Who is Charlie Ward and Who are the Alliance? (Partially Transcribed by Kat)

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat First of all, thank you with my whole heart to Dyan, CH, Gaia Chosen One and the Happily Ever After A...

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Kat

First of all, thank you with my whole heart to Dyan, CH, Gaia Chosen One and the Happily Ever After Agency for your beautiful and deeply appreciated thumbs up and messages of encouragement.

I’m on it with my transcribing and promise, CH, I will stay on it until we don’t need them anymore. Bless your hearts for forwarding them all over the globe. As you say, we need to get this information out there to awaken as many as we can.

This is not “my” information. It either comes from Charlie Ward, who receives daily updates from the White House; or it comes from Colleen and Charlie Freak, who receive daily updates from Q-Team.

You can therefore have confidence in what Colleen and the 2 “right pair of” Charlies record on video because they have the blessings of those who are running the planet: The Alliance.

Who are the Alliance?

Q, Q-Team, President Trump, Trump-Team, loyal Generals and other high ranking members of the U.S. Military who have been part of the Q-Team journey since the presidency of John F. Kennedy, the NSA, Global Militaries, Presidents Putin/Russia, Xi/China, Prime Minister Modi/India, Crown Prince al Salman/Saudi Arabia, 8,000+ utterly genius personnel who banded together and came up with this beatific plan and are implementing it flawlessly, with Military precision, and with what can only be described as Divine perfection.

There have been many members of Q-Team along the way, all of whom had to remain in hiding, like “The Dove” [code name] who was one of the authors of NESARA, which was written during Kennedy’s presidency. President Kennedy attempted to initiate NESARA by shutting down the Fed. Instead, the deep state/GHWBush killed him.

Both Charlies Ward and Freak have said that Q-Team/The Alliance, have taken more than 50 years to figure out this plan and striven to implement it. They tried to implement NESARA on 9-11 but the deep state blew up the World Trade Towers.

That was just one of many defeats delivered by the deep state. But with every defeat, The Alliance regrouped, learned and grew stronger until they became invincible.

Many Q-Team were killed or disappeared along the way. They had to remain in hiding for their safety and so they could put their plan together and now we are witnessing this genius plan in action…. goodbye 13 demon Bloodline Families, good-bye deep state / illuminati / cabal.

God bless you Q, POTUS and the Alliance. Victory to the Light.

That’s a general picture of who the Alliance are so if they give their blessings to Charlie Ward, Charlie Freak and Colleen, you’d better believe their INTEL has been thoroughly vetted. As well, they are not permitted to reveal everything they know. Charlie Ward, for instance, has been under an NDA for a month.

The service that these three people have given all of us in WWIII will long be remembered. It is worth every minute of my days and weeks to get their words down. I love videos, but I miss so much crucial information. I need to think about what they’re saying and if I’m reading their words then it’s easier for me to retain and understand the essential points.

Now – to the point of this blog. Who the heck is Charlie Ward?

There is one quote that comes to my mind about Charlie. It’s about Winston Churchill.

Charlie Ward will frequently remind people that the reason he must research the truth is because he was raised in a Christian cult from the time he was born until he was 23, when began to challenge their message and was promptly cut off from the cult and his family.

Therefore, digging for the truth is part of Charlie’s nature, given the fact that he was constantly lied to or “brainwashed” as he put it, in his early life.

This gift of his to smell BS and seek out the truth, has stood him and all of us who listen to him in great stead. It’s as if he was born to do what he is now doing on his you-tube channel—relate the truth to the world about what is actually happening. It’s his mission.

At the outbreak of WWII, in May 1940, Winston Churchill became Prime Minister, replacing Neville Chamberlain. On the morning Churchill was scheduled to appear before King George IV so that the King could formally ask him to form a Government, Churchill was putting on his shoes and thought, “My entire life has been in preparation for this moment.”

Indeed. In the ten years previous to that moment, Churchill was the lone voice in the wilderness warning the British Government that war was coming and they wanted nothing to do with the message or the man. They’d relegated him to obscurity and retirement. But Churchill knew what was coming and when he was called, he was ready.

It seems to me that Charlie Ward’s whole life prepared him to be a speaker of TRUTH in WWIII. He has been speaking it from Day One of his videos.

