A Republic: One Address, One Vote

Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Guest Writer August 22, 2020 A Republic “One Address – One Vote” In 1789, the framers of...

Operation Disclosure | By B. Patrick Thomas, Guest Writer

August 22, 2020

A Republic “One Address – One Vote”

In 1789, the framers of the US Constitution agreed that the States should have the freedom to set voting requirements. Generally, the States limited this right to property-owners. However, from 1962 to 1964 the US Supreme Court under Chief Justice Earl Warren superseded the individual State’s Constitutional authority by a series of rulings. Moreover, in 1971, the Federal Government passed a law lowering the voting age to18 years old from 21. Most States did not wish to lower the voting age but did not want to incur the extra cost of having a different age obstacle to differentiate between State and Federal election counts.

Recently, “Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told Fox News that China poses ‘a greater national security threat’ to the United States ‘than any other nation,’ detailing a web of threats that includes ‘election influence and interference.’ Intelligence officials say they are increasingly concerned about interference in the U.S. election by China.”

Even Q was worried about election fraud, as Q displayed in post 4494:

Are China and Other Foreign Adversaries Printing/Cloning Paper Ballots to Cheat the 2020 Election?

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV622 Jun 2020 -

Is this about the virus OR THE ELECTION?
Manipulated polls meant to 'legitimize' rigged election results?
"The election was not rigged - all the polls demonstrated Biden's clear lead across the Country." - Example
What happens if China successfully duplicates [clones] select ballots [battleground states]?
What happens if coordination exists with select states to deliver 'printing' and 'paper' ballot recipe(s)? [secrets] to select [F] adversaries?
Nothing to lose?
Logical thinking.

Why are their alarms about election meddling? Maybe this article dated January 23rd, 2020 gives us clues, as Trump targets “birth tourism.” The author says the State Department exposes that "birth tourism poses risks to national security." And that it is "rife with criminal activity, including international criminal schemes." What schemes could be plotted in a supposedly innocent and blessed childbearing? I, somehow, could not find any information on Chinese tourist birthing with covert intentions. Although by a liberal blessed miracle, I found an article titled “Putin Infiltrating the US & Canada Through Birth Tourism?” It clearly lays out the scenario, “Russian women travel to the US and Canada to give birth. The children automatically are granted either US or Canadian citizenship. After 18 years (of age), the children can return to the US and Canada and pursue politics and vote in the election.” My guess is that if Russia is meddling in North American affairs, then China’s attempt must be a hundred-fold!

John Freere in his 2015 article titled “Birth Tourists Come From Around the World” claims that Presidential candidate Jeb Bush exposed the “fraud being committed where there's organized efforts — and frankly it's more related to Asian people coming into our country, having children in that organized effort, taking advantage of a noble concept with birthright citizenship." Moreover, Freere estimates that there are as many as 36,000 birth tourists arriving in the United States every year. Realistically, that number is low, for instance, Freere said, “It may be that the largest percentage of birth tourism originates in China, but there are no numbers to verify this. It has been reported that there are "at least 500 (birth tourist) companies." Hmmm, at the least 500, the Chinese always distort numbers to China’s benefit. Remember the Wuhan-virus numbers that the CCP relayed to the world? If there are 500 companies, how many births are needed to break even? 10, 20, or maybe 50. Using the greed motive, I could envision some of these companies marketing hundreds of births a year. Furthermore, it is not a stretch to imagine the Chinese have been birthing American citizens by tourists in large numbers as far back as the Clinton Presidency!

My man, President Trump is aware of this deception. On January 22nd 2020, Trump received his first public question from a reporter regarding whether he was concerned about the coronavirus. Trump responded: "No, not at all. And we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China ... It's going to be just fine.” However, he fibbed because he knew what the deep state was planning and was already 5 moves ahead of the cheats! The next day, January 23rd, NPR reported that, “The Trump administration says it is targeting the practice known as birth tourism. The State Department says that traveling to deliver a child in the U.S. is not a legitimate activity for pleasure or of a recreational nature. The State Department's rule, which was unveiled Thursday, states, ‘birth tourism poses risks to national security.’ The department contends that birth tourism has created an industry ‘rife with criminal activity, including international criminal schemes.’" Why do so many intelligence experts point to a possibility of criminal activity?

