(OpDis) The Bourne Viral-Receptor Mapping Genomic Targeting Legacy -- Grant Ouellette

The Bourne Viral-Receptor Mapping Genomic Targeting Legacy March 3, 2020 Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, Contributor Boo...

The Bourne Viral-Receptor Mapping Genomic Targeting Legacy

March 3, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Grant Ouellette, Contributor

Books and movies once again tell us of the secret spy war and insane plans to control humanity.

Images from Bing.

The Bourne Legacy (2012 – based on Eric Van Lustbader’s book which follows from Ludlum’s books)

A doctor survives a mass shooting at a high-security lab then helps a genetically enhanced spy / agent.

Revealing Script:

You want to keep guessing? We've got to get in there. I've got a dozen people waiting on the perimeter.

We don't control the site?

Not yet. Getting the picture now? Okay, stop! I can't run this from here. I need a crisis suite. I need integrated grids and comms. I need all of it. NSA, or Pentagon, or Liberty Crossing. I don't care, just get me something now. Pack up your codes and your drives, and whatever else you're going to need. We're going to move and we're going to stay there.

Dita, how am I putting a net over that house?

There's locals all over it.

We go with germs. She took samples from work. Pathogens, viruses. It's national security.

Good, okay, I like that, it plays. Now, get it out there, get it out there. Come on, let's go, let's go. Everybody find another gear, okay? Because I want to be out of here in 20.

So, let's say you want to change the human body. You want to fix a mistake. You want to repair something, improve something. Well, if you're going to reprogram human genetic material, you need a delivery system, and nothing works better than virus. It's like a suitcase. You pack in genetic mutation, infect the body and the vector unloads into the target cells. But getting it where you want it, how you want it, is the nightmare. Unless you have a map.

There was this terrible accident at Fort Detrick in 1985. Five researchers dropped dead in the lab, and it was such a catastrophe that they brought in Dan Hillcott from Stanford to assess the damage. He got in there and he realized that, underneath it all, was this incredible breakthrough in viral-receptor mapping. He had a map. You've had some very minor alterations made to two different chromosomes. The green side, the physical side, is nothing more than a 1.5 percent rise in your mitochondrial protein uptake. But with 1.5 percent, you see this immediate increase in cellular tempo, muscle efficiency, oxygenation... And the blue side? Intelligence, obviously, but it's more than that. It's neural regeneration and elasticity. Sensory function. Pain suppression. It's the most exciting development in genomic targeting in the history of the science.

My God. Read more: https://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/movie_script.php?movie=bourne-legacy-the Dr. Marta Shearing: I wanna stop thinking.

Dr. Albert Hirsch: Welcome to the program.

Aaron Cross: I’ll get my bag.


Matt Damon Bourne Movies:

The Bourne Identity (2002 – based on the Robert Ludlum book)

Jason awakes not remembering who he is, like he just incarnated behind the Veil of Forgetfulness into a human acting role on Earth. He works on recalling his memories and realizes he was a spy, a dark operative. He searches for the truth.

“I mean, we’re all trying to find out who the hell we are, aren’t we?”

“The success of any trap lies in its fundamental simplicity. The reverse trap by the nature of its single complication must be swift and simpler still.”

“Wealth is relative to the amount of time one has to enjoy it.”


Bourne: Vertel me wie ik ben (Dutch) translates to ‘Tell me who I am.’

Giancarlo : What's this? You tie these knots? So it starts to come back, huh? Jason Bourne: No, it doesn't start to come back. The knot's like everything else, I just found the rope and I did it. The same way I can, I can read, I can write. I can add, subtract. I can make coffee. I can shuffle cards. I can set up a chessboard. Read more: https://ficquotes.com/the-bourne-identity-2002-quotes/

After Bourne shotguns another agent called The Professor, he laments to Bourne as he dies: Look at this. Look at what they make you give. (Sounds like a common death speech on Earth.) Read more: https://ficquotes.com/the-bourne-identity-2002-quotes/

This movie goes color-crazy as in this sequence:

Jason is on a Moscow street with a red phone and a red hand bag and goes into the Embassy where he passes a woman with a turtle-neck red sweater, goes by red signs North 2 to North 5. He gets outside and meets a woman in a red car. Jason gives her $10,000 and then there’s a shot of her in front of a red sky.

As they drive you see a green garbage can by a blue door and, surprise, there is red too.

Continuing with the colors, there is red carpet on the stairs and red dumbbells.

Next we move to blue chairs.

