Charlie Ward on The Quantum Voting System (Partially Transcribed by Kat)

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat I’ve received excellent questions regarding the Quantum Voting Blockchain System from Rin, an avid ID...

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

I’ve received excellent questions regarding the Quantum Voting Blockchain System from Rin, an avid IDC reader.

Rin and her group are huge Charlie Ward and Colleen and Charlie Freak fans, so I will do my best to answer Rin’s questions from what Charlie Ward and Charlie interviewees have said about the QVS, so we can all be on the same page.

I’ll begin with the second part of Rin’s question:

Question: “Fox News today, Sept 25, 2020, reported: ‘More than half a million votes already cast in 2020 election. A surge in absentee balloting or early in-person voting expected due to coronavirus health concerns.’ So will there be blockchain voting or not?”

Here is Gene Decode’s answer to your question in his 9-16-20 video with Charlie Ward:

26:51 Gene Decode cont.: It’s not just putting us back on the Currency that’s based on the Quantum Financial System and gold, silver, and platinum… it’s also putting us on the Quantum Voting System, the QVS, where they can’t hack our votes… it doesn’t matter HOW that vote is done even if it’s a Mail in ballot… because the Quantum event is unique…

27:09 And the Quantum computer that records that [votes] is being monitored by very high Beings @5th Density and they can’t hack that… that A.I. won’t get out of control because it is being monitored by a group of 12 individuals in 5th Density so they can’t hack that…

27:25 Charlie Ward: Yeah… (Nodding his head in agreement…)

27:27 Gene Decode: That controls the entire Quantum System worldwide… the QFS and the QVS… and so those countries that agree to go into that [GESARA]… all of this will be going away for them as well as for those in the U.S….

27:48 Charlie Ward: Yeah… it’s amazing the Quantum Voting System that’s going to be used for the next election in America I understand is also going to be used in South Africa which is amazing for a country like South Africa… for people to realize that their vote really does count…

"Charlie Ward and Gene Decode: Alliance Victorious, Wondrous World Incoming" by Kat - 9.18.20

So the answer to your question, Rin, regarding mail-in/absentee ballot voting is—they will all be counted on the Quantum Voting System.

Question: “We would like to clear up the confusion. Charlie keeps bringing up the blockchain voting system for this upcoming elections and says that it will not be out "until the last possible chance" and that "mail-in ballots aren’t going to happen!!!" On the other hand, "The Real Dark Judge" who claims to be some kind of insider was asked, "Will the Block Chain system be used for voting?" To which he replied, "No."”

I don’t know who the “Real Dark Judge” is and honestly from that name don’t want to know.

But I have total faith in what Charlie Ward says because of his bona fide connections. He said he receives information from 3 people “inside the walls” of the White House.

He said that he first learned the Alliance were going to shut down the Global Economy to bring in the Global Financial Reset 6 years ago, before Trump came into power.

Everything Charlie Ward has said has happened. So I trust him. And then there’s this snippet verifying that he is connected to the very heart of the Alliance:

7:10 Nicholas: Is it true then that the White House is following you?

7:15 Charlie: The White House have been following us for some time now… and also, they’ve re-tweeted some of our videos… a real honor… their Head of Security keeps us informed about what we can and can’t say… and we also have contact directly with 2 advisors in the White House… we’re very blessed but also very humbled…

7:38 It puts an onus on me to be truthful because the minute we start going outside the parameters we’re allowed to they will stop placing trust in us… and I’m one of a number of Social Media Warriors… Digital Warriors as they call us…

"2 Charlie Ward Vids: We've Won WW3, the Imminent RV, and IDC" by Kat - 8.21.20

Furthermore, Charlie Ward is part of a team, hired by the United States Government, that is moving Gold, Cash and Valuables around Earth to back the Revalued Currencies in the QFS.

Now—if Charlie Ward [and Gene Decode] say Digital Voting is how we will vote in 2020—I believe them.

This is what Charlie said in a 9-24-20 video with David Nino Rodriquez:

11:07 Charlie Ward: Look, let’s get real about this… first of all, Biden is no longer there at all… and neither is Kamala Harris… they’re clones… completely controlled by the Trump team… so the Alliance are being a little bit naughty because if they created a debate they’d be setting all the questions and all the answers and making them look really stupid…

11:28 The Trump Team are totally in control… they’re just showing them up for what they are… we’re in the end game… they went past the critical point 3 months ago… this was won a long time ago… we’re just seeing the End Game play out… and the trouble is part of the Trump team have got a bit of a naughty side to them… there’s nothing serious in the Democrats to fight right now…

12:55 With the new blockchain tech… The Quantum Voting System… we can vote on our phone… they’ll be using the new QVS you’ll have the results in seconds… that’s a done deal…

13:50 Very simply on your iPhone you’ll have an app… or on your computer you’ll have an app… if you want to go to a polling station you’ll log in on their Quantum computer there… very simple… those days are over of Soros controlling anything… for once in your life you might get somebody you vote for!... things are good right now…


And because I haven’t posted my transcription of that video chat with David Nino Rodriquez, I enclose this bit now, which is what Charlie said about the coming weeks:

29:45 David Nino Rodriquez: What do you foresee happening in October?

