The CIA Continues Attacks on Trump || David Lifschultz

Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer September 24, 2020 US INTELLIGENCE CONTINUES ATTACKS ON TRUMP They say in s...

Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

September 24, 2020


They say in sports that the best defence is an offence. The CIA plan for Russia was to dismember it into fifty Ukraines and loot all of its natural resources for the west. Though the US had built up China from 1972 against Russia, and especially after 1978 when Deng Xiaoping took power, they wanted to tie China up to the west by forcing it to seek its natural resources by the seas controlled by the US eleven aircraft carrier task forces. This way the US controlled the 1.4 billion Chinese. NATO would receive their natural resources by land which had been cut off from Europe by the Iron Curtain. This had been Adolf Hitler's goal in the invasion of Russia and was achieved by the very sophisticated US intelligence operation against Russia that we will outline below.

This operation included enlisting China in 1972 against Russia as a co-ally forcing Russia to station 400,000 troops on the Chinese border, while another 600,000 troops had been placed at the disposal of the Warsaw Pact nations. In addition, Brzezinski lured Russia into Afghanistan where Russia poured in 115,000 troops starting on December 25, 1979 ending in February 15, 1989. This was another drain. Then, William Casey in 1985 went to the Gulf States to order them to dump their surplus oil on the world market to destroy half the income of the Russian budget by an eight dollar a barrel oil price. The new weapons that the US used in the first Iraq war started on August 2,1990 ending on February 28, 1991 demoralized the Russian military. The PYSOPS war which included the fake Star Wars Initiative was the icing on the cake and the Russian communistic system started to implode helped along by the CIA agent Yeltsin in 1991 who reported only to George Bush I. Only a few of us were aware of Bush's new agent.

It was Boris Yeltsin who let in to Russia again the Rothschilds led by Lord Jacob Rothschild who financed the traitorous oligarch agents as Baron Eduard de Rothschild had done in in the Bolshevik Revolution led by his Lenin and Trotsky. In other words, these were the same wolves in sheep's clothing except the clothing fashion in 1917 was Bolshevism and today it was robber capitalism under the nomenclature of free markets. The goal was the same which was the subjugation of Russia to international finance capital led by the Rothschild family. The Rothschild agents stole half the wealth of the Russian people for their patron and they still hold those ill gotten gains in the Rothschild behalf. Incidentally, George Soros is one of the Rothschild oligarchs in the US that is part of the control mechanism here. Note below where the Yukos stock ended up.

In 2003, Khodorkovsky's shares in Yukos passed to Jacob Rothschild under a deal that they had concluded prior to Khodorkovsky's arrest.

There was a meeting of the deep state over the fake Kosovo massacres which were to be used as a pretext to initiate the 78 day bombing of Belgrade versus the German bombing of Belgrade in April, 1941 for a few days which they called "Operation Retribution". This fake massacre was handled by the BND of Germany as they had for nearly the previous decade been destabilizing Yugoslavia fomenting Sudetenland style ethnic unrest for the purpose of breaking Yugoslavia into pieces. Germany had always been aggrieved by Tito whose partisans held down 22 German divisions that might have made the difference at Moscow in the winter of 1941 to offset Stalin's winter armies drawn from the east.

This 1999 meeting of the US deep state (which, of course, they never called themselves) was to address the fact that a Manchester Guardian Reporter had walked the massacre site and found that the shot up bodies had not bled and there were no cartridges on the ground which was a clear indication that no massacre had occurred there as dead bodies do not bleed. This was a BND botch up who had used the Albanians to set up the fake massacre and they had failed to follow the directives to spread the blood on the ground with cartridges. President Clinton was not at the meeting as he had absolutely no say in what was going to be done. This is not to say that Bill did not achieve great things by driving the US economy forward by creating the era which we approved and left office with a great US budgetary surpluses in an economically successful presidency. I used to enjoy talking to him about how he implemented Carroll Quigley's technological ideas in the drive to advance civilization.

The breaking up of Yugoslavia had as its primary purpose to secure the underbelly of NATO from this natural Slavic ally of Russia as well as for the Germans to revenge themselves on the Yugoslavians for World War Two.

