FISA Court Issues and Abuse, President Trump is Working to Save us -- Dave the Differentiator

FISA Court Issues and the Abuse of Policy and Procedures in Government January 13, 2020 Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Dave the Differen...

FISA Court Issues and the Abuse of Policy and Procedures in Government

January 13, 2020

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Dave the Differentiator

There are two separate issues (organizations) involved in this matter of the FBI, FISA Court and the Arrests. The FBI which has confirmed it has a problem in management. Then, the FISA Court and procedures. Actually there is a third organization and it is the "Deep State" which is well documented!

Looking at the internal problems at the FBI is underway with several investigations ongoing. Inspector General Horowitz has already issued some internal reports that specifically identify some of the people and procedural problems. The Comey Report. The FISA Abuse report. Many people have been terminated inside the FBI and more will be gone in 2020. The procedural problems being pushed upon President Trump are unprecedented and have been a major obstacle to progress. The leadership changes at the DOJ which includes the FBI, have taken time and resources and been the cause of many delays. The Political interference is well documented with the various "Impeachment Investigations" being used as an interference tool. President Trump is playing the long game to solving the big corruption problem inside the Department of Justice. The Department of State also has this corruption problem and that is being worked every day as well. President Trump has been forced to "Drain the Swamp" which has a very large base estimated to be in excess of 5 million (YES 5,000,000) personnel. The "Corruption" inside the Government is also massive. The recent Ukraine revelations are sad and alarming all at the same time. The entire "Foreign Aid" program of America is infected with massive corruption. While it is convenient to blame Obama it is simply naïve to think it all started with him. The corruption dates back to WW-II in 1945 and the events that transpired after the WAR!

Today America has the digital society which allows for a massive amount of information to be accessed and analyzed. This brings us to the National Security Agency (NSA) and its ability to capture data and analyze it all to some extent. The analysis of this information is a massive task and involves the use of very special computers that are generally only available to the NSA or other governments.

President Trump is the boss of the NSA along with the entire Executive Branch of the Government which includes most all of the secret agencies and certainly all of the Military personnel. Historically, every President brought his own team of advisor (Cabinet) with him into office which included the Attorney General. Unfortunately President Trump was selecting his “Cabinet” from a den of liars and thieves so he has needed extra time to sort out to problem people. The long-term relationship of Hillary with James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller is one example. These for individuals have been involved with the Deep State and Clinton Crime Family for many decades.

Consequently, President Trump has been working at cleaning up the Department of Justice now for many years. There is still lots of work ahead as the “sleeper People (agents) get identified and removed.

President Trump had the same corruption problem over at the State Department. Actually, President Trump has an organization inside his Executive Branch who openly state they intend to “Resist President Trump” and state there is nothing Trump can do about this.

Now, there is lots of good light coming out of this tunnel of corrupt darkness. The NSA had as its leader, Director of Operations, Admiral Mike Rogers, who came forward and warned President Trump about the Conspiracy against him. There was another person, Bill Binney, who also came forward. These two are well established “Whistle Blowers” who are helping President Trump “Drain the Swamp. There are many other whistle blowers and these individuals have written many books which give specific details about the “Spy-Gate Conspiracy”. This situation has created an atmosphere wherein various low lever personnel have been identified and arrested and shown the evidence against them which is “beyond a reasonable doubt” and caused many of these people to make a “plea bargain” and become “cooperating witnesses” for the Government.

The most recent statistics on this “arrest” of the lower level personnel is that more than 16,000 people have been arrested. There have also been many high profile individuals identified and arrested and are waiting for their trial.

The point of the above is to illuminate some of the published facts that identify what President Trump is doing to “Drain the Swamp” in America’s Government.

The corruption also involves many other nations around the world and President Trump is working on this problem. The Ukraine is the most recent revelation. North Korea, Iraq and Iran, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, China, Russia are also in the news a great deal in the past three years. Israel and Saudi Arabia have also been in the news and are being addressed by President Trump.

