"Charlie Ward’s in tube-mo But Still Making Vids (Partially Transcribed by Kat)

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat Here are 2 definitions to keep in mind: _____________________ Disinformation — Synonyms: Deceptio...

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

Here are 2 definitions to keep in mind:

Disinformation — Synonyms: Deception, Falsehood, misinformation, propaganda, untruth

Deception — Synonyms: Fraud, Cunning, Deceitfulness, Trickery, Cheating, Double-dealing


Thank you, Ashley, for your wonderful post. It wasn’t a run of the mill complaining post. You presented us with facts.

"Fleming Disinformation?" by Ashley - 9.27.20

It's the kind of post I love: Proof — for all those who care to read. Everyone is free to agree or disagree, but they can't argue with the facts.

For those of us who have been holding currency for years—I have for 9 years and many others for longer—the disinformation / deception agenda that has come from a discouragingly long list of "intel gurus" has always been known and patiently, sometimes impatiently, tolerated.

This Currency journey has been a case of “Take what you can use and give the rest to God.”

Deception is the deep state’s method—their entire evil empire was built on it. As Charlie Freak says, “EVERYTHING is a lie.”

So readers of IDC as well as the millions of currency-holders around the world who unceasingly pray to help create a beautiful New Earth for all, would certainly be among the cabal demons’ disinfo targets.

Discouragement is “loosh” for the demons. They feed off our frustration, desperation, fears and tears. It’s natural to assume they’d “plant” disinfo artists on IDC to lift our Spirits then dash them — lift our Spirits then dash them — because our continuous disappointment creates continuous loosh.

Nevertheless, the miracle of this beautiful online community, so generously created by Patrick, is that we keep on trudging, keep each other's Spirit's up, and hold our Currency with Faith.

Who do I believe when it comes to INTEL regarding the RV / GCR / QFS / QVS / NESARA and GESARA?

I believe Gene Decode, Santa Surfing, and Charlie Ward to name three. Charlie tells as much as he can but he's been under an NDA for 2 months and has never revealed ALL he knows.

NOBODY knows the Alliance Plan except a tiny number within the Alliance. Charlie Freak said, “What you need to know first and foremost, is it’s these Military families and then the Kennedy’s and the Trump’s and THAT’S IT — They don’t trust anyone else.”

"Charlie Freak and Collywog Q&A: NESARA, DUMBs, Med Beds, God Wins" by Kat - 9.8.20

Why, therefore, would the Alliance reveal their Plan, that has been more than a century in the making, to anyone outside their tiny circle? They wouldn’t.

We recently learned from Gene Decode that the Plan on how to take down the ungodly deep state has been in the making since “Nikola Tesla, the Trump Brothers and Van de Graaff gathered in 1903 to try and figure it out. Their Plan, that started out as a 3 inch binder, became a massive set of binders that goes into every play and counter play that the cabal could possibly do.”

"Charlie Ward and Gene Decode Corrections" by Kat - 9.18.20

We also know that President John F. Kennedy, fearing for his life, gathered a small group of trusted advisors around him in 1962 called “Q.”

We can therefore conclude that Donald J. Trump and John F. Kennedy Jr.’s combined family legacy is how to dismantle the deep state. They were raised in it. They have known about the Plan since birth, which is why it makes total sense that they are, as best friends and brothers in arms, leading the Alliance for the Freedom of Earth, her Kingdoms and Humanity.

So would the mighty Alliance, headed by Q/JFK, Q-Team, President Trump, Trump-Team, hundreds of Loyal U.S. Generals, U.S. and Global Militaries, The NSA, Xi, Putin, Modi, al-Salman and 8000+ personnel, reveal their Plan for Freedom Earth and the precise Military timing of myriad battle plans to… RV intel providers on IDC?


We have learned so much during this lockdown as to why the RV / GCR could not possibly have happened before now.

Did any intel provider, say 5 years ago, mention Quantum Computers? Or even last year? Or even in the early part of this year before Charlie Ward did?


Did any intel provider say that 800#’s were a no go because they were too easily hacked before Charlie Ward said so?


Did any intel provider say the decision had been made for all currencies to revalue at the same time, therefore no “baskets,” before Ron Steel revealed it on a video with Charlie Ward?


Did any intel provider say Quantum Computers were going to be used as both the Financial System as well as the 2020 Voting System before Charlie Ward said so?


Which is why I believe Charlie Ward and his interviewees over any “intel provider.”

The International satanic banking demons are fighting with their last breath to STOP the financial transition from happening because they know that then they are truly done for.

