Caught in the Crossfire: A Message to all Governors, Politicians, Mayors

Operation Disclosure | By Anonymous Light, Guest Writer May 27, 2020 A Message and Invitation to All Governors, Politicians, Mayors A...

Operation Disclosure | By Anonymous Light, Guest Writer

May 27, 2020

A Message and Invitation to All Governors, Politicians, Mayors

All Police, Sheriffs, “Law” Enforcement Personnel, et. al.

This message comes from the unheard voice crying out loud in all of us.

A quick note about my writing. Where there is no capitalization it is intentional. I believe it is time to place importance on the things that matter not organizations bent on ruling instead of being true leaders.

Apologies for the length. Hard to say this in a nut shell.

This is an invitation to all those in positions of leadership, ie. governors et. al, who have the pulse of their respective states under their care to remember that you work for We The People. As your employers, We The People did not instruct you to take such drastic actions to lock your employers up or to keep us from Being productive members of society. We The People gave no such directive to you or your direct staff. You personally, as the CEO only of your respective offices are personally responsible for violating the rights of The People under your care.

Each of you were given a gift of stewardship. Many of you have made good on your gift to The People. Those of you who have I thank you and appreciate your continued efforts. Many of you have not and still to this day use The Soul of Humanity to feed your needs. I am talking about those politicians both federal and local, the republican’s, democrats, community and corporate leaders who follow the thinking that they somehow know what is best for each of us. I am talking about those who show one face to the public and another behind close doors. As a note of reference I do not identify with one party over another. I Am for the Heart of Humanity regardless of affiliation but I have say I am sick of the actions the politicians of the world on both sides of the isle who have subjected Humanity to cow tow to their way of thinking. To be blunt, and since you are Our employees, you have wasted Our time and abused your gift of stewardship. You Are FIRED!

This notice is for those current leaders who push dictator rule. “A governor does not have the power to criminalize normal, everyday activities like work, shopping, travel etc”.

The Awakened People see the real you and only want one more thing from you. These are your new directives.

1) Any role you have had in personally harming the population in your care you will call back those

unlawful directives and return the daily operations of your respective State to your actual employers, We The People. You will return your respective State to it’s natural rhythm and under the care of We The People.

In case you have forgotten, I remind you of this:

“All Laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.”

Marbury vs. Madison, 5 US (2 Cranch) 137, 174, 176, (1803)

“The general misconception is that any statute passed by legislators bearing the appearance of law constitutes the law of the land. The (organic) Constitution Is the Supreme Law of the land, and any statute, to be valid, must be in agreement.”

Something to ponder. Apologies if this hurts your brain or threatens your existence.

John Galt Speech -

2) Once the State you were entrusted with is returned to We The People, due to your lack of vision and understanding your gift, you will step down immediately and We The People will appoint a new Steward who is in touch with the Nature of the Gift of stewardship on this magnitude. You had your chance, thank you for your service, now move aside. Your services are no longer required. Please leave as you cannot be trusted with Our Well-Being any further.

To Oregon Gov. Kate Brown

I Am an Oregonian and have loved being in this State for half of my life. I love the diversity one can be exposed to and consider myself a proud Oregonian. I have loved Being in service to the communities I have been invited into. Now, with your shameful, unlawful actions, to continue to be an Oregonian is questionable. I never realized being a participant via taxes and fraudulent inducements would support such dictatorial ruling measures. What led you to believe I, The I Am That I Am, ever gave you permission or consent to take My Liberties away while I Am here via your fraudulent inducements? Who gave you consent to violate the Liberties of those under your care? Know this. I AM NOT FOR HIRE and your offer to contract is hereby rejected. If I or my family are harmed in any manner due to actions taken by you et. al. I will hold you personally responsible. When will you stand with We The People and stop selling yours and others souls for some future rewards?

For “Law” Enforcement Personnel, et. al.

Above and beyond all I want to thank those law enforcement personnel who are standing with We The People against the tyrannical orders they receive from the political elite whether local or federal. There is much appreciation to be shown to you who are upholding the law and not enforcing private corporate statutes, not law, to take actions against your brothers, sisters, families and children.

Any one of you acting under orders by statue or color of law only to be a participant in possible genocide are being caught in the crossfire of We The People and your handlers, political leaders and the bankers that have pushed them. These very same people steal blindly from The People, yes, you too, only they call it fund raising or “redirecting” funds. Yours and mine.

With the knowledge that has been released about the crimes of possibly your very own bosses, knowledge that is readily accessible, are you willing to stand in the line of fire when The People lay out their new directives? Please wake up and look around. Are you really willing to be a witness in court for crimes when the tables turn? Are you aware it will not be a court room but a court of public opinion that will determine your fate? When it is The People vs. THE STATE, do you really want to be caught in the cross fire and be a defendant of dictator rule? I hear that doesn’t work out too well in the end. But be my guest. I’ll send you a prayer. Why? Because you have been caught in the cross fire all your life and it will be my hope you will wake up and join We The People. There will always be a place for you with The People. Your Authentic Nature is all that is required.

