From Dark to Light: Ending the Elite Victimization of Children

Operation Disclosure | By Petrus, Guest Writer April 12, 2020 Purpose of this Note This note aims to inform readers about hidden ...

Operation Disclosure | By Petrus, Guest Writer

April 12, 2020

Purpose of this Note

This note aims to inform readers about hidden crimes against humanity, and help them prepare for an upcoming shock to our collective consciousness. This may follow expected revelations about the systematic victimization of children by the world’s power elite. Those who know and understand something about this disturbing matter will be better able to help others through the moral and spiritual crisis now appearing on our collective path. Our successful resolution of this crisis will constitute a profound transformation of human consciousness, and clear our path of entry to a New Age and a vibrant New Earth.

A few applications of this information and perspective are possible:

a. personal: learning, reflecting, and re-grouping intellectually, morally and spiritually
b. social: helping ‘mainstream’ family and friends through a crisis of worldview
c. community: helping to mount community-level responses to assist anyone in need
d. institutional: advising concerned authorities about how they might best respond

Terms of Use

This note may be circulated or re-published on condition that it appears in its entirety, continuously and without any changes, and that no fees are charged.


1. Introduction to the Elite Death Cult
2. Adrenochrome
3. Pedophilia, Ritual Murder and Cannibalism
4. Scale of Child Abduction
5. Means of Child Abduction
6. Victimization of Children Underground
7. Liberation of Captive Children
8. Prospect of Public Discovery
9. Light Workers and Light Warriors
10. Pandemic as a Medium of Global Power Struggle
11. Demise of the Elite Death Cult
12. What Comes Next

Background of this Note

Italics indicate search terms that readers can use to find definitions and information.

1. Introduction to the Elite Death Cult

The global power elite belongs to an ancient death cult. After millennia of abusive rulership, this powerful cult is finally being destroyed, as humanity rises up from ignorance and fear.

Members of the elite death cult worship a god that hates the One and holds humanity in contempt. This dark god relentlessly strives to outwit the One and replace human happiness with suffering. Cult members believe they are other-than-human or improved humans: appointed by higher powers (more powerful species) to rule (enslave) humanity and keep it in ignorance, poverty, pain and conflict. This agenda has been continuously pursued through direct or indirect control of all aspects of society, along with occult practices that invert empowering arts and sciences that the cult ridicules and marginalizes.

In the modern world, the elite death cult has maintained its rule through private central banking: internationally integrated and independent of all elected governments. The key point about private central banking is that it creates money as debt. Collecting interest on money that did not exist until it was loaned allows central bankers to amass vast economic power. Under this system, government pays interest on loans to privately controlled banks, while individuals pay taxes to government and interest on loans (for house and car) to privately controlled banks. These financial flows transfer massive wealth from families, communities and countries into the hands of the ruling class, which controls private banks and stands at the core of the death cult. These vast discretionary resources allow the cult to fund its internal operations, pursue secret projects of any imaginable scale, and accumulate the ownership and control of all major corporations.

Every 50 to 70 years (two or three generations) this system collapses under its own weight, and is reconstructed under cover of a major war, disease or critical shortage. Such events are engineered and timed by the ruling class to create the conditions of chaos and confusion needed to reconstruct the banking and financial systems without any significant public understanding or oversight. Presently such a renewal of elite financial power is being attempted – under cover of a global health crisis – but failing. As people have become aware of the colossal banking scam, organized efforts to stop it have emerged and are succeeding.

Until today, full corporate control has afforded the elite death cult unchallenged power over: (a) mass production, research and technology, which allows economic dominance; and (b) news, entertainment and advertising, which allows major cognitive and cultural influence in favour of the cult’s agenda. A good example of (a) and (b) working together is supply and cognitive support for a medical system that administers toxic drugs to manage illnesses instead of developing and administering safe and effective cures. Keeping people ill is obviously profitable, but is primarily required to gratify the dark god served by the cult.

The elite death cult achieves indirect control over governments and religions by applying an ancient mix of spying (to monitor), bribery (to motivate), and blackmail (to enforce) among top officers: growing in number as infiltration progresses. Civic organizations that appear to oppose authority or challenge specific policies are often infiltrated to become ‘controlled opposition’; this serves to soak up altruistic effort, sustain public divisions, and prevent recognition of the underlying problem (the existence of the elite death cult). The most militant and dangerous organizations are founded by cult members and openly express its contempt for humanity. They include terrorist groups and the criminal cartels that produce and ship narcotics and traffic human beings. War and addiction also gratify the dark god.

