Covid-19 is a Failed Agenda of the Deep State, but What will they Throw at the World, Next?

Operation Disclosure | By Mark A. Baughman, Guest Writer August 27, 2020 Covid-19 is a failed Agenda of the Deep State, but what will...

Operation Disclosure | By Mark A. Baughman, Guest Writer

August 27, 2020

Covid-19 is a failed Agenda of the Deep State, but what will they throw at the Population of the World, Next?

I have been receiving intelligence that we have a very corrupt and angry animal cornered and will do anything to survive. The illuminati, Cabal or Deep State, whatever you want to call them now, are NOT in control. The Elite are really defeated and do not have the power they once had. The turning point was really about one and half years ago, about mid-winter 2019. My sources have confirmed this, but the “plan” was never in doubt for its success. Our military, the Alliance, Q team, and many good leaders around the world had planned measures and counter-measures where the worldwide control of the planet went back to “The People”. This clearly was the most strategized to take down of an enemy, ever. This is compared to a three-dimensional chess game. President Trump’s inauguration speech told us the truth, he was “giving the government and the power back to the people”. They controlled the world with money and power for centuries and from information given to me, they controlled 80% of the world’s wealth. They controlled a world of poverty and hunger of at least a billion people on the planet. The crimes against humanity are at the disgusting level; the lowest of low for crimes in the Universe. They worshipped Satan and Lucifer, had child sacrifices, killed children for Adrenochrome, controlled human trafficking, over-thrown governments, drug trafficking, paid off politician, paid off/created and controlled world industries through intimidation and murder. How could we have let this happen? The good people came together to overthrow this great tyranny. You could say that God stated “enough is enough”, especially of the abuse of the most innocent; the children. This is a worldwide clean-up of this evil “mafia”. We will “Thank God” for this wonderful intervention, forever!

From my sources, some at most of the top level’s criminals have been arrested, executed or locked up for a very long time. Many have been processed at GITMO (Guantanamo Bay Military Base) arrested for treason, crimes against humanity like human trafficking and pedophilia. This is military court law because these crimes are usually treason, sedition, human trafficking and crimes against children. Most cases are just two weeks under military court rules; executions carried out immediately. Some, like Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and Bill Gates are arrested but wear an electronic ankle bracelet because they can be useful for the Alliance and President Trump to work for their side now. Once their usefulness is over, off to GITMO for trial they go. This is the same for the clones in place, once disclosure of the real crimes to the public, the clone will be terminated. Complete disclosure and the turn-off Fake Main Stream Media will happen probably after President Trump gets re-elected. They will run confessions from these criminals against the “People” for seven to ten days in eight hour shifts for all to see. The evidence is so overwhelming that almost all people cannot deny the truth. We will not have Fake New after that, thank God! I have had enough, for sure. Now, for the reason for this article; What is the illuminati going to throw at the population next?

We will start with most of you know: that 9/11 was a false-flag. This was carried out by both Bushes Senior and George W. Bush Junior, the Mossad, and the CIA. You see a real false-flag event has to be done with people from the very top and planned with precision and well in advance. I used the simplest explanation that jet fuel burns at 1,517 degrees and steel melts at 2,777 degrees or some say 2,500 degrees. So, the explanation that the jet fuel brought down the towers by melting is NOT possible. In that high tower, they would use hardened steel and a lot of it, meaning a well-built frame so one would not sway in the wind. The jet aircraft could not or the fire from the jet fuel could not melted the total floor, either. If it would have fallen, the top one-third would have tipped over like a tree. The big thing many people overlook is that building # 7 was NEVER hit by an airplane and still came straight down, just like a normal demolition of an older building that they wanted to bring down. This is clear sound deductive reasoning. This other crap that steel could have melted enough, with jet fuel to bring it down is just not true by sound physics. You look at the film, and one can see the small explosions at the bottom of the buildings. The melted steel they found at the bottom was because they used neutron bombs that reach multi-times the temperature steel would melt. The main purpose of developing this neutron bomb was to “penetrate enemy armor more effectively than a conventional weapon”. Remember, the twin towers and building number # 7 had very good steel in the structure. It had to be, to be that height of 94 floors. Know too, many people got sick later, that survived being close to the blast, many say it was all the asbestos that was in the towers, and that probably is true. I also think it was the low-level radiation too from the neutron bombs that was used too.