But have no fear, as Gene Decode so encouragingly told Charlie Ward on 9-16-20, “The Alliance have literally taken.. even including the CME… everything… they’ve taken in every possible thing… there’s no play… it’s Zugzwang… what we call in Chess—Zugzwang… where no matter what move the enemy does, he’s done… he’s going to be checkmated it’s only a matter of time.”

As far as I know, part of the Alliance are still in Switzerland, which is the center of the deep state Rothschilds’ Money laundering, Trafficking and Terrorism. Big Banks have been caught red handed laundering trillions of dollars through Switzerland. [No surprise, banks = cabal.]

Alliance Global Militaries are still fighting underground and above ground in Israel, the UK and Portugal, which are only a few countries that we know of, blowing up DUMBs and liberating Trafficked children and women and removing the last of the deep state criminals.

Keep in mind this entire lockdown scenario, which was originally intended as the cabal's coup de gras to kill off most of Humanity and enslave the rest, was hijacked by The Alliance to collapse the world’s economy and bring in the Global Currency Reset.

We know that because Charlie Freak, Gene Decode and Charlie Ward have said so.

The Q-Plan is GENIUS. I trust it. I wish everything would happen faster but when I quit fidgeting I can admire the brilliance of how the Alliance have meticulously gone about dismantling a diabolic system that has kept Earth and Humanity enslaved for thousands of years. Good news is we are in the end game.


Charlie Ward has been put in tube-mo again for telling the truth. The first time he was in tube-mo was for 7 days. This time it’s for 14 days. Youtube just can’t handle the TRUTH.

This is where you can find Charlie’s videos for the next 2 weeks:

***Charlie Ward

The Charlie Ward show WWG1WGA

Dr. Charlie Ward BitChute


As an exciting list of food for thought, here’s what we KNOW is coming to Humanity:

—A Revaluation of Global Currencies / The Global Currency Reset / The Quantum Computers for Finances and Voting, and eventually blockchain will be the new internet / Peace on Earth / NESARA & GESARA:


—Besides a Global Debt Jubilee and the cancellation of all Bank debt: mortgages, credit cards, car loans, student loans, etc. there are various ways the Alliance will restore our money to us.

—A universal basic income of $1200 - $1400 a month [the exact amount is unknown to me.]

—The IRS plug will be pulled and every dime you’ve ever paid in taxes will be restored to you PLUS compensation because it was Fraud to tax us in the first place. [This is from Charlie Ward.]

—Healing technology that already exists that will make cancer, Alzheimer’s, old age, missing limbs, hip replacements, dentists, surgeries, heart disease, mental traumas, addiction, etc. and whatever else the cabal did to weaken Humanity—history.

The first affirmation I learned from Paramahansa Yogananda 40 years ago was: Youth, Health, Strength, Immortal. THAT is what we are.

—No more death/rebirth, death/rebirth for Humanity. No more Ages for Gaia, 12,000 years in the Light, 12,000 years in the dark. No no no. Over and out. Done and dusted. It’s Immortality for Gaia, her Kingdoms and Humanity in the Higher Light of 5D+.

—Free energy, no more wires around the world, no more dirty energy, no more weapons, missiles, weather manipulation, asphalt, concrete, etc. Thrilling new tech and new materials for everything — homes, cities, travel, Space travel, Time travel, communication, education, businesses, farming, etc. — that will not harm Earth or anyone or anything. The peaceful Nova Gaia motto is NO MORE HARM.

—Crystal clear waters, Pure clean Air, Crystalline skies, Rich beautiful poison-free Earth, lush Forests, a Free Animal Kingdom, free to roam this blessed Earth, loved, cherished and cared for, and so much more. Gaia will once again be a Garden of Eden.

This is all coming and more after President Trump is re-elected. [We still must VOTE.]

Then for reasons I do not know, major revelations of what has actually been happening on Earth and who is responsible begins in March 2021. I think there will be reveals before then, but apparently the BIG REVEALS and BIG NAMES will begin then. [This is from Charlie Ward and Gene Decode.]

Whatever happens, however it happens — I Trust The Plan.

Despite being in tube-mo, Charlie Ward is carrying on with being a Torch for Truth and making videos anyway.

