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Friday, March 15, 2019

(Reader Post) French Yellow Vests: Ultimatum to Macron for March 16 and 17, 2019!

Reader Post | Anonymous

Alert! Alert! The French Yellow Vests send an Ultimatum to Macron for March 16 and 17, 2019!

A French man "Yellow Vests" created a powerful video on the Internet inviting Emmanuel Macron to apply the demands of the French people under penalty of dismissal or insurrection!

March 16 call: Mr. President, you have an ultimatum


This man travelled 950 km across the country and was welcomed by the French and some police officers.

He indicated that if Emmanuel Macron did not wish to hear and respect the ultimatum of the French people, he would have it respected!

The French people thus demonstrated France's values. The ones Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly flouted with his unbearable arrogance!

He said that Emmanuel Macron had opened fire on a peaceful crowd that only wanted to maintain his humble dignity. And the right to control its institutions (French institutions) blocked by the greed of our political representatives.

It also indicates that Macron will have to answer for the crimes committed against the French people in the very near future. While the Yellow Vests were demonstrating peacefully but having received abject acts against them.

Macron belittled the Honour of France. And especially after the UN became concerned about the reprehensible acts committed against peaceful demonstrators.

He says that Emmanuel Macron knelt down France in front of Europe. Economics in front finance. And enslaves French justice. Use the police as an instrument. He had gagged the army. And acts against the principles of the constitution for which he himself should have been the guarantor. Macron raised weapons against the French' people.

As such, Macron is liable to high treason and his incompetence will not exclude his future actions.

It is for this reason that this man in this video, offers Emmanuel Macron one last chance to get out of this conflict permanently. By allowing him to complete its mandate by immediately implementing the following measures:

_ Unlimited RIC in all matters. (Citizen Initiative Referendum)

_ A media control platform; A propaganda tool at present.

_ Increase in wages, pensions and unemployment insurance by at least 5000 euros gross

_ Increase in social benefits by at least 25%.

_ General tax reductions for TPE (very small enterprises) and PME (small and medium-sized enterprises)

_ The abolition of VAT on essential products (value added tax).

_ Equal pay for men and women with retroactive effect to 17 November 2018.

All these "Yellow Vests" measures must be financed by the return of the Solidarity Tax on Wealth, the abolition of the CICE (Tax Credit for Competitiveness and Employment), and if necessary by CAC 40 companies. and the increasing tax on luxury goods.

_ Emmanuel Macron will have to grant an unconditional amnesty to all "Yellow Vests" citizens who have been arrested, sanctioned by a penalty, and convicted by the courts since 17 November 2018 with immediate effect.

These claims are in no way negotiable, says the man.

The French people are a people of justice and not of revenge. And if Macron did not respond to these demands, the French people would themselves dismiss him and entrust the "executive" to the president of the National Assembly to implement the above-mentioned demands.

Emmanuel Macron made the mistake of pushing the people to insurrection, dominating him, and subduing the people descended from the heroes of the French Revolution, the Commune, the Canut Revolt and the grandsons of the Resistance fighters.

He send also a message to all deputies and his president (a macronist) to give them a last chance. In order to determine whether they will turned their jackets towards the people or towards the oligarchy. From Monday 18 March maximum. They will have the choice.

If these deputies accept, they will have to convene a Constituent Assembly to give birth to a "6th republic" as well as new elections. The National Assembly will be under democratic control through the RIC until stability is achieved.

Members of Parliament will be controlled, as well as their privileges. But dismissed for any breach. Lobbies will not be spared. Because they always seduce MPs.

The police forces will have to act and protect the "dismissed" in the event that the ultimatum is not applied. The military will have to arrest Emmanuel Macron and his government in order to bring them before a sovereign court. The police forces will have to think about not shooting at demonstrators as was the case during the French Revolution. But only use their weapons to protect the people.

Air and border control employees will have to block airspace for all government members if the ultimatum is not answered. The army must not interfere in dismissal proceedings. The "Yellow Vests" do not wish to acquire the "power" or the end of the french Republic, but only installed Emmanuel Macron and his government before the courts.

He says that we must fight despotism and bring to justice the usurpers of our sovereignty.

He calls on the people to stand up and take the path of our destiny. Do not afraid to show a lack of ambition.

The French people will have the right to resort to insurrection if the ultimatum is not respected by Emmanuel Macron, his government and the National Assembly!

"If you only understand the fork or the torch, we will be able to adopt our dialogue, you should be convinced of it!", say the man addressing to Emmanuel Macron, ministers, members of parliament, prefects and sub-prefects, secretaries of state....

See you in Paris (France) on 16 and 17 March, the video ends!

Share, and translate in your language if yous wish.



Appel du 16 Mars : Monsieur le Président, vous avez un ultimatum




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