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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

FIFTY8: Understanding Extraterrestrial Contact


Understanding ET Contact

We need to understand that Nothing is happening to us or against another’s will or wishes. We have invited them, whether we know it consciously or not.

They have always assumed our subconscious was the voice of our conscious.

They have learned that we do not always know what our subconscious says.

They have looked to humans whose subconscious minds have invited us and they did not realize that these invitations were sometimes not recognized by the conscious mind.

There is no such thing as someone being preyed upon or being a victim. You will always draw to you what you need to experience, because you are as curious as they are.

With this in mind, they have only approached our planet and sought out individuals who have given their permission - whether on the conscious level or the soul level - to become participants in those experiments.

This journey and interaction with ET’s is about evolution.

We are speaking of species evolution on a very basic level all the way through to the spiritual level.

The human race is allowing itself now to make an evolutionary leap.

The Zeta Reticuli are allowing themselves to do the same.

Together we will synchronize these leaps into a grand dance. We are, in that sense, mirror images of each other, each choosing to play out the opposite idea. We are discovering our opposites through each other.

This entire universe and human experience is evolving and by understanding this, we can learn and teach compassion not only to ourselves, but the entire universe.

WE call them, Zeta Reticuli.

They call themselves One People.

They have been affected by years and years of evolution.

Their idea of loving themselves or appreciating themselves is considered a waste of energy that could be channelled into the Whole.

For humans, we are very individualized, and we do not feel very connected to the Whole of the entirety of the human race. They on the other hand, do - like a mass mind. They each have their own identity, but that identity is not what motivates them in their lives.

Their connection to the Whole motivates them and therefor receives all the nurturing and what we would call Love through this connection. They bred out emotions because they thought they did not need them.

They are here to help and remind us of their past so we may not have the same fate.

We are now approaching a point that they were a very long time ago. They have since moved from this point to the creation of cataclysmic changes on their planet. We do not have to take that route.

We have a choice, and this is the time for us to make that choice. It is also a perfect time for their interaction because the chemical we are secreting will also simulate or parallel the chemical that they were secreting in the same circumstances. When they started their cloning process, they shunned their past.

They have no record of what they were like prior to that time. They have no way of knowing their indigenous chemical make-up when they could still feel emotions. We are the closest they can find to what the Zeta’s might have been.

They are attempting to heal their past.

It's that simple.


Zeta Reticuli History

What are they Teaching Us?

Why have I been chosen?

Why do some have negative experiences?

Causes of implants/probes/my nosebleeds?

Hybrid Children / Role of Women & Men

The Evolution of Asian Races

Releasing Fear / Face Your Darkness

Evolution of the Human Race / Essessani Species

I've been on this journey for over a year, trying to collect and read as much as I can to help decipher my own reality and experiences. This has led me to some remarkable insights and revelations regarding my asian background, my dream's of Zeta's, hybrid children, interacting with other human mothers, my strange childhood/nosebleeds, and the structure of the quantum universe.

It has only expanded my consciousness and deeply affected my spirit in the most profound way. I hope this work can help you to better understand yourself, Zeta's and our universe. As we build awareness to ET's we positively affect our mass consciousness into a more positive reality.

If you’d like to support my research into understanding this reality and how to empower your life you may do so here: https://bit.ly/2wDAU14

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