How the Dutch Bilderberg Government Finances Bill Gates -- Rinus Verhagen

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor May 10, 2020 Trust The Plan of the Dutch Cabal of Rutte his Hitler government. ...

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

May 10, 2020

Trust The Plan of the Dutch Cabal of Rutte his Hitler government.

The EU and several European governments held a Covid 19 donor conference on Monday and promised 7.4 billion euros of taxpayers' money. The money goes in an opaque way to organizations funded by Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum. For a long time Gates had to give money to the UN and the governments to be able to rule the world. Now Gates gets money from governments for that so-called Global Governance. Big companies are taking over the world step by step.

We read the following message on

World leaders and charities kicked off a large-scale fundraising campaign at an online conference from Brussels. Today, 7.4 billion euros have already been pledged for the development of vaccines, treatments and tests for the coronavirus.

The 'donor marathon' is an initiative of the European Union in cooperation with, among others, the United Kingdom, Norway, Canada, Japan and Saudi Arabia. The virtual conference was initially intended to generate €7.5 billion for the development of an affordable vaccine against the coronavirus. This amount has just not been reached, but fundraising will continue for the time being.

The Netherlands has pledged 192 million euros, of which 50 million euros for the development of a vaccine and 42 million euros for research into covid-19.

The European Commission hopes that more countries, companies and organisations will want to contribute in the coming weeks. The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, an independent global organisation supported by the United Nations, has calculated that the world needs at least 3 billion dollars to develop and distribute a vaccine against covid-19.

De Europese Commissie heeft met een aantal regeringen nu dus een donorconferentie gehouden om de 7,5 miljard euro op te halen die volgens de Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) is still missing so that an adequate response to the pandemic can be made. However, the initiative did not come from them. We read that the German federal government writes that it is participating in the historic "Global Response" initiative to combat the coronavirus. The press release states the following:

On 24 April 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO), together with other global health actors and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, launched the historic "Global Response" initiative to combat the coronavirus.

The Gates Foundation launched an initiative on 24 April, less than two weeks later the EU and governments held a donor conference and contributed €7.4 billion. These are response times that have never been seen before. We know: the headline above the article may be a bit short, but in essence, many governments are giving billions to the initiatives of the US billionaire - initiatives that are less noble than they seem.

The GPMB, from which the amount needed should come, is an 'independent' institution that assesses the level of preparedness of countries and the global community for pandemics and should contribute to improvement by advising those responsible for politics. It was established in 2018 by the World Health Organization WHO, largely funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank, which works closely with the Gates Foundation in various bodies, including the Better Than Cash Alliance. For the Gates Foundation, the chairman of its global development program, Chris Elias, sits on the board of the GPMB.

The taxpayers' money ordered by the Gates Foundation is distributed to various Gates-funded organizations so that they pass it on to large pharmaceutical companies in accordance with the philosophy of Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum. This philosophy says that the commercial world is the best way to improve the world and that you can and should make good money with it.

The German federal government also wrote very vaguely in its press release about who should distribute the half billion from Germany, the 192 million from our country, the billion from the EU and the six further billions from the other countries in order to subsidize the development of vaccines, the manufacture of medicines and immunity testing.

Many of the funds raised go to the World Health Organization (WHO), the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Gavi) and the Coalition for Epidemic Prevention Innovations (CEPI). This will strengthen their performance.

GAVI provides vaccinations in developing countries. Besides the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the main financiers are the World Bank and the WHO.

CEPI is a brew from a collection of the largest multinationals, the World Economic Forum, founded in Davos in 2017. The Coalition for Emergency Prepardness Innovations aims to accelerate the development of vaccines to prevent epidemics and to ensure a fair distribution of vaccines. In addition to the Gates Foundation, its founding members are the WHO, which is heavily funded by Gates, and the European Commission, which sends one member to the board. In April, our own minister De Jonge, on behalf of the Dutch government 50 million of our taxpayers' money ( transferred to this club. The month of April was an expensive month for our country anyway, because at that time also 100 million Tax money ( had been shipped to the World Health Organization. Over the period 2001-2020, our government will have transferred roughly three quarters of a billion euros to the CEPI elite project.