President Trump has a PLAN which is directed at establishing “World Peace”. This PLAN requires the entire world to change from a WAR based economic system to a Goods and Services based system. The Military Industrial Complex is resisting this transition. The Military Industrial System has been running for a very long time, well over several hundred years! Perhaps even more than several thousand years. Of course, a change of this magnitude takes time and the transition needs to start some place and 2020 looks to be the initial year.

This transition brings us to the next issue, the FISA Court. The simple solution here is to eliminate this agency and move all of the people to other positions. Actually, this is the only solution and will probably be happening in the next year. President Trump’s plan will eliminate the need to spy on each other for all nations.

The last problem of the Deep State will also be eliminated because liars and cheats and corruption will be eliminated. One question to be addressed will be “How much is enough” for individuals. There will still be a separation of people based on certain factors but the corruption factor will be greatly reduced. It will take many decades of cooperation to build the infrastructure to make the world a better place for all people. BUT, that will be the goal as opposed to the slave labor system that is in place today.

The FISA Court will no longer be necessary and will disappear as will the deep state. This transition will take decades so there will be plenty of work to keep people busy and provide appropriate rewards for the high achievers. However, the lazy back-stabbers will not be tolerated and the incentives will be to do good and your results will be rewarded appropriately!

America is a Republic and President Trump is working to save us

January 13, 2020

Source: Dinar Chronicles | By Dave the Differentiator

There appears to be some confusion with the various GURUs who claim to have special contacts with valid information about the Global Currency Revaluation (GCR). Of course, one of the interesting dilemmas is the conflicting operations all taking place at the same time. These various conflicts can and do cause new information to become available and thus the timing changes for the actual release of the GCR.

The Global Currency Revaluation (GCR) is actually composed of several different factors. The countries (209 Nations) need to have some sort of exchange system to facilitate commerce. There are some old (ancient) Trust that have humanitarian purposes. There are legal claims for past bad deeds (Farmers Claims, CMKX, and others). The past wars have caused great damage to certain nations (Iraq, Vietnam, Korea and others). There has been a great deal of nation building by governments to gain control of the world’s natural resources (America’s organization for this is the “Deep State” and Russia along with China and India have their people out moving to take over other nations). In the past it was the Europeans and the UK had to be the leader for a long time. The phrase “The Sun never sets on the English Empire” says it all.

There are so many GURUs in operation that I will only name a few – Bruce, Tank, TNT Tony, Judy Byington, Yousef, MarkZ, Dave Schmidt, Shelton and many more. None have ever been correct about the GCR release date! However they all agree that the GCR is real.

There are actually three separate aspects to the Global changes being attempted. The Geopolitical, the Financial, and the Religious. Each of these elements of the changes has its own group of GURUs. There is the Alien aspect of beings from other planets which are also playing a part in the drama. David Wilcox and David Adair are involved here with very interesting insights.

Then, We, the People of America, have President Trump and his stated PLAN to “Drain the Swamp”. The Swamp is very large in terms of Nations and People and Organizations. America has just experienced over 28 years of Corruption with the President’s Bush-Clinton Crime syndicate. Some of these criminals were easy to spot while others sat back and waited for their chance to become the Leader as they call it. Hillary Clinton was the easiest to spot because she is so corrupt that Hillary actually believed she could do and say anything and get away with her crimes. Obama established new lows for being an even bigger liar than Hillary.

The actual history of the current situation is difficult to sort out and the key players are even more difficult to determine. AND, because this corruption in Governments is a global conspiracy with many complex elements it is very difficult to sort the Good from the Bad from the Evil.

The Human factors of Greed and Sexual Gratification are ever present. Hence we have the child sex crimes to consider. AND, of course we have the ever present POWER aspect! Hillary and Obama took this factor to new lows!

