(Reader Post) GMan757: Another Perspective on Ben Fulford, Sorcha Faal, and Much More

Reader Post | GMan757 Another Perspective on Ben Fulford, Sorcha Faal, ...and Much More A recent reader post that shed pretty much negati...

Reader Post | GMan757

Another Perspective on Ben Fulford, Sorcha Faal, ...and Much More

A recent reader post that shed pretty much negative light on a couple of sources that I have read regularly for the past two years has had me pondering whether to write a response to the post. This reader post labelled both Ben Fulford (https://benjamainfulford.net) and Sorcha Faal (https://whatdoesitmean.com) as disinformation agents.

That label would imply intentional effort to publish false information. I would first like to note that there is no such thing as a 100% accurate source of truth.

Today, after reading a Vice article painting Jordan Sather, Dr. Michael Salla, and others as dangerous conspiracy theorists, it became clear that another voice advocating togetherness in the truth community was needed.

My goal here, taking a que from the old saying "don't throw the baby out with the wash water", is to convey the idea there is a lot of valuable information out there, if you apply the correct filter.

And, that information can be processed without destroying the messenger. The real liars, such as those among the MSM, will readily become evident once you do the research.

QAnon reminds us that together we are strong and divided we are weak. I would add that this concept should cross the boundaries of all truth "communities".

That means that truth applies to geopolitical, exopolitical (UFO. Secret Space Program), environmental, health, suppressed technologies and spiritual communities in equal measure.

Awakening to all of these truths simultaneously may well be the true greatest fear of the Elites. People such as David Wilcock, Corey Goode, James Gilliland, and Jordan Sather, who report on topics that cross disciplines seem to be targets of aggressive character assassination or attempts to discredit their work.

So, what is really wrong with honing our critical thinking and discernment skills, and improving our BS meter? In the process of expanding on this, I will need to both "call out", and to heap praise on Jordan Sather.

Ben Fulford is a writer who has developed a variety of sources, presents their information unedited, and leaves it to the reader to do their own validation research.

David Wilcock has made a conservative estimate that Ben's information is around 60% accurate (could be considerably higher). Ben has taken a lot of flak for the incorrect bits of information, but in my opinion, it should not lessen the value of the accurate bits.

Sorcha Faal, on the other hand, relies mostly on Russian Intelligence and government sources. Obviously, while this site could be open to being led toward following a Russian agenda, it is openly conservative, pro-Trump, pro-Putin.

According to the https://Whatdoesitmean.com web site, this is an order of Catholic Nuns whose Mother Superior is from Ireland, with a Webmaster based in France.

The articles are primarily very anti-deep state, anti-socialism, and convey knowledge of spirituality that is way beyond that of the Catholic church.

The current Mother Superior has studied with molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev, who was featured in some of David Wilcock's presentations on his Gaia series, "Wisdom Teachings". That is quite relevant to the upcoming "event".

Now for the first bit of the "much more", enter Alex Jones and Infowars. Infowars was instrumental in my personal great awakening.

Somewhere around early 2015, I began watching Infowars videos and reading David Wilcock's blog, as well as watching videos with David and Corey Goode (I forget which came first).

I then began to realize the world I thought I lived in never existed.

After QAnon "outed" Alex as an individual "in it for the money", as well as being controlled by Mossad, Jordan Sather presented an excellent YouTube segment regarding that information and his personal experience with Infowars.

In this Video, Jordan did not condemn Alex. He simply explained how, during an interview, Roger Stone had attempted to control the content and cut Jordan off, short of what he wanted to say. However, he went on to tell how Infowars had a positive effect on his own awakening.

Jordan took a similar tact with his appearance on Commedy Central, and an interview with the Washington Post. Rather than focus on the corrupt media he was dealing with, he chose to focus how he could inject some truth into the conversation.

Jordan published a video this week on his YouTube channel, "Destroying the Illusion", in which he did a masterful job of breaking down the Vice article by MJ Banias.

In this video, he went point by point through the article, highlighting the false information, as well as references to experts (phony or misleading experts).

All in an attempt to paint journalists or truthers like Jordan or Dr. Salla as dangerous conspiracy theorists.

This reminds me of the days of old CNN where Larry King could not have a controversial guest on his show without including Joe Nichol, or some similar "expert".

