The Death of the Sick System

The Death of the Sick System Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor The downfall of the fascist unelected corrupt EU alo...

The Death of the Sick System

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

The downfall of the fascist unelected corrupt EU along with corrupt NWO governments.

Many EU countries are expanding their GOLD stock for the upcoming introduction of the GOLD STANDARD.

Why do I expect that the own currency will be reintroduced for each EU country?

The curse known as the Euro has collectively impoverished us and has reduced our prosperity, so we can say from experience that it has proved to be a financial cancerous tumor.

The EU gangsters working on behalf of the Central Bankers and Multinationals (Comité 300) cannot stop or stop the change, due to the collapse of the Fiat Money System.

Several countries are preparing their populations to re-introduce the GOLD STANDARD.

Banks can no longer produce FIAT money through the introduction of the new money system via the QFS that has already replaced the old Swift system for the CIPS payment protocol.

The new GOLD covered money system is available for 209 sovereign countries, as the EU is not a sovereign country the no money will get from the new world funds.

Any organisation that has no money (EU and UN) or source of income will no longer be able to exist, which will result in a natural purification of unelected fascists.

The Brexit initiative has awakened the people of Europe to the hope of getting rid of the communist EU.

The Bilderberg Nazis could not have foreseen that they would perish because of their own corruption and money policy.

The euro could be saved if all the member countries were to merge their own GOLD in order to give the euro a GOLD.

Whereupon I suspect that the individual countries do not go so far with their loyalty to uphold the EURO curse.

If a Bank is worthless, and their Derivatives debts are greater than the value of this Bank, this Bank is simply bankrupt, and the Derivatives debts will never be and never will be paid.

This is also the reason why Banks no longer lend to each other and the ECB and FED have buyout programs to keep their sick system alive for a while.

Underlying the idea that the world's population should bear the cost of their FIAT debt deception.

Claim: German Deutsche Bank has allegedly filed for bankruptcy.

There will be RUMORS from Germany this afternoon that Deutsche Bank has filed for bankruptcy ONLY.

For the time being, this will NOT be confirmed.

If this did happen, prepare for an economic upheaval like no other in the world.

A company or institution that is bankrupt or has applied for a moratorium will be executed after the Bankruptcy has been declared and will no longer be negotiable on the stock exchange.

By buying the shares of the Deutsche Bank through REPO programs, the illusion is created that the Deutsche Bank can survive this adventure, and that Merkel can continue its demolition policy for a while.

The more uncovered Fiat Money that is pumped into the system does not reach the people who need it, but only the banks to postpone the inevitable implosion of the debt and money system for a while.

We can expect the entire global banking system to turn into a nuclear reaction when the magic limit is reached, because all banks are contaminated with irrecoverable Derivatives and government bonds.

As a result, politicians employed by the Bankers will no longer be able to take on public debts at the expense of their own people.

Tax collection is a form of theft to keep the population in poverty and under control.

There is a worldwide yellow law that obliges the population to pay taxes as a result of the deception by the Bankers of the FED and ECB and Central Banks with their Fiat Money system.

We can call it false structured emotional blackmail with their attempt to persuade us to pay taxes.

If they refuse to pay tax, the governments will no longer be able to pursue their decomposition policy in the way it has been in the past.

All over the world, companies are a branch of their illegal tax office that the rulers have invented in order to be able to continue to expropriate the population, and to control their existence.

Instead of Demonstrating, it would be much more effective if we stopped paying imposed taxes, out of the labor of the individual population.

Earning is an understanding for rewarding your effort, if you want to earn by stealing we can't say that these are fair merits.

A tweet by Jesse Klaver, originally named Yasser Ferras, and leader of the Green Left political party.

Yasser has a low IQ so that his mathematical performance does not entirely match his perception and pronunciation, and he emerges as an Environmental Tax Terrorist comes up with the following proposition.

If we do not increase VAT by 3% but by 5% from 21% to 25%, we will earn 18 Billion, of which 15 Billion will go to clean energy.

Now for the calculation: 6 Billion Windmills (unprofitable Bird and insect shredders).

2 Billion for raising Teacher's salary to maintain left-wing indoctrination.

4 Billion for subsidy the people with the lowest income = total 12 Billion, remains us the question where the rest of the 18 Billion remained in his calculation model.

Wind energy is unprofitable, because there is not always wind, and because of this other power plant have to take over the production.

What we do need are the political friends who have an interest in producing these wind turbines.

He has clearly suffered a blow from a blade of the windmill given his Low IQ statements.

The population sees him as a Green Environmental Clown and not a math wonder.

Windmills don't run on wind but on subsidies, Green Acorn.

Jesse Klaver (Yasser Ferras), who was born a Moroccan with a late IQ, wants the Netherlands to solve the Greta CO2 problem only for the world.

This means that the Dutch population (further expropriated) on top of the existing taxes of now 89% total, will have to pay 1000 billion over the next 10 years.

This would mean that we would have a Negative Gross National Product, where there would be no more income from labor for the population.

Jesse Klaver sees Obama as his example, Yes we can.

His corruptness will not be much less than that of Obama, and his False propaganda, By copying the Obama speech.

By depriving governments of unlimited loans to the corrupt Bankers, by introducing the GOLD-covered new Money System via the QFS, the political criminals have also been eliminated.

This will restore self-determination to the population.

Police, army and civil servants will no longer receive any income from a corrupt government, which means that they are no longer allowed to protect the current false political prophets in order to maintain their crime policy.

Farmers, Construction and Earth moving companies, realize the power you have together with the people to bleed the corrupt political dead financially.

The Netherlands is not equipped to enforce so many tax collection cases, the new system will be in place before this becomes a reality.

We no longer allow ourselves to be used as slaves to the Bankers and corrupt governments.

On the tax contributions of left-wing morons and Antifa, a sick policy can't survive.

In lawless politics, a committee secretly makes secret agreements behind closed doors to keep oppressing the Dutch.

The population is expected to compensate the income of the EU by Brexit in order to be able to push the NWO through in Europe.

These are turbulent times in which we are now living, in which we are going to stand up and say that we are no longer taking part in this.

We must be completely non-violent in raising our fingers and noses at the criminals in politics.

This is the result of a further loss of confidence in this sick system, to which many people are now beginning to turn a blind eye because of the silent and insidious oppression to which we have been subjected.

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Operation Disclosure: The Death of the Sick System
The Death of the Sick System
Operation Disclosure
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