For my first book, I used my engineering and physics knowledge to show that 9/11 was a false-flag. I never tackled the fake-image of the airplanes crashing into the side of the building, displayed on TV in a very detailed film. This was played over and over again to convince the people of their narrative. These top-criminals that occupied the White House did play on the civilization, to stop NESARA/GESARA and the freedom of the planet from this lucifer worshiping pedophiles that controlled the people in the background. Most people know that NESARA was going to be announced at 10:00am on 9/11/2001 but the first plane hit at 8:46am. These criminals hit the pentagon with a missile where the Alliance had offices and records. The Pennsylvania strike was not an aircraft either, it was a missile to take-out the Alliance’s computers. For the Alliance and the Q movement, it has taken 19 years to get back and make sure the “good guys” would win and rid the planet of these criminal parasites!

With that stated, we go to the CGI or called “Computer-Generated Image” that was used in the 9/11 graphic. No airplanes really hit the twin-towers; it was missiles. People do not realize that the military has usually developed and used high technology decades before the public even gets a watered-down version. CGI is no different, they could use very great graphics, like I heard they used in Iraq war invasion to make-up tanks strength or even aircraft look to fill the skies. This technology has really advanced. Everyone has seen great new cartoon type films that look realistic. Also, like in movies where they overlay the CGI images to give a fantastic bad-guy monster look or flying through the air good guy heroes in films.

In today’s world, they can overlay a face that looks real and even interact with a reporter with questions and answer sessions. Hell, I found out from one of my intelligence sources that candidate Biden clone was really acting up during the Democratic National Convention and they used CGI for his interviews. Hell, all the bars and restaurants were closed with the Covid-19 thing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, nobody was there. Biden handlers needed that. The original law-breaking Biden and his criminal son have already been executed at GITMO.

Here is what was stated in a convention in 2015: “At this year's Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Asia, the next evolution of CGI will be presented featuring a technology that lets you put someone else's expressions on your face. Yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it”. Therefore, the 9/11 film hoax at a distance could easily be spliced into the original film. Especially if it was from a military-operations. It is all smoke and mirrors, and a big magic show!

Now, they can do a very large CGI, with outdoor lasers. CGI, like to display in the night sky fake airplanes for an invasion. I have stated it was used in the Iraq invasion to place fear into the Iraq military. Now, for the next level is operation blue-beam, which is to project a Jesus in the sky to “spread fear” in the population. Or to tell the people to form a “One World Government”. This is a Deep State play and is an illuminati plan. From Disclosure TV: “Conspiracy theories: What is Project Blue Beam?

According to conspiracy theories, the Blue Beam Project is a secret Star Trek-like black project NASA is allegedly working on to fake an alien invasion in order to unite humanity into a New Age world religion under the United Nation with the Antichrist at its head. The U.N. is an illuminati puppet.

This is considered to be the start of a New World Order as a result of this simulated Second Coming and the destruction of religious doctrines, the fourth step, with advanced laser projection technology beyond our imagination. These lasers would be used to project information and images of unimaginable supernatural forces on a scale never witnessed over every major city on Earth.

Book: Blue Beam Project (NASA) by Serge Monast

The theories about Project Blue Beam were first presented by Quebecois journalist and conspiracy theorist Serge Monast in 1994. A few years later he wrote the book "Project Blue Beam (NASA)". Monast died as a result of a heart attack in 1996. Conspiracy theories made the rounds that he and the coauthor of his book were in fact assassinated in an effort to cover-up his investigations into Project Blue Beam.”

One can see, the rogue or Deep State part of the military was probably responsible for his death. Of course, we cannot prove it. This project Bluebeam is cheap and difficult to take out by the “White Hats”, therefore is probably still in the Deep States toolbox. Will this happen before the election November 3, 2020? It is difficult to say. But the great journalist and well-connected Western Benjamin Fulford out of Japan saw this, in action. In interviewing an Italian government official, Mr. Fulford was shown the technology, and proved it was real. Mr. Fulford stated it looks more real than you know.

I found out about the illuminati plan to have a fake alien invasion with real anti-gravity crafts with robotic “Grey” aliens looking in the cockpit to place fear in the population. This was going to be World War III. Real military humans were to be really controlling the crafts. This is just like all illuminati false-flag events since and including the civil war. Yes, these conflicts and wars that America was involved in were all created and faked to keep the population in worry, stress and fear. This is also to keep control of the population. The illuminati own and control the so-called defense companies, so they can make money on the backs of the population and “thin the herd” by creating war.

From several whistleblowers in the America military, they have gone on record and even the story is published. These anti-gravity crafts were stored in Pine-Gap, Australia; underground. These have been destroyed by the Earth Alliance, because they knew they were a threat. The many underground tunnels and bases are being cleaned up in Australia like in America. The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers went to Melbourne and helped to discover two layers of tunnels, one deeper than the others, in Melbourne one even goes in the total circumference of the country with one down the center. This is why many Australians were locked up, because of the explosions to destroy them. But Pine-Gap was a main base for the illuminati and the Alliance took care of it a while ago. The U.S Corp of Engineers were there as advisors and the Australian Military did most of the hard-lifting. This is the pattern around the world, the trained U.S. Military has a 10,000 Marine force with Navy Seals embedded in the group that is specially trained for subterranean warfare. From my sources, all nuclear and bioweapons have been taken out of the illuminati toolbox a long time ago.

