GESARA: The Reset of The League of Nations || Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer October 6, 2020 RESET of The League of Nations = GESARA Convenant of the Le...

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

October 6, 2020

RESET of The League of Nations = GESARA

Convenant of the League of Nations

All the wars we have known since the battle of Waterloo are bankers' wars for the benefit of big capital, those who create money out of nothing without value, have been able to steal the labor of the world's population with false fiat money.

There may also have been raids before Napoleon's time, but they were different, Bankers now earn on both sides of the fronts.

It resembles black magic, whatever it is in a sense by devilish cunning and planned destruction.

So the Banker families have ruled the whole world in the background for hundreds of years, especially since politics is an executive branch of the dark agenda.

The Federal Reserve System. The foundation of the FED was on December 23, 1913, it was a co_up with the help and bet_rayal of US President Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

Politicians are then nothing more than human traffic_kers for the Bankers, with the illusion of democracy, the politicians must generate the highest possible return for the Bankers, by imposing nonsensical taxes.

The League of Nations was founded in 1919 after:

- Humanitarian law of war is defined in the Geneva Conventions or the Geneva Conventions drawn up in 1864 on the initiative of Red Cross founder Henry Dunant.

- In 1899 the First Hague Peace Conference was held on the initiative of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II.
  • Three conventions and three declarations were drawn up at the conference:
  • I Convention for the peaceful settlement of international disputes;
- II Treaty concerning the laws and customs of war on land;

- III Convention on the application to naval war of the principles of the Geneva Convention of 22 August 1864;

· In 1907, the Second Hague Peace Conference became the II Convention, was totally devoted to the use of armed force in debt collection under an agreement that imposes restrictions on parties, specifically on the use of force in debt collection from another state. The treaty brought about the prohibition of the use of force in international law.


- The Peace Palace is the seat of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the International Court of Justice of the United Nations, the Hague Academy of International Law, the Library of the Peace Palace and the Carnegie Foundation.

After the First World War from 1914 to 1918 with possible noble striving to prevent wars in the future?!

Take a good look at the First and Second Hague "peace" conference and how it falls under international law; or UCC Law.

Immediately before or after events big changes happen that determine the history of debt repayment through wars.

Immediately before or after events major changes take place that also determine history.

In 1941 - 1945 the League of Nations was transformed by the founding of the UN to take over this task, so the driving forces for the UN were again the corrupt evil bankers, under the motto the butcher approves his own flesh.

This means that the NWO, New World Order has thus become a supportive executive organization of the Ban_kers.

The UN had to make everything official as if it were countries that formed the UN with treaties, nothing could be further from the truth.

Under which legislation was the United NA_ZIS founded, who co-signed these treaties?

Was this legal? NO!!!!!

If I can think with my peasant mind, that a treaty created by fraud cannot be legally valid, then we have the key to stop our misery.

Before the Second World War the Dutch Queen wished a man for Juliana to exchange her adopted or exchanged daughter for a baby,

From the moment Bernhard von Lippe was courted as a double spy, the royal house was infiltrated by the Naz_is.

Due to Wilhelmina's escape from the war and Hitler's invasion, on May 13, 1940, the kingdom fell into disrepair, as the government resident could never or was never allowed to sit outside the country's borders on behalf of the constitution in force at that time.

To be able to name the exact date now, there seems to be a lot of deliberate deception in the game, what becomes clear is the corruption and reward for rogue state the Netherlands, the country that no longer exists as of May 13, 1940.

All treaties will have to be renegotiated, but before this can be done it will have to be examined whether it is desirable, and who can still speak on behalf of the population.

As a reward for the betrayal from the Netherlands, where no more laws apply from May 13, 1940, the former Netherlands was allowed to establish the International Court of Justice in The Hague, precisely to keep the power of other countries and disputes under the control of the UN.

We can say that bankers, through companies, dictate all laws to the world, which is clearly visible in the also not legitimate EU.

Companies such as IG Farben and pharmaceutical companies dictate to us how we may live, under the illusion of Democracy.

When leaders of countries talk about the New World Orders, they mean the old world dictatorship they want to maintain, under a communist NWO jacket.

The whole Plan-de-mie Scam that has now opened Pandora's box means that the diabolical plan of Satanists will not go through.

Also there we see patents by Richard Rothschild in 2015 for the C19 Virus, the already sold test packages of 2017, the promotion of Vaccinations by Bill Gates and other Globalists.

Anyone who still denies that it is a cons_piracy against the world's population has to come from Mars.

The healing of Donald J Trump leaves the Geno_cide Agenda of the NWO, WHO completely in the water.

Lying government leaders will no longer get their lies and involvement in this crime sold to the population.

It is noteworthy that yesterday on October 5, 2020 an airplane with two jets as escort was spotted in Germany.

Letter from the channel "Ask us!"

About an hour ago the planes were directly above me, Schönefeld about 8km away from me. The B96 was closed and full of police, after they landed the salute shots were fired wer landed here? Trump voll scary

The storm is here. Dra_in The Swa_mp seems to be happening now.

Europe was the last step to make the world ready for GESARA.

Israeli and Emirati Foreign Ministers hold historic first meeting in Berlin:

Why what is the real reason, consider the purification actions in Israel
It seems that Donald J Trump, or Pompeo by order of Donald J Trump went to Angela Hit_ler, to have an international meeting with leaders from different countries, or he also went to the UN office in Switzerland.

The United Nations office in Geneva is the second headquarters of the UN after that in New York. The Palais des Nations.

CERN identified as sec_ret entrance to underground CIA Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland

Pompeo, Gina Reel, both from the C-IA, come back to it later in the story.

