Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 11, 2019

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 11 2019 Compiled  11 Nov. 2019 12:01 am EDT  by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, ...

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 11 2019

Compiled 11 Nov. 2019 12:01 am EDT by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author, “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities” – a child who was tortured, raped and forced to view a Child Sacrifice done by a Satanic Coven under direction of a “Dr. Green” – a CIA Operative well known to thousands of Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors like Jenny across the US, Canada, UK and Australia as their torturer-Head of the CIA Mind Control Program, MKULTRA.

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it is valid. A Special Thank You to those very dedicated and brave intel providers who wished to remain unnamed, to Brad who does great research and Ken who uncovers almost unlimited intel on pedophilia to help Save the Children.

This has finally come to be. I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the reset’s other side where together, we will make life better for all.

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. Judy

The Alliance was Saving the Children, while Q was back saying to “Trust the Plan”

Judy Note: No pertinent news on the reset has been reported since last Fri. Nov. 8 when several contacts indicated that the 800#s should be out this weekend, or at the latest by Tues. 12 Nov. Deutsche Bank was already bankrupt and the delayed announcement was expected to begin an implosion of Central Banks worldwide – unless the Global Currency Reset came into play.

On the Restored Republic: President Trump appeared to be guilty of making what was supposed to be a highly secured phone call between leaders of two nations, asking the Ukraine President to help him look into what appeared to be illegal actions of former US Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter that put millions of dollars into their own pockets at US Taxpayer expense. For that offense Trump ought to be re-elected so he could continue to clean out the Washington DC Swamp and hold Democrats accountable for over three years of weaponizing impeachment proceedings for partisan purposes and trying, in violation of the Constitution, to negate the US citizen’s right to duly elect a US President – an act of Treason.

A. WARNING on Counterfeit Zim and Currency:

Judy Note: There was increasing concern about the amount of counterfeit Zim being discovered, especially by Zimbabwe Currency Collectibles selling at Ebay and Etsy: Please check your Zim and let us know if you feel it was counterfeit. If so, give us the type you have and where you bought it. The selling of counterfeit Zim or currencies needed to be reported to the proper authorities. Report to Dinar Chronicles with “Insert Post Counterfeit Zim and/or Counterfeit Currency” in the subject line of your email:

Judy Note: I have felt that Templeton Collectibles (which was different from Zim Currency Collectibles, or ZCC), was a valid site to purchase Zim Bonds. I am in no way connected to Templeton Collectibles and the below email from the manager on how to authenticate your Zim for free that mentioned my name was a complete surprise, though I consider it a compliment.

Nov. 10 2019 3:43 pm EDT Templeton Collectibles on Counterfeit Zim Notes: Templeton Collectibles: Statement and Offer about Counterfeit Zim Notes This is Rob from Templeton Collectibles. I wanted to reach out to you and your readers to help put some minds at ease about the concern over counterfeit Zim Notes. While it is true that there are counterfeits in circulation and fraudulent sellers, It is not true that all authentic Zim notes have to pass the black light test. That was basically something purported by folks who are selling black lights. There are as many as 20% of authentic Zim notes in certain serial runs that do not possess that particular security feature. It is a feature that appears more on later serial numbers. The earlier serial numbered notes are lacking that feature more than the later notes. We have kept a running catalog of serial number ranges known to be authentic but lacking the black light filament and employ that in our authentication process. There are 21 unique features we use to authenticate notes in our authentication service and black light test is a minor one since it is not reliable.

All notes purchased from us at Templeton Collectibles have been authenticated prior to shipment. But if any of your friends or subscribers purchased notes somewhere else and are concerned they may have received fake notes, we are offering to authenticate up to 10 notes per person at no charge for the month of November (they just have to cover the $5 return shipping). We typically charge $19.95 for authentication of up to 10 notes, but just have them contact us and say they are a “Friend of IDC” or “Friend of Judy” and we will waive our fee. Anyone with notes they want authenticated can email us at or call us at 631-867-2677 for instructions. Rob, Manager

B. Nov. 10 2019 3:40 pm EDT Opinions on Counterfeit Zim Notes, Dinar Chronicles: IDC Readers Opinions on Counterfeit Zim Notes 11-10-19 These are various opinions from several readers about counterfeit Zim and which dealers to trust. ~ Dinar Chronicles

1. Nov. 10 2019 6:22 am EDT, Markus: I tried the DIY method on my 100 trillion Zim bond. I wrapped a blue plastic bag and a violet plastic bag over a flashlight, and shone through the bond in a dark room. I couldn't see any fluorescent specs anywhere. This method might be faulty, I don´t know, but I bought my Zim from the Great American Coin Company three years ago!