There was a major Deep State underground facility called China-Lake in California too. They did much nefarious cloning and human trafficking there. This enormous underground labyrinth was blown-up with Direct Energy Weapons and bombs by the Earth Alliance too. It was large, so it did take some weeks. I think it has been several months since California had all those earthquakes that were not natural. Just about all of the earthquakes around the world is the clear-out or clean-up of the DUMB bases and tunnels. The Earth Alliance wants to collapse the tunnels and bases so they cannot be used again.

Another threat that has been talked about on the internet and news is a possible meteor hitting the planet. I do know that the Space Force or the Secret Space Program, or the Galactics would not allow a major one to hit the surface to do real damage. They monitor this all the time, and have heard on conference calls how that is taken care of; very professional and with great precision. Therefore, this must be more news diarrhea from the Deep State trying to instill fear through the Fake Stream Media. This fear mongering is about all they have left. Most people know now that at least part of Main-Stream Media is fake.

From one of my intelligence sources, they say a Covid-19a or Covid-20 is going to be released again from the Deep State. This was to be before the election in November too. So, I can ask questions on most of the conference calls. I did get through to ask one my highest sources and directly confronted him about a new Covid threat and or project blue beam. He responded with “poppycock”, one word at first. One has to laugh, for this means “nonsense” in the English Dictionary but the history is a Dutch word that means “soft poop”! Yes, it means this information you received is totally “crap” in modern terms.

Now, as a citizen journalist and receiving intelligence from multi-sources, most are very creditable. My high source began to state that the Covid-19 was a “failed” major project because they wanted to kill 50 to 200 million people worldwide. It clearly did not kill close to that amount of people, but did shut down the world economies, at least 20%. They had this planned for 20 years. This was going to be the one of the final blows before the vaccine for tracking and control of the population. Then install the New World Order, or one world government worldwide. My high source says there will NOT be another Covid outbreak. He was right, they did not succeed and President Trump and the Earth Alliance used these lock-downs to arrest people and to clear-out and blow-up the underground bases and tunnels around the world. Great strategy, and is still going on, but without much going out to Fake Stream Media, so the “fragile population” still goes upon their some-what normal lives. You have to understand, when the world gets past the election in November, we are not going back to the old world. We are going to end poverty, hunger, and start projects worldwide that will change the people and the face of this planet. My high source stated that we have reached a point militarily and with positive vibrations, the Deep State cannot do much anymore. I do know the projection for most arrests, to be completed in December 21, 2020. And one source stated by Labor Day; most major arrests or criminal power brokers will be in total custody.

I still thing project blue-beam is a possibility because is cheap and easy to conceal. Operation Disclosure to the public will probably happen about or before December 21, 2020 too. Great celebrations will happen and rightfully so! President Trump, the Earth Alliance, and Q Anon group will go down in history as the greatest world war WIN ever! For we will be rid of major evil on the planet. Anybody that has committed pedophilia, human trafficking, adrenochrome drinking or child abuse will most likely be executed. Thank God for these great people to work so hard to clean the planet from this evil scum; it has been going on for many decades. But there probably be a September 2020 sometime, a final lockdown. This will be a cover for the financial reset and for the final arrests; this information is from well connected, Charlie Ward.

Finally, for those who still have a hard time believing even in the Deep State or illuminati. Start by saying the illuminati are very egotistical and arrogant. For they put out in plain sight, the Georgia Guidestones. This tells everyone in the nice way of the New World Order goals for the future. Of course, they state at the top; they want the population to be reduced to 500 million people, from now 7.8 billion. Yes, they want to kill us, 95% of us! Look up agenda 21 or 2030 under the United Nations Charter. It tells you the same thing. These are evil people. Now, one has to know the planet will support our population and more. We can clean-up the environment too. All 6,000 or more classified technologies that are starships, anti-gravity crafts, clean energy and even replicators to make food out of plasma energy have been kept secret. This evil Deep State is crazy and needs to be removed from our planet. The ‘good Guys & Gals” are just doing that! The good Guys and Gals have WON the war!

Georgia Guide Stones-Illuminati Goals-Displayed Out in the Open! They are called the “New World Order”!


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Operation Disclosure: Covid-19 is a Failed Agenda of the Deep State, but What will they Throw at the World, Next?
Covid-19 is a Failed Agenda of the Deep State, but What will they Throw at the World, Next?
Operation Disclosure
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