Enclose below several snippets from 2 of his most recent videos, and a tiny bit from one by Ann Vandersteel.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness, Abundance and Truth for all — we are Goddess, Sovereign, Free,

xo, Kat

P.S. To Rin, who again asks how the QVS will work with Mail-In ballots, I think the QVS is like the RV. We'll know when we get there and until then have faith :)

Matt Campbell and Mark Attwood Discuss the Truth about September 11th 2001 Charlie Ward 9-26-20


Partially transcribed by Kat

1:00 Charlie Ward: I’ve just entered my second ban on youtube… a 14 day ban this time… that was the Councilor from CREW [I think he means Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington but I don’t know]… talking about Covid-19… I’ve applied to youtube again… given them the link to both websites to WHO and CDC and said it states very clearly here [that Covid is nothing more than the flu]… but my appeal was rejected in seconds…

1:00 Matt Campbell: That’s worrying… that they can just pull it… it’s terrible…

1:45 Charlie Ward: It reminds us a little bit of what China was like many many years ago… we’ve come full circle and become a Communist state…

2:00 Mark Attwood: But it also exposes them… the satanic a*sholes they are… so it’s kind of working against them, which I like…

“Happy Sabbath from Charlie and the Angels xo #MelK #AnnVandersteel and I”

cirstenw, Charlie Ward, Mel K and Ann Vandersteel 9-26-20


Partially Transcribed by Kat

3:05 Charlie Ward: This is all political though, isn’t it? It’s quite clear… the more I’ve been studying it and the more I’ve been looking at what’s happening… it’s got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the virus, or the vaccines, or the 5G…

It’s all to do
with the Global Currency Reset
and the Quantum Financial System…
it’s all to cover it up…

3:25 If you take how corrupt the old Banking System was… how the different levels of banking and who controlled those different levels behind the scenes… the 8 different levels of banking… when you realize how corrupt it is it’s no surprise they’ve had to do all kinds of things as a distraction… to take people’s mind away from what they’re really doing…

4:04 Ann Vandersteel: That’s exactly right… this started a long time ago… I’ve had a guest on by the name of Patrick Steensma… from the Netherlands… he wrote a book on the Global Financial Creation of money and the new financial system that’s coming into being…


4:30 He said that the QFS [Quantum Financial System] has been in place now… and that’s why today if I transfer money from the BofA to Wells Fargo it happens in minutes… prior to that sometimes it didn’t get there for a day to 3 days… and you had to pay [the bank] extra money…

4:46 So no longer are the cabal getting access to your money for interest and to skim… they’re cut out of the system completely… so money’s moving quickly, they’re not getting their interest anymore… and they’re freaking out cuz we’ve cut the money system out from these International conspiracy cabal satanic worshipping pedophiles…

5:07 And that’s the end of that and it’s only going to get better for us because they’re going to use that same technology for the Quantum Voting System… they’re going to protect our election… what do you think?

5:25 Charlie Ward: I totally agree with that… that’s the information I’ve heard…

5:30 But Donald Trump is being a bit of a naughty boy… he’s letting the Democrats believe the more postal votes they send out the better… they’ll be spending millions and millions of dollars on that and then at the last minute he’ll say… Oh, we’re not going to be using that system, we’re going to be using the Quantum Voting System…

6:21 Cirstenw: Charlie talked about that Quantum Voting System weeks ago [8-19-20]… we know Trump is going to win in a landslide… Mel should go into her whole video on the “Transition Integrity Project” video…

6:55 MelK: They’re creating an issue that he won’t leave because his life outside of being President is so awful… it’s Treason… it’s in your face Sedition, Treason… the people at the Transition Integrity Project don’t care they’re lawless… they’re planning for when he wins what they’re going to do to get rid of him… [Every head nodding agreement]… they’re not even hiding it… it’s out in the open…

7:35 Charlie Ward: They’ve made it very clear that if they can’t remove him legitimately they’ll have to kill him… they’ve made it very very clear… they’re in the death roll…

7:45 Ann Vandersteel: Deep state death rattle…

7:47 Charlie Ward: Yeah, it is, that’s exactly what it is… they’re very dangerous when they’re in this position because they’re throwing haymakers from every position… they are beaten 100%... but if they connect with one of their haymakers it’s going to hurt…

8:05 We just need to keep out of the way… it’s very very clear that the battle has been won… but they’re not going to go away without a fight… fighting for the last breath…

8:22 Cirstenw: October’s going to be a brutal month… the riots in Los Angeles/Hollywood… New York… Louisville Kentucky… Portland… they’re all organized… you saw the lady that works for Soros that paid for the U-Haul container [full of thugs with signs]… it’s non-stop… it’s going to be worse next month… it’s a satanic month…

8:52 Ruth Bader Ginsburg… I knew it was going to be a closed casket because there’s nothing inside… that body had been destroyed in January 2019… they were heckling Trump around the casket… they were paid… it’s all organized and paid for…

10:08 Ann Vandersteel: I want to ask everybody… don’t you think that the fact that they’re doing this over here… they’re going crazy they’re like children that are having a massive temper tantrum...

