The Event and How it is Connected to Ascension

The Event & How It Is Connected to Ascension This article was republished with permission from the author. Source: Mass Awakening |...

The Event & How It Is Connected to Ascension

This article was republished with permission from the author.

Source: Mass Awakening | by Shoshi Herscu

My name is Shoshi Herscu, an investigative journalist, Israeli activist, and a writer. My book Mass Awakening is a full disclosure book covering the Cabal’s dark agenda, the mass awakening of humanity globally, the global currency reset, the Event, and new earth.


A year after my awakening in 2013, in which I found out about the Cabal’s dark agenda being implemented worldwide, I found out about something very positive and unusual called “The Event” describing a single event during which some of the following is supposed to happen. According to COBRA (the acronym of compression breakthrough), these things are supposed to happen during “The Event”:

• The arrest of the Cabal (already started).
• The reset of the Financial Systems.
• Disclosure—the release of ET information.
• The beginning of a new, fairer financial system with prosperity funds for all humanity.
• NEW Political system, Education system, Healthcare system, etc.

However, after being disappointed by COBRA’s spreading inaccurate, and worse, information I started searching for more credible information about this “Event” from other sources.


As I’ve already shared with you in a previous article about the ascension, you may have realized that the ascension is not a single “event”. It is an ongoing process for years. According to Steve Beckow, founder of the site Golden Age of Gaia

“If Ascension were to be a single “Event,” people’s bodies would not be able to stand the impact and people would leave their bodies. But this is a mass and physical Ascension. We’re taking our bodies with us rather than leaving them, as, say, Jesus and Buddha did when they ascended. Therefore, the process needs to be gradual overall.”

Harald Kautz Vella, an independent scientific researcher based in Germany, on the other hand, talks about an allegedly instantaneous transformation of our DNA. He talks about switching from 2 to 12 active strands of DNA by shifting higher on a scalar potential in a transmutation process; that two strands of DNA will transmute into 12 ones. He also explains how if you go into 4D with a full electromagnetic wave sets, that in the 4D realm jumping from 2 to 12 is very common. Watch here from 23-minute mark

Steve Beckow from Golden Age of Gaia introduces an integration of these approaches, as he states that ascension comprises both gradual and instant changes or “jumps”:

“Ascension as a process is both gradual and sudden. The working, anchoring, and integration are the gradual aspect. The various enlightenments are the sudden aspect.[…] As a result, I now know what higher-dimensional love feels like. It is indeed worth giving up an empire for.” He shares his channelings with the Divine Mother in which she promised “a heart opening for the planet” which I understand as moving to a higher frequency or consciousness of love on earth. In her words: “Ascension lies some levels of experience beyond a heart opening, whether it comes quickly or gradually, at one time for all or early for wayshowers.” I think that those who read this type of articles and watch videos on such topics are those called ” wayshowers” or the Bringers of the Dawn according to Barbara Marciniak.

To understand what is the Divine Mother, you can check the Golden Age of Gaia.

According to David Wilcock, there are Hindu prophecies of a coming Golden Age. He explains that we go through so much tribulation to crack the shell around our heart, which supposedly will lead us to an ascension event. It is intended to happen this way, in order to get us into a higher spiritual vibration. He discusses a solar flash of light, how it is going to happen, that everyone will be affected by it; even the evil ones who are in the deep underground bases. See here from 1:09 hour mark here

The future prophecy according to Wilcock: “perceived the salvation of the world as dependent both on cosmic striving and on the sum of individual human choices”. Wilcock presumes that this solar flash is going to occur in 2029-2030. We may have disclosures and other events happening until then and it’s very frustrating because it hasn’t happened yet. The operation against the Cabal by the Alliance, according to him, is underway; it’s happening. This Alliance is careful and teaches us about the nature of our reality, the Dark ones who control the governments, who are behind depopulation agendas. We need to work against the dark each in its own way. Think about the so many groups on Facebook exposing the truth on our reality and organizing people around the world to thwart the agendas of the Cabal elites. About the ascension and the transition to golden age at 34-40 minute mark


This is a spiritual war is being waged against us, and it will be won in the spiritual realm first and then be manifested on the physical level. We’re in the process of liberating Earth from an evil Cabal, and are apparently, from different sources and evidence (see my last article about the Mass Awakening in Israel), in the final phase of removing these bad entities, who were given many chances to redeem themselves but haven’t, from our reality.