2. Nov. 10 2019 7:23 am EDT, Bren: I live in Australia and my 1st purchase was Zimbabwe currency collectibles in 2017 and went for various denominations as had no idea etc of rates. x2 100T notes include in that purchase and on inspection basically look like bad photo copies compared to the other notes in same order, so my assumption is not legit notes for those x 2. I think I remember emailing them and informing them of that situation and I got no response.

Then I researched lots of sellers on eBay and made many more purchases over next couple years from 2 sellers in America to build a very nice collection of almost all the 100T series notes both circulated and uncirculated. I found the x2 different eBay sellers to be very professional and reliable and have no suspicion about the notes although I have not yet done black light test. I also made a purchase from BANKNOTE WORLD and again found very professional and reliable. I have kept ALL documents regarding the purchases from all sellers for my records so I can only trust that the process will unfold as it is meant too for me personally.

3. Nov. 10 2019 8:24 am EDT, Nancy: I purchased Zim banknotes with checked them yesterday look authentic, not missing marks and proper color in box with #'s & received certificate on authenticity. Based on missing marks seen on searches, they look good.

4. Nov. 10 2019 10:03 am EDT, TitanG: While buyers of ZIM bond notes have to be careful, there a several reputable dealers that continue to sell. My favorite is The Great American Coin Company which used to be known by the name Beverly Oaks. Bank Note World along with Templeton Collectibles are also great sources for the real notes. For $15.00 you can go to this site and check the features of the real notes:

5. Nov. 10 2019 11:07 am EDT, MP: So far I have no problems with these sellers and
I also have heard of as being legit.

6. Nov. 10 2019 11:18 am EDT, tenstar: I too have been concerned about the authenticity of my gold-backed, Zim bonds that I bought after reading about the counterfeit bonds being sold online. I called the company where I bought them and was relieved to know that I had indeed purchased authentic Zim bonds. I was told what to look for on the bonds after first making sure I was in a totally-darkened room and using a black light. Much to my relief, I found the features on my bonds that were described to me. I have since learned elsewhere online what to look for and double-checked my bond notes. Everything panned out. I bought my bond notes 2 1/2 years ago from and recommend them as a safe, reliable source of 100% authentic Zim bonds. At their website there is a link at the top "Authentic Banknotes" that describes the counterfeit problem in detail and the sites that THEY know, have been selling counterfeit bonds, and what to look for showing photos of phony notes and the real thing. What's more, in your purchase, you receive along with your bond notes, a certificate of authenticity with the corresponding serial number printed on it. PEACE OF MIND is what I have now thanks to and you will too. NOTE: I am not affiliated with nor do I receive any compensation whatsoever for endorsing this company. I just know how I would feel if I discovered that I had unknowingly purchased counterfeit bonds and didn't know where to turn to buy legitimate Zim bonds. Rest assured... these guys are the real deal.

7. Nov. 10 2019 11:30 am EDT, GMcC: I was freaking out about all the counterfeit news so I checked all security measures on my notes including UV indicators. All my notes were good so this site seems to be legit.

8. Nov. 10 2019 11:35 am EDT, DK: Yes I do have Counterfeit Zim currency it was obtained from Zimpoly that company was using Zim kids humanitarian aid for orphans as a ploy to get people to purchase their currency. The company is closed and you can't find much information on it any more, the Counterfeit was good copy to the original I discovered only by accident. The only 2 ways I know it is Counterfeit is one when paper is soaked in oil it turns color the original does not change color you can use soap to clean it off. The second way is looking at the far right of the front side there is a water mark picture of some kind of a cow you can barely see it move note around for better lighting, the original note has the cow head looking to the middle of the note and the Counterfeit has the cow head reversed looking out to the right away from middle of note. All my good Zim notes came from Great American Coin Company.

