(Reader Post) Response to Benjamin Fulford

Reader Post | One of the inheritors of the New Earth Benjamin Fulford Report: "Detailed Plan" -- July 29, 2019 Dear Benjamin,...

Reader Post | One of the inheritors of the New Earth

Benjamin Fulford Report: "Detailed Plan" -- July 29, 2019

Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for sharing your vision of a world future planning agency. I find I take a few exceptions to it.

You propose an agency with “high-level support from the Pentagon, the Vatican, and the British Commonwealth.”

It may come as a surprise to the people and demonic entities making up these control centers that I personally have had enough of their so-called ‘leadership’. They have ‘led’ humankind into war, economic disaster, environmental disaster, moral depravity and every other negative thing conceivable. What makes them think they should continue to ‘lead’ us? Or even have any part in the decision making of our future? Furthermore, after the people of the Earth learn of their deeds, which they soon will, how can they even conceive of a world where anyone would want to have anything to do with them?

No - people will be outraged. Justice will be served. The truth will win out.

What is justice? Well, I believe in the Law of Love. The one Yeshua/Jesus taught. It replaced the Old Testament law. So whoever follows Yeshua’s Law of Love are no longer under the law of the Old Testament, that old eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth stuff. However, you, the recalcitrant, prodigal sons, still have not learned to follow that law of love. Therefore, I say, suffer under your own laws. Those laws which you are so fond of making, proscribe imprisonment and death for deeds such as human trafficking, rape, murder, theft, torture, etc. Every one of which you yourselves are guilty of. It won’t be me condemning you to imprisonment or death, it will be your own actions and your own laws which make it so.

I really don’t care who is in charge of the Pentagon. I am told it is the ‘White Hats’ now. As long as their business is war and not peacekeeping, I don’t want to hear from them - let alone have them lead me. Even when they become peacekeepers, I don’t want anyone in the military to lead me. Our Constitution of The United States of America was modelled after the Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy. Those indigenous people were smart enough to make their Sacred Woman more powerful than all the peace chiefs or war chiefs. She had the final say in matters. No – I do not consent to having the military in charge of my affairs in any way, shape, or form. The American military has years-worth of murder and mayhem to make up for. When they have made good progress on that, we’ll see if they can earn my respect.

As for the British monarchy, may I remind the British people of their history? The current faux queen descends from King George, or rather Georg. Do you remember him? He was the German who usurped your throne in the early 1700’s who couldn’t even speak a word of English! Ever since, you have had fallen angel, child torturing/raping/eating murderous monsters on your throne. The monarchy of England owes a huge amount of money to the American people due to all those taxes you have stolen from us illegally. May I suggest you start selling off your properties and artworks now and start paying us back? You left the last emperor of China living in a shack and working as a gardener in his former royal palace. That is probably too good a fate for most of you though. After all, that eye for an eye stuff that you are so fond of. I really don’t think people are going to think very highly of any royal family after the truth is made known. The truth is that the current royal families are all fakirs. They pretend to the Royal Way of Service. The only ones they really serve is themselves.

There was such a thing as a benevolent royalty who looked out for the welfare of the people they served, but they were long since usurped. King Arthur was one. He was a descendant of King David of Israel, the same royal line that Yeshua belonged to. Yeshua himself was a Priest-King of the Davidic Dynasty. If you want to see an example of true kingship - look to him.

I am of the royal line of David. In fact, I was Bathsheba, the matriarch of that line. I do recognize that these pretenders to the throne are distantly related to me, however they are not the Desposyni. They are not the Christine/Aramaic line, but I am. If anyone should be on the throne of England, it’s me, a true Celtic-Iberian (Hebrew). However, I have no pretensions to wearing crowns or robes of mink and ermine. My crown is Truth and I am clothed with Righteousness.

As for the Vatican, you usurpers of the Truth of Yeshua and the Gnostics - those whom you ruthlessly murdered – well, we shall see what is left of you. This is what I envision; your formerly blind followers will leave your churches en masse. You will be forced to sell off your properties - that is if there is anything left of them once the enraged masses get ahold of them. The Vatican complex will become a museum to the creative works of the people who built the buildings and those who created the artworks you formerly ‘owned’. It will become a shrine where people from all around the world come to bear witness to your depravity and cruelty. A place where they can pray for the souls of your victims. It will be a testament to greed and corruption and absolute temporal power, which is, after all, not power at all. Yes, people will still walk the streets, but there will be no more gullibility. No more false beliefs. No more heads in the sand. Your legacy will be pedophilia, murder, conspiracy, theft, kidnapping, torture and control. You will be exposed. You will be undone.

And Benjamin, back to you. You propose a planning commission composed of bureaucrats, industrialists and politicians! Really? Thanks, but no thanks. Isn’t that who has already been running the show? You propose a ‘top down’ model. The same kind of control system we have already been subjected to. You say the politicians will convey what the people want. Isn’t that what they have supposedly been doing? How well has that worked out? You base your models on what has been done, some of it successful some of it failures. Though I do believe in learning from our successes and failures, I didn’t come here to do things in the same way they have been done in the past.

I came here to completely undo all that has been done and recreate the new. That requires thinking outside the box. I don’t care one iota about profits for myself or any company. I don’t care about interest rates or financial investments. As one of the 144,000, I came here to create Heaven on Earth. The only investments I care about have to do with the health and well-being of our beloved Mother Earth and all upon her - people, plants and animals.

I believe in a bottom up approach. I believe in a neighbor to neighbor, town-wide, state-wide, country-wide, world-wide approach. I intend to teach people that true power lies within themselves - through connecting with their inner god self. I will teach them to first love themselves and then their neighbors as themselves. I will help them learn to respect our Mother Earth and all upon her.

We live in the information age. I am sure that those with food and other goods to sell will be able to find a marketplace somewhere in the world. The old model of using trade to bargain and coerce has got to go! Who needs ‘middlemen’ anyway? I’m all for more money going to the farmer or dressmaker and not the brokers and bankers. We will have committees of people who will meet and we will address areas where people or the planet are still suffering lack of any kind. These will not be made up of bureaucrats or politicians or industrialists. They will be made up of benevolent, philanthropic, Light workers.

I will be one of those helping others to prosper in many ways - financially, spiritually and emotionally. We will work out the details as we go. We are skilled in all areas. We, the 144,000, are specialists in taking planets from the third dimension through the fourth and into the fifth. Bringing about Golden Ages, or Heaven on Earth is what we do and we are eager to get started!

We will succeed without the help of industrialists, politicians or bureaucrats.

After all, “If God is for us, who could be against us?”

Respectfully submitted,

One of the inheritors of the New Earth

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Operation Disclosure: (Reader Post) Response to Benjamin Fulford
(Reader Post) Response to Benjamin Fulford
Operation Disclosure
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