Persons of authority or advanced knowledge who will not submit to the cult (honourable actors; white hats) become a threat to it: particularly when they cooperate with one another (the alliance). Recent gains in human consciousness (expressed in the growth of interactive communication enabled by the internet) have increased public awareness of the death cult (or at least some aspects of it) and pressures for a solution. After decades of hard and dangerous work, the international alliance against the cult finally has it cornered. And the liberation of humanity – long prophesied and prayed for – is now at hand.

2. Adrenochrome

Members of the elite death cult are addicted to an organic substance called adrenochrome. This is a form of adrenaline that is extracted from human beings in a high state of fear. Consumption slows the aging process and induces an altered state of consciousness that evidently supports the cult’s vampiric outlook, thoughts and actions.

The adrenochrome produced by terrorized children is particularly potent. For this reason, the elite holds populations of children in captivity, and periodically tortures them for adrenochrome extraction. This is an ancient practice that has continued into the present. There’s reason to believe that the scale of this practice has increased disproportionately with population over the past generation, as the cult has further entrenched and expanded itself. The average lifespan of a captured child after abduction is estimated to be two years.

3. Pedophilia, Ritual Murder and Cannibalism

Many members of the death cult are also violent pedophiles (pizzagate in the US). The rape of captured children – sometimes during their torture for adrenochrome extraction – is common. Some members of the death cult are also called pedovores because they ritually kill and eat children. The consumption of human blood is common among cult members and may, like adrenochrome, form an addiction. Adult humans may also be ritually killed and eaten, evidently in celebration of the cult’s absolute power and impunity. Ritual murders are embedded in occult rites that radiate intensely negative energy into the world.

4. Scale of Child Abduction

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates that about 40,000 American children disappear annually. Extrapolating from the US share of world population (4.29% of 7.8 billion people), about 932,400 children would disappear annually worldwide. However, independent critical sources estimate that fully 8 million children disappear annually. Below are three different estimates of the percentage of children who disappear (with the world population aged under 15 being 2.03 billion at mid-2019). The second estimate is provided as point midway between the first estimate (extrapolated from official US data) and the much larger third estimate from critical independent sources.

Official 0.93 million > 0.047% ≈ 5 of 10,000 children each year

Intermediate 4 million > 0.20% = 2 of 1,000 children (4x official estimate)

Critical 8 million > 0.39% ≈ 4 of 1,000 children (8x official estimate)

5. Means of Child Abduction

Mechanisms for abducting children include: (1) child-snatching by well-paid agents, including some trusted community members; (2) separation from parents in war and forced migration, through infiltrated military groups and relief agencies; and (3) abduction through social services, through infiltration of police and child protection agencies. Evidently (1) happens in all countries, (2) happens in badly disrupted societies, and (3) happens in well-organized countries, e.g. in the US and parts of Europe.

6. Victimization of Children Underground

The death cult has anciently maintained crypts for its religious activities, consistent with its focus on death; and apparently some or all of these facilities are still in use. However, since at least the late 1990s, the contemporary cult has also built a large system of underground bunkers known as Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), said to be linked by high-speed underground trains. Populations of captive children are kept in pens and cages in the DUMBs and other underground sites. The network of underground facilities seems to be concentrated in the US but extends to Canada and around the world. The DUMBs have many purposes – all disturbing – including adrenochrome extraction from captive children.

Presently the DUMBs are being overtaken and/or destroyed by the alliance (underground warfare). One insider has indicated that at its peak the system included 265 DUMBs, each with a capacity of 65,000 persons. In the US, the underground system appears to be concentrated in the state of Colorado, including a multi-level city beneath Denver airport, and a very large complex beneath a mountain to its south.

7. Liberation of Captive Children

Since the summer of 2019, the liberation of captive children has been conducted in tandem with the takeover and destruction of DUMBs inside the US by the US military. Something similar is reported to be happening in Europe. At time of writing, 35,000 captive children are reported to have been rescued from tunnels under major US cities. Apparently they are found in clusters of 2,000 to 3,000, severely malnourished, and often deformed and wounded, near piles of small corpses.