We’re now living in “the darkest hour before the dawn” of this mass awakening. As I’ve mentioned earlier, ascension is an ongoing process, without a definite date for the culmination of this process in what is being termed “The Event.” This is characterized as an influx of energy that elevates consciousness worldwide. I first read about this “Event” a year after finding out about the “agenda” for decimating humanity and was still immersed in my negative reactions.

I found it hard to believe, but then others, like David Wilcock, spoke about solar flashes that are responsible for evolutionary changes on earth. Nothing disappears, he says; it just goes through evolutionary leaps.

I then asked my colleague, Daniel James: “I heard about it in May 2017. I think it may be a real experience but I don’t think it will be as soon as is predicted, and I think the experience will be slightly different for everyone […] Honestly, it’s subjective. I think for some, yes and for others there won’t be a flash event, but rather more of a subtle and gradual roll of global changes. It will be different for everyone based on their beliefs, as opposed to one experience for everyone. Reality is subjective like that.”

There are many groups involved worldwide in bringing this changeover to fruition and setting the stage for The Event.


According to Prepare for Change, “It will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet, which will be physical and nonphysical. On the nonphysical plane, there will be a ‘big wave of flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet.’ This energy will “permeate the earth and humanity, raising the frequencies of all living entities on the planet.”

According to ESOTERICJENAVI, David Wilcock says that this solar flash is intelligent, and it does accelerate the elevation of human consciousness. According to Prepare for Change, “It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s a magnificent energy not seen or felt before on Earth. Everyone on Earth will feel and know something has happened. It will be a surprise as to when it will happen, even for us who are awakened. It has never happened before. It will not be a major shock event, it will be a positive event.”


According to Veritas Galactic Sweden, this event will supposedly happen very fast and will take 15 minutes from the time of the Flash to the Event. It will not be announced before it happens. It will be “a complete surprise to everyone not in least to the Cabal. This can happen at any time. When it does we will feel a strong energy.” For me, the most encouraging part is that the Dark ones, including the Rothschild’s, Rockefellers’, Jesuits, and other Illuminati members (approximately 2,000 people) will be removed from power after “The Event”, according to Veritas Galactic Sweden.


Clients revealed more details about “The Event” and how they have already experienced it during Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (or abbreviated as QHHT) sessions.


Jovy Wan , a QHHT practitioner shares her clients’ experiences during these sessions. When Jovy asked the Higher Self (of a client) that provided the answers to her questions about “The Event”, he explained that it’s an individual experience which is different for everyone, and they will transition to 5D earth when they go there. There will be no chaos. When asked what is The Event, the Higher Self replied: “The Event is to draw human consciousness to something that we should all be tapping into. It’s to draw attention to this so that everyone, Lightworkers, people who are awakened, people who are on their spiritual path can be alerted to this.[…] It’s to let people know okay, here’s what we are facing, and we need to pull together to raise the vibrational frequency of planet Earth and everybody on it. And the more people that talk about it, the more people will find out and hopefully more people will be awakened.” According to Jovy Wan, when the QHHT practitioner asked the higher self about the location of 5th dimensional Earth and 3rd dimensional earth, he replied that they both exist in the same place simultaneously but in different dimensions.

The higher self had some important advice to us, human beings, about the Event. First, don’t fear the Event. Second, try to raise your vibration despite the fear you may feel at that time, as if your vibration is sufficiently high, you’ll make it and transition to 5D earth.