Because the so-called “Deep State” has been able to get control of most of the Media and High Technology gang the solution has been further complicated by the “Fake News” issues. Better known as “Psyops” and a real factor since the end of WW-II.

And the corruption of the Judicial System. These past Presidents mentioned above had 28 years of appointing compliant corrupt Judges into life-time positions to make law from the Judicial Bench! We have witnessed these various judges making rulings far outside their mandate and authority. Issuing orders to the President is not one of their functions. The Separation of Powers is clear and President Trump is working to re-establish the Rule of Law as clearly defined in the U. S. Constitution so therefore he complies to the law and uses other tools to accomplish his PLAN!

50 years ago or so, we, the People, trusted the news to be reporting actual news events and we then could decide what we thought given we were believing what we heard as being true. Not so today – but there is the alternative news which works at getting the truth out to the People.

In my opinion, there are still some really reliable trustworthy people out there and President Trump is just one of these many people.

There is a large group of people known as “Whistle-Blowers” who have stepped away from the “Deep State” and offered proof of the Global Conspiracy to take control of the entire world for their personal benefit and pleasure. This group of whistle-blowers are growing in number and providing ever more evidence of corruption inside the America Government and some of America’s most trusted allies in the past.

There is yet another group of people signing up as ”cooperating witnesses” who are giving important information and evidence to the “Drain the Swamp” team organized by President Trump.

These cooperating witnesses have been arrested for their crimes and entered into a Plea Bargain to avoid the severe consequences of their crimes against America and humanity. Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin are in this category of cooperating witnesses. Loretta Lynch and Bruce Ohr are also included in the people who have taken this available path. The “Corruption” runs very deep and needs to be disclosed to the People so that this matter can be corrected. We have now been exposed to the corruption in the Ukraine and how this corrupt system works.

So, What Can WE, the People do? The election process is returning to a legal operation. A slow process but it is happening. We, the People, can write and call our Representatives in Congress and DEMAND they follow the Rule of Law! The U. S. Constitution is the Law of the Land here in America. Call your local Representative and demand JUSTICE.

Illegal Immigration is just that “ILLEGAL”. Build the “Border Wall” and deport all of the illegal immigrants. To be able to vote a person must be a citizen of America. This is not a difficult issue! Do Americans really want illegals coming to America to tell us what to do? I do not think so!

In America the U. S. Constitution is the Law of the Land and there is no place for Sharia Law here in America. There is a required OATH of office for elected officials and it is specific as to the Protect and Defend the U. S. Constitution which includes all of the provisions contained therein. All new immigrants must take this oath! Additionally, new immigrants must refute any previous oaths to any other law. The Oath requires a pledge to protect and defend the U. S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic!

President Trump has been at work repairing this issue and his appointment of Constitutional Conservatives to the U. S. Supreme Court is one step forward in the Return to the Rule of Law! President Trump has also appointed many Constitutional Conservative judges to the District Courts. This approach is very long term and has been met with great resistance by the far left radicals who want to take over America!

President Trump has so many irons in the fire that he has avoided the Religious issues. That confrontation is not far off now! Simply put there is a global religious war between the Muslim world and the non-Muslims. This issue will be a turning point in the 2020 elections as will the Rule of Law. The recent assassination of the Iranian General Soleimani is one such example.

We, the People, still want fairness and civility to be the order of the day. SO, Call your Representatives and Senators and demand they follow the law. The blatant law breakers are clearly visible and need to know Americans do not appreciate their giving non-Americans any of America’s assets and benefits. Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris and their gang needs to be put out of office and reasonable, rational Americas elected. Muslims are not Americans because of their oath to the Quran.

America is a Republic and needs to remain a Republic!

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Operation Disclosure: FISA Court Issues and Abuse, President Trump is Working to Save us -- Dave the Differentiator
FISA Court Issues and Abuse, President Trump is Working to Save us -- Dave the Differentiator
Operation Disclosure
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