(Reader | Victor) Mixing of the Races

Reader Post | By Victor Mixing of the races has always been a deep state agenda. Because weak people are easier to control. It is as simp...

Reader Post | By Victor

Mixing of the races has always been a deep state agenda. Because weak people are easier to control. It is as simple as that.

Selective breeding and keeping bloodlines pure has never been wasted on the Elite and they have not been called blue bloods for nothing.They always keep their bloodlines pure because they understand energy. You can call it genetic modifications if you like or call it anything you like.

When you look at the agriculture industry you see genetic modifications and selective breeding thought the history of man. Cattle are bred and pigs are bred and dogs are bred....ALL for certain purposes. Same with plants and GMO food.

By controlling the genetics of any living creature you can select negative traits like hostility or passivity or intellect among an infinite number of traits. Now with modern science, we have no limits. There are rumors of human cloning that have been around for decades and It would not be surprising if it exists. All the modern movies for entertainment have been pointing to that so as to have the masses accept it when disclosure comes.

But the deep stare does not have to have cloning to mix the races. They want and are mixing the races of humans for their agendas. Why are immigration and open borders always promoted? Do you really think that it is because the Deep state loves humans and is altruistic in their intentions?.....and spreading good will and love?

I have never seen that except in the propaganda by leftist and terrorist propaganda as an excuse for riots.

Look at the riots we have in America and Europe. Why are they happening? and what is the root cause of them? "MIXING OF THE RACES"........nothing else. ALL A DEEP STATE AGENDA....they are playing all the races against each other to weaken each and every strong race.....so we the "many" sheep can be controlled.

HOW can you also mix religions on top of race mixing and ....NOT ...get riots ?....and complete destruction of cultures and the good traits in humans that took thousands of years to develop?

So you can not mix without destruction of what is good....and the deep state knows that and people with billions and billions of dollars like Soros know that and promote that sort of evil agenda right now.

Not only is race mixing used.... but also military-grade software programs created for mind control. When you combine the two. What has happened?..... You promote more division and can amplify among the races the negative traits that may be naturally there. Mixing these differences with computer technology and you get complete control of humans!

This is done with all the gathered free data from our social media and telephones.?.....The powers that be know everything about you from many sources now. With that information "You" get controlled and enslaved like a sheep. They know how to get you to jump or what can trigger you such as your specific set of fears.....because you told them all about you on social media....and with AI?.....You don't stand a chance because the deep state knows more of what makes you tick than you do.

All of this "DATA"....or information is used against people in this country and now worldwide to push the trigger points in people and in races. With these tools you can destroy countries and shape society and the world.

More young people are susceptible to this kind of control because they have given the deep state every thought that they ever had to social media since their births.....so they are very easy to control. That information is now being used against you with the sophisticated mainstream media and you get riots on demand and the people can never see it.

This is All part of a worldwide one world order agenda of many parts. Mix this along with the fear of viruses ....and that is all that is needed to make it all happen. Older baby boomers are not so subject to the new modern mind control because they did not spend all of their lives on the Internet and less data for control exist for them that the deep state can use.

But no matter to the deep state, because they will kill the old in senior centers and do it by sending covid infected people to where they live and kill then in that way.

Look at BLM.....is that not a race promoted battle? Yes, it is and its completely run with new mind control technology. All of this evil agenda..... It is proof that races ..."do not mix well"... and even though "integration" has been tried.......it is only "Segregation" that seems to work to maintain the Natural peace as humans have done for thousands of years all by themselves.

People and countries have been segregated for thousands of years with only "good effects" from that. Each race developed without MIXING and then had time to promoted its positive traits and developed its own culture, languages, art, and religions. That was all selective breeding and control of genetics. Pure and positive racism with the proven results of history. That is why Antifa and deep state always destroy history and the records of the past.

Segregation historically....THAT WAS A VERY GOOD THING!......Why?......because it made people strong and independent. When you mix races you get ....."CONFLICTS"....and loss of positive traits, especially when the Satanic deep state interfere with humans.