Even today the present leaders of Serbia and Kosovo have been recently courted by Donald Trump at the White House to recognize the independence of Kosovo though Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia realizes that if he did that it would have internally dangerous repercussions. An economic compromise was worked out instead.

It was decided to ignore the Manchester Guardian report from that "commie source" and order the New York Times, the Washington Post and other media to bury the story on say page 26 saying that an investigation would be held into the Manchester Guardian story while we bombed Belgrade into the dust until they yielded to our terms. This has relevance today in the controlled media attacks on Trump ordered by the same intelligence sources as outlined in the article below by Scott Ritter.

At that meeting I argued against the bombing of Belgrade for two reasons. Innocent civilians would be killed and that Russia would finally wake up as they saw their ally being bombed on television every night. (I had also argued earlier against luring Russia into Afghanistan to give them a Vietnam as it would victimize innocent civilians and it turned out to be quite unnecessary. Number one said that Russia was finished. We had control of it from Yeltsin on down. And it would not rise again. It was to be further dismembered and that was being worked on.

I answered that what was left of Russian intelligence would see the handwriting on the wall and the havoc we created in Russia with the purposeful sabotage of the Jeffrey Sachs economic shock therapy. This therapy had wiped out the savings of all the old people of Russia with hyperinflation and the economic collapse of Russia had raised the poverty level of eastern Europe and western Russia from 14 million in 1989 to 168 million in 1999. In addition, the oligarch looters were the equivalent of the Lepke murder incorporated. When we put in Yeltsin Russia may have been demoralized but nothing like they were demoralized now in 1999. In 1991 the KGB failed to arrest the collapse of Russia which turned into such a catastrophe. This created a new opportunity for the remnants of the KGB to take back control of Russia and reorganize the nation. I also said at the meeting that I had opposed the purposeful destruction of Russia in 1991 as they desired to return to Christianity and should be welcomed back to the Christian order of nations as the Prodigal Son. At that time this idea infuriated Bush One who was of secondary importance to number one who said that we suffered from 1945 from the Russians and now we were to forgive them in Christian charity. Never. He really had no say in it but only reflected the views of number one.

Number one said that destroying Yugoslavia was too great an opportunity to lose, and though I was mostly right, he thought I was wrong here. The bombing would proceed. The background of number one was he graduated from Princeton going to serve in Australia under General Charles Willoughby the chief of intelligence of General MacArthur in World War Two. He sat behind General Willoughby at the MacArthur staff meetings. He then was transferred to London under the OSS leader Wild Bill Donovan. He was a colleague in the OSS with William Casey and later myself among others. He later went into the CIA and left after marrying a very wealthy lady running a major business though he continued to supervise US intelligence operations as one of the unknowns where the power resides. He passed away in 2006 under mysterious circumstances in a hospital. As a tip to the reader, anyone who crosses these people should never go to a hospital as that is a convenient place for their removal.
They will probably write on your death certificate that you died of the Corona Virus.


The American deep state revives its tired allegations of Russian interference in November’s presidential elections

Scott Ritter is a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and author of 'SCORPION KING: America's Suicidal Embrace of Nuclear Weapons from FDR to Trump.' He served in the Soviet Union as an inspector implementing the INF Treaty, in General Schwarzkopf’s staff during the Gulf War, and from 1991-1998 as a UN weapons inspector. Follow him on Twitter @RealScottRitter
23 Sep, 2020 19:44

CIA and FBI officials, helped by MSM chums, allege the Kremlin’s running a campaign to denigrate Joe Biden. But where’s the evidence? The real threat to US democracy isn’t Russia, but the anonymous sources behind the claims.

There have been a spate of reports recently, alleging Russian interference in the 2020 US presidential election, specifically the charge that Russian President Vladimir Putin is seeking to “sow divisiveness and discord” to “denigrate” the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, and undermine public confidence in the legitimacy of the electoral process.

While allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election continue to be bandied about by those who believe that President Donald Trump’s victory over Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton was solely due to Russian malfeasance, the new allegations arise from a separate set of facts unique to this year’s race.

‘Bizarre & deeply disturbing’: MSM think that RT’s Trump deepfake parody is ADMISSION he is ‘Putin’s pawn’

These are the efforts of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and the Republican chairmen of the Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees (Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley, respectively) to uncover evidence of corruption on the part of Joe Biden and his son Hunter regarding the latter’s relationship with Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company. These efforts have led to the release of an 87-page joint report, titled ‘Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns’, published by Senator’s Johnson and Grassley on September 22.

There is nothing substantively new in the report that has not already been publicly disclosed previously. The difference is that Giuliani, Johnson, and Grassley have made extensive use of information provided to them by a pro-Russian member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Andriy Derkach, in fleshing out the allegations of corruption leveled against Joe and Hunter Biden. The information contained in the report does not significantly further the case against either Joe or Hunter Biden and, if left to its own devices, the report would most likely have been ignored by the voting public.

But the Derkach angle has caught the eye of elements within the US intelligence community and the FBI, who have used the connection between Giuliani, Johnson, and Grassley on the one hand, and Derkach on the other, to promote their own conspiracy theories linking the Russian government to the revelations. This linkage was furthered by the fact that Derkach was singled out by the US Department of Treasury in August for being “an active Russian agent for over a decade,” who employed “manipulation and deceit to attempt to influence elections in the United States.”

Derkach’s activities were also the subject of a classified CIA assessment published on August 31 in the CIA World Intelligence Review. But the CIA took it a step further, stating: “We assess that President Vladimir Putin and the senior-most Russian officials are aware of and probably directing Russia’s influence operations aimed at denigrating the former U.S. Vice President, supporting the U.S. President and fueling public discord ahead of the U.S. election in November.”

ALSO ON RT.COM US sanctions Ukrainian lawmaker who published Biden-Poroshenko tapes for ‘Russian influence’ in presidential election

Details of this classified CIA assessment were shared with Josh Rogin, an opinion columnist with the Washington Post (and vehement opponent of Trump), who published them in a column that appeared in his newspaper on September 22. According to Rogin, the information about the CIA assessment came from two unnamed sources “familiar with” the report. Rogin claims he withheld details about the intelligence used to form the assessment at the request of his sources to protect them and their methods.
Rogin’s ‘scoop’ comes on the heels of similar claims put forward in written testimony to Congress by the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, William Evanina, in early August. “We assess that Russia is using a range of measures to primarily denigrate former Vice President Biden and what it sees as an anti-Russia ‘establishment,’” Evanina wrote. “This is consistent with Moscow’s public criticism of him when he was Vice President for his role in the Obama administration’s policies on Ukraine and its support for the anti-Putin opposition inside Russia.”

Evanina’s concerns were echoed by FBI Director Christopher Wray, who testified before the House Homeland Security Committee on September 17. “We certainly have seen very active, very active efforts by the Russians to influence our election in 2020 … to both sow divisiveness and discord and … to denigrate Vice President Biden,” Wray said.

Both Evanina and Wray drew heavily on the efforts by Derkach to assist Giuliani, Johnson, and Grassley in their aim of digging up dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. Wray’s testimony, when viewed in conjunction with the Rogin revelations about the CIA’s assessment, appears to be timed to pre-empt the impact of the Johnson-Grassley report.

If that’s true, then the FBI director, together with whomever in the intelligence community leaked the details of the CIA’s assessment to Rogin, are guilty of the kind of politicization of intelligence that undermines public confidence in the US system of government far more than any thinly sourced allegations about Russian interference.

One can scour the government’s organizational charts, looking in vain for an entity that describes itself as the ‘deep state’, and the efforts will be in vain. But the deep state exists. It exists in the form of so-called intelligence professionals who craft analysis about alleged foreign interference in domestic American politics, derived from secret ‘sources and methods’, which is then leaked to a willing recipient in the press who publishes it for the sole purpose of undermining a sitting president on the eve of a national election, without disclosing what these ‘sources and methods’ are.

