Liberation No Escape || Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer August 27, 2020 Liberation No Escape In the run up to GESARA and maki...

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

August 27, 2020

Liberation No Escape

In the run up to GESARA and making operational the QFS that replaced the Swift system with the CIPS payment system, there are some nice developments.

The Deepstate Cabal has already lost the battle, it is now an unequal battle, now that they have been unmasked, because it is visible who took all the bribes to introduce NWO fascism under the cover of the Covid 19 lie.

With NWO's Corona mask duty, the Satanists and Paedophiles of the governments have used it to fearfully incite the population to vaccinate, to kill 95% of the population following their agenda 21 / 2030.

Wearing the Mask is an intelligence test and a sign of willingness to submit to the Satanic government rats.

As far as I know, it has never happened before what is going to happen around the 29th of August.

Let them look in the mirror.

In 1939 the Reichstag in Berlin was set on fire by the Nazis themselves, of which a Dutchman was blamed and used as Patsie, which was a wealthy man trick to start WW II which still continues to this day.

The result was a massive Genocide of the world's civilian population from 1940 to the present day.

There will never be political or banker casualties in a war against the population, that may change.

In 1989 the wall in Berlin, east and west Germany were reunited, and Merkel was slowly but surely put on the throne by the Satanic Cabal, just as in the Netherlands Pedo Satanist Psychopath Mark Rutte came to the executive power in the service of the Nazi fake King, to protect the paedophiles of the former Netherlands.

In the coming days the unthinkable will happen, the people of several countries will take action.

It is unique in our human history that a population will besiege its own Nazi government, expected numbers of over 5 million people on August 29th in Berlin.

No police force or the EU Nazi troops are prepared for this.

Weapons for the population is Taboo, but a mirror against that can give a broad insight.

If 1 million of the 5 million people carry a mirror of 30 x 30 Centimeters, this could have a big effect.

Make sure your mirror has no sharp edges, but pray for a lot of sunshine, then all mirrors together will make a big sparkle party of it.

If there is aggression from Police or Army, work together and use the mirrors as a flexible Parabolic weapon.

The energy of the sunlight will bundle, someone who targets the weapons at the population will be irradiated by more than 1000 mirrors.

The Nazi follower who will then be beamed will get a lot of heat from the mirror, so he will not be able to take further action against the population.

It will get hot in the Reichstag, where corrupt politicians who have betrayed their own population will be boiled with shining mirrors for days in a row.

The Roof Chair of the government building in The Hague will burn in such a way that it will be a celebration.

A bundled reflection of Sunlight will easily burn down the Reichstag for the second time.

This is a practical example to put the darkness into the light.

The siege of Berlin will last 5 days, there will be provisions for 5 million people to keep the siege going.

The Angela Hitler Regime has banned the protest of Berlin, which would not have happened if the left had sent Soros Antifa, or BLM had held these protests.

Corrupte Jens Spahn a copy of Hugo the Younger, who has shares to make a profit with the Corona Lie was whistled out by the population and scolded as a mass murderer.

System mayors of the CDU, (Cabal Demon Ungeheuer) has admonished the people who are waking up, that they are endangering people with their Covid 19 imposed dementia and lie by Cabal politics.

By banning the protest action, people are more determined to expel Angela Hitler together with her Pedo Cabinet.


No longer following decrees from the fascist political hierarchy, is becoming a sport all over the world.

The restrictions imposed by the Satanists of politics are now being ignored, people acknowledge that they have been abused as subjects for many years.

The power of free will is what patriots now experience, the right to self-determination over one's own life and health is now being massively claimed.

Nobody wants to be under the command of a Satanist and Pedophile anymore, who have lied to the people for so long just to stay in power and commit their Genocide agenda against their own people.

Because of your birthright you are sovereign, registering as a new earthlings after your birth, the Pedo Satanist elite has used Satanists to declare your death and abuse you as a serf slave for the rest of your life to pay illegitimate taxes, but have first indoctrinated to properly imprint the slave duties by MK Ultra.

The spirit is out of the bottle and can never or never again be captured to obey, for self-destruction by letting the Satanic Cabal dictate.

Angela Hitler and her fellow traitors are very frightened, they realize, just like when the wall falls, that the floodgates of freedom are open.

Donald J Trump and Vladimir Putin have done their homework well, a direct intervention would have brought a war with many victims.

Now it is the people who rise up themselves and lay siege to their own tormentors.

Also the army is part of the population and will join the population, police who will be well outnumbered have no choice but to join the population.

The oath or promise made was to protect the population, not to suppress them, many mindless police people have forgotten that, they do not dare to think for themselves, and blindly follow the fascists' orders from their own Nazis.

The embankment breach of the Cabal was already visible for some time, from a damp place to a drip, to a ray that turned into a tsunami,

Angela Hitler's reign of terror, and together with her the rest of the western Cabal governed governments, will fall under the swirling discontent and popular anger.

