(Reader | Victor) Darkness and Light Cannot "Unite"

Reader Post | By Victor (I wrote this to a liberal friend today that wanted us all to unite)...so this came out. You can only 'UNIT...

Reader Post | By Victor

(I wrote this to a liberal friend today that wanted us all to unite)...so this came out.

You can only 'UNITE" ....with your own level of understanding.

I am not united with you if you are below the level of "integrity" or at least 50% for the TRUTH IN LIFE........If your not? You are my enemy 100%....because we have nothing in common. And your objective, which is on Satan's side... is to kill all of the LIGHT.

NOW.......this may sound harsh and not "Forgiving"......but is that really True? How did Christ speak to people? He spoke with 100% TRUTH and that sounded very harsh to those standing on the fence and those not of the light. He spoke harshly so that they would make a choice?

Of course if you don't know what the Truth is ?....YOU maybe too far gone? Or your to dumb to know the contract you are making with the DEVIL AND DEATH....that is why Christ spoke as he did. To wake the dummies up and so that you can't say you did not know or you were never offered a choice. Because ignorance is not excuse.

But once you have made a choice for LIGHT OR DARK?......You will know it and it will show up in your Life. If you "reject" the TRUTH? Well.......the only way to help such a person is to "ignore them"..... because you or I can not lift them up to the LIGHT and to the level of Self understanding. That is their Free Will choice always.

They have to walk through the eye of a needle.

IF you do not believe the end goal of the Devil is to kill you?.......just look at what happened to Christ?......its the same game now and nothing has changed today in "modern times?". .....because the only thing that can really change is a human nature.

Presently it appears that "Society" is controlled by the devil right now at a very high level and that level can only be a reflection of the Collective world of huns who have let it happen......or you would not have the news you have and the discourse and the "Battle".

The Truth does not create victim hood......that is the Devils playground and manifestations. Truth does not Create suffering. It gives of what it is ans that is pure LOVE. The Devil creates suffering and by its work of lies will always blame the Truth or others for what it has manifested because that is the nature of the Devil......or what has not "YET" chosen to be at the 50% level or higher....for the TRUTH.

The only thing that brings people together in the "Collective".....is their "energetic level" or their "Acceptance level of Truth" and what they understand and vibrate at. All of society depends and is constructed by how much LIGHT "people" have accepted FOR THEMSELVES...nothing else matters. That is why peopel congregate with others on their own level.

You can not mix water and oil because they are opposed to each other because they have nothing in common except The TRUTH that they have in common or NOT?

Because only the Truth is really in existence. The Devil is a side effect of an "IDEA" .....that "it" can not accept.....because it senses that it does not really exist and is only an effect......(or the lack of LIGHT).

This means that if the Devil accepts the LIGHT......it dies to its false nature. The same applies to each person in the world because the Devil is really only that rejection of "WHAT IS"......AND TRUTH IS WHAT IS?...... and nothing else exists. That harsh delineation is always hated by Devils.....because they know its the Truth and not their choice.

What can the Truth have in common with a lie?......nothing! ......So how can you UNITE the Light and the Dark?.......You can't!....because the non-existence has to give up the fight.

The dark just fades out as more LIGHT comes into the room like when flip that switch ......so then you realize that the dark did not really exist, except as an effect of the LIGHT not being turned on yet.The lack of Light makes victim hood seem real because in the dark is the only place that it seems to exist....until the Light comes on.

The argument of UNITING All......is sophomoric and flawed with errors and is the viewpoint of those that do not have enough Light yet TO SEE........or not enough resonance with the Truth.... or have not made a choice and stepped over the 50% mark. "Uniting".....or being forgiven perhaps?or what ever words you want to use, is just stepping over that 50% mark on the side of the TRUTH. After that you just keep on walking up the mountain, but the major work is done.

Presently Democrats it seems, have made the choice to reject the Truth more than accept it.....(BELOW 50%).. You can see it by their works and public platforms. That is the con-job of Darkness to fool everyone that the Devil has real power, when it is there only because the Light has not been accepted....by YOU.....that is the real power.

You can see it is useless to try to ..."UNITE"....under a Rainbow.... because of this battle to the death ( Darkness vs LIGHT) in this world. Because there is not common Ground. Those below the 50% of integrity or the Truth?.... have only destruction and tearing down and NO ACCEPTANCE in mind, while they scream for acceptance. That is self evident everyday in the news.

The battle to the death is when the LIGHT IS TURNED ON....DARKNESS DIES. That is the battle.

"THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO".....CHRIST SAID:.....because the screaming for acceptance and "Unity".... that they talk about is the screaming for "ACCEPTING ALL LIES" only.

That is why they play with words and concepts that are deceiving and have double meanings .....like the modern BLM movement, which beyond the surface is about accepting all LIES!.....NOT ACCEPTING ALL PEOPLE which the DEVIL can never do.


TRUTH CAN NOT ACCEPT DARKNESS....because it really does not exist?......it does not see what is not itself. So the LIGHT can never see the Darkness!......it is only LIGHT and it is ONE.....not divided.


Someone on the side of Integrity or the Truth can never accept the Dark because it is a lie to its core. To unite with Darkness as ONE is impossible and ridiculous.


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Operation Disclosure: (Reader | Victor) Darkness and Light Cannot "Unite"
(Reader | Victor) Darkness and Light Cannot "Unite"
Operation Disclosure
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