Q and Trump Team Defeat Deep State from Inside out, Part 3/3 (Final Wakeup Call)

Source: Final Wakeup Call | By Peter B. Meyer Q and Trump Team Defeat Deep State from Inside Out 3/3 Emerging developments Summary Wh...

Source: Final Wakeup Call | By Peter B. Meyer

Q and Trump Team Defeat Deep State from Inside Out 3/3

  • Emerging developments
  • Summary
  • Why it is crucial to arrive at 50% mass awakening
  • Emerging developments
More Capitulations

After having read the first two parts of this trilogy, awake people may now realize that the satanic crooks have been unwittingly falling into a trap of their own making. The Deep State has been applying pressure to keep them in line as puppets in government by using tactics of blackmail, threats and coercion in order to carry out the evil acts required in their schemes. Although the Deep State has been using knowledge and intellect in the service of madness, it can be observed their actions have been backfiring on themselves. When knowledge and intellect are combined with wisdom and are applied the right way in the service of Love and Truth, negative actions are transformed into positive ones.

To quote spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle from his book “The Power of Now”: “Power over others is weakness disguised as strength. True power is within, and it is available to you now.” Truly, the Deep State Cabal is weak. Because they know that they are losing this battle, they have been pulling out all the stops to continue attacking We the People. But the Deep State’s tactics of blackmail, threats and coercion are no longer working, because Q and the Trump Team have been operating several steps ahead of the Cabal. The Q-Anon movement has been gaining in strength, and the puppets are in effect now working for Q and the Trump Team. The Plan is being executed with simple yet sophisticated efficiency and elegance.

Our report will continue on the accomplishments of President Trump and his team during his presidency. The next stop after China during Trump’s trip to Asia in 2017 was Vietnam, where President Trump met with Nguyễn Phú Trọng, who was General Secretary of the Communist Party in Vietnam, and was later elected by the National Assembly in October 2018 after former President Trần Đại Quang died in office. Trọng is the third person to concurrently serve as head of both the Party and the State. After presenting the documentation with information regarding the child abuse and treason that had occurred, they capitulated almost instantly, and promised to immediately stop the supply of trafficked children.

In January 2018, President Trump went into the lion’s den at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to meet with the big shots of almost all multinationals and George Soros, who is the highest visible representative in the hierarchical line of Deep State command. Those present at the meeting represented some of the evillest corporations in the world, and were summoned to attend by President Trump. After his late arrival on the first day Trump handed each one his envelope, and ordered them to be present the following day. This visit was the most vulnerable for President Trump as they could have him abducted, because these criminals secretly act like dangerous little rodents who are cornered.

Then again, on the following day they all capitulated. Trump told them that from now on they are working for his team, calling them out on their vile acts of child abuse. In the meeting were George Soros and the CEOs of Nestle, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Shell, BP, just to name a few. As a case in point, according to the mainstream narrative, John McCain apparently died of brain cancer later in August 2018, but was actually executed by military tribunal. Thereafter all ISIS terror attacks were ended.

The next to capitulate was Modi the President of India, who was assembled with all Indian leaders in February 2018. He symbolised India’s capitulation by appearing at the press conference next to Trump with his wrists crossed over each other, giving the indication to his followers that “my hands are tied”.

The next trip on the agenda was the Summit of the Americas that took place in Perú, South America in April 2018, to meet the full leadership of Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador who under the Constitution is also the Supreme Commander of the Mexican Armed Forces. All capitulated after studying the presented envelopes.

In Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro was elected in 2018 and took office on 1 January 2019. In an outcome similar to what happened in India, the next day at the press conference Bolsonaro presented himself with his wrists crossed over each other, and promised the arrests of all involved with paedophilia and child trafficking.

The following stop was in Argentina, the refugee country for many cabal figures like Merkel, Macron, etc., to encounter head of state President Alberto Fernandez, someone as corrupt as all his predecessors who behaved poorly against President Trump. The following day after having studied the documentation, Fernandez submitted and capitulated. Trump was so disgusted with Fernandez’s actions that the US President departed from Argentina without a mutual press conference.

At the G7 summit in June 2018 in Toronto Canada, Trump met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel and clown Emmanuel Macron who was publicly treated as a child. Along with Theresa May and Boris Johnson, they all capitulated. Former British Prime Minister Theresa May cried after finding out that she had been set up for assassination, and that President Trump had saved her life. Due to previous EU capitulation Brexit was completed, and evil Boris Johnson, a Deep State asset, was put in her place. Eventually Johnson will be removed and replaced.