How many US troops in civilian and Russian embassy personnel could intervene at any moment if armed conflict were to arise.

Don't forget that there are over 22,000 US soldiers in Mecklenburg Vorpommern to protect the German liberated population under Europe Defender 2020 to have Satanic Merkel chased away by their own people.

Wherever the first battle and victory over the Cabal is in the world, the longing for liberation and end of WW II is now in full swing, and will recapture the world from the Cabal like a fool.

The fact that Merkel, Rutte, Macron, Kurz, Johnson, Pedro Sanchez and other bought pro vaccination politicians are no longer in charge of the population will accelerate the further awakening.

MSM will be forced to report true facts and crimes against their own population.

The big stick behind the door is the QFS, anyone who is a criminal will be excluded from the QFS and will no longer have a right to exist, followed by a total expropriation of the person and entire Cabal.

After the siege of Berlin, many government cities will follow in an all destructive tsunami of liberation, we have to do it together.

We owe it to our children and no longer give them to the Pedophiles of the Cabal governments.

It's quiet and silenced by the folk people of Brussels, we don't hear any more tirade from an insane Pedophile Belgian who is performing his fellow unelected travels, his Adolf act.

They are afraid, the Soros sent Nazi Satanists out of the world, because their downfall is already a fact, by the loss of power that our Cabal governments had given to the EU, the lack of trust, money, safe future at their own address is deadly for their existing right.

There will be no more acceptance of the new Satanic Norm of mouth caps and 1.5 meters, which made the Corona Scam disappear immediately, just like the Climate lie, they were and are only means to expropriate and oppress the population in order to control the mass that had to be slowly replaced and reduced by 95% according to Agenda 21 that Bernhard von Lippen submitted to the UN summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Liberation, that's what you do, believe in yourself, free yourself from lied obligations, it's precisely this awakening that the Cabal Bilderberg Nazis are afraid of.

It is war and Rutte fascism in The Hague, Fascism has a face, see all police Nazi rats against their own population, it looks like Germany in 1933.

The political viper brood in the Netherlands makes laws that have no basis in a legal constitution, which expired on 13 May 1940.

Anyone who supports them is himself a victim of the crime that is committed en masse, this is the result of people with a very low IQ hired by the Police and BOA (Special Investigation Officer) Nazi dementia.

In the Netherlands the NSB rats of Satanist Rutte are being hunted, it is everyone's duty to give name and address where the Mercenaries of the Rutte Cabal live who want to control the population by force.

Here's some information and fun on what's going on in Germany above Angela Hitler.

Prince Reuss responds to an e-mail dated 09.06.2020

25 August 2020
by schaebelsblog

Prince Reuss responded yes.
Heinrich XIII Reuss
On: M E Di., June 9 at 19:15.

Good evening Frau Sch..,

I'd like to reply quickly to your cordial mail, because with the amount of mails reaching me, there's a danger that we'll forget it.

Also in me today is a day of despair, because the state simulation still prevails.

For us patriots, these are very difficult times to bear.

But wait a minute. I have the way - solution and I will do it.

I was asked for Yalta II in Moscow (peace treaty) and immediately the lawsuit against me was adjourned.

What does this tell us? I am very uncertain about the behavior of the Allies at the moment, because the expected support did not come. ( this was on June 9th, now August 27th this has changed )

I follow the path of a structure that is correct according to international law with the restoration of a state from the empire.

For this I need the patriots, who unfortunately cannot be consolidated.

The danger with the Deep State Allies plan is a monarchy of allied graces with George Frederick Prussia.

This is a Federal Government 2.0.

He, too, will have to sign a submission document analogous to the Chancellery Act.

I am rebuilding the issue of land rights according to human and international law.

The "trade law experts" don't want that and are trying to put me on hold.

In my structure, we will have a modern constitution, and the state quota will be significantly reduced.

A parliament with a maximum of 201 members and a maximum of five ministries.

If the voting Germans, who then have to be redefined, want to elect a king, the matter will be settled with Georg-Friedrich Prussia and/or Stefan Ratzeburg and the candidates for the throne unknown to us today.

These pretenders to the throne use the principle of the birthright = the birthright of the eldest. I am in favor of the principle of suitability, the will to serve with all its demands of "submission".

I need - the support of the patriots (visible) and - that of the three allies (US, RUS, UK).

Kind regards

Henry XIII Prince Reuss
Office Prince Reuss
Telephone: 00 (49) 69 17000 70
Fax: 00 (49) 69 17000 777
E - mail:

It is undeniable, the 3rd Reich of Angela Hitler and her corrupt Nazi EU is irreparably damaged.

The NWO wet dream comes to an abrupt end.

Read further current information:

I know all the pedo Dons of the Dutch government.

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Operation Disclosure: Liberation No Escape || Rinus Verhagen
Liberation No Escape || Rinus Verhagen
Operation Disclosure
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