In my opinion, the criminal scheme that is so horrifying is mail-in balloting. Suppose that millions of birth citizens voted with mailed in ballots from other countries. Below is the Florida Supervisors of Elections website telling Military and Overseas Citizens how to vote by mail:


Not too complicated of a process. It seems to me that if you have a well-funded organization, it would be easy to overwhelm a pre-selected swing-county election supervisor and inefficient postal service with fake mail-in ballots. Browsing this information, it is curious, why do the Democrats want to help the postal service with mail in ballot funding? Perhaps, it is to legitimize this mail-in-ballot misrepresentation.

The white hats were busy setting up the final moves, according to Tyler Sonnemaker of Business Insider “The US Postal Service has filed a patent for a "reliable voting system" that would use blockchain technology to improve the security and transparency of election results… The patent proposes sending voters a unique code in the mail which they can then use to verify their identity and cast their vote online, and then storing that information on the blockchain to ensure votes aren't tampered with. And then storing that information on the blockchain to ensure votes aren't tampered with.” This patent was filed on February 9th, well ahead of the quarantines, and two weeks after Trump made his announcement of the birth tourists. My question is, why would the Postal Service be involved in voter verification? I thought that the individual State’s own departments of transportation supplied the election boards with this information.

The Cabal’s next move was to crush Trumps V -shaped economic recovery, while having their own medical experts starting a second wave of covid-19 pandemic fears with threats of more confinements. Friedrich Nietzsche warned us, “democratic institutions form a system of quarantine for tyrannical desires.” Notwithstanding, these same medical experts claim that numerous lives will be saved by employing mail-in-ballots for the November 3rd election. Hmm, these are the same experts who started this new wave of Wuhan virus with information supplied by Our World in Data saying in the, “U.S. there were 126,140 total deaths, 2.59 million confirmed cases, and about 30 million tests completed.” How many people believe these doctors or numbers to be true after panicking needlessly for the first pandemic wave?

My thoughts on the 2020 election; if it is not called off, there could be massive fraud because of ballot forgeries, non-delivery of ballots, and then delays in totaling the mail-in votes. Hurriedly, 51 million ballots have been mailed out, whether they are received by just Democrats and not by Republicans is anybody’s guess. Delays in tabulation of the mail-in-ballots could be months. Supposedly, there is a “continuance of government” protocol. In a Democratic dream world, Speaker of the House Pelosi becomes the president in 2021 until a Presidential winner can be determined. Who knows if this is true? My question is if Trump cannot continue to be president until a victor is declared, why would Pelosi automatically take office? If the serving President is not allowed to continue, why would the serving Speaker automatically become the president? Wouldn’t the new Congress’ Speaker of the House assume this position, and more worrisome, do they have Executive Order powers?

Now to the most important voting issue, let us assume that there are 10 million foreign agents acting as US citizens. There is no way they could possibly vote in person in a locked down 2020 America. So obviously, mail in ballots are a gift to adversarial foreign governments and to the Democratic Party. 10 million well placed mailed-in ballots by foreign “citizens” could take months to tally. This time does not even include whether the Supreme Court needs to examine if the mail-in voting jurisdiction is lawful. Why should foreign voters decide swing-States? Do they need an American address to vote? All these issues illustrate the crookedness that increasingly mar every election, and it needs to be discontinued!

My solution, and I believe is what will happen because it was the original intention of the framers to avoid the exploitation used by dishonest politicians in other country’s elections. They wanted a stable electorate, so they chose landowners, who would not sell their Pennsylvania property to buy a New Jersey property just to vote in New Jersey’s election. Transient voters, such as homeless people are easily manipulated and mobile enough to relocate to a swing district, in enough time to vote for the candidate of your choice!

That is why I believe that the Postal Service’s blockchain technology will be used to enforce a “one address – one vote” policy (for this election?). After all, the USA is a Republic, not a Democracy. For an example of the difference, there is a lovely middle-aged lady, who worked hard and raised two children, scrimped and saved to send them to college. Frustrated, she witnessed them come under the control of a socialist college system. How depressing this is, a parent’s worst nightmare, her children went to college and became stupid. Now these two kids can not seem to find meaningful employment and still live with mom. However, they have the time and energy to attend ANTIFA and all the other subversive meetings. My thoughts are, why do these two deadbeats with no knowledge of life get to out-vote their world-wise mom? It does not make sense! Benjamin Franklin said a “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.” And I plagiarize by adding to Franklin’s quote, in a challenging tone that a Republic “is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”

God bless President Trump and the White Hats!

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Operation Disclosure: A Republic: One Address, One Vote
A Republic: One Address, One Vote
Operation Disclosure
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