10:25 They don’t have a plan that’s going to work… they’re throwing everything and the kitchen sink… they’ve loaded all the cannonballs fired those, they’re done… they have nothing left… they’re disorganized… and that disorganization capturing all the Media headlines is what’s allowing President Trump and this movement to win… because we’re actually focused and we’re marching down toward the Finish Line… and they’re just out of control, they have nothing…

11:00 Cirstenw: Well, they’re not going to stop… they always double-down…

11:30 MelK: We’ve had a lot of good things happen in the last few days… now that we’ve found the new Text Messages that have been available for 2 years we can see that a lot of people were communicating about how the whole Flynn thing was fake… before it even started… and now we have the proof and yet they’re still holding him hostage… which is ridiculous…

16:20 Charlie will know about this… the Bank for International Settlements [BIS] in Switzerland.. all roads are leading back there… 10 banks have been flagged… between 2008-2017 $3 Trillion dollars of money laundered… nobody’s talking about it… all ties back to the Rothschild bank… Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland…

17:25 Charlie Ward: Nobody can work out what’s going on… if Deutsche Bank was a business they’d be bankrupt right now… the banking in Germany and Switzerland is so contaminated… it’s a question of when they go out of business…

18:25 Ann Vandersteel: It’s interesting because Switzerland has always been projected as this safe haven country where you can put your money… it’s a neutral country… stay clean.. what a bunch of bunk that all is when you consider that the crimes against Humanity are attributed to what Mel is talking about… they finance Terror and Trafficking around the world… they take Trafficking money and finance Terror with it… as was exposed in the Swiss banking scandal in 2008 & 9 when Hillary Clinton was Sec. of State… good news is the same technology they used to spy on us we used to spy on them… WE HAVE IT ALL…

23:22 Ann Vandersteel cont.: This is a show… there’s no way you can have President Trump and the White Hats just execute everything perfectly and these “cue” drops from a year ago, 2 years ago, all of a sudden present themselves… on cue… it is a show…

23:33 Charlie Ward: They’re doing everything spot on right… it’s been so carefully planned… the people behind the scenes have got everything spot on right… it’s actually beautiful to watch…

24:17 I describe it very simply… I live very close to Malaga… it’s very much like living in Miami… saying right, we’re going to go to Key Largo today… you know where Key Largo is, but on the way there… it could be roadworks, it could be accidents, it could be typhoons, storms… it could be anything… we know where we’re going but none of us knows what’s actually going to happen on the way and that’s what makes it really exciting… we know when we get there, we’re going somewhere really nice…

25:19 This is where we’re at… we’re on the journey… When I speak to my people behind the scenes they’re all very very confident about the way that things are going, it’s a lovely feeling… they give me the confidence to go out there and deliver what I’m delivering without crossing the lines… having said that, most of the lines they [The Alliance] keep very very quiet…

34:40 Charlie Ward cont.: The minute Chairman Xi broke down the power of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party]… you knew that when he removed the CCP from the Chinese Government they would go hand in hand to the Biden campaign… they’d all get together, and that’s what’s happened…

34:50 The evil people out of Russia, the evil people out of China, the evil people out of America just got together cuz they realized they’re beaten, it’s just like a losers army, they’re all licking each other’s wounds feeling sorry for each other…

35:05 Charlie Ward cont.: I had chat with a lovely lovely guy last night called Young Pharaoh… an amazing man… what an amazing man… he made a very interesting point…

35:14 In life there’s bad people and good people… but he said you can go from bad to evil and if you get to evil there’s no way back… but if you’re in the bad area you can be brought back to good you can be changed to be a good person… but if you get across to the evil point you can’t come back from there…

35:33 That hit a chord with me because what we’re up against right now is not between Biden and Trump is between Good and Evil… and Evil is that bad, it can’t be changed, it’s got to be cut off… the dirt in the swamp… it’s going… it’s already gone… we’re seeing the last remnants of it going… but it was a very important point to me… you can rescue people if they’re bad but if they’re evil there’s nothing you can do, they have to be removed…

36:21 MelK: Marx worked for the Luciferians to come up with the Plan for the One World Order… the Marxist revolution is about no god… it’s about total control by a small group of people, no freedom, no free will…

40:28 Ann Vandersteel: Charlie, I have a question. What does the next 4 years of a Trump Presidency mean for Europe?

