(OpDis) Playing with Patriotic Emotions -- Rinus Verhagen

Playing with Patriotic Emotions February 11, 2020 Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor In order to understand the pr...

Playing with Patriotic Emotions

February 11, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

In order to understand the present, we must be able to fathom the past in order to secure the future.

That is why I always come up with a piece of historical knowledge to understand the story and reality of the present.

What do you need to create an event, you are going to provoke and humiliate an opponent.

This happened to Japan, who in turn bombed the US fleet in Pearl-Harbor, deliberately blocking the declaration of war.

The Dutch submarine that had observed the Japanese Armada days before the attack was not allowed to share this with anyone, and was sunk by a British secret agent in which all crewmembers were killed by their own allies.

The reason was to involve America in the second world war, in order to be able to distribute the loot among the multinationals Bankers and MIC, the FED, City of London and the Vatican have this on their conscience.

As with the attack in the bay or Tonkin that never took place or the attack on the Twin Towers 9/11, they had one thing in common, manipulating the population and using patriotism to start a robbery war.

All the deaths that have occurred in the wars have been the victims of a sinister conspiracy between the 1% ruler and his henchmen.


This is just one of 11 Military Cemeteries, where young misguided men are buried in order to make a mock liberation of Europe possible and to give the instigators a safe-conduct under Operation Paperclip.

To merge the GESTAPO and the OSS into the CIA led by the FED owners as a shadow government to terrorize the world with the CIA and the Mossad.

This sinister plan was conceived by the Cabal as a Satanic blood sacrifice to make world domination possible for the NWO.

So many young talented lives destroyed all over the world, to shape the slave system, and to terrorize and turn the unsuspecting world population against each other.

The high point was the destruction from within the US, by Barry Obama who created ISIS together with No Name, HRC and Israel.

ISIS was armed by the CIA, through Libya, the reason why the Ambassador was killed, to keep the true facts of Barry and Killary secret.

Barry Obama's escapade, the patriots became too much to start wars on false grounds, with the army refusing to attack Assad's army because it would have crossed a red line, which was a UN white helmet false flag.

The Cabal is aware of her imminent demise, and in total panic, for what is to come.

Therefore the Bioweapon as the Coronavirus in combination with 5G and mass hysteria has been used to keep the world population in fear.

Bill Gates who predicted that a pandemic would kill more than 65 million people, and this breaks out immediately after the WEF in Davos to possibly blame the US for the economic damage and torpedo the trade agreement with China.

With the aim to stop GESARA and start another world war.

The role of Jeffrey Epstein and all the blackmailed actors, links to the Mossad and CIA, and the globalists in general, their drugs, people and organ trafficking by the people despising Cabal Elite.

In order to be GESARA compatible, IRAQ has asked the US to leave the country, in order to regain its sovereignty.


Here it is stated that Iraq, its land, waters and air may no longer be violated by the US Army.

From this I can conclude two things, the oil wells that are guarded by the US army, so that Erdogan can't steal the oil, can't be transported by the US road, so that the property of Syria doesn't leave the country without Assad's permission.

The US army that leaves Iraq can support the liberation of the Cabal in Europe, to end the second world war.

Rothschild slave and paedophile Macron declares that France can defend Europe with its atomic weapons, but he believes he will protect the Cabal to which he himself belongs.


Is the French army going to help the US troops drain the Swamp?

Within the army in France there is more and more resistance against Macron and its EU order troops that are knocking down and oppressing the population.

Meanwhile, in Germany there are elections in Thuringia that Merkel did not like, in which the AFD has given its support by voting for the Liberal FDP candidate.

As a result, this new head of government of Thuringia has resigned after 3 days under pressure from the Soros/Merkel fascist Antifa, under threat of his whole family.

The Germany where the public broadcaster WDR let a children's choir sing a song our grandmother is an environmental pig, a left-wing journalist and Antifa activist she said that this grandmother was not an environmental pig, but a Nazi pig. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDh5Dpm2MGE.


It may be clear that Merkel and her left-wing Greens deliberately divide the population in order to keep the theme of Migration out of the picture.

Merkel AKK's successor to the idea became too much of a tension, and withdrew from politics, making not only the SPD, but also the CDU a splinter party.



The Satanic daughter of Hitler Angela Dorothea Merkel sees her only power of the GDR thoughts and reign of terror now in decline, the vengeance of communist in heart and soul Erich Honecker against the West.

Merkel's shivering suggests that she is suffering from KURU disease.


In order to defeat the Cabal and NWO completely, there are exercises throughout Europe, under the slogan that Russia could launch an attack, while Putin has divided the entire federation into republics.

My personal suspicion is, that the national countries are forced to be GESARA compatible, and to reintroduce the gold standard for the European countries.

Donald J Trump went around with the hat of Uncle Sam and demanded more Nato contribution, with which the member countries have now financed the forced reform that will be implemented in Europe.

The army summits of the member countries will have the choice to either help expel the Cabal once and for all, or to enter into a conflict with the US Army, a confrontation they can never win, in which the people will assist the liberators of their country to complete the liberation of the second world war now and to defuse the EU fascists.

Morally the US owes this to the people of Europe, apart from the fact that most US migrants come from Europe, because we have always been forcibly paid the costs of our oppression by the NATO Gladio organization under tax, as Mafia Protection.

It is not 1 or 10 countries, but worldwide a phenomenon that through the UN which was founded by the FED owners, the world's population has been taken hostage, and deliberately divided against each other for their own perverse preservation of power at the expense of the world's population.

General PATTON would have been happy to help end WW2.


Help the alliance where possible to get the job done and liberate Europe from the Nazis.

Don't let the sacrifice made by the soldiers of the Second World War be in vain, remember them in the highest respect they have earned and sacrificed their lives for us, even though, like us, they didn't realize that they had been abused.

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Operation Disclosure: (OpDis) Playing with Patriotic Emotions -- Rinus Verhagen
(OpDis) Playing with Patriotic Emotions -- Rinus Verhagen
Operation Disclosure
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