Several media reports also mention Unitaid and The Global Fund as recipients of donations.

Unitaid is a WHO-based fund, funded by the Gates Foundation, which buys large quantities of medicines at reduced prices for people in poor countries. It then gives the medication to partner organizations that make sure they get where they need to be and do not destroy prices in developed countries. The implementation partners are the Gates Foundation, Gavi and the Clinton Foundation. Unitaid effectively helps pharmaceutical companies to maximize profitable monopolistic price differentiation based on customer solvency.

The Global Fund was established with money from the Gates Foundation under the auspices of the WHO and is now primarily funded by governments. It distributes money to poor countries so that they can use it to buy medicines. A representative of the Gates Foundation sits on the board of the organisation in Geneva, which has made headlines in the media due to various mismanagement and fraud scandals.

The president of the aid organizations Bread for the World and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe, Cornelia Füllkrug-Weitzel, hit the nail on the head when she said that public funds were flowing here without clear accountability mechanisms. She called it "very unusual". You could also call it a huge scandal.

It's also hard to figure out who the money should go to. Maybe too complicated or too embarrassing? The fact is that the mainstream media is full of praise for "the great benefactor Bill Gates".

What do all these Gates-funded and collaborating institutions do? Among other things, they write reports that might make people wonder. For example, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) has a annual report for 2019

The report has been released, first and foremost thanking the leading organizations that created the background documents for the report, such as the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, the World Bank and WHO. The Gates Foundation and the German government in particular are thanked for the funding.

We have previously written about the Event 201 Corona Pandemic Exercise, organized by the Gates Foundation and the Johns Hopkins Center in October 2019, and are not surprised by the information available.

As a reminder, before the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, together with the Johns Hopkins University (from which we currently receive daily infection rates worldwide) held the Corona Pandemic Exercise "Event 201" in October 2019, it had funded a study by Johns Hopkins University, Nuclear Threat Initiative and Economist. It was about how prepared the world's governments are for a pandemic. For this purpose, the Nuclear Threat Initiative received $2,250,000 from the Gates Foundation, strangely enough included under the heading "vaccine development", which is not exactly part of the Nuclear Threat Initiative's core business. The amusing result in retrospect was that the US was best prepared for a pandemic by the end of 2019 and Britain came in second place. The Netherlands performed considerably worse than the two, as did France. As far as the final results are concerned, not really successful, but it is striking - as we wrote earlier - that relatively shortly after this test case the coronavirus struck the "new enemy" of the West, China.

Anyone who has heard of the Pandemic Preparedness Index, which the Johns Hopkins Center founded together with the Nuclear Threat Initiative and with a lot of money from the Gates Foundation, might be a little surprised that this study on global Pandemic Preparedness, which bought at least $2.25 million, is not mentioned in the annual report of the Preparedness Monitoring Board. Anyone who thinks that it contains information about the Nuclear Threat Initiative is deceived.

By the way, but this aside: our own RIVM agenda 21 WHO Bill Gates Fascist NWO Satanic EVIL ( Based on data collected by this "university". But a Genocide background note

of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security that commissioned the GPMB is called "Preparedness for a High-Impact Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic" and was published in September 2019, one month before Johns Hopkins published the Pandemic Preparedness Index in conjunction with the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

In fact, the Nuclear Threat Initiative appears in the background note, but only once in the thank-you notes to people available for expert discussions, and once it is mentioned that the Nuclear Threat Initiative, together with the (Gates funded) Center for Global Development, conducted a simulation exercise at the Munich Security Conference in 2019 that simulated responses to an intentionally released virus. The joint study on Pandemic Preparedness is also omitted here.