40:00 Charlie Ward: It means everything because at the moment Trump is not just the Leader of the United States of America… he’s quite clearly the leader of the rest of the world… I don’t know what he’s done to blackmail them all [The NSA folders]… but they’ve all surrendered to him, and you can bet your life it’s all to do with corruption… all to do with money…

40:55 Talk about the Rothschild’s infiltrating Switzerland… well that would have been the first place they would have infiltrated because that is the Money Capital of Europe…

40:37 MelK: Marc Rich was in Switzerland… His Bank for International Settlements, which was put together after WWII… is a money laundering ring…

45:14 Charlie Ward: There’s a very interesting fact that came out the other day which I was fascinated by… NOT ONE PERSON DIED OF COVID-19 AT HOME… they all died in Hospital…

45:33 100% of people that died of Covid-19 died in Hospital…

51:00 Going back to Ann’s comment about where we’re going… we’re going to a far better place… a far better world… the journey we’re on is messy… when you look at what Trump’s done… he’s brokering these peace deals…

56:26 Ann Vandersteel: I’m just looking forward to, like Charlie, the transition to Greatness… that’s what we’re going to do on our show… we’re going to focus on the transition to Greatness because to be honest I’m tired of swimming in this cesspool… we know this is all going to end and I think we’re all weary of talking about this dark subject… that we’ve exposed and exposed and exposed and while not everybody fully understands it yet…

57:16 I think what they’ll want to gravitate towards “what in it for them” and as we move through the election and we start to be able to present… what’s in it for them?

What does it mean the Global Currency Reset?
What does it mean for their Health Care with cures for cancer?
What does it mean for Energy costs?

But there’s more on the Energy Horizon that are going to revolutionize everything… there’s companies out there making homes and buildings out of materials that cost 30% of traditional building costs and they’re bulletproof, hurricane proof, earthquake proof… but yet, nobody knows about it… Why? Because they don’t want you to know about it…

58:07 But it’s there and these companies are starting to explode now… this is what we have to look forward to and there’s so many more jobs… America’s boat is going to rise and lift everybody with it…

58:30 And there’s a revolution in Humanity… it’s a Great Awakening… we can be free of the International chains of this banking cabal… which is all about controlling everything… and we the people have the power… we’ve always had the power… we’re seeing [the Great Awakening] happen all over the world… it’s about time…

Steel Truth September 10 Ann Vandersteel and Patrick Steensma 9-24-20


Partially Transcribed by Kat

32:10 Ann Vandersteel: Let’s talk about money… what’s going to happen?

32:17 Patrick Steensma: [Author of The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & The New Sound and Just Monetary System]… I don’t know if you came across the Press Release from the Federal Reserve last August 6th, that there’s an Inner Bank Settlement, a new system that’s been implemented [The QFS]… which is a 24/7, 365 day system… and what I’ve heard from people in the U.S…. they have their money sent and received within 10 minutes… so it’s working…

32:47 And that is the Quantum Financial System hardware… so that is working…

33:53 Ann Vandersteel: So the reason that this is important… is the Banking cartel and Federal Reserve were keeping the money overnight, sometimes several days… so they could accrue interest on it and now the money is exchanging very rapidly and the interest by the person sending and receiving is no longer happening… so the banking cartel is losing revenue at this point…

34:15 Patrick Steensma: Right, it’s not their money to begin with, so it’s not their money to be making money on at all… it shows they’re losing control and that it’s implemented, the QFS…

34:50 Another thing I’ve been told is that there was a demand by the US Government for a quote of sending out 200 million checks in January 2021… so yeah…

35:20 Part of the QFS would mean… it’s like a basic income… I don’t know what those checks would say…

[Kat Note: This could be “Universal Basic Income” checks, but I don’t know.]

36:06 That’s also the purpose of the QFS, getting rid of debt…

37:31 The whole world is in unlawful debt… basically… that’s why it’s a clean slate… and if you want to have a monetary system that is clean and sound you have to work with evening out the debt and it’s also unlawful… GESARA as well… part of the same implementation…

End Partial Transcriptions by Kat

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Operation Disclosure: "Charlie Ward’s in tube-mo But Still Making Vids (Partially Transcribed by Kat)
"Charlie Ward’s in tube-mo But Still Making Vids (Partially Transcribed by Kat)
Operation Disclosure
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