Nicky Parsons enters wearing a purple turtle-neck sweater

Jason sits in a violet chair – purple for royalty as he is the new Sun King. He holds a blue pen (symbol for admiralty law / water) and wears a blue-striped shirt. They talk about water, hold and cold, while taps are tested.

The movie was directed by Paul Greengrass.

Of course a sign for Gate 17 appears.

The Bourne Supremacy (2004)

Russian agents interact with the CIA. (You can’t have a cabal movie without an enemy.)

Tom Cronin: He’s making his first mistake.

Nicki Parsons: It’s not a mistake. They don’t make mistakes. They don’t do random. There’s always an objective – always a target.

Sun symbolism: Jason => Jack’s-son = the Sun so Jason Bourne is the Sun Born = the morning rising Sun = the Aton.

Other: Matt Damon => Matthew (Bible book derived from original Mark) => Day-man or Demon or D’Amon = of Amon or Amen the Egyptian god of light

Nicki Parsons is the Christian angle: St. Nicki Parson (= a minister / mini-star).

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

In Moscow again, Bourne still searches for his past.

A character named Noah floats into this script.

“You are no longer David Webb. You are now Jason Bourne. Welcome to the program.”

Jason Bourne (2016)

“You’re never going to find any peace. Not until you admit to yourself who you really are.” (This is almost the same line spoken by a full bird Colonel to John J. in the Rambo movies.)

Overall the movies and books show that the government agencies are watching each other, and everybody.

Jason Re-Bourne (2022)

(In a theatre promotional first, green and blue pills are free for the first 111 moviegoers.)

The genetically enhanced agent Bourne shines on the silver screen while taking on dark hat agents who are the result of faulty genomic targeting experiments. His dark enemy comes from the Bohemian Orange Grove and includes Little Red Riding Hood, the Jolly Green Giant, Grey Owl and Little Boy Blue. Bourne and his new GAL PAL Pam seek a cure for green-blue color blindness to benefit humanity and to capture some green dinosaur named Blue before the kingdom falls. Bourne also wants to bring home Pamela’s Laundry.

The film opens as the CIA track Bourne through a piece of blood-orange Bubba gum he discarded at the Rose Bowl. Bourne feels blue so he enters a brown brick church, donates some green and confesses to a crimson lipped Parson, then says a prayer for the Departed.

He goes into a bank, opens a safety-pin deposit box and discovers all he needs for the movie, and that he has a son, who is Captain of the Yellow Submarine. Bourne redoes his will, leaving all to Lorne Bourne Jr. (LBJ), aka Heir Bourne.

Unknown to Jason, Heir Bourne becomes a triple-double genetically enhanced super-duper agent who takes the red, blue and green pills and even the brown acid left over from Woodstock. His theme song is Donovan’s Mellow Yellow.

Little Red, Little Boy Blue and the Green Giant release their Core-Own-a-Wireless in China. Jason and son sail the Yellow Submarine around the world, hi-Jack a blue crop duster and use a special Heir-a-soul spray of vinegar and citrus peel juice to save 100’s of millions of Chinese with the added benefit of cleaning the Great Wall of China. The Yellow Emperor Huangdi reincarnates to thank Bourne and cures jaundice worldwide in his honor. Tourism increases.

HQ calls in another asset, a cleaner, to take out the 1st and 2nd assets they sent after the Red Chinese asset on the Yellow River.

Bourne hitches a ride from Red China to Moscow with a red-headed woman in a red car. The White Russian asset offers Bourne a new identity, no ultimatum, similar to the African agent offer of a gnu identity. Bourne squeals his Treadstone tires and speeds through Red Square and eliminates the dark sector of the Red Army – saving Mother Russia. Rasputin appears and gives him the Key to the Kremlin. Bourne has a drink with ‘putin and flies to London via Egypt. As he flies over the Great Pyramid he swears he sees Tom Cruise being knighted.

In London he lands at John Lennon International Airport, enters gate 17 and finds he is in the 8th row of a Pink Floyd concert wearing a red crown, Blunt in hand. On stage the green door opens and a 6’ tall white rabbit comes out wearing pink pajamas and sings the Beatles Sun King. A flying purple pig drone drops a J-phone to Bourne and the text message written in Rockwell red 17 font reads: 3 minutes – an asset is coming for your ass. Bourne exits stage left where outside on Blue Jay Way the Jolly Green Giant bops Bourne on the head with a red delicious apple. They fight faster than the camera can film. Jason looks good in his Levi blue jeans with the Detroit Red Wings ass-patch. He uses a red plastic straw to peel the Jolly Green Giant like a yellow waxed moon … er… bean. What a Webb David has spun.