Do you really think those who direct you to protect them really care about you, in the end? Think about this! How much are you willing to sell your soul for? How much are you willing to sell your families souls for? A weekly paycheck? To do what? Stand against those who are your real employers, The People? Yes we are! Your paycheck comes for us, We The People and you are bond by law to protect The People, not those usurping sycophant pseudo-leaders you take your orders from. Stand with We The People and feel good when you go home, if not for your own soul then the soul of your family. They too are in danger of being forced to comply. Do you really want to see your family and loved ones go through this?

You’re not protecting life giving ideals. You’re protecting simpletons with ideas of how to drain everyones value and wealth, even yours. Please don’t be naive here! Who do you think they will come for when all the people have been rounded up? Your next! And you protect them? Isn’t it time to choose a better looking future than what they, your order givers, are showing you?

This is the time to either stand for what is Right, True and Lawful or move aside. (that was the nice way of saying it) We The People are coming and you can join on the right side of history to help create a world your family would be proud of. We The People would love to have your help. It is your choice to move away for the old draconian ways of living or stay and continue to be the face and voice of fear and tyranny. Are you willing to be the muscle forcing your own family into gas chambers? Maybe not literally but to the end of the needles filled with poison. Is that how you want your family to remember you? Just a big bully hiding behind an animated puppet suit? No disrespect to the real threats you face.

It doesn’t matter how good your suit of armor is with what is coming. Some of your leaders have pushed The People too far by creating massive fear on the planet. Do you really want to continue to be a part of that agenda? This is for the ones who knowingly select a soul-less path. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You now have a choice of whether or not you want to be caught in the crossfire of what is Right, True and Lawful or play follow your the playground. That is what is coming. Stay if you want. Your sand box is about to be taken over.

This song expresses it well.

Life Uncommon by Jewel

“There is a new army coming and we are armed with Faith.”

There are many strings attached to you who stand for nothing. Without those strings I feel you may well fall for anything. What you’re protecting is nothing! Nothing that is for the health of you or those you stand against. What is the quote? “Stand for something or fall for anything”? Well, since we know what you’re protecting is a big nothing burger then you must fall for anything and that always leads to nothing. Is this how you want to be remembered? I could see your epitaph now.

Here lies one who fell for anything.

It was a faux-filling life...never being full-filled.©

If you can’t hear my words then please listen to your fellow officers.

Seattle officer warns government is trampling our constitutional rights with COVID-19 lockdown -or -

Or this one. Is this who you are? Is this how you want to be remembered?


Sheriff Mack Calls on Sheriffs: America Has Become A Catastrophe, We Need Action!

To those forces sworn to protect the fundamental Divine and Sovereign Rights of Humanity, We The People thank you from the bottom of Our Hearts and the top of Our Souls. Those of you who have been led away from your soul-self know, in your heart, each of you are made of the Love and Light that connects us all. Please, make a moment to visit that which you came from and are and ask these questions. Am I acting in a manner that supports the life and value of all? Am I acting from my souls desire or orders? Am I acting in conflict with My Soul? Paychecks can be replaced. A sold soul? Better pack a big bag. It’s a long and daunting journey to get back. One each of you will take for selling your souls to a belief that is not of your own. Please Wake Up! We The People need you. This is your invitation.

The convoluted corona crap has created a divide in many lives, my partner and myself included. Of course this is what the real useless L-eaters want, us divided. She works in one of those essential business. Me, I work from home so I am not out there in the public. Even before this planned-demic I was pretty home bound. I guess you could say my training has been complete, so to speak.

My partner brought home a letter the employer passed out regarding the wearing of mask. I read it, only after I had done days of researching the matter. The letter was based on customers calls for the employees to be wearing masks. These same customers, part of The People, have been caught in the crossfire of be(lie)fs/fear and True Liberty.

Finding out the extended wearing of mask can and does cause additional health issues I decided not to live that lie. The moment I put a mask on my face for anything not work related is the day I submit my soul to those useful? idiots pushing tyranny against their employers, We The People.

Considering the fear is larger than the virus, I decided to stand for the Truth. My partner has to live the lie and play the game for the job. She was caught in the crossfire between myself and the world at large, again who are all caught in the crossfire between Truth and propaganda.

Now her health is being affected, we believe from the extended wearing of mask. Don’t believe me. Here is an article I suggest everyone read.

Neurosurgeon Says Face Masks Pose Serious Risk to Healthy People

A couple of highlights from that article.

“There is no scientific evidence that masks are effective against COVID-19 transmission.

CDC did not recommend wearing a face mask or covering of any kind, unless a person was known to be infected.

Leads to a reduction in blood oxygenation (hypoxia) or an elevation in blood C02 (hypercapnia). Low oxygen also promotes inflammation which can promote the growth, invasion and spread of cancers.

If that’s not bad enough, how would you like COVID-19 in your brain?

By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.”


The point is we have all been infected...with di-vision. The true virus is in our vision. That which we see with has been infected. Our eye sight has been infected with what I call coronal iris. Our world is being seen through the eyes of fear by the multitudes.