15 October 2019

9 April 2020

8. Prospect of Public Discovery

At time of writing, the American ports of New York City (NYC) and Los Angeles each accommodate a large US military hospital ship with 1,000 beds and 1,000 staff specialized in trauma. The US government has openly assigned these ships to treating medical conditions other than COVID-19. At the same time, a cluster of medical tents, staffed by volunteer health professionals, has appeared in NYC’s Central Park. Fragmentary reports from volunteers, and images of playpens and diapers delivered there, have appeared on social media. As a result of these developments, some observers speculate that children rescued from underground may appear for emergency treatment in these partially visible locations.

There is reason to believe that the alliance has planned for disclosure about elite victimization of children to begin in the spring of 2020. This is only one the cult’s many crimes against humanity, but it’s the one most likely to ignite and unite humanity against its hidden enemy.

Many reports state that underground facilities also house human breeding and mind-control programs, which produce a slave labour force (to expand the underground infrastructure) and a ‘stock’ for the cult’s human sacrifices (ritual murders). Genetic engineering programs – going as far as human/non-human hybrids – are also reported. Obviously the public revelation of any one of these activities would be explosive.

But nothing will unleash the emotion and conviction of the world’s people like the disclosure of the systematic abduction, abuse and killing of their children. Hence the timing of this painful but necessary disclosure may be a critical element in the final stage of the secret war.

This disclosure could begin with information trickled out through the internet. Over a few days this could trigger collective shock and outrage. At such a point, the mass media and/or social media may be temporarily shut down; a duration of three days has been cited. During this period many types of structural change (e.g. in banking and the internet) could be consolidated by the alliance. There have been indications that videos documenting elite crimes (including video confessions by cult leaders) will be broadcast worldwide during or immediately after a communications shutdown. At such a time, those who have prepared themselves for this collective spiritual crisis will be able to assist others who have not.

9. Light Workers and Light Warriors

Light workers counteract the death cult’s psychic and energetic attacks on humanity by recalling and anchoring higher-frequency energies and higher forms of consciousness. The experience of peace and universal love (distinct from thoughts about them) is upheld through compassionate presence, prayer, meditation, and other practices and technologies that raise vibration. Light workers may be Christian or Moslem, metaphysically schooled or secular in approach, and of any age and status. What they have in common is a direct personal sense of the One God, and the will and capacity to share that freely. Unfortunately, some light workers have been subverted or neutralized by the cult; and some other light workers are simply exhausted. Despite much adversity, light workers as a group have fulfilled their commitments; and most of them realize that victory has been achieved in principle.

Light warriors are active members of the global alliance to eliminate the death cult and restore freedom to Earth. Light warriors work in business, science, government, military and independent media and arts. Their efforts have led to a remarkable degree of inter-governmental cooperation in the past few years, which has already reduced warfare, the drug trade, and human trafficking. Light warriors tend to differ in sensibility and capabilities from light workers, and often excel in organization, planning, analysis, strategy and executive action. Light warriors leverage the spiritual capital generated by light workers, applying it in various kinds of worldly action. Active resistance to intimidation and manipulation are essential characteristics. Insight into deception, and skill in decryption, are necessary to understand and counter cult plans and strategies. Unknown to many light workers until recently, the light warriors are succeeding in three-dimensional reality: still taken as the only reality by those who’ve been raised in dimensional confinement and not yet found a way out.

10. Pandemic as a Medium of Global Power Struggle

The present pandemic – which has temporarily turned world society inside out – is not playing out according to the death cult’s plan. Like other bioweapons before it, this virus (or group of viruses) is not as lethal as advertised. Critically, the alliance is using the cult’s anticipated responses – including economic shutdown and social separation – against it. The current global lock-down is blocking the movement of bad actors and facilitating their arrest in the US and Europe (and likely elsewhere). Elite member announcements of corona virus infection appear to be covers (imposed and/or mutually agreed) for their arrests. Social isolation inhibits terrorist incidents (e.g. school shootings in the US) which require predictable public assembly to plan and execute (see false flags).

Social isolation and going off work are also giving many people more time to reflect on what really matters, and to learn new information and perspectives. Recently censorship on Google and YouTube was eased (although this may be an ongoing battle in information warfare), which accelerates the evolution of information and perspective. As representatives of the death cult become more open about their vision of the world – including curtailing individual freedoms and inserting biological control mechanisms – people become more able to interpret the underlying message and make choices about the kind of world they wish to live in.