30:00 Charlie Ward: Over the next 6 weeks… the rest of September and October… a lot of things are going on behind the scenes… there will be a lockdown without a shadow of a doubt… it will be to finalize the draining of the swamp and also the change between the old financial system and the Quantum Financial System…

30:16 At the moment the major central banks are all closed… and they’re switching over from the old SWIFT system to the QFS…

30:25 The SWIFT will be on life-support for 2 years… they’ll also have to be checked that the money is correct…. It’s a very corrupt system… the transition will take time… the Quantum system is already working… we’ve got hard evidence that it is… nobody quite knows, and they certainly haven’t told me, how long the transition will be…

31:15 There may well be a period of darkness… I don’t know for how long…

31:47 First lockdown is in Israel for 3 weeks… they’ve gone into lockdown to drain their own swamp… that is happening as we speak… food shortages etc. is the last bit of pain to get things done… a lot of very bad people in Israel who will try to hijack the transition… [Mossad/deep state]…

32:44 If you’ve got people in America trying to stop the transition or who will cause harm... then suddenly you’ll have a city that will go into lockdown… because there’s a spike in the coronavirus!!! [It won’t be true, but that will be the excuse…] and they’ll make up the spike and use whomever dies as their “proof”…

35:10 March 2021 is when the big names will be released… [Gene Decode verified this date as well. "Beware the Ides of March" Gene said.]

I feel without a shadow of a doubt, Rin, that we will have the Quantum Voting System in this election. If Charlie Ward says so, and he’s said so many times now, I trust him.

This was Charlie Ward’s original announcement of the Quantum Voting System in back in August 19, 2020:

34:00 Charlie Ward: I’ve got some SERIOUS INTEL for you…

The Voting System is being completely changed as we speak…

The New Quantum Financial System operates on the Blockchain system…

34:18 They’re gonna use the blockchain system… FOR VOTING!!!!!

It’s a brand new voting system…

You will have to identify yourself on your cell phone or your computer… and you’ll be able to vote that way on blockchain…

34:39 So they’ve shot themselves in the foot because Trump has already covered this…

The new voting system will be done on blockchain technology…

So it’ll be digital voting… that we totally 100% control… they’ve been trying to hack the blockchain system for 9-years unsuccessfully…

So they’re extremely confident in the new voting system…

35:10 And I’m the first one to tell you… I received this news today… this is red hot news!!!

Mail-in ballots aren’t going to happen!!!

35:56 Once we get onto this blockchain voting system which will be incredibly accurate… the prediction is Trump will win every single state… and his majority will be over 90%...

36:10 He will win California without a shadow of a doubt… He’ll win the lot…

36:23 Because the vote won’t be for him… it will be between good and evil… it’s got nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans… there are bad Republicans and good Democrats…

36:40 It’ll be about the Third World War between Good and Evil… and that’s how it will be put across… the only people who will vote the other side are people who are in a coma…

37:40 Very simply… if you’re involved with pedophilia it comes with an automatic death sentence… unless you cooperate with Trump… if you cooperate with Trump, you’ll get a minimum of a Life Sentence… you step out of line it goes back to the Death Penalty…

38:01 And he’s aware of Every. Single. One. Of. Them. And every single one of them will be arrested… and they will be given the choice…

"This Just in: Charlie Ward Scoop, Blockchain Voting! 8-18-20" by Kat - 8.18.20

In this first announcement, Charlie said there won’t be Mail-in voting. But remember, Charlie will often admit he doesn't know, and isn't told, EVERYTHING.

But we now know it doesn’t matter if there is Mail-in/absentee ballot voting. It will all be counted on the QVS.

