ECETI News (March 21, 2020): March Madness -- James Gilliland

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ECETI News March 21st

March Madness

About two weeks ago we talked about an incoming wave of energy corresponding with the Spring Equinox. The 18th was the beginning of these energies and they will continue past the 21st. I saw them as a combination of red, pink and orange. Red is shake it up energy, orange is creative or sexual energies, pink is divine feminine love. This wave is really going to shake up the first three chakras related to survival, sex and power. It is also a gift to help ease the coronal virus problem. These energies are a double-edged sword. They accelerate and activate any issues, especially the red which brings up any survival issues or ungroundedness. There are beings, warriors, who operate on the red ray, it is very volatile. Quan Yin is often referred to as wrathful compassion, Konar, many Lion beings and other ancient warriors all utilize this band of energy. I would say this best represents these energies which can also be referred to as tough love. Some call this Wu Wu, it is definitely outside the box but the walls of the boxes are going to be torn down exposing everything within them to be revealed. We need to find a way to release these energies, hopefully on inanimate objects or scream now and then.

There is more to this corona virus than meets the eye. Anyone aware of the global elite’s plan for humanity knew this was coming. All of these pandemics are manmade. Yes, in laboratories.

There are two factions and a lot of grey area in between. There are the global elite war and disease profiteers with their population reduction goals and the white hats who are engaging them backed by forces on high working towards restoring the republic and protecting the people. We can also say the deep state which owes their allegiance to the global elite verses the white house along with the military owing their allegiance to the people. Despite the social engineering by the lame stream corporate owned deep state-controlled media is telling you some there is a large contingent working on behalf of humanity seen and unseen. There are also unseen negative forces behind the global elite and deep state which are presently getting their butts kicked. These wars are not of flesh and bones. Most people are not aware of, or ready to engage these unseen forces. We will try to stick to basics.

I would first suggest, do the research concerning the effects of 5G, elf waves and the new systems tested first on cruise ships if you want to connect the dots. Know the effects short and long term. Next research who created these technologies, viruses, who holds the patents, and are these people involved in eugenics or supportive of depopulation programs. If you want to stop these plagues or viruses, “Hold Them Accountable”. Ask, demand answers as to the origin and ownership of these patents……..

Today is National Conspiracy Day where we all apologize to, those conspiracy theorist, who base their information on researched facts. There is the only place you can get the truth yet always discern some of them go off the deep end at times. Inner sensitivity and a BS meter are mandatory. There is a lot of wishful thinking void of facts with some good intentioned people yet the lame stream media is totally void of facts.

These wars, plagues, the manufactured lack, and separation games between cultures and genders are all methods employed by the global elite and their deep state operatives. They own the lame stream media and use if for social engineering. If you depend on the corporate owned press for your information to base your beliefs and actions you are socially engineered. This is unraveling. The entire draconian system maintained by the global elite and enforced by the deep state is falling apart. Creating social unrest, chaos, through fear and false flag operations is failing. There will always be ignorant and stubborn people so socially engineered suffering from cognitive dissonance they will support their enslavers to their death. This is where education and unfortunately the military will have to step in not to impose a dictatorship but to protect the people temporarily. Hard to pull off a false flag event in each and everyone’s house. Social distancing and not attending large events are wise decisions during these times so as to avoid spreading the, “released virus”, yet is also diminishes any back lash by the global elite on their way out.

There will be a military presence, it is unavoidable to prevent looting and maintain the peace in the transition. It is wise to take precautionary measures through this transition, three weeks food, pure water, personal protection, and work together. Support the troops and the white hats in what can best be described as planetary liberation. Do not fall for the freebies, socialism, global warming scams, etc. The global elite want socialism and they are backing the politicians promoting it. To put the power and wealth in the hands of a few giving your power away to others to govern and take care of you always ends up in a socialist dictator. If you want to test them tell them to walk their talk turn over all their assets. They also want to take away any personal protection. Know your history. Yes, there are cases of extreme uneven dispersal of wealth in capitalism, yet these very same people are the ones who will control the power and wealth under socialism. They are also the ones ending up with your carbon taxes. Reason this, where is the incentive in socialism or communism. Why are people leaving these countries? Even China is realizing giving everyone a waiver for food, etc. promotes laziness, diminishes growth and personal responsibility and empowerment. Don’t fall for the socialist short term promises, they are not sustainable.