Of course, NOW.......in a "Woke?".....society?....WTF is that? ...you can never have such a conversation about humans and mixing of the races ...."BECAUSE THAT IS RACIST!". ...So in a mind controlled world you can not speak the TRUTH and you certainly can not share it of Facebook or twitter. So you will not be allowed to eat unless you conform and "OBEY"

So who said that Segregation was racist?...... The deep state and no one else. BECAUSE,....THEY DON'T WANT THEIR PLANS EXPOSED! Each race and culture always interbreed among themselves and understood that by their own intuition and knowing.

Look at America,...It was an integration experiment that is now failing. It is not failing because of the inability of the SPIRIT OF GOD TO BE ONE WITH ITSELF....and get along with itself and be integrated.

NO......its failing because Satanists in the Deep state have removed Truth and honesty from society and have used MIXING OF THE RACES along with mind control computer tech........to takedown the Universes....TRUTH........and have Evil rule the world because that is how Satan works.

In theory.... as humans develop more Spiritually and energetically you could and would have integration of the races and mixing to create something good. But the mixing would be done by people themselves and with Free Will and love for the right reasons.

For example, a man and a woman fall in love and are attracted to each other because of their own.... "energy signature".......meaning that they are "alike".... and vibrate at similar levels an not in conflict. Now they may be of different races but that can be worked out because they are of a similar energetic vibration.

I have a mixed-race marriage and have been in one for 45 years and it works. The race is there as a good thing. A thing where each of us can see the good and strong separate characteristics of each race. We can also see our own weaknesses and we can work with that because we have a love and the attraction of a similar energetic vibration.

ENERGY..... is the main attraction for another person. But what if you mix races with evil intentions in different countries by force, war or mass migrations all under duress of not loving motives and agendas?

What happens then is that the conflicting energetic differences that have developed over thousands of years create MORE conflict because genetically people are.... "inherently racist"......because they want to protect their gene pools and all the positive traits that have developed over time. So that they remain strong and aligned with their energies and genetics.

In nature, you see this principle at work with all species and races even. Nature does not allow interbreeding because then you lose positive traits. Nature loves diversity because that produces and allows special genetic vehicles that better express the love and diversity that TRUTH IS.

In nature......DIVERSITY IS STRENGTH.....that is why there are many seperate races and specied adapted to their special environment.

GOD needs songbirds and God needs lions and God needs fish and all the billions of other living creatures in infinite combinations so as to express everything that is possible. If you look at nature you see nothing but.........RACISM ......everywhere. But that is good and not bad. It's for a reason.

What has happened in society is that humans have let a few evil Satanists take over the world and create havoc, kill and eat children, and promote war and human trafficking. Those are not positive human traits if they are even human? I don't think that they are even human.

if they are not even human? What is going on on this planet? Something bad is here. That something bad also promotes censorship and is against TRUTH AND HONESTY.

With all the social strife and fighting. Unless humans can take the deep state out of power the further mixing of the races will be used as a weapon of war as it is now. Unless they are removed from control. Segregation may have to be returned to as a form of remaining FREE!

Or as a form of healing and introspection so that we can remove the enemy in control of our lives. We can NOT let the Satanists use race mixing and therefore create social destruction of all the POSITIVE AND DIVERSE strong cultures that have developed over thousands of years.

We humans may have to go back to where we came from and make connections with our own people, races, and energy levels in order to stay free and not become slaves. When all races and cultures controlled migration and intermixing they maintained their freedoms and their special gifts.

Once the MIXING or races started that became a tool to achieve human control and slavery. So...NOW....all humans will have to talk about race and segregation? perhaps as a way to maintain Freedom unless we wake up to what evil is in charge and REMOVE the evil agenda.

There is a great deal of damage that needs to be healed on many levels.


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Operation Disclosure: (Reader | Victor) Mixing of the Races
(Reader | Victor) Mixing of the Races
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