Is Joseph Gregory Hallet, King John III Part of the Game or Real? -- Para Kas-Vetter

Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributor June 4, 2020 Is Joseph Gregory Hallet, King John III part of the game or real? ...

Operation Disclosure | By Para Kas-Vetter, Contributor

June 4, 2020

Is Joseph Gregory Hallet, King John III part of the game or real?

There seems to be lately mixed emotions, joys or concern about Joseph Gregory Hallet , the new “ King John III”.

‘Thinker 2’ from an article “Anti-Christ?” has some very significant points with accompanying 15 minute video that is thought provoking.

Here is the link to watch.

Don't Be Fooled - King John III - Joseph Gregory Hallett - The White Horseman

When Thinker 2 brought out initially concerns, it raised some very significant points for us that led to writing the article “Concerns about King John III”.

That this is not about replacing a leader or hierarchy or title, ect, but rather raise people’s awareness that we are Sovereign, and this is about returning the power to the people.

Also that “This is about dismantling and removing a corrupt and illegitimate system...”

Whilst watching a certain video about the New King John III of England, what surprised me was he stated he owns us all and that he owns everything. I won’t get into a discussion about that. More surprisingly I noticed the significant hand gesture that he made. It led me to write the article “The Vulcan Sign Gesture”. In that particular video at time marker 20.20 minutes, coincidently we are in the year 2020, shows Joseph Gregory Hallet, or King John III (according to the documents), making the Jewish Vulcan hand Gesture. He did not do it as an instant gesture. It was done with an indication to state something or grab the attention......

You decide.

The video can be seen in the link of the article below or click on this utube link Meet the New King of England

Now this is where it gets very interesting.

A flash of thought came to my mind whilst my husband and I were talking about the concerns and thoughts about this New King and what purpose it is meant to serve. With the major changes of dismantling the whole corrupt slavery system, we need to bear in mind that this is not about then entering another matrix, or running to someone else to dictate us.

This is all about waking up and really really reclaiming yourselves.

I wrote a recent article titled “Germany, Tartarians, Statue of Liberty, Hitler and Charlie Chaplin” and it accompanies a video titled Shocking Mandela Effects! Part 2 Holographic Timeline Insertions. Quantum Businessman: Ep 3-P2 with link

In the last part of the video Christopher Antara, known as the Quantum Businessman states the following:

“It is your Birthright, legacy to reclaim these Truths, to understand who you Truly ARE. It is your birthright, it is your legacy. Let no one take that from you.

Are you ready to begin to understand the adventure of what life is suppose to be? Are you ready to ascend time lines? And truly wake up in this holographic Universe.

The Universe is waiting for you to discover it, actually rediscover it.

Did you know that the entire Universe has its attention focused on Earth?

The Entire Universe tuned into us. Why? Because we are in a reality that is on the brink of waking up. Waking up in the dream. This does not happen in this multidiverse. This is a big deal and you are part of it. Every time you blink may you ascend a time line.”

Christopher Anatra, known as ‘The Quantum Businessman”

He also has towards the end of that video included the “The Greatest Speech Ever Made by Charlie Chaplin” really worth your while to watch or read the transcript in this link

The purpose of all that is happening right now worldwide is:

to wake people up, to get people to think for themselves, to reclaim their own sovereignty, to live, to understand this ‘game’ I don’t like, is to dismantle once and for all the corrupt.

One final thought provoking question to all out there.

“The Devil XV”, number 15 of Major Arcana of the Rider Waite Tarot Card deck( also pronounced and significant to point this, Rider White), shows the devil making a gesture of the Jewish Vulcan Sign.

I know that corrupt have used many of the most precious sacred signs for their own agendas.

“Symbolism will be their downfall.”

According to the video (2.53 minutes) Leonard Nimoy (‘Spock” in Star Trek) explained back in 1967 how he came across using the one hand Vulcan gesture. It is a new way back then in how to greet people based on the original Vulcan hand gesture that requires BOTH hands.

Star Trek Spock' s Vulcan Salute is really Hebrew high priest blessing! HALLELUYAH!!!

My question to Joseph Gregory Hallet, or as the documents state King John III is:

Although there are many reasons or possible explanations why you state you are the Messiah or Christ, such as:

- we all are sovereign of love and light so we are an embodiment of Christ or Love and Light or Christ Consciousness, hence you are given the position to represent on behalf of us all The People of Love and Light

- could be to do with past lives or parallel universes

- that it is said that we all have many souls of ourselves, hence I could have souls of me everywhere..............

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”
John 8:32

“There are two sides to every story—and then there’s the truth”
Cited in 1936

I could give endless list of reasons why the documents state that you are also the messiah, but that is something that will all unveil.

But the question is this:

Joseph Gregory Hallet, King John III, were you making a Vulcan Sign Gesture? And what was it implying the way the hand gesture was done? What is your meaning of how you went about showing the gesture the way you did?

............ documents (so called evidence) can be created, anyone can sign it, anyone can create the waxed stamp.....documents legal or not anyone can create.......

Remember how we all got into this mess in the first place...........we had illegitimate corrupt organisations flirting their documents, stating they have control of the world or the people. Let’s make sure we don’t make that same mistake again.

We are in fact evolving aren’t we not??????????????

And rising of our higher consciousness in the now transparent world, means no one can escape.

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be known and illuminated.”
Luke 8:17

Mrs. Para Kas-Vetter
*"Philosophia" *Writer *Oracle *Spiritual *Creative

Sòlance Voyage Gallery
‘Sacred Whispers’ ‘Sacred Journey’ ‘Spiritual Quest’
A Pilgrimage to Unlock the Sacredness of Life.

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Operation Disclosure: Is Joseph Gregory Hallet, King John III Part of the Game or Real? -- Para Kas-Vetter
Is Joseph Gregory Hallet, King John III Part of the Game or Real? -- Para Kas-Vetter
Operation Disclosure
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