(OpDis) Bill Gates, Connecting the Dots

Bill Gates, Connecting the Dots February 11, 2020 Operation Disclosure | By Agatha Christie, Guest Writer And now we come to... THE V...

Bill Gates, Connecting the Dots

February 11, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Agatha Christie, Guest Writer

And now we come to... THE VACCINE ... against the virus…



In 1948 Heinrich Mueller, the former head of the Gestapo, told his CIA Interrogator that the most devastating plague in human history — the Spanish Flu — was man-made.

“I am not a doctor, he said but the ‘double-blow’ (referred to a virus), is actually a pair of viruses that worked like a prize fighter. The first blow attacked the immune system and made the victim susceptible, fatally so, to the second blow which was a form of pneumonia…These things can alter themselves and what starts out as a limited thing can change into something really terrible.”


Anthrax attacks was a covered-up inside job...

Prof. Boyle's expertise: America's bioweapons programs and the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989. ... but after he realized that the anthrax attacks looked like a domestic job, the professor called a high-level FBI official who deals with terrorism & counterterrorism, Marion "Spike" Bowman .... later the FBI authorized the destruction of the anthrax database," Prof. Boyle said.

During the anthrax scare, the House of Representatives was officially shut down for the first time in the history of the republic and the USA PATRIOT ACT was rammed through testimony by Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas)


In 2003, Marion Bowman was promoted and given the Presidential Rank Award by FBI Director Robert S. Mueller.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) chastising the organization for granting such an honor.


Coronavirus was first identified in the US in the 1960s. And has the usual ‘suspicious’ origins. Fort Detrick was certainly a busy place up to allegedly 1969. But it never ended, changed or moved.

‘As of the early 2010s, Fort Detrick’s (490 ha) campus supports a multi-governmental community that conducts biomedical research and development, medical materiel management, global medical communications and the study of foreign plant pathogens.
It is home to:
  • The US Army Medical Research & Materiel Command (USAMRMC), with its bio-defence agency,
  • The US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID).
  • It also hosts The National Cancer Institute (NCI-Frederick)
  • is home to The National Interagency Confederation Biological Research (NICBR)
  • National Interagency Biodefense Campus (NIBC).’
Corona being linked to other US manufactured Bio-Weapons such as SARS, MERS, Ebola, HIV-AIDS, Lyme. And that’s apart from the development of LSD, Crack Cocaine.
The initial development of all these weapons occurred in US labs as Fort Detrick.

From Fort Detrick it went to government labs in:

* Harvard University,
* Johns Hopkins,
* Big Pharma Usual Suspects, and
* various labs in Canada.

The Rockefellers originally funded Canada, together with hidden government funds from Canada, the US, and the UK. France and the Netherlands were also connected.

Frank Plummer head of the Winnipeg Microbiology research laboratory was funded additionally by one recorded transfer of CAD 8.3 million from the Gates Foundation.

Corona was in vaccinations with HIV, packaged as a vaccine, sent from US facilities.

F. Plummer was contacted and sent a sample of Corona from [a patient in] Saudi Arabia isolated on 4 May 2013.

The Wuhan Corona Samples were initially taken to a facility in Rotterdam in 2019; where they were identified.

Saudi Arabia is meant to have used this weapon in the Middle East and African states in which they have been conducting genocides in the form of religious cleansing. The Winnipeg Facility experiments included those concerning Ebola and Uracine.

Frank Plummer was "taken out" in Nairobi on 4 February 2020. He was head of the Winnipeg Microbiology research laboratory since its inception in 1999, until he was removed in 2014.

Geoff Soule also disappeared from the NML (National Biological Laboratory) at Winnipeg.

One of Plummer's researches was Deep Cover Chinese Intel operative Xiangguo Qiu. She was removed in July 2019. And subsequently disappeared.

In March 2019 she sent courier carried samples of Ebola, Henipah, and Corona to a government laboratory in Wuhan where it was further weaponized and ‘accidentally’ released.

DARPA is involved with Corona.


