arrested and in dis-array. But there are still Deep State minions that will go down with the ship. Security has been the major issue for all people and the humanitarians who will start to change the planet. We want no 9/11 to happen, and that is why this the “Greatest War in History is Secret” and the three-dimension game of chess moves are kept secret so the Alliance can have unlimited success! And to give back the planet to “All the Good People”. Let the “Golden Age” begin!

Victory to the Light!

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Operation Disclosure: The Final Battle Between the Light and the Dark || Mark Baughman
The Final Battle Between the Light and the Dark || Mark Baughman
Operation Disclosure
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