If you go back to his early videos that were made from his iPhone where he chats either from his home or on his walks, his message is the same. The coronavirus is BS and there’s much else happening behind-the-scenes.

He took it upon himself, without anyone prompting him, to relate the truth as he uncovered it to whomever wanted to listen, and in the beginning he had 37 subscribers.

As well, he wanted to calm the nerves of people all around the world who were frightened by what was happening. [As of this writing he has 134k subscribers.]

I am one of the people whose Spirits he revived when I was feeling frustrated and depressed with how slowly, I thought, things were crawling. His message was, “Don’t worry. It’s all going to be OK. We’re moving into a far far better world.” Bless you, Charlie.

Charlie has said on numerous occasions, “People are starving for the truth,” which is 1000% correct and he’s doing his very best to get it to us.

I enclose below, a brief transcription from one of his earliest videos, so you can read for yourself that he has been a video-truth-teller since March 2020, since the lockdown began.

This is what I’ve managed to piece together about Charlie’s life, from his own words.

Charlie Ward currently resides in Marbella, Spain. He lives with his Turkish wife and their young son, Justin. He occasionally will jokingly describe his wife as “95% perfect and 5% terrorist.” (LOL. That sounds like the definition of a Goddess to me.)

He frequently says “I’m a 60-year-old man with 4-wives, 4-children and 4-grandchildren.”

Charlie was born in England in 1960. He was raised in the Christian Plymouth Brethren religious cult. He was placed in an arranged marriage at the age of 18 and had 3 children by the time he was 23.

He has said, many times, that he was “brainwashed” from the time he was a child so he has a deep-rooted aversion to lies. Can’t stand them. Will always challenge authority. Will always try to get to the truth of the matter.

One very important story in Charlie’s life is about his daughter.

When his daughter was a young child she was almost kidnapped by a pedophile. Fortunately, an old lady happened to be nearby and saw that the little girl was about to be grabbed into a car by a man and she screamed bloody murder. The man dropped the child and drove off.

When Charlie spoke with the Police he told them, “You’d better catch him before me because if I catch him first I’ll kill him.”

The Police told Charlie, “If you do that you’ll spend the rest of your life in jail.”

Charlie replied, “I have absolutely no problem with that.”

They eventually did find the man who was a registered sex offender.

Charlie has said on many occasions he’d do ANYTHING for his children. He is not just a father and grandfather—he is a devoted parent and grandparent.

Now this is what I’ve pieced together so I can’t say if it’s accurate, but it is my surmise that for 30-years Charlie variously sold Time-Shares around the world and was a Hotelier, among other means of employment. Did he own 1 or 2 hotels? I do not know.

But in his capacity as a Hotelier he fell into his current job, which is that of moving money around the planet for Governments, billionaires and various VIP’s.

It began with some of his wealthier guests who asked him if he could get some of their cash to a different country. And from there grew a vocation he designed and has been involved in for more than 15 years, at least. Could be longer. I do not know.

Because of his work, He has known the Dragon family for more than 15 years. The Chinese Dragon family, who were never Communist Chinese but are descended from the Himalayan line, are funding this entire Global transition.

[The Chinese Communist Party no longer exists.]

Here is an 8-28-20 update from Charlie Freak. Thanks to Bluwolf.


In an 8-18-20 video, Charlie said “What most people are oblivious to is this whole financial transition from SWIFT to QFS has been funded by the Dragons… When the Dragon bonds were valued 6-weeks ago they were estimated in the multi-quadrillions.”

I learned, from listening to Charlie, that billionaires don’t leave their money in the bank. They stash it in massive blocks of cash, gold, diamonds, silver, properties, other valuables, etc. So if they live in Dubai for instance, and want to buy a house in London, they hire Charlie to move some of their cash to England for the purchase.

It sounds so James Bondian to me. Charlie has said he moves most of the cash/valuables by private jet. It takes meticulous planning not only for efficiency but for safety. It’s a job that has quite a bit of danger to it.

He works with many Security teams that do the actual physical moving of the cash and he is the one who makes the plan on where/how they’ll move it.

This expertise has come in handy for the United States Government who have hired Charlie to be part of the team that are moving cash, gold and valuables around Earth to back the currencies that are part of the Revaluation and Global Currency Reset.

In this capacity as a “money-mover” Charlie has met all sorts of higher-ups. It is from these well-placed contacts in the United States Government that Charlie first learned about what is happening right now on Earth, 6 years ago.