At Buckingham Palace Trump was supposed to have been met by the Queen, but it turned out it was her clone. The same happened with Prince Charles who too was replaced by a double with Camilla Parker Bowl. Trump paid no attention to them and instead spoke to their body guard. The session ended with a photo opportunity at Trump’s request in the famous chair of Winston Churchill, demonstrating who the real boss is in the UK.

On January 15, 2019 President Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin face-to-face in Helsinki Finland. The meeting was qualified by both as being “a good start”. After two hours of closed-door talks the two leaders went into a working lunch with their senior advisers. Speaking earlier, Mr. Putin said it was time to discuss “difficult multi-national issues”. At the mutual press conference at the end of these meetings, Vladimir Putin handed Donald Trump a soccer ball, telling him “the ball is now in your court Mr. President”, and “we are on your team, we’ll work for you!” Hidden within the ball was a memory stick with top secret information – definitely a clever and original gesture to securely hand over privileged classified intel.

At the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush on December 6th 2018, President Trump was the odd man out. The front-row mockery was among Bush Jr., Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter and their spouses. It came to an end when the President and First Lady Melanie arrived. Some discomfort with Trump was perhaps to be expected as he purposely arrived late to have the service interrupted. The service was used to serve all four former presidents and Hillary Clinton an envelope with documents that they were not expecting and not very happy about receiving.


All the above has been accomplished in a period of 3 and a half years’ time, which is without any doubt an amazing achievement in the process of draining the swamp and taking down the Deep State Cabal from the inside out.

In order to understand the enormity of the continued crimes and fraud all people have been subjected to, it is important to realise that most of the criminalities have been accomplished through the corporate banks and government services corporations, fraudulently presented to the people as being legalised banking institutions and so called ‘elected governments’, which, instead of serving the public, were simply bribed and hired contractors of the British Crown in the City of London.

The British Crown covertly rules the world from the 677-acre – 2.7km2, independent sovereign state, known as The City of London. This Crown consists of a committee of 12 banks, headed by the Bank of England, controlled by the Rothschilds. All multinational corporations are owned by foreign “Bloodline” families. They are private corporations, most of them franchisees of the privately owned Bank of London, located in the City of London, which is the private Khazarian Mafia nation-state with its own ambassadors and police force. The City of London is not part of the UK and doesn’t pay taxes. In the 18th century, the Rothschild Banking family ran covert malpractices to extract illegally enormous amounts of money, with which they have bought the UK.

Be aware, in the background are ongoing arrests of high profile Deep State politicians, bureaucrats, corporate heads, bankers and celebrities. Most of them are being arrested for crimes of paedophilia and human trafficking, as acts of treason.

The Jesuits are the real mafia in finance, secret establishments, secret societies, the church, essentially everywhere in the world through their control over the Vatican Bank, that recently has been stopped by Trump. Whereas, the total destruction of the Deep State’s “central banking economy” is now in progress. The only permanent downfall of this satanic plague can be accomplished through the destruction of their entire criminal economic system. This is now actually being accomplished by deliberately destroying the economy as can be observed. And it is advancing with the confiscation of their corporate structures and assets.

This operation is a classified, militaristic surgical action, that required about 20 years of preparation. As with warfare, closing off the enemy’s supply lines diminishes their ability to siphon what is needed to themselves, and is the most effective way to eternally defeat the Deep State.

There are many evil corporations with deep pockets to resupply criminal activities like Antifa, BLM and dozens of other cabal-hired riot groups. The confiscation of their money, assets and other holdings will end those riots. Many of the Fortune 500 companies have been working behind the scenes in both the destruction of our country and the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent children worldwide. Moreover, these actions are financially supported by George Soros, governments and drug cartels.

Why it is crucial to arrive at 50% mass awakening

There is much more to be told, but it is important to know that we’re all being lied to. With any luck, people soon everywhere will become fed up with the COVID lockdown and face masks nonsense. Let the truth be known; the Corona figures don’t add up. Hospitals are more than half empty! More people die from car accidents each year than from COVID-19. It is of the highest importance to understand that we are all being played like a fiddle, to get us prepared for mandatory vaccination, being culled or incarcerated into the New World Order prison.

For example, begin to ask yourself with an open mind whether this pandemic and the performed tests could in fact be a clever way to gain secret access to the inside of your body, especially your brain. The nasal swabs being used reach to the very back of your throat. Is there any medical reason why the swabs must be this length? Could these COVID tests be possibly used to secretly infect people, with some disease-causing agent, that would make vaccinations a necessity?