Something else very important to help others around us be more prepared for the Event is to help them awaken in this regard. They may hear about this from you or elsewhere and start looking into it for more information. This will help raise their vibration too. “And if you’re starting to awaken, you’re already transitioning, you already are in 4D Earth whereas 3D and 4D is the same physical place.”

You’ll be aware that you’re in 5D earth because it will be totally different than living in this world. You’ll feel in heaven.

“It’ll be like heaven. It’ll be what people think of as heaven. Everything will be magical. You can manifest things instantly.”

And this is the reason why people who are 3D beings will transition when they are ready. This is the purpose of the awakening process, to prepare you for 5D earth.


Allison Coe, another QHHT practitioner, reports some patterns repeating before, during, and after “The Event” from her clients by accessing a higher energy (outside time). She shares her clients’ first-hand experiences of “The Event”. She describes a huge wave of smoke in different colors, iridescent color, a “rainbow smoke”. It will seem scary and some people will instinctively stare. She describes physical sensations, including tingling all over, vibrating, changing the client both physically and mentally. It will affect not only humans but everything.

It changes the sky. She, the client, looked the same, not older or younger. The general changes: everyone is laying down, because this energy moves through people. The client saw that everyone was scared; she saw people running on the street. It changes everyone. She’ll be moving to 5D and new earth. The solar flash is a precursor to 5D. This person felt that although it was still earth, it was different. She had new abilities after this energy was processed in her body. Some senses will change right away and for some, it will take time. It takes some processing time. Some will not be able to handle this energy but they don’t die. They move elsewhere. It’s up to each person to decide – as I mentioned in my article about the ascension that it’s a choice.

You can listen to the rest of the account here from 6-minute mark


QHHT is Dolores Cannon‘s method of hypnosis, in which she induced “an individual into the Somnambulistic state of trance through visualization”. According to Stillness in the Storm, in her book ‘The Convoluted Universe III’, she shared information both on The Event and Ascension. This information was given to her by source which she called ‘subconscious/higher-self/oversoul’. According to Stillness in the Storm site, “The Event is going to be one of the biggest things to ever happen in the history of this Universe.”


This is a channeled message from Dolores Cannon on “The Event’, solar flare and waves of love energy, bye Aurora, certified QHHT practitioner. According to Aurora, the purpose of The Event purpose is to awaken those who are stuck on the lower frequencies on earth. We, the lightworkers, those who are service to others volunteered to help awaken humanity wherever we are; to plant the seeds. Those who are awakened are, according to this channeling, are about 30%-40% of the population. How do we know we are service to others? Ask yourself how many you’re helping by a certain action: is it one, two or many? Is it for the greatest good of humanity?
You can watch the entire session here:


According to Prepare for Change site, after The Event we will all be entitled to receive the prosperity funds. There will also be funds given to projects benefitting humanity like those involving free energy, and to end homelessness, poverty, hunger. It’s all the money and gold that the Cabal has stolen from humanity. You’ll probably be glad to know that other things are expected after the Event – financially speaking:

• All currencies will be alive
• There will be a financial re-evaluation after the Event – gold, currencies, etc.
• There will be transparency accounting with banks that reopen.
• Interest charges will stop.
• Fractional banking will cease.
• The IRS will be dismantled immediately.
• All Banks with strong ties to The Cabal will be bankrupt.
• The Federal Reserve will be dismantled immediately.
• All debts will not be forgiven, meaning if you used credit cards to buy goods thinking your debts were forgiven, that will not happen.
• Food, shelter, and technology will be available for everyone.
• No gold will be traded on the open market.
• There will be no more stock market.
• Money in bank accounts will be frozen from reset to the new bank system (3-14 days). If funds were acquired legally, then the money will be kept.
• The Cabal’s money is illegal and will be seized.
More Future Details to The Changes for The New Society:
• The only tax will be 14% on new items purchased.
• New technology will be released, but electrical grids will be operational during the conversion.
• Everyone will receive $100,000 from collateral accounts.
• Debts up to $100,000 will be forgiven. If over that amount, it will be analyzed. Real outstanding debt will be taken from that amount or if not enough, you will be advised to go into bankruptcy.
• All countries’ debts will be forgiven.
• Mortgages will be cancelled out.
• Retirement accounts will be preserved.
• Social security/retirement/health care will be changed; free health insurance will be provided for a new, advanced medical system.
• The average work week will be 3-4 hours a day, 5 days a week.
• The police force will be restructured for protection, not money collectors.
• Common law will be respected – not distorted.
• Most credit card debt will be cancelled.
• Most of Congress (U.S.) will be disbanded.
• Congress and parliaments will close at reset.
• There will be new elections for Congress and parliaments (All governments worldwide) within 4 months of RESET.
• Monsanto, and the corrupt part of Microsoft, will be bankrupt immediately. Same for other corrupt companies.
• Most prisoners will be released and receive psychological counseling and training.
• CIA-operated drug trade will cease, and drastic restructuring will be needed.
• When we are all fully ‘healed,’ we will stop eating meat (animals will be appreciated for what they are).
• Most Companies will keep operating.
• Companies will buy back shares and give investors back their money.
• The Resistance will help and advise others about this changeover.
• The electrical grid will be intact; however, when The Cabal loses control, there may be blackouts.
• Financial life after the “EVENT” will be vastly improved now that the bonds of debt illegally imposed by The Cabal are removed. Every person on the planet will have funds available for improving their lives according to Prepare for Change.

I want to share my appreciation with you for all the volunteers worldwide who made such an effort and translated vital information for the general population that isn’t aware of these changes about The Event to many languages. Thanks for everyone who contributed this information. I’m sharing a few links for you.
Please read more in different languages here:

The event explained in English
The Event explained in French

Change Is Already Happening

There is already partial disclosure, whether by whistleblowers like Corey Goode, Emery Smith, Julian Assange, and a wide variety of sites and groups and people on social media. Full disclosure will expose some very upsetting truths on how the negative ETs were working with the Cabal to strip us of this knowledge, including super-advanced technologies which aren’t harmful to us (unlike the technology we use today, including smartphones, Wi-Fi which are harmful to us), and healing modalities. We will also learn of the benevolent ETs and their positive influence, which are the majority of advanced beings in the cosmos from what I gather. You can watch testimonies of people who know about and have had contact with aliens for 50 years on Stillness in the Storm.

Captain Randy Cramer USMC – mentioned in my article about Trump’s space force and full disclosure – disclosed this information from his personal experience in the SSP program which he benefited from. This is a super-advanced healing technology that thanks to it he’s alive and whole. It’s called Holobed Regenerating Technology, “medical devices which restore injured persons health.” Cramer claims that “this Holographic technology repairs not only limbs and wounds, but illnesses and diseases by mapping the DNA of the individual.” (this was discussed in The Goldfish Report No. 183 video published on Jan 20, 2018) (Video) The GoldFish Report No. 183 — Capt. Randy Cramer, USMC S.S. on Holobed Regenerating Technology
Published on Jan 20, 2018

After becoming aware of this information, we need to continue this path to evolve and transform our world into a magnificent place. According to David Wilcock on December 7, 2017, these positive changes are already happening but peacefully, as we’ve started to enter a new phase of non-violence. As he says on Wilcock’s page on Facebook: “The biggest message I would give from that discussion is that everything we want to see has ALREADY STARTED HAPPENING. The main ‘problem,’ if you will, is that people want some sort of epic Hollywood action-movie climax. It’s not happening that way. There will be efforts to ensure it is far more peaceful than that. Some of the next wave of things we will see will be very, very revealing and upsetting. This is all part of the great cleansing we have to go through, so I feel we should all embrace these changes.”

To the Victory of the Light & Let’s Make Earth Great Again.


Copyright (c) 2019 Shoshi Herscu
* All Rights Reserved *
You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice with a link to this article.

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Operation Disclosure: The Event and How it is Connected to Ascension
The Event and How it is Connected to Ascension
Operation Disclosure
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