The good news is we are going through an unprecedented event, the end of 450,000 years of enslavement and tyranny. The gross uneven dispersal of wealth will give way to a global reset, a much fairer monetary system. The trillions of dollars siphoned off by the Queen, the Vatican, and other banksters will be returned to the people going towards humanitarian efforts and rebuilding the infrastructure. Most cannot comprehend how much money is diverted to just a few under the old draconian system. Many of these tyrants will fall due to connections and participation in some very decadent behavior. Satanic and Luciferian worship, child trafficking, child sacrifice, drug trafficking, pedophilia and a host of other extremely corrupt activity will be their downfall. These activities are documented in the, “Unsealed Indictments”. The Republic will be restored, draconian law will be replaced by Universal Law. Those who have usurped the Constitution, the law of the land will be deposed and held accountable. This isn’t wishful thinking it is unstoppable. Those in the military who honor their oaths aligned with a greater unseen force will see to it. Those who are not honorable will be removed.

Q, high level military and other white hats will be the best source for news and public acclimation during these challenging times. The corporate sponsored media will pull out all stops to discredit Q . If you knew who was involved with Q most would change channels on all other news sources. They have been the most accurate, even seem to be psychic concerning the rolling out of future events. There is more to that story. The censorship of other conservative and diligent researchers is coming to an end. Much has already been lifted.

We would be remiss by not mentioning we are not alone in this multiverse. Just as we have been extremely interfered with by self-serving or malevolent off world and unseen negative influences, we have also had a lot of help by spiritually and technologically advanced off world entities. Some would call them the greater family of man/woman, ancient ancestors or Star Nations. There are other unseen positive entities that are ultradimensional that have many names throughout history. There has been so much inhumanity in our history because there has been so much non-human interference. This is coming to a close due to the spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders, some of which are our ancestors and higher dimensional beings, some call ascended Masters, Saints and Sages. This is not wishful thinking or what some call Wu Wu. It is real and those who are awake are fully aware of it.

Full disclosure of these off worlders will come to the masses by July. It has already come to those who are awake.

Those who are not awake are only establishing their ignorance and character by dismissing it. Just as the darker forces have their ground crew, corrupt and decadent leaders in all walks of life and institutions the Light Forces have their ground crews. The dark forces are not frequency specific to the incoming energies designed to awaken, heal and liberate the planet. They will implode taking with them all aligned with them. This will create temporary chaos as the controllers kingdoms fall or transform. This is what is unfolding. How do we get through these times? An old Cherokee saying comes to mind, “If it isn’t good for everyone, it isn’t good”. If it is not aligned with Universal Law, it is unsustainable. If we do not flow with these energies and make the necessary changes and transformation we are not sustainable. Unfortunately, you will not hear these messages in the what are now fully compromised spiritual and UFO communities. You will not hear them in the majority of alternative main stream media, organizations who are also fully compromised. Their primary focus is on profit and entertainment. Fame and fortune have become the goals of most people in the field afraid to rock the boat. Those at the top who control the industries, conferences and media outlets control the narrative. They have become a distraction and have removed anyone who is authentic and dedicated to the awakening and healing process in service to humanity and the Earth.

The truth will come internally not externally.

Go in peace and be well,

James Gilliland

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Operation Disclosure: ECETI News (March 21, 2020): March Madness -- James Gilliland
ECETI News (March 21, 2020): March Madness -- James Gilliland
Operation Disclosure
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