Government is your Enemy -- Governments are Not Serving the Public

Government is Your Enemy Governments are not serving the public The Solution is Anarchy, which would bring forth Freedom Aren’t we all anarc...

Government is Your Enemy

Governments are not serving the public

The Solution is Anarchy, which would bring forth Freedom

Aren’t we all anarchists?

Source: Final Wakeup Call

Wealth-distribution and the destruction of it

Democracy is a scam for sure and it will fail sooner or later. It is the highly esteemed western ideal, but nothing more than a dictatorial corrupt mob rule, because it constantly violates the inherent rights of individuals, or any minority by the omnipotent rule of the majority, which doesn’t respect the natural rights of individuals above the demands of majorities.

The ordinary people vote. But insiders – the elite, the cronies, the Deep State – make the important decisions. These few can increase their own wealth and power by simply taking it from the many they are meant to serve, otherwise known as the public.

In fact, it doesn’t matter for whom you vote, the Deep State – Illuminati –

Rothschild-cabal, through their control of all parties, decide which government gets installed. They control all camps of political currents. Politics is full of fraud without a shred of integrity – saying one thing and doing another is their modus operandi. The political parties are merely vehicles to introduce the agendas of the shadow government that demands and coerces the transformation of human society into global dictatorship.

Democracy is simultaneously simply a wealth-distribution, and ultimately a wealth-destruction scheme that pits the taxpayers against the tax eaters. In the case of the EU; the Germans, the Fins and the Dutch produce and save, while the rest consumes. Eventually, a bankruptcy will bring to light the truth about democracy, which Hans-Hermann Hoppe, a prominent Austrian school economist, explains as follows:

“It is nothing more than an especially insidious form of communism, and that the politicians who have wrought this immoral and economic madness and who have thereby enriched themselves personally, – never of course, being liable for the damages they have caused! – are nothing more than a despicable bunch of communist crooks.”

Friedrich von Hayek, another well-known figure from the Austrian school of economics, wrote in his seminal work, ‘The Road to Serfdom’:

“By giving the government unlimited powers, the most arbitrary rule can be made legal; and in this way a democracy may set up the most absolute form of despotism imaginable.”

It’s hard to ignore Hayek’s and Hoppe’s prescient warnings and words when we observe today’s political manipulations to keep the EU together and the Euro alive. Europeans are deceived in the hope that one day a miracle is going to happen that makes the impossible possible, solving this crisis without pain and leaving the EU and its Euro intact.

On the other side of the coin however, any well-intended improvement will be stopped by any means necessary, because first it would threaten their power, as the masses will demand their accustomed free lunches and more. And secondly, because it would slow down the transfer of wealth in their direction, as it would curb government spending on which they rely. While thirdly, it would usually mean an immediate cut in their personal wealth, as stock and real estate prices collapse. And that is why there is always a preconceived notion toward inflation, as benefits flow quickly and mostly go to the people in charge of the system. The bill tends always to show up much later and is paid in higher prices by the public, despite depression and misery.

Governments are not serving the public

Government is the problem, not the solution. After eleven years of a grinding, deepening recession, it’s time to change course. In a democracy, Governments are elected by the people to serve them, but not to be the authoritarian dictator, as nowadays is the case. Governments have taken all the power and means to intoxicate our way of living. They have got the power to tax, detain, imprison, torture, and send young men and women to fight wars in foreign countries that have not even posed a threat. They regulate, obstruct businesses, debase the money, hinder trade through embargoes and sanctions, and control anything that comes to mind. Governments clearly are not serving the public, worse, they are the people’s enemy.

Enforcing security checks at airports with no purpose of achieving any real protection from terrorists, but rather, creating business for government pals. This leaves people wondering who will safeguard them against theft and violence and it should really be enough to convince them that it is their Government, as an institution that is terrorising, stealing and committing acts of aggression against them.

People entrust the course of justice to an institution that is obscenely corrupted. People are made to remain under tutelage, to surrender to government their liberties and opportunities without blinking an eye.

The power of modern representative government is that it cheats the masses into believing that they are insiders too. They are encouraged to vote and to believe that their vote really matters. Obviously, it does not matter at all. Generally, voters have no idea what or whom they are voting for. Often, they get the opposite of what they thought they had voted for anyway. Government is a phenomenon, not a system. It is best understood as a fight between the outsiders and the insiders. The insiders always control the government, and use it to take control of the outsiders. Why do they want to do so? The usual reasons are Wealth, Power, and Status. In short: Government is an institution in which the “insiders” steal the wealth, power and status from the “outsiders.”

Politicians are bought, bribed and manipulated by the elite, and this is true in every country. Detailed files are kept on politicians, aided by intelligence agency data, which can be used to scare a doubter into standing in line, through fear of their secrets becoming public. The ones that control the parties, also control the intelligence agency networks, with most roads leading to the Rothschild dynasty.

For most of the politicians, there are no boundaries or moral dilemmas about little things like integrity and laws of personal data protection. The more secrets people in government have that would destroy them if revealed, the more suitable and desirable they become to fill key positions. If they ever try to stand up against the official line, there is always the file.

The upper echelons of politics are rife with people who dance to the music for fear of public exposure for anything from financial fraud to paedophilia. There are three types of politicians that get anywhere near the governmental system of power:

A small minority who are knowingly part of the conspiracy and aware of the goals.

Those who just want power and status and will do anything to get it, by saying and doing whatever it takes; and those who have big secrets that can be revealed at any time if they refuse to take orders.