Bourne snipes: ‘Easter morning!’ He gets cross. There’s a massive running gunfight. The movie agents show up and are shouting to stop the shooting of their agent actors shooting other agents with green rubber bullets on the 17th floor which is really the 16th – it’s not in the contract or the script. The director ‘Ad Lib’ sends in the Krazy Keystone Kops! The boys in blue arrive as Little Boy Blue rides away on a dinosaur popping the actors’ agents with his yellow potato gun. Bourne is yellow carded. The game goes on as Ricky Nelson sings ‘Poor Little Fool’.


With a lot of soul, LBJ water-skis on teal skis across the Yellow Sea and down 11 oceans to Sol, Korea then to the Red River under a red sky at midnight, water-skiers delight. Out of the blue a yellow Yankee Yacht approaches and an agent opens fire with a K9 burp gun. LBJ dives out of the way and returns fire with his AK-47 as he dolphins onto the vessel. He’s out of bullets so he grabs a bottle of lemon-lime-on-ade and sprays it in agent 13’s right eye. He’s a yellow black white belt kungarate fu do-ya-know-it nine-jaw. Bourne Jr. KO’s the crew. Before leaving he double dips his carrots and downs the first pitcher of their red ale while viewing the live baseball game via 5G: Blue Jays 17 Red Sox 12.


Bourne retires, moves to Boston and becomes a janitor at a university and wins the Green Fields Award for solving the world’s math problems, adjusting bureaus and cleaning the blackboards.

He awakens, resurrected and remembering, to find everyone calling his son LBJ ‘Horus’. He looks at his crystalline watch adjusted to Greenwich time and Big Ben: its 3:30. Bourne hands his yellow and white gold scepter to his son, then takes his crown and places it on the head of the new Damon Sun King Bourne Jr., Director of the CIA.

Pink Floyd sings Money as Jason is anointed Pope Crimson on the Yacht ‘Reddy’ on the blue water of the Red Sea at 12 noon, then robed in violet; all televised on YES TV. Servings of red wine and blue cheese cast an air of ceremony.

The vaccinated audience applauds.

Fade to black and blue.


I watched FORENSIC FILES II Episode 5 original air date March 1, 2020: The Green Pen Series – When a Yale student vanishes days before her wedding , investigators comb a secure research lab for clues.

Recap: 24 year old student Annie Le goes in to research facility known as ’10 Amistad’ – doesn’t come out (10 outside cams for security’s CCTV).

She works on G-level and in lab G-13.

A ‘School of Medicine’ sign is shown.

She was wearing a brown necklace and a brown skirt.

A red-striped building is shown.

A blue fingerprint is shown beside a red one on exit to ad.

Back from ads with a blue door.

A green pen is found as major evidence.

A red bead is found as major evidence.

DNA letters CATG are shown.

A glowing fluorescent green key card appears.

Blue gloves are shown on exit to ad.

Back from ads with a red fire alarm button.

Numerous blue uniformed people exit the building.

A red book is displayed next to a green one.

Blood is being tested.

Old photo of Annie Le in a red dress comes up.

24 year old Raymond Clark tampers with evidence.

A man in a blue shirt and yellow tie narrates.

The blueprints for G-level are shown with ‘Raymond Clark’ typed on in red.

A woman in a green top leads to the next ad.

Back from ads with room G22, a man in a red tie and an orange exit sign.

Evidence is shown with yellow markers 1 and 35 and a white glove.

There are blue sweat pants with dried blood on them.

Ray-mond always uses a green pen, but started using a black one the day Annie vanished.

Ray gets 44 years.


Grimm Reaper legend comes from black entities spraying villages and towns just before mass death events.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 movie with Emma Stone) has the dark doctor spraying a whole city with genetically engineered aerosol.

‘Outbreak’ (1995) and Zombie movies like Night of the Living Dead (1968) are about genetic disease spreading.

Matt Damon played Hoffman (‘offman) in the 2011 movie ‘Contagion’.


We have the healing rays.

We can transmute DNA by thought.

We have warned them.

Light and love

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Operation Disclosure: (OpDis) The Bourne Viral-Receptor Mapping Genomic Targeting Legacy -- Grant Ouellette
(OpDis) The Bourne Viral-Receptor Mapping Genomic Targeting Legacy -- Grant Ouellette
Operation Disclosure
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