The Corona hysteria began without any evidence. The World Health Organization (WHO), an affiliate of the Cabal, has been a recurring offender, as there is actually no basis for restricting our civil rights. This has been proven by facts in the course of the Corona “crisis”. Sweeping draconian measures that the world has never seen before are being enforced without any consultation. First of all, it is noticeable that the WHO is the global command body that exclusively holds the “Corona” reins in hand. This organisation is publicly notorious for its extreme corruption. Bill Gates, one of the richest people of the world, has been using the WHO as his personal promotion tool to sell his vaccines for profit. What does that say about the reputation and credibility of this organisation? It is equally concerning that the WHO has blatantly misjudged previous pandemics, such as bird and pig flu. Their negligent actions have been paving the way for further disasters and crises. The World Health Organisation needs to be held accountable for these actions.

The ludicrousness of this situation becomes even more obvious, when we learn that the world’s top epidemiologists have discredited the severity of the pandemic by declaring that masks don’t work. Dutch public health officials recently explained why they’re not recommending masks:

“From a medical point of view, there is no evidence of a medical effect of wearing face masks, so we decided not to impose a national obligation,”said Medical Care Minister Tamara van Ark.

Think about it – life could potentially become very gruesome in the near future as the majority of the unawake drags the awake populace into the planned New World Order prison, because of a pandemic that does not exist. Everything of value in our lives will be negatively impacted; this implicates the end of personal freedom and the arrival of a new money system designed to integrate with a social-score system, such as what is now being used in Communist China.

If the masses continue to fall for this pandemic ploy, the rest of us will be swept along with them into the world prison. In other words, the unawake masses will pull the awake minority into slavery with them. Our strategy must be clear. We the Awake must apply all our efforts and financial resources to those missions and activities that offer the best chance of reaching the masses with the truth. If we fail to do that, nothing else matters.

Emerging developments

Fortunately, emerging positive developments are being reported on the side of Q and the Patriots. Currently, the mainstream media is being taken over by the White Hats, and there will be tribunals occurring at Guantanamo Bay, where all the accused do not have any legal defence against their accusations due to the meticulous investigation and presentation of documents, CDs, DVDs, etc.

The cabal members know their days are numbered. The ringmasters, like Soros, Pelosi, California Governor Brown, New York Governor are being forced to submit, they kept their handcuffs behind their back. They all will face their judgement days in 2021 in GITMO. The sick and evil deeds of these people will soon be exposed for all the world to see.

As it is certain that President Trump will win his re-election this coming November with flag and banner, many people may ask: What will happen after 2024? Although it is difficult to make a proper forecast, one thing is for sure: Donald Trump being the Q-frontman will walk away from all of this. His difficult but most honourable task has been completed, and there will come a point when he has no desire to stay another day in the White House. This whole liberation undertaking has been concentrated on the return of power to We the People. So, it is of the utmost importance that we take care of ourselves and do what we can to help others when necessary and possible.

It is very likely that with his re-election, President Trump will have been the last president of USA Inc. and will become the first President of the new Republic of America. This topic will be elaborated further in a future Final Wakeup Call article. First it is necessary that people find out for themselves who they really are; by changing their mind-set and discovering the TRUTH, they will see and understand the magnitude of their own power and create a better world. It is imperative that we become the amazing individuals that all of us were designed to be, and become responsible for ourselves and stop being dependent on institutions or somebody else. From now on, all people need to take responsibility for their own lives and decide for themselves.

It is a good idea to learn about the origins, growth and demise of the Deep State cabal in detail, available in Peter’s books “The Great Awakening” (Parts 1 and 2) where the ins and outs are described in chronological order, along with internet links for further investigation. This will certainly make a positive contribution to the necessary awakening and healing process everyone has to go through.

We need to make sure that all future generations stay informed about what has happened with planet Earth and its inhabitants in the past 430,000 years, so that similar criminal evils do not happen to them again. Only continued civil vigilance will prevent the return of these criminal money thieves and their financial slavery. The Great Awakening books were written specifically for this preventive purpose, and purchasing and studying them is one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal. It is important that we use our gained knowledge to ensure continuous well-being, happiness, health and joy for ourselves and future generations to come. These books are essential reads and are great for any awake Patriot’s collection. Please check out the Final Wakeup call website at www.finalwakeupcall.info to purchase the books, and for more free enlightening articles and to participate in the discussion.

If you found the information in this article interesting, helpful, or insightful, please share it with your friends and help wake them up.

To encourage the Trump team, the patriots fighting the Globalist Mafia and to help with waking up many more people, any awake person can fly the US national flag until after the upcoming elections on November 3. This is the very best symbolic demonstration of our solidarity for Q and the Trump Team, and is a visual representation that shows we are becoming the awake majority.

Please stay tuned for more Great Awakening info to come!

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Operation Disclosure: Q and Trump Team Defeat Deep State from Inside out, Part 3/3 (Final Wakeup Call)
Q and Trump Team Defeat Deep State from Inside out, Part 3/3 (Final Wakeup Call)
Operation Disclosure
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