Dr. Frank Plummer, was the former scientific director of Canada’s National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg He was a scientific maverick who helped set up and make PHAC's National Microbiology Laboratory a world class institution.



On 18 October 2019, ‘Event 201’ was staged in New York City. An international conference funded by the Gates Foundation; involving Johns Hopkins Centre for ]Health Security], and The World Economic Forum.

It was determined that a world pandemic would initially kill some 65 million. Johns Hopkins had been experimenting on pigs and extrapolating that data.

Frank Plummer, 67, died in Nairobi, Kenya, on Tuesday 4 Feb 2020.

One of F. Plummer researches was Deep Cover Chinese Intel concerning the samples of Ebola, Henipah, and Corona to a government laboratory in Wuhan, where it was further weaponized and ‘accidentally’ released.


What are the chances that one of these new vaccines will be mandated in the US and other countries? Mandated. Ordered. Commanded. ‘In order to preserve public safety’.”


Now who stands to gain financially with new vaccine?

A deeper look

Several of the novel vaccines being rushed toward approval and production are completely experimental. So the stage is set .

... All these vaccine RNA varieties vaccines can cause autoimmune reactions, that means: the body goes to war against itself.

Corona was in vaccinations with HIV, packaged as a vaccine, sent from US facilities.

Watch the scenario https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/01/26/vaccine-for-the-china-virus-the-planet-is-the-guinea-pig-for-a-vast-experiment/?fbclid=IwAR3nfwUG6nluNLxc26vwv1VZxUwCrjakWhrVsBaN5SwGb1ZstJIHzRFAs_U

Jan 26 2020
  • The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is launching a rush program to develop a vaccine against the China coronavirus.
The goal? Have a vaccine ready for human testing in an unprecedented 90 days.
Is it possible that bio-warfare could be the number choice for an elitist cabal to ‘control’ populations? Governments can pass any laws, create untold restrictions and central control over humanity?. In many ways it is the ultimate false flag?!

Dr. Francis Boyle (hidden on the net) was a researcher. He fled and has disappeared. He was a US government microbiologist and exposed the ‘development of lethal, genetically engineered bio-weaponry, as part of an ongoing agenda, initiated and pushed through US military intelligence, with Big Pharma, and military intelligence in many countries.

FVEY [Five Eyes] Australia is involved

All samples are held by ATCC (American Type Culture Collection) where the stolen UN WHO Smallpox stocks https://gumshoenews.com/2019/12/17/the-web-beyond-the-oklahoma-bombing/

ATCC is the world’s prime biological culture repository. From there samples are sent to the four designations of BSL (Biosafety Level) laboratories.

Gates and Globalist Entities, together with the usual suspect governments, fund The BSL-4 laboratories. Wuhan is one. Established to develop Lethal, Offensive Bioweapons, and block identification, management, and vaccine development — as Bolivian Hemorrhagic, Marburg, Ebola, Lassa, Crimean–Congo, Necrotizing Fasciitis (NF) etc. (Don Rickles was removed by an NF.)

There are 13 BSL-4 facilities in the US (i.e., Bio-Weapons Laboratories), and this is apart from the Chemical Weapons Laboratories, and the Atomic and Radiation Laboratories and arsenals.

Wuhan, as Saudi Arabia and Florida, as I previously wrote, are predominantly accidents. Anthrax in the GWB-Cheney era was a False Flag. Flag. This all are Genocidal War Crimes.


When does this stop?! We had enough

Attention: to all Patriot digital soldiers to reach out to all Investigative Journalists and Independent Researchers

As people from nations around the world we can no longer pretend to trust agencies who claim protecting our children. We need to protect future whistleblowers so they can help us to bring justice.
Whistleblowers we the people we call you please connect with:

More collected info: https://gates-connecting-dots.blogspot.com/

God Bless us all

Agatha Christie 2Q

PS. And last but not the least



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Operation Disclosure: (OpDis) Bill Gates, Connecting the Dots
(OpDis) Bill Gates, Connecting the Dots
Operation Disclosure
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