Charlie also said that he moves money to various countries to make sure elections go the way the elite want them to go. He used to say, “If you think your vote counts you’re seriously mistaken.”

In an 8-27-20 video with Tara, Charlie said, “12:07 They’ve had the Blueprints for the Blockchain Voting System attached to the Quantum Financial System… with this system you’ll vote from your mobile phone… you’ll have all your identity detailed in there… you’ll know exactly who is voting and where they’re voting from…

So it puts an end to all the Poster voting, vote-rigging, etc. which has gone on since Time Began… and it’s been absolutely rife for the last 30 to 50 years…

12:07 And I know that because I was involved in moving funds around the world to assure that certain people got in… so your vote really didn’t count…

We know how much it costs to get certain people into power in certain countries to guarantee that position… so that’s where I came in… learning about that side of it… so I can tell you first-hand that it happened… because I was involved in it…

"Charlie Ward and Tara: There’s So Much Wealth for all of us" by Kat - 8.27.20

And that was the way the world was run by the cabal / deep state before Q, the Q-Plan and President Trump launched WWIII from the day POTUS was elected in 2016.

I love that Charlie Ward owns up to his life, including admitting to a period of time, before he married his current wife, when he was “a naughty boy.” Whenever he says “naughty boy” he gets this twinkle in his eyes and smiles. I just love that.

I think that’s why he loves Putin and Trump. You gotta know they’re naughty boys as well. And I mean this in the nicest, most innocent, joking way.

In an 8-18-20 video with Mark Attwood, Charlie said:

9:30 Trump is sending out Red Flags all over the place… but he’s TOTALLY IN CONTROL… what most people don’t realize, cuz they hadn’t got a clue what was going on… was the first place they went to after the Global Shutdown was ITALY…

9:42 Trump made a point of mentioning they took out “the head of the beast first”… well the head of the beast was the Phoenicians… the 13-demon-Bloodline Families… he took those out right at the start… so that nobody [minions] had nowhere to hide… they were the people behind the scenes that controlled everything… that’s where every Birth Certificate in the world are… because Venice is technically “off-shore” and that’s why we’re under Maritime Law…

10:12 So when [the families] were taken out… they had nowhere to go… and they’ve taken them out bit by bit by bit…

10:21 The reason I knew the Vatican was being emptied was because our own Security guys were looking after the Pope… and also there were guys that I use for moving currency around the world… all… all of them employed… it took 650 planes to move the contents of the Vatican to Fort Knox…

10:45 And also, I’ve been included as part of the team that moves that around the world… to back the currencies in different countries… there is an obscene amount of cash and gold that was taken out of there…

11:02 There’s also ridiculous amounts of gold in the Philippines… Cambodia… Vietnam…

I’ve been over to Vietnam and I’ve inspected 178 underground warehouses full… personally… I’ve actually been there and visually seen it… I didn’t count it and I didn’t test it while I was there…

11:45 You have to also understand that this is UNRECORDED GOLD… but there are people as we speak doing an inventory check on it all… that’s in process right now… because that will be used to back the currencies around the world…

"Charlie Ward Talks QFS, Dragon Bonds, Gold, GESARA" by Kat - 8.18.20

In a very important video with Robert David Steele on 8-7-20, Charlie described the DUMBs because he had personally been inside two of them.

I’ve spent a few months transcribing the horrors that the courageous and very brave Global Militaries are uncovering in these DUMBs when they first go in to save the children and women who have been Trafficked.

The Militaries first save the children, video record everything, take whatever documentation they can, remove all the cash, gold, valuables etc. and then blow them up so they’ll never be used again.

But I had no idea what these DUMBs looked like until Charlie described them.

15:00 Robert David Steele: Now let me ask you this because this morning I got 3 different Emails purporting to show a video with a Pleiadian UFO behind Air Force One… I’m having difficulty believing that actually happened…but all of my reading suggests that there are Stellar civilizations and some are good and some are bad…

Is there an off-planet aspect to this Global Reset?

15:24 Charlie Ward: The biggest off-planet influence on this is a man called God…

Robert David Steele: That’s a great answer.