Joe was a professional "debunker" who would often quote a bit of valid science, totally out of context and having little or no relevance to the topic du jour. All in an attempt to discredit the guest...

However, I was a bit disappointed with how Jordan handled the two video segments where he stated that Sorcha Faal was a disinformation site. In the most recent, his argument was that their headlines are "click bait", and their source links did not work.

First, I would agree that the headlines are frequently click bait. Then, I would also add that the headlines are frequently intentional misdirection, designed lead the reader to a more important point.

For example, a headline might include something like the United States is about to push the world into WWIII. Once they reel you in, then they explain that the Deep State elements within the US really are attempting to start WWIII, while Trump and Putin are standing in the way of that attempt.

Once you get deeper into their articles, you find a lot of dots being connected and a fair amount of sauce provided.

Another issue that Jordan raised was the links provided in the articles did not work. While I have not yet had time to research this issue very deeply, links I tried on the most recent article did work.

I would add that usually the article has an ad or an image linked to reduxmedia.com just below the header. I normally use a VPN, utilizing a variety of cities, when accessing the site, and some days it shows that to be blocked when the page loads. Possibly, that could be the case with the links that Jordan tried.

The bottom line here is to learn your source. Do they have an agenda? Are they habitual liars, gatekeepers or limited hangout, or honest people who make occasional mistakes?

The habitual liars will rarely prove useful, other than to provide an idea of what the opposition is promoting. In the case of MSM, who or what are they attacking. Their targets are usually right over target (pun intended).

A tip for determining if someone has an agenda is first to learn what they don't or won't say. Second, how important is money?

In the case of Alex Jones, he will not have much negative to say about Israel or Zionists. Remember after he attempted to hijack the Q movement, QAnon called him out over money and being controlled by Mosad.

Yet, on the positive side, Infowars has been instrumental in Red Pilling a significant portion of the awakened population.

Over the two plus years that I have followed Ben Fulford closely, much of his reporting has been pretty much in line with that provided by David Wilcock and Corey Goode.

Ben's agenda appears to be keeping elites (albeit benevolent elites) in the governance process after the swamp is drained. I Also we have not seen much negative coverage of the Rockefeller family in his articles.

Five or six months ago, he become so anti Trump that I questioned if it was the same person writing. I have since noticed this corresponded with turning up the heat on the deep state, and might be a reflection of sources.

Recently Been has been quoting more commentary from Gordon Duff, editor of the Veterans Today Web site (https://www.veteranstoday.com). Gordon Duff has been an open Trump hater since the election of 2016. A few of the reader comments on Ben's site hinted that both had Rockefeller ties.

That could possibly indicate Gordon Duff's agenda. He is also open opponent of Zionists. Could it be that he just simply failed to get the QAnon message that Israel was being left for last.

However, aside from the Veterans Today opinion of POTUS, it still has value. The site publishes articles from a wide variety of writers, and has a decent grasp of Middle East news.

The greatest asset of Veterans Today is an absolute MUST READ article from 2015 by Preston James, Ph.D., entitled "The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated)".

This single article provides the full history of the origins of Zionism (fake Jews, not Hebrews), the Deep State, and how the Zionists, Khazarians, Rothschilds (Federal Reserve), Vatican, and Mosad took over the US.

As for Sorcha Faal's agenda, I don't recall reading much negative against the Vatican (makes sense, eh?), and one of their primary intel sources is Russian.

In spite of this, their articles tend to side with the good of humanity. And their series of spiritual articles involving Eisenhower show a knowledge way beyond religious dogma control structures.

In summary, use your discernment skills and keep your BS meter at the ready. Focus on what makes sense and toss that which does not.

While many of us will have our favorites, don't forget there may be valuable information in these other sources. I try to save at least a little time each week to search these, as well as to seek undiscovered new sources.

We must embrace all in the communities that make an honest effort toward the good of humanity. I used the plural of communities because we need to spread our wings and share the love with all communities, and ultimately all of humanity.

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Operation Disclosure: (Reader Post) GMan757: Another Perspective on Ben Fulford, Sorcha Faal, and Much More
(Reader Post) GMan757: Another Perspective on Ben Fulford, Sorcha Faal, and Much More
Operation Disclosure
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