It exists in the form of an organization, the FBI, that is already stinging from the public disclosure of its massive failings on issues related to allegations of Russian collusion on the part of a sitting president (the Mueller Report fiasco, the disaster that was the Steele Dossier, and the incompetence manifested in the Carter Page FISA warrant process, to name but a few) suddenly seeking relevance – and, one might say, revenge – by speculating on the domestic impact of the same allegations put forward by the intelligence community.

‘Really dumb!’ Trump rips into Mueller’s ‘accidental’ phone-wiping ahead of ‘Russiagate’ investigation

The only purpose one can ascribe to these actions is the denigration of President Trump for the purpose of sowing divisiveness and discord regarding the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election – the very charge that those who embrace the CIA and FBI allegations about Russian interference have levelled against Moscow.

A reasonable person can conclude that President Trump, by questioning the legitimacy of mail-in ballots and openly speculating about voter fraud, is actively engaging in a politically motivated ploy to undermine public confidence in the election for the purpose of preparing the public for an inevitable challenge if the results point to a Biden victory.

While this is not conduct that any politician seeking elected office should engage in, it isn’t being done in the shadows, as part of a vast secret conspiracy, but rather out in the open, for all the public to see and, by extension, to opine on come election day.

That’s the difference between what Trump and his supporters are doing, and the actions of the deep state. Both are destroying public confidence in whatever the outcome may be on election night, to make the case that their candidate has the more legitimate claim to electoral victory.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but the fact that one side – the supporters of Donald Trump – are conducting their work with complete transparency, while the other side hides behind the impenetrable walls the deep state affords them, does serve as a discriminator.

America does not need any help in undermining the foundations of democratic rule, nor does it need help in destroying public confidence in the notion of a free and fair election. The actions of both political parties have shown they are collectively and individually more than capable of accomplishing this in their own right; all an outside power need do is sit back and watch the show.

There is nothing to gain for Putin, were he to orchestrate a campaign designed to attack Joe Biden, and everything to lose. If there wasn’t an Andriy Derkach, Rudy Giuliani and Senator Johnson would have found someone just like him. The Hunter Biden/Burisma story is to Republican operatives like chum is to sharks – irresistible.

It wasn’t manufactured by Putin and co behind the Kremlin walls, but was rather the by-product of Hunter and Joe Biden’s own words and deeds. The American electorate is sophisticated enough to sort through the chaff to get to the wheat. Nothing Giuliani or Johnson did was in secret – and they most certainly don’t hide behind secret ‘sources and methods’ when making their allegations.

One cannot say the same thing for the intelligence community, the FBI, or the partisan mainstream media. At the end of the day, the information they describe as being at the heart of the alleged Russian interference – the Derkach papers – contains the same fact set as does the report published by Senators Johnson and Grassley.

ALSO ON RT.COM On Russia, Joe Biden’s mouth is writing checks the US can’t afford to cash

The big difference, however, is how this information is packaged and marketed. The Republicans have taken the path of full transparency, where every voter is capable of discerning whether this is a matter of legitimate national concern, or a political witch hunt. Most important of all is the fact that both Johnson and Grassley are elected officials who, at the end of the day, are accountable to their respective constituencies for their conduct while in office.

The deep state, however, has taken a different path – one of secret allegations about foreign manipulation of American democratic processes. The deep state seeks to distract from the political reality of what the Republicans have done – namely, to put it all on the line for the American people to see whether the Hunter Biden/Burisma story holds water, or to conclude that the Republicans have behaved poorly.

The Republicans have given the American voter a choice – one the deep state seeks to obviate by tainting it with unfounded allegations of Russian interference. Moreover, the deep state has put forward its case in an opaque way and in a manner where those making the case cannot be held accountable to the American public because they were never elected in the first place, and have opted to keep their identities a secret.

And it is destroying American democracy as we speak.

David Lifschultz


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Operation Disclosure: The CIA Continues Attacks on Trump || David Lifschultz
The CIA Continues Attacks on Trump || David Lifschultz
Operation Disclosure
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