If Trump or Pompeo does this in the same way as SA, the overwhelming evidence of corruption, human trafficking and abuse of power will be shown to the perpetrators to demand their arrests and dismissal.

At the moment it is not 100% clear who is doing the talks on behalf of the US in Germany, the agenda is easy to guess GESARA, the only step to get out of the bankrupt system, and transform the world for a fair future for the whole world population.

When the UN falls, the institutions started by the bankers such as the WHO, and WTO, NATO, EU, ECB will be pulled into the UN's trap, because no treaty made in the past has any value anymore and will not be declared valid.


Organisatie chart

History UN

The WHO was founded on 7 April 1948 by the United Nations[3] and has since been based in Geneva. Every year this day is brought into the news as World Health Day with a theme.

The logo of the WHO is formed from the logo of the United Nations with an DNA Logo esculaap in it.

Anyone who has cooperated in the crime against the world population will be expropriated.

The NWO world power structure of Washington DC, City of London and Vatican have already been destroyed by Donald J Trump, according to an old plan, to rid the world population of the ashes of demonic evil.

Everything happened right in front of our eyes in a cunningly sneaky way, now we only see the whole picture when we look back and realize how history has been falsified.

The actions of the past mentioned above open our eyes to the corruption and conflict of interest in the present.

The release of secret documents, will show who did what, leading the principals to the bankers.

The QFS has been running for over 2 years with the old SWIFT system of the FED owners, so everything that is corrupt, including the money flows are known, this is the weapon of Donald J Trump against the Globalists.

He has everything, it has been enough, it has to stop, that is exactly what he is doing now.

The Federal Reserve System was established in 1913 after reforms in the banking system due to previous financial crises. The commercial banks wanted protection, structure and help in the form of self-regulation.

There is always talk about the protection of the banks, never about the protection of the deceived population.

GESARA puts an end to this now, because the current monetary system is already dead.

The western world has dominated the rest of the world precisely because the corrupt money system offered the opportunity to do so.

With the QFS and the CIPS protocol everything has changed, and banks no longer have any power.

Because of the loss of power and Fiat Money creation, the UN and all the underlying structure have no chance to continue their crime against the world's population.

Fa_ke Queen Beatrix of the non-existent Netherlands once declared that the l_ie rules,, This turned out to be all too true if you start to see and understand the lie.

The people of the former Netherlands were systematically lied to and robbed in order to protect those in power and to keep them in power, we now see this with the mentally disturbed Psych_opath Mark Rutte and his current Sa_tanic Hit_ler Cabinet wanting to control until the last moment.

The Magic of Money Creation is broken the lies are now open and naked.

The learned history teacher Mark Rutte will now fill in a place in history that he always wanted to hide.

His MH17 / MH370 part in the Geno_cide will now become public, we look forward to his trial and conviction for geno_cide during his administration and reign of ter_ror of rog_ue state the former Netherlands, which the political Bild_erberg Na-zi cartel continues to demolish.

Pompeo, Gina Haspel, both from the C-IA.

The C_IA was created by merging the OSS Operation Special Service and the Gestapo Secret State Police of the Na-zi.

As long as the presidents were compliant with the NWO, it had the appearance that the 3 letter agencies were under the control of the government.

In fact, these agencies are the executive arm of the bankers and globalists.

Nearly all of the world's secret services have been used by the Ban_kers as a shadow power to effect assass_inations and agenda or regime changes since 1945 as Clown In America Agency.

It has also infil_trated FBI and other agencies, which the revelations now show against the cri_me and scan_dals committed against Donald J Trump.

So there has been a nesting spree and they are trying to hide all crime and complicity.

The notion of white hats and black hats reveals which masters you serve, or the constitution of the US, or the FED owners.

In many locations in the military there are individuals who support the MIC 100% and take orders from them to continue the production of weapons of death and destruction.

The executive army and troops stand behind Donald J Trump who has revived patriotism.

However, many army top commanders have been imprisoned by corruption of the MIC and are urged to commit a coup.

The influence of the DNC is precisely the driving force behind the coup.

All the corru_ption and cri_me in the Ukraine that is now coming to light clearly show this.

Joe and Hunter Bi_den, O_bama, Poroschenko, Gloria Nuland, George Sor_os, Alexander Sor_os (Eric Ciaramella), Mark Rutte, Queen Beatrix and Wilhelm Alexander, the EU, Drank organ Juncker and reserve Hitler Guy Verhofstadt, Hans van Baalen, Frans Timmermans, and many others are guilty of Genocide in the Ukraine and the rest of the world.

The C-IA seems to have been their planning office, of which Gina Haspel was the boss in London.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer, is now proof of the denouement of many crimes against humanity by order of the Roths_child and Rocke_feller Ban_kers.

Cern in Switzerland is not only a scientific project but also a control center of the C-IA to terrorize the world's population and to keep them in fear in order to implement the NWO.

HAARP used to prove the climate lie deliberately affects our weather and food production along with the systematic poisoning of our earth with Ch_emtrails.

5G should have been the cherry on the Geno_cide cake, which also explains the mass_acre in Wuhan. What a coincidence that all the evidence was lost in the Huawei fire in Wuhan.

To make world peace possible, the entire De_ep State has to be dismantled all over the world.

The more than 199,613 sealed indictments will now be unsealed, involving multiple people in one indictment. The cases in the rest of the world will certainly be a multiple of those in the US.

This means millions of people will be arrested for their cri_mes and cons_piracy against humanity.

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Operation Disclosure: GESARA: The Reset of The League of Nations || Rinus Verhagen
GESARA: The Reset of The League of Nations || Rinus Verhagen
Operation Disclosure
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