In the US, power over central banking has shifted from private hands (elite European families) to the US government. Its vast emergency expenditures provide short-term relief; but they could also drive the entire financial system – based on money as debt – over a cliff. Control over the cult’s intended economic collapse has been taken away from it: clearing the way for a financial system designed for popular prosperity instead of exploitation.

The cult’s plan for this pandemic was to create mass hysteria, destroy economies, globalize government, create a new financial system using global digital currency, kill dissenters, implant those who remained with biochips, regulate them all through 5G, and secure vows of obedience to cult leadership and devotion to its god. But the apocalypse that cult members have so assiduously prepared for us turns out to be an apocalypse for them alone.

11. Demise of the Elite Death Cult

Light warriors’ effort to remove the death cult from power has progressed to the point of imminent victory. In the absence of reliable reporting, it might even be happening now. At time of writing, the mass media seems to stand as the cult’s last effective weapon. As its messages become more extreme and less trusted, it opens a clearer window onto the cult’s intentions. In the US, it’s possible that cult control of mass media is merely tolerated (under recently introduced conditions of ‘medical martial law’) for a few more days or weeks: in order to increase public understanding in preparation for the cult’s final elimination.

Worldwide, the cult’s supply of funds and adrenochrome has been constricted enough that many are experiencing adrenochrome withdrawal, which accelerates aging and disfigures the addict’s body in a characteristic way. This has now befallen Hollywood celebrities, as can be viewed in photographs and memes online (since people are so keen to document celebrities).

In the final stages of elite collapse (beginning now) many members are expected to commit suicide or die through adrenochrome withdrawal. It is not yet known what combination of imprisonment, execution and unforeseen outcomes awaits surviving cult members.

12. What Comes Next?

Available information about alliance plans for managing the collapse and rebuilding afterward is limited and murky. Insider reports suggest that the alliance considers that only a partial and/or staggered release of the truth will allow social stability to be maintained.

On the other hand, many popular gains can be generated once the cult is removed from power: (1) financial benefits from monetary and banking reform; (2) lifestyle improvements from the release of suppressed energy, transportation and materials technologies;

(3) improved confidence and contentment from chemical and electromagnetic decontamination and ecological regeneration; (4) improved health from (3), better food, improved work/leisure balance, and the release of suppressed health technologies; and

(5) increased social harmony and synergy, with the end of engineered opposition among men and women, young and old, and all the world’s diverse religious and cultural groups.

It is possible that hidden truths – only some of which are discussed here – will be released in stages to the public as it progressively experiences these benefits: counterbalancing inevitable growing pains with long-term gains. It is also possible that some aspects of the truth will not be released by governments. Yet it seems likely that inquiring minds will be able to research the truth for themselves more fruitfully than ever.

The freedom won by light warriors will dramatically expand light workers’ capacity and sphere of influence. Exhausted light workers can retire from the Earth experience, while others will help human consciousness reach heights undreamed of in our reality of today.

As our most victimized children are freed and healed, so may we all be.

About this Note

The author began to sense a hidden global power structure with a hostile agenda when he began his career in international development assistance in the late 1980s. This perception crystallized in 2001 through the events of 9/11, and direct observation of chemtrails and the inability of most people to recognize them.

At that time, the author shifted his focus from paid professional work to advancing the technology of sacred geometry, which augments the life-force and accelerates the expansion of consciousness. By designing, building and using forms that embody the golden ratio and fractal symmetry, the author regained access to his higher self. On this basis he composed two volumes of literature, under the name of Petrus, about humanity’s present passage from separation to unity.

In 2005 the author began to return some of his attention to informed critical discussion about world affairs. In 2014 he began educating himself about hidden sectors and agendas, after meeting Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, and Michael Tellinger. Once the author recognized the secret global war in 2018, it provided a focal point for some 1,000 hours of online review of research and ongoing independent journalism. The content of this note is informed by that review. The interpretation is supported by the author’s professional studies and work experience, and grounded in his personal awareness as a life-long meditator, sacred geometry practitioner and spiritual communicator.

The collective base of knowledge that is glimpsed in this note is very substantial, and goes back several decades. It includes hundreds of books by brave and dedicated researchers, and field reports from others who have risked their livelihoods – and even their lives – to bring hidden facts to public knowledge.

Dark to light!

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Operation Disclosure: From Dark to Light: Ending the Elite Victimization of Children
From Dark to Light: Ending the Elite Victimization of Children
Operation Disclosure
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