It is not said that every politician fits one of these 3 criteria, only the vast majority who make it into the government or to the top of major parties, either in charge or in opposition parties. In other words, all politicians who hold the remote chance of forming a government are corrupt to the core. The glue that holds the structure together through manipulations, regarding different political parties and countries is the spider’s web of secret societies, the Jesuits and Freemasons being the most important.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The type of people that gravitate to government like to control other people. Contrary to what we’re brainwashed to think, that’s why the worst people – not the best – want to get into government.

Remember, you don’t get the best and the brightest going into government. That’s because there are two kinds of people. People that like to control physical reality matters and people that like to control other people. The second group, who like to dominate fellow-humans, are naturally drawn to government and politics and are therefore an active threat to people’s personal freedom and economic wellbeing.

Even though the election of Trump in 2016 was vastly preferable to Hillary from a personal freedom and economic prosperity point of view, it hardly amounts to a change in trend. The decline of the western economy is like a giant snowball rolling downhill from the top of a mountain. It could probably have been stopped early in its descent, but now it has become a behemoth. If people stand in its way, they’ll get crushed. It will stop only when it reaches the bottom of the valley.

The Solution is Anarchy, which would bring forth Freedom

The solution is Anarchy, but often this is misinterpreted by the common people as a pejorative used to describe hooligans rampaging through the streets, hurling bricks, stones and Molotov cocktails, generally making a nuisance of themselves.

But in fact it means the opposite. The word has been misappropriated by the official media to be used for exactly the opposite of what it in actual fact stands for. What they morphed it into is a convenient confounding definition, which serves the goals of the Deep State.

Properly understood, the term anarchy, derived from the Greek word anarchia, is translated to mean ‘without a ruler’. Essentially it is ‘Freedom’, to be un-enslaved, as opposed to being forced against one’s will. Freedom to act voluntarily, Freedom to associate with whomever one so desires, under whichever conditions, provided they do not diminish the ability of others to enjoy the same Freedom. But when you look around, Governments have got all the power, all the means to influence our way of living.

Yet, curiously, it is Government that most people trust, and look to for protection against all evils that, most of the time, are created by the very Government itself. Through purposeful and strategic misinformation via the official media, facts are blown out of proportion, rendering the populace fearful and on a leash of submission. Most terrorist attacks are fabricated and are an inside job, with the knowledge and complicity of authorities, like the 9/11 Twin Tower blow-up to influence public opinion, enabling the government to fight wars like in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Anarchists don’t believe in the right of the State to exist. Why not? The State isn’t a magical entity; it’s a parasite on society. Anything useful to the State is provided by entrepreneurs seeking a profit. The State, with its government apparatus, elicits expertise from entrepreneurs for almost all projects and undertakings of value to the State. The Government is merely an intermediary and therefore makes all things incalculably more expensive. This does not even take into account the malfeasant practice across the board of quid pro quo. Most projects would be better and cheaper by virtue of this very simple fact.

More importantly, the State represents institutionalised force. It has a monopoly of force, and that’s always extremely dangerous. As Mao Tse-tung, said: “The power of the State comes out of the barrel of a gun.” The State is not your friend.

The State is a dead hand that imposes itself on society, mainly benefitting those who control it, together with their cronies. It shouldn’t be reformed; it should be abolished. Society should be transformed into a structure of peaceful anarchy.

Instead of fearing anarchy, it would benefit people to understand that in many ways, anarchy would be the natural solution to our troubles. Anyone who doubts this will have trouble reconciling the fact that 99% of their most critical life decisions are made in a private state of anarchy.

Aren’t we all anarchists?

Look at choosing your mate. Imagine if the government claimed the right to tell you whom to marry. What do you think would happen to the quality of human relationships under such a regime?

Now imagine the government chose your friends for you too, scheduled your social events, dinner parties and planned your weekends. Imagine that a panel of bureaucrats assigned you a hobby of their choosing, prescribed for you a television channel and allotted you a specific time to watch it. Imagine the Minster of Gastronomy chose your restaurant for you, made your menu selections and decided on your wine. What do you suppose might happen to your overall quality of life?

Few people, if any, would tolerate such intrusions on their personal liberties. And with good reason! Who would want to consummate a state-imposed marriage or, worse still, impose that obligation on an unwilling, state-selected partner? Decent individuals deserve and, should the need arise; will defend their right to choose these things for themselves.

When it comes to the most important things in life, when it comes to our family and friends and to deciding how we spend the precious time we have with them, we’re all anarchists. It’s high time we take the shackles off for the rest of our lives and start acting like individual freedom fighters, respecting all of them.

Come to your senses and become a realist, understanding and perceiving that governments’ actions are downright preposterous, with the only purpose to curb your liberties and enslave you. You must fight this now. Because once you are enslaved, it will become impossible to free yourself when you come to realise you don’t like it anymore. This kind of enslavement defies our state of being. It defies what we are on a cellular level.

Remember; The mandatory vaccination program was designed to harm our children, producing beings that are barely human. These vaccines psychologically alter nerve cells and synapses, which results in the failure to connect neurodevelopmental processes. The goal is to facilitate and ensure our children are dulled to the point of being restricted to the sub-human level of boring zombies and ignorant foot soldiers; in effect, the walking dead.

Question yourself; what are you going to do when the Khazarians are the victors of our Freedom-battle? At this moment in time, you and your descendants are officially a slave class, no better than battery-chickens, and you will be used for whatever purpose the elite deem suitable for you. This is a prison you can’t escape from. Behold how difficult it is being made to fulfil Brexit, where the majority of the Brits have chosen to leave the EU-prison!

Never forget; We must fight and win this battle.

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Operation Disclosure: Government is your Enemy -- Governments are Not Serving the Public
Government is your Enemy -- Governments are Not Serving the Public
Operation Disclosure
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