Reset Alert: Two Variations of the Global Monetary Reset || Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer October 30, 2020 RESET Alert There is confusion about the Global Money RESET ...

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

October 30, 2020


There is confusion about the Global Money RESET by the fact that there are two currents.

That is why I want to be as complete as possible, as I see the situation now.


The C19 pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to think about the future we want. TIME worked with the World Economic Forum to ask leading thinkers to exchange ideas on how we can change the way we live and work.

They mean the deliberately created Fake Plandemic. It was and is an inside-job like 9/11 a Fake Flag.

And even in these two currents there are different currents that are not easy to fathom if you don't know the history.

We know that the current money system has been stretched in such a way that money no longer has any value by printing money with no countervalue.

The only remedy is to print more money in a Fiat Money System.

Since the puppeteers around the world have bribed or blackmailed the political accomplices, they have been able to control the game so far.

The endgame that Obama had used to destroy the U.S. from the inside should have been finished by Hillary, were it not for the intervention of the U.S. military.

They had the choice to commit a coup and restore the constitution with an iron hand, or find a candidate who was capable and motivated to defeat evil through a democratic means.

Wonder how a PLAN comes about, you don't do that in a month or year, if you gather enough information about your opponent by infiltration, if you know what and how they want to roll out their evil agenda, you make a plan with different variable models, but all with one goal, to free humanity from evil.

It was thought-provoking to see how Donald J Trump had to play the game through opposition in order to eventually win without using violence against his opponents in order not to get the opinion against them.

It had the appearance of amateur soccer against the incessant evil of the [D]eep [S]tate.

The [D]eep [S]tate opponents showed a bloody trail of murder and manslaughter of people who got in the way and contributed to the unmasking of the [D]eep [S]tate which is interwoven by all layers of society and governments.

You have to force your opponent to take action in order to be able to intervene.

The Whole World depends on MONEY, an indoctrinated superstition that has dominated our lives and determined our behavior to survive.

A disguised way of forced labor that has been elevated to an art form by the FED, IMF, World Bank, World Economic Forum and Central Banks.

The proceeds of labor always flowed to one side, and that is the Corrupt Elite who together stretched against the world's population, no matter what religion or political administrative background, as obedient system slaves we were weighed down by this compulsion to survive.

Where the Cabal has worked for over 100 years to seize total power over the world's population, Donald J Trump and the Alliance of Co-combatants including heads of state and army of several countries have dismantled and made it visible to the world in almost 4 years.

Due to the FED being the only one in the world that had appropriated the money creation by a Coup in 1913, by Donald J Trump, the FED has now, as part of the US treasury, forced Donald J Trump to automatically take the reins over all Central Banks around the world.

By reforming the IRS and taking over the power there, the income of the Cabal is dry, the Vatican has lost its power, in terms of money regulation and management, just like the City of London, through the intervention of Donald J Trump.

The Cabal's plan, is a world government dictated by unelected NGO under a communist mindset and oppression of humanity with a world currency that should solve all problems in favor of the Cabal and CCP themselves.

Donald J Trump had to wait for the announcement of the IMF, ECB, WEF and World Bank who used C19 as an instrument to bring the finals to an end.

The Great Reset announced by Klaus Swaab and the Cabal institutes under the Green Deal is the Trojan horse to push through the NWO at the expense of the personal freedom of the world population.

The announcement of Digital Money by the ECB, IMF and the WEF, under the misleading words of the Bretton Woods 2 example but then again based on Fiat Money, with a minimum coverage of GOLD of about 3% if one would have so much GOLD already.

Have the awareness that the real capital in this world is the population, money and gold we cannot eat, it does not make us happy, it does not give us joy and satisfaction and it undermines our creation possibility when we depend on Money or Gold.

Interest is a Cabal instrument, but trust that Gold will not automatically increase in weight and mass or value in order to be able to pay Interest for something to which one does not bring a fair countervalue.

The Cabal and their henchmen the IMF, Central Banks World Bank and WEF gambled that they would keep control of their system in order to keep mankind in their grip.

Now that the Great RESET has been announced by them, their task to implement the RESET is over, because the control has disappeared due to the lapsing and disconnection of the SWIFT protocol.

Donald J Trump and the Alliance of Patriots from all over the world have now regained control and shut out the Cabal by disabling the SWIFT system and allowing the AIIB, CIPS system to be handled by the QFS as the only protocol option.

Their assets are now drying up so fast, that this can be seen in the collapse of the stock markets, an indication that one cannot buy their own shares to keep the fake value high for the appearance of a strong economy.

Stock market values have nothing to do with the real economy, it is a deception and manipulation to be a measure of prosperity that is not there for the population, only for shareholders and parasites that systematically suck the population dry.

Since the QFS is nothing more than a highly sophisticated accounting program that tracks certified values from person to person, there is no longer any need for Banks or Central Banks.