Fortunately there are True Patriots of the world-for the world unraveling the lie for the world to see, to correct our di-vision. These are the Light Bringers of the World and as one I can tell you it is easy to loose sight of that in moments like these. Being infected with di-vision is much more painful than dying of fear. There is a natural therapy for di-vision. It is called calling BS on the propaganda and connecting again. We will heal faster being together than apart. It is in the healing through connection that our vision and our health will be restored.

Our governor, someone I suspect who may have sold her soul, wants to keep us in lock down and pushing mask until mid-July. A lot of stores are now requiring them to even shop under false and fraudulently induced directives. I have done a lot of research and looking beyond the cowards narrative. There’s more behind the curtain. Please pull it back and see for yourself.

The current so-called leaders who are playing the dictator roles are actually trespassing upon our Sovereignty. Whether or not you are law enforcement your personal Sovereignty is being trespassed upon as well. I believe many of them are not Serving Humanity and only using your Sovereignty for their ruling agenda. The only thing these pseudo-leaders are serving is you upon a platter surrounded with their debt and much more. How can any of us allow this kind of “mightier than thou” attitude to be in a position of power? Simple. We tend to turn a blind eye if we are compensated in some way. What many do not see on their contract behind the watermark is the statement, acquisition of your soul, sign here________________.

These dictator-style people we have, until now, called leaders, are nothing more than hollow shells, a husk void of life. The only life force they have to operate in our communities is what we give them. Seeing the world through our infected coronal iris’ is the world they wants us to see. The ONLY way they can survive, politically, is if we give them our life force, our consciousness, our thoughts. Whether through fear or choice it is the only way they can live. Take that away and they are nothing. Many of them should be and I believe will be tried for treason. Not against our country but against Our Sovereignty.

Half of my life has been “dictated” via the irs theft and more because of fear. I played by their rules and all it EVER did was lead me to the biggest conflict of interest in my life. To Be a Living, Breathing, Being, Creating from the Divine Sovereign I Am to fill and Serve Humanity or exist on a feces infected rat wheel the big egos with small minds put in place to usurp our power for them. Violate one of their private corporate policies, not Law, and your tagged for life. Hassled everywhere. And all this to keep us and you from knowing and Creating from our Sovereign Selves. Power hungry? You bet.

Creating a world our families would be proud of and proud to carry forward is why we are here. Are you willing to trust these spineless self-appointed pseudo-leaders to run your life and tell you it is ok to harm others because of their fear. Yes, they are the ones who are afraid. They should be afraid. You should be afraid to stand beside them, the ones who want total control. Guess what? They can’t have it without your help. They can’t have it without our consent. Do you really want to give more of your soul to an agenda that very well could hurt your own family? You don’t have to. Your true employers are inviting you to stand and protect The Soul of those in your care. You are invited to join We The People, join the real power and create a world, a legacy that your lineage would be proud to live in.

So I ask you this. Do you want a Full-filling life where living from the heart is more real than the faux-filling existence being presented to you? It is your choice.

Anonymous Light©

I leave you with these thoughts. Many of us have been lulled into believing statutes are laws. It is akin to the frog setting in a pot of cool water not realizing the heat is on. Over time we have been boiled to death. The death of our rights, the death of our liberties and even for some the death of ourselves.

Please remember these.

18 U.S. Code § 241 - Conspiracy against rights

18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law

Here is something for everyone especially all law enforcement personnel.

Sheriff's Handbook –

The purpose of this pocket handbook is to “fully inform” the American County Sheriffs, Deputies, and Bailiffs as to their authority, duty, and the Law.

A song for you to ponder.

Love Will Overcome - by Shawn Gallaway - The Light Has Won CD found at:

Download this song, listen and ask yourself this question. Am I acting from the Power of Love or the love of power?

Send this NOTICE of NON-CONSENT to say NO to the "Big Brother" bill (HR 6666) and preserve YOUR (Organic) CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

It's time for We The People to tell our lowly public servants "We don't take orders from employees like you. We're going back to work and getting on with our normal lives. Stay out of our way."

Pay attention to this article:

“Can legislators who mandate facial masks and quarantines be criminally charged with practicing medicine without a license?

The unlicensed practice of medicine can land the medical provider in jail, and in the cross-hairs of a lawsuit if a patient is harmed.

Anyone harmed by a person practicing medicine without a license may sue for damages in civil court.

Criminal Penalties for Practicing Medicine Without a License

Civil Liability for Practicing Medicine Without a License”


One last note regarding contact tracers/tracing. Listen up you who have sold your soul to be a contact tracer.

Unless and until I give anyone explicit permission to give out my info to a complete unknown third party, ie; you, then the person giving you the info is in violation of my rights to privacy and you are in violation of privacy laws. The people you collect any info on about any Being would be considered invalid since those who gave you the info did not have permission to do so.

"A person has the right to determine what sort of information about them is collected and how that information is used. The Privacy Act of 1974 prevents unauthorized disclosure of personal information. A person has the right to review their own personal information, ask for corrections and be informed of any disclosures."

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Operation Disclosure: Caught in the Crossfire: A Message to all Governors, Politicians, Mayors
Caught in the Crossfire: A Message to all Governors, Politicians, Mayors
Operation Disclosure
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