9. Nov. 10 2019 12:16 pm EDT, GJB: Yes I watched authenticating video and checked my notes watching their videos and yah they are legit. I bought them from so yah I pretty sure my notes are authentic as to what the video says so yah that website is a good deal for authentic Zim bank notes in the trillions and are reasonably priced without have to spend hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars on them which is a good thing.

10. Nov. 10 2019 12:22 pm EDT, Lumina: I checked my Zim with a UV flashlight used for this purpose, and it’s authentic. My source is: 855-644-2242

11. Nov. 10 2019 2:52 pm EDT, RH: I bought much of my Zim from 100trillions. They were on ebay but now have their own site. They are supposed to have certificates of authenticity. Here is info:

12. Nov. 10 2019 1:46 pm EDT “Insert Post: Counterfeit Zim” Rey: On Tuesday, December 6, 2016 at 6:50 PM I ordered 2x 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Banknotes from Zimbabwe Currency Collectibles. Upon reading Judy Byington’s Post today on IDC and further checking I found those two notes to be counterfeit - I was able to verify 100% as I had others that had the Metallic Strip and half circles that said '100 000 000 000 000' when held up to the light. If you could get with Judy or post yourself, who can we contact to report this fraud to. If it could be posted in an upcoming IDC POST so we could at least get added to the list of persons who got scammed. Thanks for today’s post, and for the information that is for the good that will come from the humanitarian efforts. Rey

13. Nov. 10 2019 5:14 am EDT Currency Validation, Terrence: "Regarding Currency Validation" by Terrence - 11.10.19 I was very concerned about all the discussions of fraudulent currency. If you need to put your mind at rest, as I did, go online to look for a video on your currencies security features. Many steps don't need special equipment. If you need a simple ultraviolet light to validate your currency's security features, a simple by Rayovac UV flashlight is available for $10 at Walmart in the sports section of the store. It does the job.

14. Nov. 10 2019 5:17 am EDT More Counterfeit than Authentic, Giles: "Re: More Counterfeit than Authentic" by Ron Giles - 11.10.19

15. Nov. 9 2019 1:53 am EDT Counterfeit Zim, Bondoun Ang: "Re: ZCC Counterfeit" by Bondoun Ang - 11.9.19 In reply to "ZCC Counterfeit" by JM - 11.8.19

16. Nov. 9 2019 7:46 pm EDT More Counterfeit Zim, Vizcaya: "More Counterfeit than Authentic" by Vizcaya - 11.9.19

17. Nov. 8 2019 ZCC Counterfeit, JM: "ZCC Counterfeit" by JM - 11.8.19

18. Nov. 9 2019 1:53 am EDT ZCC Counterfeit, Ang: "Re: ZCC Counterfeit" by Bondoun Ang - 11.9.19

19. Nov. 9 2019 5:46 am EDT BankNote World for Zim Purchases, Pierson: "BankNoteWorld for ZIM Purchases" by R. Pierson - 11.9.19

20. Nov. 9 2019 1:15 pm EDT Checking Zim Authenticity, peteaxehandle: "DIY Blacklight" by peteaxehandle - 11.9.19

C. Nov. 10 2019 4:28 pm EDT Trump, Iran, Destruction of Deep State, Faal: Sorcha Faal -- Terror Shakes Deep State After Iran Comes to Defense of Trump

President Donald Trump crushes Iran in bid to free FBI agent Robert Alan Levinson so he can destroy the Deep State forever. President Trump’s deal making abilities will determine not only the fate of Iran, the Deep State and Western oil companies—but also the future of the most feared FBI-CIA operative in history who has the secret knowledge and power to expose the crimes of Hillary Clinton, former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director Robert Mueller and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe—along with countless other Deep State operatives—all of whom today, without doubt, are conducting searches on what countries they can flee to that won’t extradite them back to the United States.

D. International Child Sex Trafficking:

Nov. 10 2019 UK Bristol's mixed race Labour Mayor Marvin Rees angling to join ex-slave trading Merchant Venturers?

Nov. 10 2019 Child Porn Sting Arrests 17 including Two Disney Employees:

E. Non Profits Helping Exploited Children:

Neil Brick SMART Researches and publishes information on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children, while sponsoring seminars on healing techniques for sufferers of Dissociate Identity Disorder of Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors and therapists.

Tim Ballard, Underground Railroad Rescues exploited children.