Where the Gold that serves as a counterpart to payments is ultimately stored, it makes no difference to the QFS or to us as users, as long as trust is restored to enable a fair distribution of wealth and trade, the Economy will also recover.

We have to get rid of the idea that the Economy must always grow to heaven or the other end of the universe, happiness and contentment outweigh profit and the plundering of resources.

This Reset must eliminate all poverty and exploitation on this planet, and can only be done by bringing down the Cabal.

Now that the announcement has been made by the Cabal rulers they will be shut down to implement the however NESARA / GESARA RESET.

The [D]eep [S]tate Puppets are in full panic, of all the muck and corruption that are now coming out, their betrayal is now visible to everyone, all the acts of shame and criminal interwoven-ness of betrayal is now visible to the whole world.

The Divine plan to create order out of Chaos and free humanity from the slavery of evil is now set in motion after the starting shot of the Cabal himself to flood the world with their counterfeit money.

When prosperity is fairly distributed, crime will decrease.

The indexed value of all wealth all over the planet will be much higher than the 1 with 40 zeros, it's just a number that indicates a guideline, because the real value is us as world inhabitants if we don't let ourselves be set against each other.

The Cabal has become a victim of its own greed, corruption and hunger for power by agreeing to the AIIB as a counterpart of the Cabal IMF and World Bank in order to get into the possession of the Asian GOLD.

In addition to the GOLD of the Chinese nobility, there is also the GOLD of Marcos of the Philippines and the Indonesian Gold of Sukarno that will be released as JFK planned before his death.

Partly because of this GOLD which was also distributed in accounts as collateral for 884 Banks around the world to serve as funds for GESARA in 2012, has been stolen by the Cabal.

Signed by the twelve portals, see pages 128 to 130.

From the signatures of documents it can be concluded that this plan has been around for a long time, and the actuation has been totally unreliable in the past.

The composition of Names has changed, but their game continues to have the same goal, this is now about to be overturned by the new application of the QFS.

The Hunters themselves have now become the hunted and partly already removed.

Their tenacity indicates that it is an evil sect without moral value and pure EVIL.

Now back to Swissindo and my earlier story about it.

How ultimately the nefarious NWO plans below wanted to steal the good intentions of JFK and Soekarno and keep the world population hostage with a Fake Money System.

Partly due to the EO who signed Donald J Trump on December 21, 2017, the Cabal / [D]eep [S]tate will be deprived of all obtained wealth through corruption, theft and human trafficking.

False Kings Houses will fall and be expropriated complete with their companies, Pedophiles will receive the Death Penalty.

[D]eep [S]tate Governments are excluded from participating in the QFS they are expelled from power.

In this way, the stolen assets of Swissindo are made available to mankind again if it was ever intended by JFK and Soekarno.

Every citizen of the world is entitled to a GOLD-covered credit of 6 Million dollars through the funds made available by Swissindo, Everyone will benefit from the Reset in order to get poverty out of the world.

It is important that people claim the offer to claim $6 million per person in order to achieve their goal, this is completely separate from the RV funds that are going to come.

Anyone can help shape the Reset by actively making a request to Donald J Trump through this Petition.

BLM and Antfa, show them this message and chance of the claim, then they have no reason to play the [D]eep [S]tate Democrats or G Soros the mercenary with the risk that they can be killed by order troops who will stop them with their terror.

The cheating with the C19 lie has caused surprising side effects.

The awakening population starts to think for themselves and discovers that with the arrival of [Corona] the flu is extinct.

Bei Year from: Klick 2020 an, Bei Week from: Klick 1 then

Bei Year to: Klick 2020 an Bei Week to: Klick 42 an

Then Klick on Display report…..

Then you see a table, which shows you that starting from the 17th week 2020 there is no more flu worldwide!!!!!!!!

What we need is a fair justice for and of the world's population to have the elitist crime tried as a war crime against the world's population.

The deliberate destruction of the Economy and the destruction of many companies to let the multinationals determine the laws is a Fake Reset of the Central Banks, IMF, WEF who want to keep the population in poverty, without contribution of real at value of their Fake Digital Money.

Forced by compulsory Vaxxination and transhumanism to steal everyone's soul in their wickedness NWO dictatorship.

Rest assured, have faith, the Fake Virus is disappearing as fast as the Cabal, for it is they who have taken the world hostage under false pretences, every politician who now shouts that the infection rates are rising are traitors because the whole story is no longer true.

Laws that are passed to suppress the population have no legal force, the perpetrators will be brought to justice for this.

Judgment Day for the Cabal is very close.


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Operation Disclosure: Reset Alert: Two Variations of the Global Monetary Reset || Rinus Verhagen
Reset Alert: Two Variations of the Global Monetary Reset || Rinus Verhagen
Operation Disclosure
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