15:35 Charlie Ward: And without a shadow of a doubt. And without a shadow of a doubt he’s [God’s] got his hand on him (President Trump) because he’s removing the Trafficking, the drug lords, the pedophile gangs…

15:47 Robert David Steele: You know I just saw a report yesterday that hundreds of Deep Underground Military Facilities are being destroyed.

Charlie Ward: They are.

15:54 Robert David Steele: What was fascinating to me about the seismic information that I looked at making it completely credible, was that it was so accurate that it was showing 4 X 4 in other words, you could tell the depths of the explosions in these Deep Underground Facilities. Do you have a view on that?

16:10 Charlie Ward: I’ve learned an awful lot about these tunnels and I have actually been inside some of these tunnels in my work because they store a huge amount of gold and cash in these tunnels.

16:27 The ones I’ve been in were 200 Meters below ground level.

16:34 And when you say “tunnels,” just to give people an insight, the width of the tunnels would be 30/40 feet, the height would be 15/20 feet, there was electric golf buggies riding around down there like it was a main road; 40 km, 30 km of roads down there, shops down there, living quarters down there, storage facilities, safes, everything down there, and this was just 2 that I’ve visited.

They are phenomenal. It’s not like little kids crawling through a tunnel.

These are underground… I said in the one I visited this would make the perfect prison for people inside for life but the Humanitarians wouldn’t allow that…

17:21 They are certain collapsing tunnels, and as I understand in the Lebanon [explosion,] underneath that specific building there was considerable amount of tunnels there.

17:33 Charlie Ward cont.: I think the process has been, from what I understand, that once they’ve removed the women and children that were stored down there, they are removing them so nothing can be ever done again. That’s how I understand it.

"Charlie Ward on Q, DUMBs, and Why POTUS is Laying Low" by Kat - 8.7.20

A very important point about Charlie:

For all the Christian brainwashing he had when he was a child, it did not turn him away from God. He washed his hands of [man-made] Religion, but his faith in Spirit is unwavering, which is why he could close his early videos with such a fun ending:

Remember, Jesus loves you
Even if everybody else thinks you’re a twat.

In a recent Roundtable video with Charlie, Jen McCarty and others (can’t remember which one now,) Charlie Freak said that Charlie Ward’s videos are among President Trump’s favorites.

In an 8-19-20 video with Nicholas ‘Hoddesdon’ Veniamin, Charlie said the following:

7:15 Charlie: The White House have been following us for some time now… and also, they’ve re-tweeted some of our videos… a real honor… their Head of Security keeps us informed about what we can and can’t say… and we also have contact directly with 2 advisors in the White House… we’re very blessed but also very humbled…

7:38 It puts an onus on me to be truthful because the minute we start going outside the parameters we’re allowed to they will stop placing trust in us… and I’m one of a number of Social Media Warriors… Digital Warriors as they call us…

7:55 And it comes with an element of responsibility to be trustworthy… to be honorable and to try and deliver the message in the correct Spirit as well as the direct text…

Charlie Ward’s optimism and calm is infectious. His truth/INTEL is bona fide. It comes direct from inside the White House and there is no higher authority than that on Earth. That is why his name is on everyone’s lips and why, I predict, he’ll have a million+ subscribers when all is said and done.

Carl Jung could have been thinking about Charlie when he wrote this:

“Our world is so exceedingly rich in delusions
that a truth is priceless...”
Carl Jung

For me, Charlie himself is priceless. I cannot imagine getting through WWIII without him.

The video transcription below will verify for you that right from Day One, Charlie Ward knew something was up behind the coronavirus BS, as he would say.

Thanks to Charlie we've learned that:

—Everything was a smokescreen for the RV, GCR, NESARA, GESARA

—The QFS was up and running on August 2

—The SWIFT system’s plug will be pulled on August 31

—That NESARA / GESARA are being fully implemented by the genius Q-Plan and Trump-Team

—That we will be able to vote from our phones—using the same blockchain system as the QFS

—That we are moving into a far better world at the end of it and everything will have been worth it in this Great Awakening…

That’s just for starters. We have learned far more about what is truly going on from Charlie Ward than from anyone else.

With thanks and God’s blessings unceasing to Charlie, IDC readers and the mighty victorious Alliance.