If you're currently conducting such a large and expensive global study on the core theme of the background document you ordered from a partner, and you only present that partner as someone with whom you once had expert conversations, then that's a deception. The client is certainly not being misled, because behind it is Gates, who in any case finances all those involved and their studies. It must therefore be intended to mislead the public and possibly the governments outside the United States.

The reason could be that in the background document the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security is very much about intentionally released viruses and the reactions to them, and the Nuclear Threat Initiative is an organisation that is only interested in health when it comes to biological warfare (BioWarfare). The Johns Hopkins Center, Bill Gates, Event 201, and the other institutions and activities for pandemic preparedness may not have been as closely associated with biological warfare, so they preferred not to include the Nuclear Threat Institute. This, of course, is only one of many possible speculations.

Finally, in the corona crisis, billionaire Bill Gates appeared in public as a vaccine activist. The tenor: a vaccine is the solution, it is only a matter of implementation. According to Gates, the G20 should now "handle the logistics of a global immunization project". There seems to be little interest in further discussions and possible alternatives. Time is pressing and politicians have full confidence in Gates, who, after all, recognised the danger of a pandemic at an early stage and therefore knows what to do.

A vaccine will undoubtedly be made, and it seems obvious to us that the pharmaceutical industry will earn a lot of money from it (especially if it requires an annual administration). In that respect, it has happened more often: this branch of industry is provided with containers of money by governments, develops a vaccine, patents it, and then catches the financiers even more. Perhaps it makes sense to test politicians' intelligence and sincerity before they are appointed to office?

It's worth listening to Bill Gates himself about the purpose of his vaccination activism. During a TED conversation in 2010 - ten years ago - he said the following about the CO2 problem and a possible part of the solution:

"6.8 billion people live in the world today. That amounts to about 9 billion. If we do really well with the new vaccines, health care and family planning, we might be able to reduce that number by 10 or 15 percent".

In fact, he says that vaccination and health services related to human reproduction can contribute to population reduction, which in turn helps to solve the climate problem, albeit to a limited extent. Now there are different views on this statement, which will not be discussed further here. However, it could be agreed that such steps should only be carried out in cooperation with the persons concerned and with their express consent. This includes, in particular, full information on the consequences and risks of such interventions. A previous article on our site shows that this is not the case for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's projects and their funded institutions and governments.

Due to the often contradictory reports and "scientific facts", which change daily, we can imagine that more and more people consider the "corona pandemic" as a pretext for the taking away of individual rights, perhaps even the introduction of a fascist world government. Is it a coincidence that the German "news magazine" Der Spiegel (which is not missing from the Gates Foundation's sponsorship list) ( on 19 March argued in favour of a "world government"?

Why is it that with the current developments (vulnerable elderly people who do not want the new normal and even then prefer to die, a one-and-a-half-metre society in which people are almost no longer social beings, the introduction of biometric developments for and with the individual, the 2020 version of the endlösung of elderly people in nursing homes, the deliberate exposure of nursing staff to infected patients and the destruction of small and medium-sized enterprises in favour of the multinationals, to name but a few) we increasingly have to think of the film. Soylent Green? Maybe the only difference is that in the film the deceased ended up in garbage trucks instead of refrigerated vans… ( About this new society soon an article.

A more critical approach to the Gates Foundation and its activities, as well as sound information on current developments, especially in the combination of vaccination activism, family planning, digital identity, a cashless society and extensive monitoring and control of citizens, would certainly be appropriate.

Dear Donald J Trump and the Alliance, could we, as a people, perhaps hire the TR-3B?

Quick and clean.

Here's the building that's bothering us with its contents.

As a thank you, the Dutch people will be happy to carry you through the country on a shield.

Donald J Trump, if you've been waiting for the best to come, it seems to me that now is the time for the grand finale.

You're all humble.

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Operation Disclosure: How the Dutch Bilderberg Government Finances Bill Gates -- Rinus Verhagen
How the Dutch Bilderberg Government Finances Bill Gates -- Rinus Verhagen
Operation Disclosure
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