Kevin Annett, ITCCS Rescues exploited children, while exposing their rape torture, murder and kidnapping rings run by the Vatican, British Crown and US Inc. through the CIA.

Felicity Lee, Ivory Garden Promotes healing techniques for DID survivors (Dissociate Identity Disorder caused by severe abuse during childhood).

F. Predicted Restored Republic – Global Currency Reset Events:

The Justice Department Inspector General's report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuses (FISA Abuse) was on the verge of being released. The report was said to be as thick as a phone book and contain charges against 80% of the Democratic Congress, plus several prominent political elites on the Republican side. Dramatic changes and reforms within the US government were expected to take place thereafter.

Jan. 1 2020: A National Retail Sales Tax Code would become effective, replacing the bankrupt Federal Reserve and IRS tax system. A 17% tax was expected to be levied on new items only, with no tax on earnings, food or medicine. On July 3 2019 President Trump signed an Executive Order, content unknown, covering tax laws until Jan. 1 2020.

March 2020: Arrests of anti-constitution/NWO/Cabal/against President Trump would be expected to wrap up by March 2020.

End of the year 2024: Restoration of the US Republic completion was planned for the end of President Trump’s second term in 2024.

G. On the 800#s:

Judy Note: The below was a compilation of information from various sources and should be considered rumor. When the 800#s were released official instructions on Zim redemption and currency exchanges was expected to be published on the approved websites as below.

As of Oct. 9 2019 the 800#s were in place and operational. Each country and region has been assigned certain 800#s. The US Treasury and the banks would be emailing Zim holders an 800#. Call the 800# for your region or bank, tell them the bank you wanted to exchange with (Zim holders would need to redeem with either HSBC or Wells Fargo unless your bank had made special arrangements to redeem Zim. HSBC ran the Exchange Centers and would have representatives there). They would then transfer your call to the proper Exchange Center to talk to a live person and make your appointment.

H. WARNING: When you call an 800# DO NOT give out the serial numbers of your currency or bonds, nor how much you had. The only things the person or computer on the other end of the line would need to know was the bank and zip code where you wanted to exchange and what you had (Zim, Dinar, Dong, etc.) so you could be directed to a Redemption Center in the proper area to speak to a live person and make your appointment.

I. Currency Exchanges and Zim Redemption Appointments:

Important information on how to exchange and redeem for participants worldwide would be on certain websites authorized to publish the 800#s so you could have a firm grip on appointment strategy prior to going in.

If you obtained your appointment through an 800# you would automatically receive the Contract Rates (with the exception of Zim holders, whose bonds were worth so much that Contract Rates would likely be saved for others).

The 800#s for currency exchanges would be out for 8-10 days. You would have those 8-10 days to make your currency exchange appointment and then 30-45 days to go to your appointment at a Redemption Center. After that you would need to exchange at a regular bank at a rate appearing on the Forex at the time of your exchange, plus Contract Rates would no longer be available.

The 800# appointments for Zim redemption would only be available for a short period of time, said to be Nov. 15. After that you would need to make special arrangements to redeem your Zim. You could exchange both your currency and Zim at the same time, though only at a certified Redemption Center.

You don't need a project to redeem Zim. Zim would have a walk away rate (default package) for those without specific Humanitarian Projects.

With the exception of those over 70 years of age, all Zim would be paid out on a long term contract, with your choice of five to fifty years. The longer your contract period, the higher the interest rate you would be paid on your monies left at the bank during your contract period.

Seniors over 70 could receive all their money up front with no reduction in currency rates, though would be given the lower default rate on their Zim.

Your Humanitarian Project could run up to 25- 50 years.

J. WARNING: Make sure any 800# you received through phone, email or otherwise was also present on these approved Twitter Accounts and Websites:

Dinar Chronicles:
Dinar Recaps:
MarkZ Calls:
MarkZ website:
MarkZ Twitter:
TNT Tony:

K. Research Resources:

President Trump’s Twitter:
President Trump’s Email:
President Trump was Q:
Q Tweets:
Q Posts Twitter: Q Website:
George’s (JF Kennedy Jr.?) Email: George@The CollectiveQ
George The Collective Twitter:
EyeTheSpy Twitter:
Captain Field McConnell aka Abel Danger Website:

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Operation Disclosure: Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 11, 2019
Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 11, 2019
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