We are Goddess, Sovereign, Free,

xo, Kat

Charlie Ward iPhone Video, from Marbella Spain, “Saturday Morning March 28, 2020”


Transcribed by Kat 8-30-20

0:18 Charlie Ward 3-28-20: I want to talk today about the brainwashing of the Media…

For those of you who don’t know… I grew up, from birth, in a religious cult, which I came out of when I was 23 years old.

0:21: And I was brainwashed from birth, all the way through my life until I was 23 about certain things that turned out to be complete and utter rubbish. So I have a very good understanding about brainwashing. I decided in my late 20’s to challenge it… the British Government said it’s not “brainwashing” it’s “indoctrination,” which is exactly the same except with a posh name…

1:01 It’s a bit like Donald Trump using the word “Fake News” when we know it’s “Propaganda”… currently it’s very interesting about the Mainstream Media complete and utter brainwashing about the coronavirus…

1:18 Now they take their advice, the British Government and the American Government from a guy at the Imperial College London, Professor Neil Ferguson… “a specialist in his field.”

1:40 He told both American and British Authorities that the expected death rate would be around 2.2 MILLION in America and 500k in the U.K. from the coronavirus… the governments made their decision based on that…

2:05 The other day another “specialist” decided to challenge that… suddenly Professor Neil Ferguson completely CHANGED HIS PROJECTION… probably only 20k in the U.K. and probably 10k will die of Natural Causes anyway… so only 10k will die of coronavirus which is less than people dying from influenza in the last couple of years…

3:00 What is very interesting is that Ferguson downgraded these projections 2 days ago and there is absolutely NO MENTION BY THE MEDIA AT ALL about this…

3:49 Since I grew up I was told that the End of the World would be 100% coming before the year 2000… I didn’t need to study at school… didn’t need to do all these things… this was the Plymouth Brethren’s Teaching which I grew up in…

4:10 When I was 23, having had an arranged marriage from the age of 19… by the age of 23 I had 3 children… that’s their way of keeping you in reproductive… but I started to challenge them and when I started to challenge them and came out of the religion my family completely disowned me from that day to this…

4:23 But you start to challenge things rather than taking things they say for granted… and then finding out years down the line it was all a load of BS…

4:35 And as I’ve said before, “If it looks like sh*t and it smells like sh*t it probably is sh*t…”

4:42 And at this moment in time the Media… they’re all sponsored by the same people… they’ve all got the same stuff… now you’re locked in your houses why don’t you start doing a bit of research and going outside the box…

4:58 And you’ll start to find out stuff… and I’ve got people watching my little updates with humor… and just saying “where do you get this information from?” and I’ve shown it to them…

It’s interesting. I’m not saying it’s right… I’m not saying it’s wrong but have a look at it…

5:15 It’s like… if you look at the Burges Khalifa as an example, where I work in the Middle East…

Kat Note: The Burj Khalifa, known as the Burj Dubai, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates… with a total height of 829.8 m / 2,722 ft, just over half a mile… is the tallest structure and building in the world.


5:21 If you look at the Burj Khalifa from one side in the sunlight it looks completely different to when you look at it from the other side in the shade… but it’s the same building… but it’s very important to have a look from every angle and aspect and see what is actually going on…

5:41 One thing’s for sure… THEY’RE NOT TELLING US THE TRUTH… 1 million % they’re not…

5:49 But what are they doing behind the scenes? I have my own theories which I’ve shared with you… but it’s very important that you don’t get brainwashed by the Media because the Media have a plan…

6:08 I’ll give you one little example… Piers Morgan picked up on one single Tweet today that a 7-year old girl was stabbed to death but there’s been absolutely no coverage of it in the Media at all… that’s not their agenda…

6:21 Their agenda is coronavirus… because something else is going on behind the scenes… whether it’s to do with 5G, whether it’s to do with the Global Reset… whatever it’s to do with everybody has a theory…

6:30 Nobody actually knows until it happens because whatever way we’re looking at it we’re being lied to… from every angle and we’re not being told the whole truth…

6:42 Do yourself a favor and have a look… because I grew up thinking one thing and then finding out it was very very different…

6:55 Anyway… it’s Saturday…

Remember, Jesus loves you
Even if everybody else thinks you’re a twat…

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Operation Disclosure: Who is Charlie Ward and Who are the Alliance? (Partially Transcribed by Kat)
Who is Charlie Ward and Who are the Alliance? (Partially Transcribed by Kat)
Operation Disclosure
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