For one last reference, here is a fascinating discussion of Blockchain technology with Charlie Ward and BrownCryptoKid on 9-13-20:

11:35 BrownCryptoKid: Before we get into anything, we are not financial advisors, none of this is financial advice… make sure you do your own research…

12:00 I feel that people have taken the truth and misunderstood it… and I am here to just lay down the facts… I will connect it to what people are talking about so everything makes sense…

Quantum Computers are computers with very powerful hardware and A. I…. it is basically way faster and smarter than normal computers…

12:23 The exact definition of Quantum Computing is: The use of quantum phenomena such as superposition and entanglement to perform computation… computers that perform quantum computation are known as Quantum Computers… basically, super computers…

12:44 Very powerful A.I. and hardware which can do many many things that normal computers we have today cannot do…

12:56 Blockchain technology is basically way ahead of its time… it came out too early… blockchain technology is going to become the new internet… but right now, as of today, it uses normal computers as its nodes…

13:24 Once Quantum Computers replace normal computers… that’s when we actually unlock the true potential of what blockchain can do…so that’s what it’s all about… Blockchain is way ahead of its time, it’s too early… we were not ready for this tech…

13:46 When we double up with Quantum Computers and create a network of these Quantum Computers that’s when Blockchain’s true potential will be unleashed… and that’s when a crop of Quantum Financial System can be created on top of it… does that make sense, Charlie?

14:12 Charlie Ward: It certainly does… and that fits in very much with what I’m hearing from my people… the Quantum Financial System within the banking system is being tested properly… since August the 2nd… but it was attacked… it was more attacked at the old SWIFT system to try and contaminate… because I’ve been told under good authority that it’s virtually impossible to hack [the QFS]… they can just try and cause trouble…

14:48 BrownCryptoKid: They can probably stop it from transitioning… I think that’s what’s happening…

14:53 Charlie Ward: Correct… and there’s also a lot of Financial instruments on the old SWIFT system that will take quite a bit of time to transfer…

15:00 BrownCryptoKid: Absolutely true… the transition… some people say it can happen overnight, some people say a week… but I feel it’s going to be a little slower than that… it’s definitely happening that’s for sure… people are already talking about it…

15:18 SWIFT is an old 40-year-old system and it has to be replaced… I’m not sure if it’s going to be called the QFS but if it is that is what will replace it for sure… this blockchain tech is coming and whether you like it or not it’s going to change the world forever… especially the Financial world…

"Charlie Ward Talks Trump’s-Peace, Blockchain, QFS, and Ron Giles" by Kat - 9.14.20

So there you have it Rin—my Final Answer—YES! There will be a Quantum Voting System in 2020 that will incorporate Mail-in voting as well as voting from your Mobile phone or computer or whatever device you choose.

And the Voting results will take 5 seconds.

There won’t be any more “hanging chad” shenanigans, or 250k mysteriously lost absentee ballots, or votes registered by cats and dogs and dead people.

There won’t be voting machines that take your vote and apply it to whichever candidate the deep state chooses.

And there won’t be the possibility of a corrupt GHWBush controlled Supreme Court to deliver a flagrantly dishonest “Bush v Gore” decision enabling a Bush/Cheney coup d’état, which led to 9-11, The Patriot Act and perpetual war in the Middle East.

Those days are OVER!!

As “cue” posted—Playbook known!! The Alliance have got this. They're WAY AHEAD of the demons.


And don’t forget what Brad Parscale said:

Brad Parscale (born January 3, 1976) is an American digital consultant and political advisor currently serving as the senior adviser for data and digital operations for Donald Trump's 2020 presidential campaign.

Much is “happening behind the scenes” Rin, and I know in my heart it’s all good.

The mighty Alliance are draining the filthy, disgusting swamp and bringing in the RV / GCR / QFS / QVS / NESARA and GESARA and all the miraculous technologies that will immediately heal Earth, Kingdoms and Humanity.

As well, Alliance Global Militaries as rescuing millions of Trafficked children, men and women, blowing up ungodly tunnels, and ridding Earth of the most degenerate wicked revolting demons that ever existed in all Creation.

But as Charlie Ward ALWAYS says, once we get through this, the world we are moving into is so beautiful, so magnificent, so wonderful.

And as a Lightworker you already know that.

We are moving into Higher Light at 5D+, an Immaculate pristine Gaia with her Divinely restored radiant Kingdoms, and a Divinely restored Angelic Multi-Dimensional Blazingly Lighted Humanity.

I hope this helps answer your questions, Rin, and thank you so much for the thumbs up. I love writing my transcriptions and am so happy that you and your group appreciate them.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness, Abundance and TRUTH for all — we are Goddess, Sovereign, Free,

xo, Kat

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Operation Disclosure: Charlie Ward on The Quantum Voting System (Partially Transcribed by Kat)
Charlie Ward on The Quantum Voting System (Partially Transcribed by Kat)
Operation Disclosure
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